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10 Automation tools improve productivity



With high surge on technology advancement and customers crave for maximum satisfaction for services they’re paying for.

There has been a clarion call on business owners to revamp their business automation tools as to meet the ever changing wants and need of their customers.

Not only satisfying customer’s need, but also, not grounding the business operations due to high cost of investment on machines which will take longer period to recoup.

Therefore, we have sourced ideas from Young Entrepreneur Council members in which they shared a few of their tools that have shaped their work environment and productivity.

Which kind of automation have you done so far on your firm? How satisfied are you with them? Do you think you need to change some machiens? This could help.

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1. Jira

At our custom software development venture, Jira have really shaped the working methods.

Even as our platform is primarily for project management, we were able to setup some administrative offices like accounts, marketing, and sales departments.

With Jira, we have all-in-one analytical platform where we analyze different office processes and carry out on-time checks on each other and their progress . —Maksym Babych, SpdLoad


2. Process Street

This tool called Process Street.

Since we are involved with phone-based sales, this tool have allowed us to run a custom script with feedbacks we received from various answers in the course of carrying gout our work.

Even as we have many script tools in the market, but, with Process Street you can configure the system easily with other tools for notices, data, and updates.

It’s a powerful tool for all phone-based sales offices —JT Allen, myFootpath LLC


3. Time Doctor

Time doctor is another great tool which we used in tracking our employees performance in a fair and automated manner.

This can be downloaded and used as a tool to organize your task, set goals, and record task progress.

It saves a lot of time of manual supervisions, and with its timely automated report, it’s a big thumps up for managers and supervisors. —Syed Balkhi, WPBeginner



4. TexAu

This tool is such an amazing type in the hands of sales personnel’s and marketers.

With TexAu, it helps in building right contacts and generating data.

Its invaluable for automation marketing tasks, extracting data, and also generate leads. It’s very efficient in lead generation process for social media, news sites, and reviews from guetmsts. —Tonika Bruce, Lead Nicely, Inc.


5. Trello

This is another indispensable automation took for project managers.

With Trello, it’s a one-stop-shop where you can integrate all of your relevant email accounts and apps which you steadily work with. With this, you don’t need to referring to different emails and apps at any point in time.

Here, you have them at one place. —Andrew Schrage, Money Crashers Personal Finance


6. monday.com

With monday.com, you can effortlessly assign tasks, subtasks, and also create project boards for your team members.

With this, you can at your convenience, assign task to individual employees.

With this tool, you can manage any team on your firm, especially, when you may not have chance to meet them individually. —John Turner, SeedProd LLC



7. Asana

Since Asana allows synchronization, that means, you can synchronize it with other tools to keep your task smooth and streamlined.

We use it mainly for project management where you can effectively communicate with clients or employees about projects.

The fantastic aspect, it allows employees or clients to drop comments thereby, enabling you to track specific task or project. —Blair Thomas, eMerchantBroker


8. Droplr

With Dropir, you can screenshot and share photos fast with team members or during content creation.

This is very useful if you have to deal with pictures as your tasks or you find yourself as a graphic designer for automobile company’s or any other graphic designing field.—Stephanie Wells, Formidable Forms


9. Notion

This is a very powerful tool which have helped our firm build a virtual office, and further divided into departments and teams.

With Notion, you have personal to-do lists, team coverage briefs, department checklists, organization-wide notice boards and all means to reach out the vast company at once.

That’s the secret behind Notion. Making our workplace a one single room.—Candice Georgiadis, Digital Day


10. Slack

Slack as an automated machine is efficient in reminding and notifying our teams about meetings, events, and deadlines.

This is a great tool for you if you’re such a person who always forget things in a hurry, maybe, you’re saddled with much work.

Slack won’t fail to remind you of any event. Also, it helps to bring all team members or employees at same page for a meeting or any event. —Chris Christoff, MonsterInsights