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 How To Monitor Your Success In Business


Success  business is something you cannot keep your eye off it without facing the recipes that take you there. Especially when things are going on well, the business needs to deploy mechanism to function well.

It is always good to know how to monitor your success if not, years to come, you will come back broke. How to monitor your success in business, is the check and balances that show you whether you are gaining or loosing.

This content will show you how you can monitor and strengthen your success in business to the next level.

How to monitor your success in business has to do with the calculation of not running into losses.

Once you know how to stop this, you will know how to go about the success you want to make.

Many a times, people become rich at certain time again they become poor, for this reason the ones that become poor stop checking what should have been checked as far as the success in business is concerned.

It is the system of management that calls this out for you to know the pathway of gaining and failing.

Once you know how to deep down your success in business, you will know how to take it to the next level progress. How to monitor your success in business has to do with the decisions you take in short and long terms progression.

The moment you can demystify the secret, there is no time you will become broke whether in sun or rain, you will always make success.

You are always there to make a different in life. Thus, monitoring it makes the business becomes better day in and out. When you fail here, you miss every good things that come in. How To Push Your Business To The World

The recipes that you will meet as you cruise down will help you more to assist and take your success in business ahead.

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#1 Always budget your spending

Always know this that your budget is the coming and going out of what you sell out whether in debt or sales. Thus, the going out should not be more than what you are bringing in except there is a shift. How to monitor your success in business goes in the way that you don’t give up.

Once you know the kind of spending you are in to, your finances will not depreciate rather you migrate to profit more.

Always budget what you want to spend before you spend it so you can be firmed about the sales that come in.

Once you have budgeted, the propeller to fail becomes evitable, so anything without budget will bring you to the place of decrease.

Any money that is not taken care of will decrease before your face and make you poor without knowing how. How to monitor your success in business comes to stay by knowing the people you employ and the profit that comes in.


As you know, you will think you are alright with everything because you have it, it is a deception when you no longer push.

But sincerely, you will not believe what will happen when you didn’t do the right thing.

How to monitor your success in business is the recipe you put in place to guide everything you are doing that makes you succeed.


#2 Don’t spend more than what is coming in

When you begin to spend more than what you receive, you don’t need anybody to tell you what will happen to your success.

What is coming in should be calculated and appraised in the value so you can know how to move to the next step of life.

Being indebted is the major reason why people become poor especially when they have been successful before and they relax without doing nothing.

How to monitor your success in business takes a scientifically balance to know how you spend your money.

Especially in moving your success to the next level. When you acknowledge this, there is reason to be successful. How to monitor your success in business functions in the advantage you take.

It takes more to know how to monitor your success than achieving success in business.

The more you spend more than what you are getting, there is probability you will become poor.


#3 Make more Profit

How to monitor your success in business is to make more money into your pocket through the advantage above other competitors around.

Once you arrange this place and you are not contradicting the formula, you will become more successful in the business.

Your success is more of increasing your input to increase your output in the place of your skill.

How to monitor your success in business is the action plan that you make that changes your success story every time.

Making more of money reduces your stay in the area poverty thus change you to think positive to maximize every opportunity that comes in.

Your money is the root of your success in everything you do, especially when you desire the good of life.

From the day you acknowledge the important of increasing your skill by multiplying your input, the business functions to gain.

Your success increases to where you want in geometric place of understanding when how to monitor your success in business in put in place.


#4 Calculate and evaluate your value

Always calculate what you intend to spend should in case you are not good in knowing what you can do in the interim in the calculation of your success in the business.

Miscalculation has taken some people out to the land of poverty after they have tested riches because they didn’t calculate their way, thus make them become poor as a result.

This comes in the form of you don’t need it but to be frank, you need it twenty four seven to check your business if you must succeed.

Once you know how to calculate your cost and losses, you will know how to operate in different conditions of time.

Making money before you know its value is somehow risky because you lose big money before you realise that you don’t need the business first but ideas.

How to monitor your success in business is  the check and balances in everything you do  that makes you to succeed.


#5 Don’t go into debt

No matter what is the concern, don’t go into debt, this is the riskier place you can become poor again when you have tested riches and you want to push without doing what you ought to do.

How to monitor your success in business is the process you lay that determines what you will become of.

Going into debt is the quickest way you can become poor and remain poor when you persist in it.

Your matching forward is to reduce everything that brings you down. So, don’t give chance to laziness in the business, if not you will see what you don’t like.

If you think your brother will bring you down, think of how to manage the situation.

It is important to know what you want and design it the way you is active to be coordinated so you can succeed in it.

It will be fine to know the place to vibrant so you can measure up there, this is to know the action minded place that it takes to excel.




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How To Improve On Your Success Every Time


Improving in your success means doing more to what you have been doing before with regard to your planing, organizing and coordinating to the next level of vision.

How to improve on your success is a matter of increasing your level of participation to gain valuable experience in building to last as you play the role of the recipes that take every great one to the peak of career.

To improve is to work more in time and action in building to the top in order to push step further from where you are to the planned place every time as you stay in the vision.

As you Press to show your interest in the place where you want to increase your success, there is need to make your environment more accessing in working, understanding and putting the right people in place, you will always see what you are looking for.

As you always know, when you don’t involve yourself into the platform of improving your place of success, you will fail  to make or bring the right people and material in the right time and place to leverage in the height to succeed. when you fail in this, you will be shocked on how your staying in the business will be.

This kind of failure always happens especially when the people who are employed are not serious with what they have been trusted on to do. From the moment you know these ways on how to make different in order to make success, you will succeed despite the discrepancy you will be fighting on for the success of the business.

Improving your success is to change your philosophy to go according to the measure plan according to the system of business available; that increases you to gain and make more profit which is the core product of your business.

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#1 Provide enable environment

For you to provide yourself with enable environment is to make change in your lightening, skill and place of work to suit the change so you can profit in the system of the business you venture in to do. to succeed is the enably environment that is made available that will distinguish your business to succeed.

When you don’t make these places available, you will suffer to get answered to your work place to make the profit  of your time. Enably environment is the same as making your thinking place  to work well.

Success comes by levels, the more you improve the better you will advance to the next level of your success. This recipe cannot work when you are holding back what you are supposed to do to increase.

How to improve on your success depends on the new way to increase your sales, profit and supply to where it should be  at the right time and place, these carries you to succeed well.


#2 Improve yourself by knowledge

How to improve on your success is the format of increasing everything that you know will cause you to gain more. This is how you can make profit more and increase your sales in what you do.

When success is not increased, it will definitely decrease; it is a law of natural that nobody can fight it. You are the way to your success when you practically improving every part of it to move forward.

As you cruise to know how you can improve on your success, it is better to know the way you need to improve. You are improving on your success when you are doing the right system of the business, if not, the foundation of the business will paralyze instantly.

Likewise the same when you are not doing to increase, you will find decrease there. To become successful is to improve on your time in working to profit your sales. Note, all this, will actually increase you to grow.


#3 Create your niche

How to improve on your success is the pattern you set that causes people to buy your product therefore increasing your success all over the globe that you thought about, it is possible when you don’t give up.

When you are involved doing nothing about where you are going to, you will see the score card right on your face, either you are growing or failing.

It is not hidden when you are truly with yourself, this is the reason you have to improve your game. The reason is: You are not the only one doing it. Trying to make the difference is trying to improve your power of thinking  to improve your level of involvement in the business to grow.

Creating your niche means you are doing different thing outside the once you are seeing. Is either what you are producing is sweeter than the rest or your packaging is different to see that you are absolutely working hard to make the different.

This is where you will know whether you are succeeding or not. If you are deceiving yourself you will know. There is no secret than the awareness you have that  shout you out. This brings you to modernize and change what is not supposed to be by closing working on it.


#4 Training yourself to know

How to improve on your success is basically what you do with your time, sales and goal. When you are a goal getter in what you do,  there is an indication that it will be hard not to achieve your set goal.

Is either you are doing everything yourself or doing the finishing point of it, you will not know on how to succeed in this jet age generation of business. While this is important, it is the matter of getting result by succeeding openingly that makes you successful. When you fail to train yourself you will be deceived by every group of people that you come across to learn from because you are supposed to be the first teacher in your business life.

You are the trainer in your company when you are trained well. You will know when you lack and where to improve base on the sense of performance you have learned yourself.

Nobody goes and succeeds when he has not passed through the rudiment of training in any kind of business especially to succeed in life.

One of the recipes put in place to learn is in the practical way of doing things yourself in an unconventional ways.

When you learn from the practical way, perhaps you will learn the theory part later in life, so all you need is to train yourself by involving every thing about you practically.


#5 Place yourself on timing

Timing is what makes anyone to become who he thinks he is. Your goal to achieve success lies in using your time correctly especially in the place of experiencing what you should know.

This fact cannot be overemphasised or to be compromised if you are to succeed in a long time business.

How to improve on your success will always depend on the time you use; this is how you can make progress.

Your success in life is the pattern of timing you are making available that the possibility comes to be utilised and concentrated.

While moving to success in business, you all need to work hard in everything concerning the business as well as pushing on.

Business is like working with bear legs into  far kilometres especially when you have not known how far where you are going to.

It is easier to succeed when you come from a rich background than a poor background, this means in every business the background matters most.

You are everything you think about as your plot on how to move about and to succeed.

You make different in the pathway you follow in life in the power of determination you put.

Nobody can change you when you have not changed yourself for the success ahead.


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Ways On How To Become Money Making Machine



You cannot be a money making machine without you knowing what you want. A man who wants to make money should know how and the way.

How to become money making machine is the curiosity that you apply that changes your mentality to money.

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If you don’t have money consciously in your mind, how can you become a money making machine? It would be too difficult to work for it.

It takes years to know and work yourself out to become money making machine.

Once you can fathom the recipes in making money, you become wise to the world of money. It comes by skill through knowledge of your work.


#1 your money is in your hand

There is no how a lazy man can become a money making machine without labour!

It is the spirit of pushing toward the skill that takes you to the point of reality.

Ways on how to become money making machine is the foundation of knowing your strength.

As you know, when you don’t work for money, it cannot come.

When you have this motion in your mind, the zeal kicks to show you the possible in attaining it.

Thus, the meaning of actualising your potential will be synchronised.

Don’t take yourself for granted. You have all what it takes to be rich and have money all over you.

Obviously, it is the presence situation that put you into the place of a millionaire when you work for it.

Ways on how to become money making machine is the gate way when you believe.

Once you begin to get these methods correctly in your mind on how to make money. Your mind goes to work the possibility out.

Since money is not dropped from heaven, you need to work to get it. The very moment you realise that you can, you create the energy to get it.

It is good to know quickly on how you can make money. This allows you to think the possibility in engaging the rightful channel to get it.


#2 until you believe you cannot achieve it

People who make money in the world are believers in their various faiths. Nobody makes money without saying or doing nothing about it.

Way on how to become money making machine is the concept of believes that makes it real. When you don’t work on this part, hardly things work well.

It would never better when you don’t associate your focus to the reality of the journey.

Every goal in life has a journey, but when you don’t know the road, you wouldn’t reach there.

People who make money are conscious with everything they do.

As you trust yourself, so pull all your might in it, you will see yourself getting it.

The most demystifying moment is the time where there is nothing. And you want to move forward. This is where you will know who you are.

The application of this is the working in sync with what you believe. Once this is caught you become a money making machine.

To become a money making machine, you must know how to work toward goals.

Once you put it to action, you become undistracted in planning to achieve whatever you work for with action.

Making money is hard and simply. Thus, the way you project your action tells what you will get. This consciousness will give you everything desired.

Whether somebody comes in the midst night, you would still be there. So, making money is a consciousness of the mind.


#3 see yourself in money

When you don’t see yourself as the money you would make, the strength to paddle it will be relaxed.

So, it is important to know the value of yourself in the way to strengthen and generate the energy.

Working to make money is the persist fountain that brings you into the in-depth of life to achieve it.

Ways on how to become money making machine is the premium you give.

When you scratch your brain well, you will see the ways you are to anchor and become money making machine.

Sincerely, your money comes from you and leaves from you. Nobody is in charge of your money.

You are in charge in making your money and also how to spend it.

The mission of having money will depend on you. Because making money is like finding a solution to a problem.

It is the creation that you implore and deploy that brings in the money.

Becoming a money making machine is to know the how and where. You may ask, it is in swimming or basketball?

The life is simple and hard at the same time. So, when you know what you should do. You are to do it with all your might and strength.

You would be determined to scale to the next higher level. People view future in term of what it will give to them.

Of course yes, when you don’t ask or look for something, you might not have that you seek for.

This is why you are the money making machine when you seek for it especially the process of getting money.

Once you are prompted in discharging what you ought to do. It is simple to become money making machine.


#4 successful people go for it

Success is a work-in-progress as you begin to drive far as you feel the pain of it. Certainly, you will see yourself belonging into the platform.

Even those who have succeeded are still in work-in-progress moment.

This is the reason why those who are succeeding still succeed. You cannot take this from the truth. When you demystify the secret, it is easy to succeed.

The moment of progress is the time you keep in working. As you can see, you are the fountain of your wealth or poverty.

When you give yourself time to crave in the benefit of your choice. You are in the place of excellent in what you do.

It is the strategically positioning of yourself that gives you the opportunity to drive far.

You are a money making machine because you choose to be. So, find out what you can do to get money, because is a choice.

The choices you give will definitely response to the progress you steer toward the direction.

When you begin to work in the fullness of the strength in you.

The Mooney making machine will always come to you. She likes people who desire her because she waits for them.

So, the point is this: rich, poor and wealthy people are in the hands of those who desired them.

You cannot put hand in working as a nurse and expect to receive salary as a doctor.

It is quite different in understanding especially in the work of money making machine principles.


#5 be a goal getter

People with money making machine consciousness are always goal getters no matter the circumstances.

You need to know the appreciation of your work. This will bring you to the place where you reason. This is the foundation of the reality of life.

The peace and strength you need comes from you because you earn or lose the money you get perhaps through you.

Once you know the reality of your dream and follow it up. There is no method or recipe that is more powerful than know what you can do.

Today, you succeed because you want to make change, tomorrow you excel because you have put in time.

You see your life become a money making machine. This is the wisdom of the wise. People become wise because they want to be wise.

It is the recipe that everyone who wants to succeed follows. This kind of understanding is the product of your achievement.

Ways on how to become money making machine is the fundamental of your thinking. You become prosper through this method.

Be a goal getter is a process of life that you develop. As you would always know, the mission is there for you at anytime you are ready.

You become the reality of your mission you choose, that is what you should know.



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Ways On How Africa Can Generate Money



#1 Borrowing is a barrier

The contingent of Africa is breaking down every day by day because of the length of borrowing we are involving for decades now.

No country gets richer while borrowing is the focus of that country. When a country who wants to proper involves herself in borrowing and especially the money is not thrown into the place of creativity, innovation, manufacturing etc., they lose the better side of the money, thus bringing the country to the state of failure and more debt into the country again.

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The more Africa knows that they can become great if they consciously involving themselves in creativity and others, they would not take long, everything will start to be manifesting good and the desire change will showcase, while ongoing production and manufacturing will be stirring.

#2 Africa is suffering

Many countries in Africa suffer this plague of borrowing to the extent that, China wanted to cease a country police force to be controlled of it because they took loan and found it difficult to pay back.

Supposed this was carried out, the country would have become a place of shame to the world because they fail to do what they ought to do.

Since Africa has not realised that, they can do what others developed world are doing, they remain patterns in reducing themselves to a piece of bread in the world to be used anytime.

Every country that is doing well today, is a deliberate effort not just mere paper work but they earnestly took action of every of their agenda to became where they are to today.

From the day Africa realises that, everything is possible, they will promote every of their geniuses in every field of endeavours to bring result and change the phase of developmental problem and advancement desires across the Continent.

#3 When Africa realise

When they know the wealth of the nation is in the population, education, skill acquisition, technology, manufacturing, reading and writing etc.,

they would begin to realise that, they don’t need any foreign country before they could develop their countries in all the diverse places to develop.

Much more than this, they put all their hope in the developed nations while frustrating those who can change the narrative of the country; putting them back to believe they cannot do it.

Africa should put emphasis in this place of hardworking to those who can, there we will witness change in high level and advancement, this is the only place where meaningful development comes into play to work. It is always possible when we come together to find lasting solution.

Time and time again, we have noticed this and there is no miracle in it, the only miracle African needs is to work more harder to be committed in everything they are involved especially in developing theirselves in nations building, this is where success can come and have a place.

#4 Money devalue

We have seen this and as century goes by, more and more of development is still coming, so we can’t take always this from the reality of life. Africa economies always plummet in inflation.

African should know that, the more they waste their times on borrowing without using it, the worst their countries become. Certainly, making money demands productivity, creativity and innovation.

The Africa continent cannot move forward without doing all these mentioned recipes of change less we continue to beg and beg until we realise that, the change that we need is within us, this is when development can strive and the change we need will come.

Therefore, the geniuses in Africa should be given priority to practice what should have been done and allow to strive into their potential thereby causing the needed change.

#5 Leader should productive

Africa leaders should know that, some of the ways to make a viable country is to make productive of their citizens and put them to that places of believing in themselves that everything is possible, this is where change can come.

Once that is done, the continent has nothing to worry about since the practical truth has been defined, there shouldn’t be any need to worry of the future development.

Once we can bring these people to limelight, everything that patterns to what we need to get there, would be done here in the country.

For country to develop, it all take time in managing the time that is needed to upgrade for that lives to be better and leave to the fullness to achieve purpose and potential.

The meaning of bringing wealth into the continent is to be productive, innovative, creative and manufacturing, that all it takes a country to belong in the category of a developed country.

#6 We have practical theory

Many theories have been said and defined, but once the theories are not practically matched, every knowledge is said will go under the carpet.

The reality of the mission is the product and if that is not met, there is no need to be called any name.

Leaders in Africa should raise up and take the challenges of taking the right step to see reason why, everything here in Africa is not consummated according to plan.

More often than all, when we give the people the mandate to go about creating or innovating, it gives chance for exploit as the environment is conducive; lives change automatically.

#7 We must believe ourselves

Africa cannot become who they are destined to be when they function in the system of not believing in themselves, in this, things would not be kept right in moving to the desired place of destination of progress.

Some people in Africa take themselves for granted, thinking all what is happening  cannot be possible in the Land.

It is not so, every dedicated, disciplined and firmness we put in any work, Job or task, without anyone telling us, everything will be successful and all process will be recognised for the ability to move us further again.

The success of a country begins in the ability to know how things work, we push to know the pathways that success works with before we  become of it, then  we are set to improve in reaching the productivity stage.

#8 Everything works for good

One of the recipes to produce is that we cannot belittle ourselves for the progress of our country and make progress!

Once we know this, we can change life on the basis of how we think and go ahead and make the difference because that is the reason everyone of us is here to succeed.

Things do not just happen when we have not distinguished ourselves on the basis of hard work for the future progress ahead.

Once you have known what it takes to be distinguished, everything works together for our good, because life gives us everything so we can learn from.

Many people in Africa don’t believe in their countries, because the leaders have turned their citizens to slave in denying them of the little social amenities like:

electricity, water and light, if all these are not operating in a country, the people are automatically becoming slave to their leaders.

#10 Technology is the key

Technology is one of the means  where wealth flows into the country without effort from anywhere, we just work on it, before we will know, the produce is working for good.

When Africa leaders know what they want without the mind of corruption, the narrative will surely change for good.

The moment we move into technology, we embrace the wealth that comes with the intention of moving the country forward.

When Africa leaders begin to work on themselves, things in their countries begin to change for good.

Especially Nigeria that believes in crude oil only, aside this, the country doesn’t have any potential to grow so they can train their people instead they continue in borrowing to hinder the wealth of the country progress.

Sincerely, the country is running into long term debt which in the generation to come, things will slow down because of the debt the leaders have entered.

#11 Debt is a problem

Every budget, the amount to pay for debt is almost above in the current and capital expenditure, this is funny and it would ridicule the economy no matter how we strive for change.

Sometime,we would hear how some states couldn’t pay their workers’ salaries. Why? The amount use to pay debt is almost more than what they are spending, and this brings down the capital project to slim proportion.

Africa leaders should take some amount of money and spend it in creativity, thus cause the people to venture on what the citizens will embrace to give them the sense of reasoning to become the geniuses they are meant to become.

#12 Knowledge is the recipe

Wealth creation is the ability of the government to open the space for the citizens to venture into different technological, innovative and creative processes in bringing wealth into the country.

One thing is sure, God creates everyone with a distinct gift and thought, so if Africa wants to make a different, they have the ability to do so.

Nobody can make us to become what we are not prepared for, our ability is to stir up the gift inside of us, until you use it, we might not know who we are.

#14 Population is growing fast

One of the purposes Africa leaders must embrace is technology in creating pathway of development because the population is growing at geometric rate. Imagining  100 millions people are using twitter in a country, do you know how much the country will be making?

It would be a large amount influx into the coffee of the federation.

So this wealth creation is a mind set, once we are not ready for it, the reality would be difficult to work toward it thus creating amount of money to change the country status.

Even the twitter, the Nigeria government banned for some time, they can make more money from there, it is because the leaders are not creative rather they are manipulators, that is why they couldn’t know what to Do!

If they had known that, twitter would bring some amount of money, they would have done this before now.

#15 Good leader

The leaders are not even using their knowledge of other countries to proffer methods of making money, rather corruption is the other side of it.

Africa can become what we desire, when we stand up for the purpose we are created, then we would see the reason to work hard even though the leaders are trying to oppress the good things inside of us.

Following the ban of twitter in Nigeria, the citizens fell into the hand of bad policy which didn’t care about the poverty rate in the country.

They continue to weigh down the people into abject poverty, hence increases the level of poverty on the internet world.

This is one of the reasons why leaders in Africa must look into and proffer solutions and change the way we are doing thing and go for the way of progress.

Since the ban of twitter in Nigeria, some people who were making money from there, became beggars in the street now.

#16 Nigeria is falling

Think for the change they promised before they came in, it is time to do what they ought to do for the wealth of the world to come into Nigeria.

One of the ways to bring money in Africa is to be enlightened and cleared many ways of ignorance, as in telling the citizens is possible to achieve it and can be possible to become what we thought.

The major break through that is needed is for our leaders to stop to deceive the citizens by bringing contractors from outside to do what we can do.

Corruption is one of the challenges but ignorance in our paths is more than the corruption, if this is taking care of, Africans will come on their own to provide what we need to do and know.

More often than all, we all have the capacity, ability and sense of reasoning to attack every challenge and get results always.

Leaders in Africa must know that, development is in their hands, if they fail, it would be recorded against their names, so is important to work and see all labour to make Africa a better place to see and live.

#17  Solution needs deliberate

Africans must see themselves as the solution solver or rather then outsiders proffer solution to every problem in Africa, we can change the narrative and make success.

When Africans look not themselves from the hands of the wise, they will continue to make insufficient management of skill to reach where they should have reached.

Once leaders in Africa have recognised this, their citizens are the people to train to make the wealth, perhaps, they would change and become good ambassador to their countries.

Some people are geniuses in their field, but life sometime needs support, when the support fails to come down, it would be like nothing is working for good.

#18 Budget is below

Developing Africa needs a deliberate act in other to see that, every money budgeted is spent judiciously, in this manner nobody questions rather solution for every challenge is solved.

A close moment of time, there is need to work hard and ask how is the right ways to perfect this thing.

Deliberate attempt must be put in place and check, when you follow how it is used, most time life doesn’t give us what we desire at some particular time.

Since development entails working hard, knowledge, skill and intention are the end point for any progresses in the world.

Until Africa raises up, the pattern of development and fashion of advancement will be slow to execute every plan that is needed to be done for advancement; it will be shut down.

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10 ways on how to become a millionaire



#1 music

Every progress that man makes is as a result of working hard on it. For millennia, music has been proven to be one of the avenues where wealth is created and made through constant practice; takes you to achieve the proficiency in it.

Earnestly, until you push on becoming a musician by practicing, you will not place yourself where people welcome it, you might not reach the position of becoming a millionaire in the  music world.

Good music takes time to develop, produce and sell as you keep working to make sure it is interested, lyrically announced, you will sell anywhere the people of different nations listen.

Almost everyone in the world be you Christian, Islam or freethinker today cannot stay without music, whether in the place of gospel or secular; people will certainly listen it.

It all depends on the kind of music you make and produce, in as much as you make it better, you become millionaire in the place of good music, or producer.

You will see yourself evading the world with your music; growing to the forefront in the world.

When you know how to produce good music, you automatically become a millionaire and you will be recognised in the world.

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#2 author

Authors are creating the world in the place of fantasy, motivation or inspiration in materials by selling out their works and mentorship through an educating process call book.

As authors release their works to the world, people buy and the authors in this becomes millionaire in their books. As you push to become a billionaire in writing books, creating a niche for yourself should be the practical tool to move you there as you sustain to put strength in the work.

Wealth is made in different kinds of process, when your choice is to become wealthy in becoming an author, there is need to put time in it. As a writer, it gives you the room to innovate with your pen thereby making you to become influential in contributing to the change of the society, this will depend on you to proffer solutions to the world through books.

The period it takes to become a millionaire is the time you keep privately in working on the craft that becomes of you.

First, you come to the place of reasoning and thinking on whose kind of story or motivational books you have to bring that will captivate the people that read it.

As, you write in engaging the fans and turn it to revenue which is the art of putting love, motivation and happiness, you will have to work yourself better; it gives you the return of investment in your time.


#3 investmentI

Investing your money in business gives you an edge to become a millionaire.

Warren Buffet began to invest his money when he was a little boy, today, he is one of the richest men in the world that turns the world around.

He advises on saving, investing and does business that leverage on it to make the different, you have to know what you need to do with action to make profit.

The more you invest, the more you become richer and change your way of life to improve on your leadership skill in your field to see that every day that goes by, you are there to make the different.

The ways to invest are: real estate, bit coin, buying of shares, banking or buying and selling of products that are needed part time. All these are what make you millionaire and you become who you want to be in the nearer future as you push to grow.

There are different kinds of riches in the world, there are the ones that is from family, self created or inherited.

Whichever one you might come with, that doesn’t matter, what matters most is you becoming the person you dreamt of as you see that wealth is created

Bill Gate says, “If you are born poor is not your fault but when you die poor is your fault.” This is where you start to think on the kind of investment that gives you edge and leverage so you can dive into the riches of life. By creating your future,  you make your desire to become in real in the future.


#4 trading and commerce

Bit coin is circulating the world to be a legal tender, some countries have begun to make it as legal tender, that you can tender it in the bank and they accept it as a medium of exchange.

As you invest on this, you would see yourself become the next millionaire the world is waiting for. Buying bit coin and allows it for some time makes you the next millionaire in the world today.

As you know, business without monitoring it is as good as nothing, thus there is need to magnet your time to open the ways to become the latest millionaire.

Look into the platform and find how you can go and make the different is what will bring the  change in life.

You can become a millionaire by actively involving yourself on this, and you would see yourself moving to the top of life as you crave for becoming of it.

There is no business in the world that you would not pay the prize to become rich if it is your dream, you must involve yourself to it. And this involves discipline in the context of working hard to meet with the need and become who you have dreamt of to become.


#5 film maker

An actor or actress is a person who act in a film, and he or she is paid for the event by selling what they have acted as movie or film.

There are many actors today who are becoming the status of  millionaire by acting films, movie.

When you turn yourself into this, you become active to be compared with, this helps you to bring money into your hand, hence whine you into the status of a millionaire.

This place of firm making is one of the biggest industries where few people hone their ways by dedication, discipline and assiduous in their emotions to produce the firm people want.

From this place, the money of the world comes to you when you work for it through this process of firm making and movie.


#6 real estate

One of the places you can become a millionaire is in the idea to establish yourself in the place of real estate and continue therein.

This status helps you to become a millionaire when you invest in it thus, creating more jobs in your circle of your investment.

Do you know that people must live in house? Sometime, people live in magnificence buildings, you can see that, people spend millions of dollar to build houses of their choice.

This day, people spend more money in real estate venture, so when you know how to invest, money comes in this. So you too can make a choice there by actively involving yourself.

When you invest in real estate business, you become wealthy in the process as such, you begin to travel to the world to know how each country is built.

One of my mentors who wrote the book: rich dad and poor dad taught me properly in his book how to invest from there I began to understand the ways of making money through investing on real estate.


#7 business

This world cannot operate effectively without the place of buying and selling, this calls for the world to make exchange from one person to another even as country to country.

Most of the millionaires in the world today are business men who come with ideas that solve humans wants and needs.

So if you want to get rich, business is not restricted in any country, therefore every where you go, you can do business only to follow the policies and conditions of the land, you see yourself, you become a millionaire.



#8 blogger

Today the world has entered into digital, where people make their end means on the internet where everything is possible as you find a niche there.

Now, there is a big market for bloggers today who want to make a different and become millionaires as they push to give to what the  world wants.

It is imperative to involve yourself in the digital world and create your possibility there.

For example, a blogger works daily to post latest information on a daily basis on the internet for people who surf to get information about their choices.

The world is become easier, but it would become harder for those who don’t know this strategy of life, where people become rich on blogging.


#9 invention

As you learn on how to invent, there is need to know these people that have done these, so you can be inspired to find out how they went about and succeeded.

For example, the founder of Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Watmart and others, these people hold the 20 percent wealth of the world’s money.

As technology is moving on a fast rate, there are people who stay back to reinvent these social media we are using, where they make their wealth by second.

And it doesn’t come by the college they went rather by inspiration and dedication they get in the process that becomes what we are using to solve our challenges and problems today.

You too can invent your own and make it available to the world for use.

It is on these platforms all of them became billionaire today because they thoughts many years that it were possible to do these.

On these platforms, there are even great opportunity as you surf to know what you really desire to use as you become your boss.

Make use of your godly talent and become am happy person in the world.

This world will never remain the same anytime and anywhere because of the fast thinkers that the world is producing in different spheres of life; proffering solutions into the challenges of the world.


#10 innovation

It is in this some people in the world became billionaire with this staunch believe that if they start, everything is possible to produce, is in this: the people get inspired to go after what they desire.

There are possibilities everywhere in the world, be it America or Africa, when you know what to invent, you become a rich person anywhere in the world.

There are tech, business, creativity etc in the world, the right you have in this world is that, you have it to develop everything you desire for yourself first.

This mystery is given to anyone that wants to impact his world by developing different kinds of innovations, where people benefit from it thus bring money into your wallet.