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12 Effective Paths To Know Leaders Are Readers

The ability of leader is to know what to do at any time of uncertainty, unforeseen, circumstances and challenges of life.

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Irrespective of the obstruction, as a leader you are sure of getting result.

As a focus leader, your willingness to sacrifice should be the focal point throughout your life, in that you will see the gift of working to produce result.

Leader does not mean only to be a president of a country alone but in politics, economy, government, business and church etc.

This could help in the growing and development of a nation or the world at large.

The ability to bring a positive change that matters most in leader, not how many years but how positive you can change the negative prevailing circumstances that count.

When I was in school, we had a debate about leaders are born and not made with working or making impact with the gift.

It is surprising to know that I never agreed on “leaders are born.” Everybody is born but not everyone is made.

Leaders are made based on their perspective views of the world that changes the quality of their actions and contributions in the process.

I asked myself, how can a leader be born? Is everybody not born? Have you seen a born medical doctor who had not gone to medical college and becomes a doctor?

So to me, leader is made not born, everybody is born, but not all are made.

Know that skill and experience play vital roles in the human race. Nobody is born that gets what he wants automatic without encountering that position of leadership in his little way.


#1 acquisition of knowledge

Great leaders are great learners knowing what to do and what it takes to get where they want.

People who are learners are born and made to lead, if you are not a learner.

There is no point trying to get there where you do not work for because the ending point can be frustration in the cause to getting there.

It takes skill and acquisition of knowledge in any kind to major up in the sphere of life.

This is why learning is prerequisite for the position of leadership.

Either through experience or skill one of the two is paramount to set the pace in the journey of what you want to become.

Those who want to rule without skill will fail to contribute to the development and growth of the work.

Because life requires much of skill and experience in dealing with critical issues, especially ruler ship.

According to one of the greatest America presidents Abraham Lincoln said: The capacity of a man is in the books he reads.”

Leadership can come from anywhere, it doesn’t matter the area where you are whether black or white, Africa or America.

A leader creates platform where he can be known by working hard to make contribution and development to the affairs of life.

It is either poor or rich, everyone has the capacity to rule but is not everyone that can lead in the world today.

The journey of life needs preparation from the mind to adventure in the action plan to reach to place of desires.

When you are not a continuous learner, you will become desolate and tire in reaching the place you want for yourself.

Today, the world is operating in a sophisticated ways. To get to the destination you want through the easier platform of technology, you need to be grounded.


#2 do not kill your conscience

It is growing to an unexplainable rate where everyone who wants to succeed must engage properly to know before you can make a wave.

Otherwise, it’s hard to make a break through to be relevance in the society.

Don’t allow your conscience to be killed by not learning. When you are not a learner, you forsake the good leadership skill God has given you.

Make yourself relevant by accepting responsibility in the area you are wonderful, and good at.

Change is the ability to renew how you see and do things aside the conventional circle of living.

That is where change comes to make meaningful impact. Leaders are people who take action or work with action not procrastinating about things.

It is a process where you say, I don’t want to be in this status any longer. You want to change how you view the world in a progressive way.

You want to change from where you are to a better or higher place tomorrow. That is how a leader thinks, outside that; you are in the verge of collapse.

How well is it? Yes! It is possible to any extent if you can read to learn. You will know to succeed and make wonderful impact.

It is not your duty to worry about it, just work for it and you will see how the universe will fly you to an unbelievable position.

God is the giver of the master key; think, plan, work, learn and live the rest to universe who is in charge of what you are planning to become.

Never look back. Keep working until your light shine like a flood of light and even with that, continuity makes you better.


#3 you need to be spiritual awake

 If you know that you are born to be great then, you don’t need to struggle to pursue your destiny.

Since some say, leaders are born, and then you will get the answer thereafter.

Spiritual and secular stamina are needed to work with in reaching your desired dream.

When you position these recipes, you are sure of reaching there.

So books are what you need to advance to take you to the place that you think is possible.

You can achieve it when you put the necessary recipes in order.

Know that your destiny depends not on anyone but you to bring out the star in you to the world of possibility.

Even God who is the giver of power and strength needs your part to be played. Though it could tarry, but your star depends on you.

A leader is born by dream, vision and revelation to move you to the point of success. As you follows the principle that guide the way.

With this, the work is complete even if it will take years to accomplish it; a star is born by these nuggets.

You must first of all keep it in your heart and work on it to build you unto perfection.

You must know what you want to impact in life, which is when the force and strength will begin to develop to meet the reality of it. So that, when it comes, you will not be surprised.

A leader is not complacent in any form. Leader needs to work and build on a daily basis to improve on your performance.

Leader believes that the more you practice and teach the better you become. So practice is needed to perfect the place of leadership.


#4 create pathway of excellent

People have read different books about leadership and no one talks less rather to working hard to meet with the need.

With this, life will begin to change in the way that, everything planned will come in a better way.

Whether leaders are born or made, that is not the issue. The issue is this: you can change to be a leader as other did as long as you follow what is expected of you.

Through hard works, you can upgrade yourself, so leaders are all born and made based on the step you take in working to achieve your goals.

However, you must see yourself that you can do it if given the chance.

But you don’t need the chance before you perform your exploit. It can be done as you prepare to marry the reality.

Start from where you are; result comes when you diligently follow the push that takes men to the echelon of life.

Show yourself to yourself that you can do it. Thereafter, you can give to the world.

You cannot buy leadership; it is not a degree or certificate, either it is the place of direction or the choices you make that change the way.

It is your capacity to rule your life with the best of your ability. Whether you go to school or not, you can still become of it.

Don’t wait for people to appreciate you. But engage yourself diligently and humility by the knowledge of testing yourself. Because there is need to test who you are by yourself.


#5 you have to be different

The internal grace of favour will pull you up and the universe will pay for your hand work. Make sure you have a selling point!

The universe will give you the spirit of determination that will enforce the strength you need. So you can make a remarkable landmark in your field.

Many people see life differently and what makes the different is how you see your own that will speak for you.

It is how you position yourself either to divine direction or negative direction that distinguishes who you will become.

Some are afraid to start while some think that they can’t make it through.

Because of some circumstances that effect their environment. But that doesn’t matter, keep moving, you will succeed.

It is not your power to know whether you will get there or not. God who is the giver of heavenly wisdom will assist you in getting the choice you have made.

All is possible according to your ability through the power of strength you put to work.

That is why you first need to through some materials about people who have made it. You can learn from that position.

The Bible says, ”For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief’’ (Proverbs 24:16).

 Don’t outlook yourself as a failure because it will let you down. Rather as a process of learning other ways of doing things when you fail.


#6 you are the glory of your life

Always think of striving and let the power of the universe determines the outcome of your posterity. Not your temporary failure.

You are made to be the salt of the earth. The changer of your generation and to revolutionise the history of your life.

Start from small and you will be surprised on how you will finish big. By the little effort you put every day of your life, you become yourself.

Know that people who are taking risk in a positive way are automatically enjoying the goodness of life.

It is failure when you don’t take risk to where you are going. Actually, the essence of it is to work behind where nobody is seeing you in getting what you want.

Know that the secrets of every great achiever works better alone in the process of researching.

Great achievers work well in hard times. Where people feel tired they continue working. Because they know is normal to face difficulties as part of life’s journey.

Importantly, it keeps you imbalance for you to be balance to fulfil your divine promised.

Face everything that comes your way with joy and work out to give consistence and perseverance in everything you do. You become successful.

From the time you keep determining the length you can go. With no distance time, you will get the answer no matter the circumstances.

You must know that despite the fact that God is by your side, the time of unrest will still come. Your quota is needed to produce for yourself.


#7 time is the essential factor

You have to know that as you give yourself to working. Your spirit brightens and gives you good understanding of knowing hard time is needed to advance.

Stay in the ways of the work hard which is able to furnish you with strength and power in fulfilling your destiny.

The most essential time in life is always the hard time when doing what you believe. Because when you don’t believe in a thing you cannot achieve it.

People, who face negative circumstances and stand on their grounds, will always succeed for whatever they embark on to do.

It is not ungodly when you fail, but, it will be abnormal to stay at the failing point which is the point you test your greatness.

Start again and again, hard work in life adds value to life; no hard work no progress.

Hard work is the process of refining and building the strong image in you. Thus, promote what the universe has blessed you with.

Many a times, the last shall become the first. So people who have worked hard are still the same people who will re-energize themselves for a better beginning.

It is better not to say good bye at the initial time of drowning.

Study shows that people who work hard are better in the society than people who don’t work hard. Because they work to regain the previous waste.

Famous Henry Ford was asked how many times he failed, He said: He didn’t fail but he learned a new thing in that process.

Anytime you fail, it not failure, but a process of learning a new formula to solve the problem.

It is important not to give up your ambition especially when your dream is big.


#8 destroy self procrastination

Because it takes a considerable time to fix great work done. This is what makes you who you are by the failures that you have crossed through.

Better life comes after you have defeated the enemies of yourself. Which is one of them is self procrastination.

It is normal to acknowledge your failure so that you can learn from it. In a way to reamend the old to a new way where positive action is the gate way to be productive.

Leaders are changers through their ideas; they are doers of action. They are people who learn on a daily basis to meet the demand of the world.

To work until perfection comes to play. In other words, it is working in failure until pass mark is registered that makes you the real person.

An anonymous quote says, “If you are not learning you are dying slowly to the grave.”

Leaders are people who don’t die; they are alive even when they are dead. Because their materials still transforming the world for even millennium.

Leaders make themselves with their thinking and reasoning. Without this, there will not be a junction to give reference to.

It is better for them to die not reaching their goals than to stay alive doing nothing.

If you think you are a leader, then you have to think on how to add value to the world.

They are prompted to time management. It is the source of all freedom, some think freedom is free. The truth is: you have got to work for it.

When you don’t use your time well, you gain nothing. Only people who manage their time see the reality of life.

Leaders are made through the process of time utilisation in order change and contribute to the society.

If you want to change your life, then change your attitude and your mind set. You will enjoy your stay.


#9 thinking brings light

Until you see it and work towards it nothing can be manifested in the dream of life.

The universe is just waiting for you to start. You ought to work and believe for success to come.

Thus, when you think about universe’s hand in your life also think about what you will bring to the world.

When you think and meditate on what you want to achieve you become what you see (invisible). Hence, you can able to bring it to manifestations.

Nothing would fall short of what you are thinking except you relent in the journey of your plan to make a change.

So what you think can affect your whole life. And it can change your whole life after years of backwardness. Nothing will fall short of it.

Your destiny is actually depending on what you think irrespective of your circumstances. Therefore, make sure you circumspect to what you believe.

The former president of the United State on his book the ”Dream of My Father” his thought came to reality that one day he would rule the world.

It is became he put the imperative to work. You can’t be what you have not planned for. Life is not a mistake but a place of thought, labour, sincere.

If only you want to achieve, you must plan what you want the universe to do for you.  with effectively labouring to meet the need.

As you think and work towards it, you would see your life slowly procreating and generating the seed you are envisioned.


#10 your education lays in your hand

Do not say success is for only the super-talented people or you didn’t go to a better college. You can still make it.

Your better education lays in your hand not the Cambridge University you go to.

There are many people who went to Cambridge University and still did not make it. So, what is the way forward?

Believe that you can, even though you are failing. This shows what you will become.

Your determination is what matters to the road of achievement. The more you utilise what concerns you, the better you sharp your destiny.

Research has said: “People who work hard are better in health, strength and wisdom than people who don’t work.

 This is because their whole life is full of stamina and it creates pleasant to their well being. This assertion cannot be untrue.

So transformation starts with you. So if you want to change your destiny, you must first change your learning culture in the area of knowledge.

You must know that the step you take can change or destroy your precious life. So, depend on the action planned of life.

How long would you stay in that condition of not contributing or thinking of what to add to this world?

You are always to ask yourself, what should you do to contribute to the development of yourself?

If you don’t think big, you would not have the capacity to move fast to the place where the universe has placed you.

You always need to strive hard to see yourself improve in this craft that you believe on.


#11 your background doesn’t matter

Don’t let your present situation keeps you back and let you down. There should be a moment of place to find solace to work out what really you are supposed to do.

When you start to think big your leadership skill increases to take to the next level of strength and wisdom.

In order to move forward to make progress. As you always know, followers wait for leaders to tell them what to do. While leaders work to keep fit.

Even though you are one of them, there is nothing bad to create your own niche for the purpose of drifting to your dream.

You need to learn great things about leadership through books and physical experience.

Without understanding you cannot work in coordination and putting things in better in shape. Especially to enter the place of blessing.

Believe in yourself and you will see the goodness of life all over you.


#12 uphold your mind in working

 When you believe that this is what you want to be, you will be directed by the power of your imagination step by step to finish.

Your imagination is by your side every time you call to put you to the place where you find it too difficult to operate.

Once you look up to Him, no matter how people go against you, He shall work to your favour. Breaking every gathering of the wicked for your favour.

Every power of the enemy will be subdued because you know you are the power to your riches and wealth. So, no harm comes and succeeds.





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