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Jun 14, 2022 ,

I could recall one occasion when I was a young graduate and was employed as an account officer.

My company being an SME, some decisions and discussion with external guests are being chaired by the administrative team which am a member of.

As a young graduate sitting in same seat with those of over 30yrs, 20yrs and many years of experiences in the field, I always felt am being put out of the cold ice.

I told myself I must get rid off this feeling of low self-esteem when in board meetings. I read many books and watch many YouTube videos about public speaking and lots more.

Then, I put into practice of what I have read so far and you could see me from muttering of words in board meetings to speaking boldly and very firmly without mincing words.

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1. How did I make that happen? It’s a secret am about to share

To be effective in board meetings or staff meetings, you must READ! I said, you must READ!. A reader is a leader. Don’t undermine that phrase.

When I embraces books written about public speaking and how to generate ideas from words spoken by others. I learnt to pick what to say and how to say from what my opponent have said.

And by so doing, I saw myself speaking in meetings to the extent I could on my own now generate ideas to share without waiting to get a clue from a fellow.

In order to be effective in board meetings, you can practice the act of ASKING QUESTIONS. Yes, when in board meeting and you seem not to have what to say and all eyes are on you.

You can envelope an idea by just throwing few questions as to how they seem to achieve the idea being discussed or what and what do they think that the staff of the firm could be useful of.

Before they could have answered your few questions, you can see yourself getting ideas of what to say and how to say.


2. Firm stakeholder

When you know your firm is going to have a board meeting, either with the firms stakeholders or with external prospects, it’s very advisable that you dress to work with your best cloth that will give you confidence.

Remember, how you dress is how you will be addressed, and how you feel about your look is what will give you the first impression and motivation you will ever need to start something.

During my period as a manager in an Hotel, when am expecting a visitor of high class, I always come to work looking more good. Why? My comfortable cloth will first give me the comfort I need to communicate effectively.

Another practice to help you become effective in board meeting is to learn how to communicate effectively.

A board meeting or staff meeting is not like your home where you can talk or gist any how with your spouse. It’s essential that you learn great communication skills if you wish to be an effective contributor in meetings.


3. Be firm

Learn how to make your ideas clear and concise. With this, you will be able to communicate your ideas and feel satisfied at your part.

I expect every member of a firm to know much about their organization. Both their capabilities and incapability’s.

And you, as an administrative officer and will likely get involved to speak in staff or board meetings, you should know much about your office, how decisions made from your office could affect the firm and what and what your office is aiding the firm at.

Not only that, you should be able to know more about your firm also. Knowing more about your firm will enable you to speak without fear of misstatement. If someone can’t wake you up and ask you about your firm and you defend it smartly, you still have a long way to go to doing your best in board meetings.


4. Don’t belittle yourself

You see, when we meet people older than us or maybe, have higher certificate than us, we tend to feel we don’t worth what is thought if us.

In board meetings, you are to meet your certificate mates, age mates, and those of very higher standard than you.

But, what counts in board meeting? It’s neither their age nor their certificate, rather, their level of exposure and composure.

When you are well exposed and you can comport yourself in appropriate manner than most if them, you will see yourself performing at your peak while they listen to you. Don’t belittle yourself in such scenario no matter the calibres of people involved.


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