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3 ways on how to develop your leadership skills and get paid

5 ways to develop your leadership skills

“The only permission, the only validation, and the only opinion that matters in our quest for greatness are our own.”

Dr. Steve Marble

The moment you begin to ask for people’s opinions to engage in the divine secret that God has given you to do, you would come to the place of failure. In other words, the point of unfulfillment to purge inside of you is singing a song of mediocrity. The time you begin to ask for people’s views or opinions to activate your idea you will lose its strength to take you to the top. The quest for your greatness does not depend on a mentor, coach, or your teachers’ views, but the place where you think and ask yourself what can be done.

The success formula is the place where you take every of your idea and put into alignment for fruitfulness. That is when you will begin to see the result little by defeating every enemy instinct within you. So, you can flow to the realm of understanding to enable you to build the type of success you want to make. If you begin to research about the great men who have made history in the world, you would know that it is their singular ideas that made them while not undermining mentorship.


A leader doesn’t take permission and consultation before heading for success. The only permission you need is to ask yourself; what do I need to start with; that is where success starts. For example, when I wanted to start to write this book, I didn’t ask for any man’s opinion, not even my wife take permission from, it would be out of place to what comes from the mind, a novice who is not grounded in your field of endeavour.

I agree with what Dr. Steve Marble said, that you don’t need any man’s permission before venturing into the place where you think God is the architect and moulder of your ideas. In the beginning, God created the Earth; so, you need to create to add the success of the world. When you seek people’s opinions to act, you will not succeed. When you ask people to propel you to work, you would not achieve. When you seek to manufacture, you would not produce. The risk of life is to take the bull by the horn to make a change to succeed.

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How do you choose your idea from another person’s opinion when you know that you cannot succeed? Of course, we all know that somebody’s opinion is not a revelation to make us a creative personality in the world today except the one that comes from God. For you to be relevant today, your creative idea needs to be heard through a customised megaphone. This is the very way to teach us that. We have not reached where we are supposed to be until we bring out our very best. Our revelation knowledge helps to fix us in the right perspective. There are too many perimeters to guide and teach us to know whether we are improving or not, but that would come from your labour which are the indices to know who you are.


When you are improving by the true perimeter nobody will tell you that you are not there but, you would know intuitively that you have not gotten anywhere. There are many instances life teaches us to know that each day is pregnant with both good and bad elements and if we don’t improve based on that, we lose the strength to advance our humble lives. We need to give room for improvement and that is where the truth lies, if we are not improving, we are depreciating unknowingly.

A genius in any field is a good practical man to the core. When you want to add value to a nonentity, you have to change his attitude through practical dreams in phases. Many times, I have to force myself to increase my limit especially when things are not going well, but in reality, that is the time need to make a breakthrough in accepting the discipline to make changes. The level of your understanding towards improvement is the focal point to flourish in the field of your choice.

Are you looking for validation, or permission to make things work? From where? It’s important to know that idea is the power of imagination that nobody can give to you, you have to work for it. It is not finding in the classroom, neither in your working place, rather you get it through putting considerable time to reason what you want to do. The moment life is measured by that, we all have reason to better our lives in the area of getting all the necessities of life. The wisdom to take you there is the integrity to work on yourself to give you the basics that you can stand on your own to produce. Every good product in the world has been encapsulated in an idea before bursting through concerted effort.


Agreement in terms of an idea needs no negotiation. If you have what to do to stand you out in place of labour and have a chance to exploit yourself to the level of command do not delay. To change your level of understanding to enable you to contribute to society you need a mission plan to take you there. God created the world for us to multiply in it. He has given us the wisdom and power to dominate the world, so our ideas are what will take us there. When the ideas are effective for better understanding, everything becomes good to get you to where you dreamt about. The starting point of any idea begins from the junction box, the mind, where you make it happen through feeding it with the regular feeds of its food.

The mission here is good, but when you have no passion to follow it up, the mission will drain back to the place of origin. The mission you thought and imagined comes to pass by pressing on it to the point of harvest because the idea would not come from people. So, you don’t need anybody’s permission or ratification to give you go ahead. It all depends on you to make yourself better as a result of continually adding positive value to your life.

The more you give your whole heart to what you believe the better you are. It serves you to belong to the group of a believer in the area of skill so that you might be productive as a whole. When you are confessing what you intend to bring out without working on it, you are not helping the matter. A man that is not poor is a man who knows what he is doing to bring down the glory of God in his generation by not contributing to the well-being of society.

Until you are a truth finder, you are not viable to success in the kingdom. It is not prayer alone that does the change but by the power of skill you have that God looks out for your multiplications. God’s blessing on His people is abundant even when they don’t work for it. There are several types of blessings in the kingdom and when you know this, you will know how to activate the mission that God has put in your heart to execute. Growing up a mission-oriented person is the promise you have told yourself that you would never give up the fight, which is what God looks for in you. Life is a gift and is a challenge altogether, so the more you know what to do, the better you have the passion to work on where you know you are good at.





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