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10 ways on how to become a millionaire



#1 music

Every progress that man makes is as a result of working hard on it. For millennia, music has been proven to be one of the avenues where wealth is created and made through constant practice; takes you to achieve the proficiency in it.

Earnestly, until you push on becoming a musician by practicing, you will not place yourself where people welcome it, you might not reach the position of becoming a millionaire in the  music world.

Good music takes time to develop, produce and sell as you keep working to make sure it is interested, lyrically announced, you will sell anywhere the people of different nations listen.

Almost everyone in the world be you Christian, Islam or freethinker today cannot stay without music, whether in the place of gospel or secular; people will certainly listen it.

It all depends on the kind of music you make and produce, in as much as you make it better, you become millionaire in the place of good music, or producer.

You will see yourself evading the world with your music; growing to the forefront in the world.

When you know how to produce good music, you automatically become a millionaire and you will be recognised in the world.

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#2 author

Authors are creating the world in the place of fantasy, motivation or inspiration in materials by selling out their works and mentorship through an educating process call book.

As authors release their works to the world, people buy and the authors in this becomes millionaire in their books. As you push to become a billionaire in writing books, creating a niche for yourself should be the practical tool to move you there as you sustain to put strength in the work.

Wealth is made in different kinds of process, when your choice is to become wealthy in becoming an author, there is need to put time in it. As a writer, it gives you the room to innovate with your pen thereby making you to become influential in contributing to the change of the society, this will depend on you to proffer solutions to the world through books.

The period it takes to become a millionaire is the time you keep privately in working on the craft that becomes of you.

First, you come to the place of reasoning and thinking on whose kind of story or motivational books you have to bring that will captivate the people that read it.

As, you write in engaging the fans and turn it to revenue which is the art of putting love, motivation and happiness, you will have to work yourself better; it gives you the return of investment in your time.


#3 investmentI

Investing your money in business gives you an edge to become a millionaire.

Warren Buffet began to invest his money when he was a little boy, today, he is one of the richest men in the world that turns the world around.

He advises on saving, investing and does business that leverage on it to make the different, you have to know what you need to do with action to make profit.

The more you invest, the more you become richer and change your way of life to improve on your leadership skill in your field to see that every day that goes by, you are there to make the different.

The ways to invest are: real estate, bit coin, buying of shares, banking or buying and selling of products that are needed part time. All these are what make you millionaire and you become who you want to be in the nearer future as you push to grow.

There are different kinds of riches in the world, there are the ones that is from family, self created or inherited.

Whichever one you might come with, that doesn’t matter, what matters most is you becoming the person you dreamt of as you see that wealth is created

Bill Gate says, “If you are born poor is not your fault but when you die poor is your fault.” This is where you start to think on the kind of investment that gives you edge and leverage so you can dive into the riches of life. By creating your future,  you make your desire to become in real in the future.


#4 trading and commerce

Bit coin is circulating the world to be a legal tender, some countries have begun to make it as legal tender, that you can tender it in the bank and they accept it as a medium of exchange.

As you invest on this, you would see yourself become the next millionaire the world is waiting for. Buying bit coin and allows it for some time makes you the next millionaire in the world today.

As you know, business without monitoring it is as good as nothing, thus there is need to magnet your time to open the ways to become the latest millionaire.

Look into the platform and find how you can go and make the different is what will bring the  change in life.

You can become a millionaire by actively involving yourself on this, and you would see yourself moving to the top of life as you crave for becoming of it.

There is no business in the world that you would not pay the prize to become rich if it is your dream, you must involve yourself to it. And this involves discipline in the context of working hard to meet with the need and become who you have dreamt of to become.


#5 film maker

An actor or actress is a person who act in a film, and he or she is paid for the event by selling what they have acted as movie or film.

There are many actors today who are becoming the status of  millionaire by acting films, movie.

When you turn yourself into this, you become active to be compared with, this helps you to bring money into your hand, hence whine you into the status of a millionaire.

This place of firm making is one of the biggest industries where few people hone their ways by dedication, discipline and assiduous in their emotions to produce the firm people want.

From this place, the money of the world comes to you when you work for it through this process of firm making and movie.


#6 real estate

One of the places you can become a millionaire is in the idea to establish yourself in the place of real estate and continue therein.

This status helps you to become a millionaire when you invest in it thus, creating more jobs in your circle of your investment.

Do you know that people must live in house? Sometime, people live in magnificence buildings, you can see that, people spend millions of dollar to build houses of their choice.

This day, people spend more money in real estate venture, so when you know how to invest, money comes in this. So you too can make a choice there by actively involving yourself.

When you invest in real estate business, you become wealthy in the process as such, you begin to travel to the world to know how each country is built.

One of my mentors who wrote the book: rich dad and poor dad taught me properly in his book how to invest from there I began to understand the ways of making money through investing on real estate.


#7 business

This world cannot operate effectively without the place of buying and selling, this calls for the world to make exchange from one person to another even as country to country.

Most of the millionaires in the world today are business men who come with ideas that solve humans wants and needs.

So if you want to get rich, business is not restricted in any country, therefore every where you go, you can do business only to follow the policies and conditions of the land, you see yourself, you become a millionaire.



#8 blogger

Today the world has entered into digital, where people make their end means on the internet where everything is possible as you find a niche there.

Now, there is a big market for bloggers today who want to make a different and become millionaires as they push to give to what the  world wants.

It is imperative to involve yourself in the digital world and create your possibility there.

For example, a blogger works daily to post latest information on a daily basis on the internet for people who surf to get information about their choices.

The world is become easier, but it would become harder for those who don’t know this strategy of life, where people become rich on blogging.


#9 invention

As you learn on how to invent, there is need to know these people that have done these, so you can be inspired to find out how they went about and succeeded.

For example, the founder of Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Watmart and others, these people hold the 20 percent wealth of the world’s money.

As technology is moving on a fast rate, there are people who stay back to reinvent these social media we are using, where they make their wealth by second.

And it doesn’t come by the college they went rather by inspiration and dedication they get in the process that becomes what we are using to solve our challenges and problems today.

You too can invent your own and make it available to the world for use.

It is on these platforms all of them became billionaire today because they thoughts many years that it were possible to do these.

On these platforms, there are even great opportunity as you surf to know what you really desire to use as you become your boss.

Make use of your godly talent and become am happy person in the world.

This world will never remain the same anytime and anywhere because of the fast thinkers that the world is producing in different spheres of life; proffering solutions into the challenges of the world.


#10 innovation

It is in this some people in the world became billionaire with this staunch believe that if they start, everything is possible to produce, is in this: the people get inspired to go after what they desire.

There are possibilities everywhere in the world, be it America or Africa, when you know what to invent, you become a rich person anywhere in the world.

There are tech, business, creativity etc in the world, the right you have in this world is that, you have it to develop everything you desire for yourself first.

This mystery is given to anyone that wants to impact his world by developing different kinds of innovations, where people benefit from it thus bring money into your wallet.

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