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Month: July 2022

How youtube works

1. How Much Do YouTubers Make? Facts and Figures for 2022 FACT: The average YouTuber makes $0.18 per view, which equates to around $18 for every 1,000 video views. Most times you spend your time streaming videos on YouTube while at work, at home, at night, or at leisure. For example, most people want to […]

How to get motivation back

How to Stay Motivated to Achieve Your Goals Time is the raw material of our lives. How we dispense it matters what we achieve and when we achieve them. So, having the motivation to utilize our time on hitting goals is essential to achieving the life we want. What is Motivation? The Oxford dictionary defines […]

How to become motivational

    This Isn’t a Disney Movie: No One Is Going to Save You Shouldn’t we believe that we have been hypnotized? Hypnotized by books, stories, and movies that we have been exposed to while growing up. All of the events that played out while growing up are a great source of inspiration, but as […]

How to succeed

  A successful man is he who is interested in developing the potential of his people to equip them in facing the new development of challenges in the world. We are all working for success, no doubt about that. When you are not interested in developing yourself, you cannot develop other people for progress. Some […]