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Effective Ways On How To Create Niche In Your Business




“If you want to be successful, you need to think of yourself as a personal brand.”

– William Aired


Every successful person sees himself first as a success before positioning his mind to work towards achieving the set goal.

You must begin to see the business of life as a place where you need to put almost all your time into setting up what will prosper you.

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Your brand begins in the place of working towards the mission you have planned to execute.

The place of work is the agreement of the brand, when you are not working towards the positioning of the brand, you become not in control to prove your ownership as a brand.


#1 success is a conscious thing

Without thinking personally of your brand, you cannot be branded for recognition and for the glory and favour God wants you to talk about to the world.

Gearing up is what makes you the branded person you are thinking of. There is time for the slow moment that you push to come to the last moment.

There is a space for you to start and succeed you are ready to take the horn by the bull, success, which is the first step to reach where God wants you to reach.

The more you see yourself, and agree to what you believe; you are not far fetching from your thinking. Don’t forget that everything on this earth starts from thinking, so there is room for you to be branded by the power of your mind.

Many who have succeeded would agree with me that, they have made a tremendous effort to put their thinking in the right position where they believe to have been gifted.


#2  producing comes from working

There is a space for your product to shine, the world will look at your product to decide whether they would like it or not, depending on the ingenious you put on it.

I’m talking about skill now, when you put yourself in a field, for example, wants to be a musician, you get to work better to come out with a selling point that the people will like.

Many people are good, but when you come out best, you will know you have reason to progress.

Your progress in life is not dependent on anybody, not even your mentor, but it solely depends on you through the process of working on yourself; God will bring the way out to shine.

It is spiritual to know that, even some persons are assigned for your progress, it doesn’t depend on them, so it important to know all this so you would translate your effort well.

#3 do not compare yourself with others

It is not that, you would depend, but it all depends on you, not that person you know. This is the power of God to translate you through people that ordinarily, they would not agree if it were their power.

For example, when you want to make yourself a brand, you need to work on your skill to become that person you thought about, it curious to know that, your pattern of life is the systematic understanding of where you are going to and working on to show forth the goodness of your brand.

When you understand better where you are, the people around you, and the place you are, the need to fine turn how to move will be known, so the effort will be at the power of your will not the environment to sell yourself.

Most people don’t feel it when they were growing up to become a star, but some felt it, so understand the difference, when you understand your brand better, it gives you the strength to push even though you have not made tangible progress.

But more importantly, it is the concentration one gives to himself that would count even when the grace abounds.


#4 learn to know all

As a leader, if you have not got this entire plan for yourself, you will still live the best of your ignorant. A leader must know beyond, that is the difference between a leader and a follower, there is no leader success without this mentioned nugget.

For example, as a family man, you got to know more than your wife in insight, wisdom, and understanding of how things work, because you are the leader of the house, if you don’t put yourself front, even your wife will tell you how lazy you are.

That shouldn’t be abuse but a way of strengthening you to perform more than her in the role of the house. A leader is a thinker of all fields of understanding to know how and where things should be planned and worked upon.

You have to know all this, so you can defeat the enemy of ignorant of your life to win the battle of life.


#5 your vision is in you

Until you begin to see yourself differently, you cannot be different to meet the challenge of a leader as you think, it is a platform to stand firm on what you believe and knowledge about the brand you are producing, which is the perimeter to know whether you are a leader or not that will work for you.

Nobody grows without understanding himself! When you are growing and you don’t understand who you are, it is difficult to improve in the skill you believe in. Any leader who wants to multiple must improve his knowledge base to succeed in the brand.

When a leader begins to know how effective he has improved, his joy to do more will be put together to amplify his brand.

The time to acquire the skill and knowledge you need is the time you have understood what you want to do so that you can stretch to perfect your brand for good selling.


#6 create your brand

A genius in his brand knows that it takes sufficient time to hit the polishing of the skill.

It is important to know the histories of the people’s lives that have done all that you need to do to learn from their quotes.

Some Leaders are masters in the game of showing you the wrong way while they are working assiduously towards their goal.

Wisdom is profitable to direct, but knowledge must be sufficient again to understand more of life.

Don’t just accept thing because is from the person you love, your mentor, he has been doing this for long, so he is always right, life doesn’t work that way if you must engage in the power of your brand.

I am not doubting your trust, but you have to be actioned tested in your wisdom of understanding to know whether he is in line with reality or not.

Once that is done, you are at the point of knowing which one of the pearls of wisdom and knowledge is that will sharpen your faith.


#7 action take you there

A successful and mission action man unlocks the door that wouldn’t have been opened so when you know this, is important to change strategy to know more so you can educate your mind to change what usually is not normal.

Because he is successful everything, he says is true, I don’t think so, that is why you need to find your skill and hone it better to give you the edge to know what it takes to know the reality of life.

Taking personal decisions on your own, with a good understanding of what you want, the perfection of your craft will be made to be proven in a substantial way to be a champion of yourself.

It takes good judgemental skills to begin understanding people around you who want to contribute to your progress, it is kind and important to know how your business will be successful or attack too.

In any place of business or craft, there are some set of people who won’t want the business to grow naturally, but that doesn’t mean, you would send them out, no, you need to know the pattern of skill to overcome them, life is a place of continuous learning till the end of time, though, sometimes you need to send them away.


#8 vision is there always

Your approach is what is important because when you decide to send them out, you wouldn’t know who you will employ that is good and for that, you need constant monitoring of your strategy to be effective in your journey as a leader.

A leader must work to see his business successful more than anybody inside the business, without that, nobody can earnestly work towards your business as yourself.

Your brother cannot know how comes about the growth of your business, for instance, if you were to give a person to be in charge for one year, you will know that, without your presence, ideas might go wrong.

A man who has started to work on a mission at the age of thirteen towards the working of the idea. would not be compared with a man with a high class of ordinary knowledge.


# 9 make the rules

The first will be better to coordinate than the man with knowledge of degree.

Anyone who wants to produce must learn how to go about it; a leader is that person that sets himself apart to know the nitty-gritty of what he wants to embark upon.

Far from the prospect of being talking, you need a mindset of undergoing various levels of measurement to know what you want to improve on.

As making yourself a personal brand that shows: you have to master all the qualities needed to take yourself to the upper place of life. Is not a film trick to say, every good labour is a practising fellow of that trade.

It might not be in the writing aspect but in the practical work of experience where you need to know the reality of it.

Like under developing country like Nigeria, someone has encouraged himself to begin to build cars, trucks, motor and others, now, he has made himself a personal brand in Nigeria.


#10 pattern everything you do

Telling himself that everything patterning to these mentioned structures can be manufactured and produced by Nigerians.

It is a proud thing especially for us that we are underdeveloped. INNOSON MOTORS has broken the jinn and came up with his brand, which is unbelievable to all extent of reasoning.

He has made that choice, the choice is here now in Nigeria to stay, it is not that, he was full of degrees, but with the practical know-how that he has been able to install to himself to break the barrier of everything that must be done there.

A personal brand has been brought out for people to know it is possible here, the question is: how did he do it? It is by the fact that he believed since people are doing it, or he can as well do it without obvious understanding as in if you are not white is not possible?

People who do great work in the world are not people with a fat degree but are people with substance in their minds.


#11 knowledge teaches to know

If you think that you are a degree holder you have arrived, I would tell you that you have not started to know what you want especially in this part of the world.

This degree of a thing has deceived so many people across Nigeria that they didn’t know what they are doing again, it is in the place of just having the certificate, and the rest is a story.

That type of reasoning would not allow us to grow. We must learn how to grow in other to manufacture, produce and innovate, that is the only place we can call our home.

A group of people who want to develop must start with themselves first, I tell you that is the only time that substantial development can be systematically done.

Our country needs to be built by us, the mystery is that generations to come will know what to do, after we would have gone, being that we have created the platform to start with, the next generation who are seriously-minded will carry on.

The moment we put this to work, we would continue to have good leaders to take the new generation to where they belong.


#12 time management transform you

You must know that it takes considerable time to perfect a given skill in life, without that, there is no way, we as a people can begin to produce or innovate on our own.

This is the challenge of leadership now, you must train people to train people, what that means is that, when you don’t train people to take over you when you are no more which is the permanent thing in life, nobody can reciprocate what you have left to do and produce theirs.

Everyone cannot be deceived in the same frequency of time, so there must be a time for an individual to reason and suggest different things.

That is important, so there is a need for the next generation to realise that they need to teach the generation after to know what it takes by leaving the legacies of reality.

That is the mystery that the developed worlds have known and they are continuously working for millennia. We should not be too spiritual that we don’t know what to do to better the world, especially in Africa.

We have to know that as Africa; need to develop our job, work, and place by acquiring the needed skills for expansion.


#13 you need exposure

The western world has one thing in common, they groom and encourage themselves by compulsory acquiring knowledge technically to become who they want to become in life.

I’m not saying you need constant encouragement because a great leader just needs a little encouragement to take him far, but that is the little way we can help especially people who want to grow. It would become good to encourage those who want to move forward.

You can only know people that need to be good through the little contribution they have made in their little understanding of leadership.

More of the period of life does the ultimate belief that you need to engage to open a new door for your understanding more in life?

Once that tangible reasoning has found a turn in your life, you will definitely succeed in your choice of work. My mind hooks up when I have decided that I would become a writer, since that first day, I was continuously hammering on doing it practically to open door to the reality.


#14 all that you need is inside you

It is the power of conceiving it that all matters if you want to grow and become the leader you have envisaged. There is 100 percent luck when you work towards your mission then not doing anything and expect something big to come to your front deck.

I know myself to be the Prophet of my word, it only comes to pass when you involve what it takes to get there, else you are moving back to where you don’t plan for it.

When you allow the situation around to pressure you, you would not find where you ought to be because the situation has told you what to do instead of telling the situation despite the adversity what to do.

I must have to grow by passion; I think that is the only best way to know that success is by the corner. Right from the conception to the finishing point of any mission if you must succeed, there wouldn’t be any slowness in the chain of your work.

It has been said, that who wants to produce and he is not working towards the target deceiving his soul, because the soul of a man is where the power to conceive is, so if it is not rejuvenated, it would replicate the emptiness out.


# 15 develop your plan

Thus, there is a need to continually work smartly to meet the need of growing part-time to meet that which is in your soul to bring out.

Even though you might be thinking is it the favour of God, why did you come with your own and wait for the favour to speak in your life.

Reading successful people’s stories would always teach you what you don’t know; to become what you need to do in improving the great treasure that is inside you.

Stories of successful people are too important to be neglected if you must make headway into the untapped resources of the world. Why can you decide to bring and try God if you would know that you don’t have a favour?

The world is rich, but it takes the working and the favour of God to bring it out, and now you can see that it takes the two nuggets to take you to the treasure of God in your life.


#16 make the difference

I tell you the truth; some people who are ingenious in their fields know that the minds put to work for a long time unveiling the skill to the world.

Many have done one or two great works before they were able to come to the light of the world.

I have known that is why I didn’t border on what to do after I have written three books down. I read a story of a musician who wrote his first song exploded after seven good years before fame.

Now if I have not read that kind of story, I would have been beaten down by the insight of my life, not God.

The opposition would take the glory that they have kept me down to perform what I would have been better at, being born to do it.

Sincerely, ignorance is the big trap in the journey of life if you are not insightful to understanding the game; bordering would be the problem that would kill your dream.

A leader should know this entire trap to cross over the other side of life to make the creative house to be prospered as he has proposed to do in bringing the brand.


#17 do not take your for granted

Don’t take things for granted, any stop of training yourself is the trap you must avoid if you must reach or acquire the treasure you have set for yourself.

Some people are trapped down in this because they just feel it is not in them to be blessed in as far, they have not seen something for a short time, it is not in them to succeed.

Get in touch to refresh yourself with knowledge, so you cannot be empty not to forget that you are continuously developing who you are.

There is no Holy Ghost there; you just have to do it to know that you have the God in you not having deceived yourself to think you don’t need the secret. Until you know the secret, you would mess yourself up; giving to the world of less.

Imagine natively, people are still digging well for water, you can imagine, if there were no record that every well dug by Isaac supernatural built was covered by the enemy, some people wouldn’t understand to continually digging.


#18 find your platform

You must dig your well so you can get your water so that you don’t need to meet or beg to provide for yourself, it very important if you want to be a brand in your life first before the world.

The better you keep digging your well, the good and perfect you become, because there is something you need to know that no one would teach if you don’t do it yourself. The secret of that wouldn’t be taught in any school in the world but doing it yourself teach you how it works.

If you don’t fight beyond, you would not work more than you know to create, so the secret to that is to get the insight in others to boost your courage.

In the mystery of that, it good to further broadening the wisdom that will always show you the gift in you to brighter than you ever anticipated.

I’m glad you have known this secret, without secret, no leader gets it better to develop to that place of grace. History teaches us how the early people who have engaged theirs did, so that is the legal side to improve if you want to produce what you have thought possible in life.




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