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If your company deals on graphic designing projects and you wish to print conplex custom designs, I recommend Jukebox Print.

It offers fewer premade templates than others, so, it’s best if you want to start at scratch, though, you will need little knowledge to ply through.

Jukebox has a larger minimum order of 500, a longer turnaround time, and, in part because the company is situated in Canada amongst the highest shipping costs I found.

With Jukebox, you will enjoy high quality printing, and it has options to print on materialike cork or add 3D embossing.

Whether you’re printing an intricate custom designs, Jukebox is the best. It has vibrant colours, sharp fine lines, readable small typeface, and precise trimming. There are also extra features to customize cards.

Since Jukebox design is confusing, you might consider ordering for your cards already designed from this Canada-based service.

There shipping cost is high and might be due to pact if international shipping.

When I ordered Jukebox’s Wait and Save standard cards, with 18 pt stock and a matte finish, with our custom design.

Brian quickly identified Jukebox’s cards as the best from our test pool. He speculated that Jukebox cards has finest screen, colour swatches didn’t appear coarse or patterned with dots as usually seen on other cards.

Also, things written on the cards are very legible compared to other cards.

My ordered cards were perfectly scaled without jagged edges, and their edges are cut consistently.

When I look for white spaces above the colorful border, and see if the fronts and backs of cards matched up, it was clear that Jukebox did the overall best trimming job.



1. Designing with Jukebox

Jukebox design process is frustrating and have more steps and don’t flow as intuitively from step to step as they do for our main pick.

They provide templates and guidelines when uploading your artwork, but, it was so confusing to me since am not a designer and they don’t state design measurements.



2.Jukebox Customer Service

You also have to pay for your cards before uploading your design and viewing a proof with Jukebox.

This was confusing to me, and I had to inquire via live chat—it felt odd to add the cards to my online cart and check out when I hadn’t actually made or seen the card.

However, it’s important to note that Jukebox emails you your design proof before starting production, and
you can amend your design 3 times after which you will pay $10 each extra proof.

To get everything right, you might need Jukebox Customer Service live cat or email.
Jukebox has a FAQ section to enable you resolve your issues faster.

During one of my interacting with their customer service, the customer support said that in the event of a misprinted order, Jukebox would reprint and send cards as quickly as possible.



3. Jukebox Templates

Jukebox offers only 122 templates with themes ranging from woodworking to wildlife photography.

That said, we wouldn’t choose Jukebox to use the service’s templates—we recommend it as the best option for printing your own more-detailed designs.

If you use Jukebox template, you will have to download the file after you have added your information and save it as pdf, and reupload the pdf file after ordering; if you’re using your artwork, you will be able to upload your file suing same email link.

There’s always an instruction on how to upload your file embedded in the email you received.


4. Jukebox Card Cost and Order

Jukebox’s cards cost 7¢ per card for the required minimum order of 500 cards, which is about average compared with prices for an order of that size from other services.

They provide estimated shipping costs; as of time of writing, their their standard shipping cost for my order was about $10ISD, twice as much as shipping for our top pick.

(Both card and shipping costs are based on CAD, and the exchange rate can fluctuate).

Their turnaround time was estimated at 9 – 11 days, but I actually received my order 3 weeks after I had placed my order.
Jukebox offers same-day printing service which requires your order to be approved by 9:30 a.m. PST, and shipping still takes one to three days.

I estimated shipping cost for the cheapest Same Day option of 100 16 pt semigloss cards—though this varies based on quantity and paper weight—was about $30 at the time of writing.

You can also pick up cards for free at one of Jukebox’s offices in Toronto, Vancouver, or New York City.