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7 factors that determine your leadership innovation


Everything tree planted doesn’t grow by your power, but by the natural law of growth. It takes nine months for a child to be born, except otherwise, but that process is not by prayer for, except the divine law. There are some laws you cannot change, no matter how powerful you think you are. So, God has set some standards to know how to go about things that will take you to the Promised Land when you follow what He wants you to do.

At the earlier time in my Christian life, I followed people who have gone far; thinking they are the ones to take me to my destination, but I later realized that everything was in the hands of God. They were just helpers not determinants in the changing paradigm. After sometime, I began to know what it takes. Henceforth, my whole mind changed to meet with what God wants and that has taught me a great lesson in my life. Learn to know the purpose of God in your mission.

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I began my journey of understanding the law of growth by actively knowing that everything has principles whether secular or spiritual. That has kept me knowing what I have not known, and it brought a paradigm shift for me. I began to understand how growth works. It was a failure to follow people with just their words without matching their actions.

#1  Imagination opens creativity


My understanding broke a new journey of growth in my mission. You can imagine the period it took me to understand, so I advise you to read diverse books to understanding. Your front door makes God manifest in your life. Your faith can’t call forth money from Central Bank. It won’t work, no matter how great you are in the Lord, because it takes idea or service to bring money to you.

Faith can heal the sick instantly but faith cannot bring money from Bank to you even with a fat bank account. So, the first time I was listening to some faith teachers, I was nearly misled. I would have entered into a big problem thinking my faith would just bring what I wanted because I am a pious man.

The mission to succeed is always in the place of learning. If you want to grow never follow the wrong teaching to have a root in your life. Wrong teaching is everywhere, so be careful, your mind will tend to change to believe them but remember that God didn’t say so. Because of money, you will hear different sermons, reason? To make money and be called blessed of the Lord. The blessing of the Lord is not located in money but there are many things God’s blessings are enclosed with.

#2 ideas bring the money

Everybody sees money as the only blessing of the Lord, some are richer than those people who call themselves blessed of the Lord. The question must be asked, to know how things work. As I said, twenty percent of the world population own the money in the world today, what about that?

This question should not be left without doing anything or reasoning anything about it. God has given us the power of reasoning to know the truth. You cannot just stop to reason because you don’t want to offend people, failure will reside in you.

Bring out your potential when you know you are good at a skill. Something good will happen to you as you drive to that place where you think you want to come out to the truth. Knowing the truth saves you many troubles, grumbling, and other secret offences that only come because you lack the knowledge to understand what it takes to do this and that.

I give glory to providence for keeping me safe from the sharks of the world, who work under the guise of doing right without thinking about it. Until you embark on a genuine search for knowledge you would be under the bondage of doing what they have programmed negatively in your life.

#3 your mind is the place of planning

A leader is a man who is inspired by the truth. He knows the benefit of others to improve, inform, alert and better the system. This would inspire you to get prepared to face any challenge that may stand in your way. It is a process of laying an effective foundation for growth. There are ways we must know to lead us into the platform of working to follow the truth.

God is not tired of the wrong of man; in the same vein, He cannot be tired of the right things because the devil kingdom is still located in the world. God will not say because man has been doing wrong let me deal with him, He does not work that way, the sufficient grace is abounding, in that, He gives a long time to anyone who cares to change.

Many a time I have tried to change on my own but the power of the wicked kept me bounded, thus disallowing me to move forward from where I was. That didn’t give me too much concern, because I knew the day God would stand up, would be the day of revival for me.

He called me and from there, the revival of the Lord is moving me to proclaim what belongs to me in Christ Jesus. You are made in the product of God, if you want to expand, there is a way to do that through knowing your heart’s desire out of your conviction to enlarge. The fact is that it would be difficult at the first instance, but overtime, you see yourself become perfect on the mission.

Every mature person in any field grows little by little no matter who is training you especially when you are called to perform an assigned task. Every great man in the world today didn’t make haste to reach where he is otherwise the mission will be tracked down by error because experience in life plays important role in our lives.

#4 everything is possible

Even the mission of Paul as at when God called him and when he began, there were years he learned before becoming the perfect man God has called him. I was thinking I had grown fast because of what I was listening to, but when I came to realise better was when God began to speak to me, to understand and discern the message.

Wisdom without sufficient understanding is destruction on the path of the person who claims he knows, I have come to know that when you want to grow up and become that esteemed man God wishes you, your understanding in the revelation of Him matters most.
When I realised this, it carries my understanding to the place where I would not be afraid again. It is very important to know that way so that nobody can threaten you again not to reach where God wants from you.

Your mission is based on your conviction about the goal you have set for yourself that no matter the circumstances, you would prevail to achieve. You would be more passionate about the whole package as you grow in the experience.

#5 fight distraction out


So many distractions are on the way to your success; when you allow that to cause your speed, you will not achieve what you are set to do. You can go as far as you can see through the power of your insight and backing it with the power of revelation to bring you into the manifestation of reality with steadfastness.

Because you know these rules now, the wrong people around you will not have the power to distract you again. The level of faith is different from one man to another which makes us unique in the best of understanding.

You can be an Atheist and have faith more than a believer that doesn’t believe in himself concerning a matter of development. So, the word faith is being used in the world today; and is based on the conviction that you have given to the inner man that works for you, as such, God allows us to make use of our faith to produce for us.

If you think like a non-Christian, they don’t have faith, you are being deceived because faith is relative. The world is the product of individual faith that produces for you. Without work faith is dead. No sermon can prove this to be otherwise, so when you are not working and you are expecting your faith to work for you, you are contradicting your gift.

#6 your success depends on you

If you have no permission for yourself to grow, no matter the sermon preached you will still withdraw because your passion is not convicted to bring forth the substance believed for the change. The way God created the world was with the power of faith, even as God, talk less of a human being.

My moment of push was the time I realised on my own, that I tried to reach a certain place in the journey because of being in the right position. Surely, I have known that, even though I fail, it would be good for my advantage to lift my voice to reach the place of my success as I push to overcome my adversaries.

The moment you turn to the place where you just tell a person that because you are born again everything will be working for you. How? Was that how it was when James said, faith without work is dead? As a Christian, the day you think like that, you have come to the arena of blaming people till your last day on this Earth.

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Knowing what to contribute has put you into the place of understanding who God is, whether is a God of laziness or a God of working to show forth His glory, then you would know. Initially in the Lord, I thought that everything was going to work for me without me doing anything but as time went by, I realised that I need to do what God says I would do for me to prosper. I began to work as smart as possible to begin to cover all that I would use in the future, which has brought a high sense of reasoning to know that what you plant is what you would reap.

#7 think and see result

One thing I need you to know is that you have to be a thinker to ponder on how the word is said depending on the person that said it. Is it in a good way or in the way to achieve his personal goal or for the benefit of others? It is very important to discover so you can be utilised better in your field of calling. Being rich is not always that you are good, but the grace that is guiding both the righteous course and unrighteous.

The day I read in the Bible that your gift in life is without repentance, made me reaccess my reasoning and pondering on it to know but it comes perfectly as you stay in the promise.

It is the gift of God that makes this world a beautiful place to stay even with the devil going round to see who to devour, it is quite understandable that some people are succeeding without repentance because the gift of God is still working in them. God is merciful, and that is the reason I know that God was preserving me against the plans of the wicked. My gift was showing in the presence of the enemy but I did not know it until I gave my life to Him to bring it to the fullest to manifest His power in me. It was a light of the tribe of Judah working on my behalf; not knowing I had this gift before. So even with that, one needs to work very smart to meet with the reason to learn what you need to know in the right eyes of God.

Moving to know that you have a gift is the process of search in the best way of bringing the good news out for the promise of the Holy One that has given you the blessing to excel. The mission of the gift in your life is of the Lord who always knows the best strategy to use you without the consent of any man. Understanding your permission is the key to unlock your potential that will take you to the place of admiration where people see you as a synonym of grace. The mission of God cannot be fulfilled without your opening; you are the owner of your gift, so you need yourself to start what He has put in you to succeed.

This is the place of thinking that changes your generation by consciously making the desire to change the course of your life to benefit you first before anyone. Until something in you is fired up you may not know the progress that you would make for better. With the unquenchable desire in you comes the balance that brings the chance to break the course of life to move forward.

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