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Jun 14, 2022 ,

If you want to open a charity organization, its proper to open it and serve the masses in a cheerful manner. But, when you want to run a business which have taken a financial toll on you, you must not take things too friendly.

If you read my previous articles on why you shouldn’t accept the word, “don’t take it personally” in your firm. You would understand why being too friendly with your staff could endanger or harm your firm. Also read: Legal Mistakes Startups Make

As a manger or entrepreneur, we must sit out and rebuke whatever that we don’t need to be practiced in the firm which the staff is doing.

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1. Mismanagement

There should be no compromise in the firm as it’s not between you and your spouse. Rather, between your hard earned invested fund and those who are ready to mismanage it.

Don’t tolerate idleness in your firm when the staff involved need to be at his duty post or have what to do at that time. Employees do have their break period and should be respected.

As a manger, being too friendly to a particular staff especially female if you’re a male manger must surely send mix reactions to the entire staff.

Whether your friendliness is genuine or not, they (staff) will always misinterpret your intentions and this will also affect the job performance of a firm. That’s why we don’t encourage office relationships.


2. Shun favouritism

It’s proper that we shun favouritism in our firm or, if we can’t shun that, we should find what other staff could do best and allocate them in particular of doing such job.

Always giving a particular staff a particular work to do while others who could perform such task are there, you’re sending a mixed reaction to them as they will feel they can’t perform a work that will satisfy you.

And guess what? This affects their morale of doing work as they will always have the say that no matter how they try, they can’t please you, why then trying more?.

You are meant to mean business and not create room for friendliness with your staff. Am not saying you shouldn’t be friendly with your staff.


3. Learn to penalise staff

But, we all know that everything has a limit and when we do not recognize this limits, we are putting ourselves or business in the harm’s way. We should be friendly when it’s time for it and take the rage when the need arises.

If you haven’t been surcharging or penalizing your erring staff, you would find it difficult to operate your firm to your best.

Some CEO’s do go to far of dating their female staff and therefore, when such staff commits an offence that worth’s to be surcharged or penalized, because of your bonds with such staff, you’re left to be lenient in dishing out penalties to such staff.

What you don’t know is this; you’re creating room for other staff to misbehave and look at you as someone of their level.

Most ladies are too desperate in getting what they want in their work place, don’t let them get your work ruined or terminated.


4. Be The Boss

In order to run a healthy firm, you must be the boss both in disagreements and in cohesion. You need to be the boss when having time with your staff.

You need to be the boss when ordering older staff who are under you. You need to wear and show the mantle of leadership in you whenever you’re in the company.

If you fail to lead by example and discipline, you will encounter those who are struggling to take over your position and subject you to what you have failed to do.

You’re your staff motivator. Maybe you don’t know. But, know this now, as a CEO or manager or supervisor, you’re the motivation your junior staff are seeing and which makes them to try their best in their duties.


5. Motivation

If all could motivate and work on their own without supervision, there would have been no need for the employment of supervisors or manager’s to head the firm or department.

You must show your staff that you’re fit for the job and versatile as to support their failing capabilities. This really helped me during my time in one of the company’s.

Even at my early 20’s then, my knowledge was what outshined those of my juniors even as they’re older than me. You can have a great business if you really don’t be too friendly with your staff.

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