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Effective Ways To Become Confident In Business


“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the life you have imagined.”

-Henry David Thora


A dream is anything you believe to do that will take every of your time to create or innovate for the future. with confidence that this thing you engage will get to the finishing point whether there is a hitch or not.

There is no how a man can produce or create without imagining that which he has not set to do because we have listened over and over again especially those of us that started from a slump, hearing things that would never make us advance.

When you begin to imagine what you want to create with direction, it would come to you at the appropriate time so you can take the right master on the pathway to follow.

Heaven is watching every man that intends to produce, as far that thing will be helpful to the world, the universe will help you irrespective of the country you come from.

Once your direction is mixed with your passion, there is no misinterpretation of the plan that you intend to bring out that can disarrange you.

A very smart people have a set mission statement plans to take them to where they ought to be if there is no mission statement on what to do, the time management system will collapse; by this fact, you would observe that life is the mission you set for yourself that comes to you.


#1 you need to push

People who succeed in their endeavours push to reaching where the mind and their imagination have carried them to, most time it is not surprising to them that they have achieved this far.

Already the mind has directed the spirit to work towards the place where the mind has set to reach to occupy the material possession that it has been envisioned.

Even when Henry David Thora has said goes confidently and achieves your dream; it means that confidence is the power you need to overcome the much or little obstacle that will want to put you down.

Some words are power to awaking to activate the mission statement to come alive. Very little at a time, you see little things want to pull you down, in that, some words like I have the power to utilise the obscurity myself from the dark to reach my destiny are important to ourselves in moving forward.

A man without a dream is paralysed in nature by all scientific and spiritual proven fact to ascertain the good, pleasant, and splendid things of life let alone a person who has dream without action will still not achieve anything.

It is not a fallacy that everyone who has achieved does have confidence that one day, he would shine as the star of Heaven.

Smart people are seen as a genius in their fields of work; confidently, I can say, every one of them has paid his price to stay where he is today or yesterday.


#2 knowledge is the key

When I was not acquitting myself with knowledge, I always see people as genius without putting effort into their works, if I didn’t push time to know, I would have slept in the home of ignorant telling the narrative of the untrue story all the years of my life.

Living in the belief that all who have achieved are geniuses with the absence of practice, that would not happen to you as you stick your heart to reach where God wants for you.

When you fail to realise this important message, the spirit of the dead to believe will just be taken solace inside you; hovering to tell you that it is not possible.

Now, the lack of knowledge is one of those nuggets that will exercise more trouble and worry in your life for not knowing you can get there.

Any leader who wants to grow above the present state must see above what others have not seen or done to go beyond to establish a process so he can perform excellently well with the power of imagination.

You must be frank about all these leader skills in other to come out with what you need to do, from the beginning of when you confidently decide, good growth comes slowly no matter what you have heard.


#3 when you believe you become of it

People will say a different thing to tell you that once you are like this, it is automatic, but it is not true.

I learned this when I enter into the glory of God, I initially thought that everything would just happen instantly.

Earnestly, it happens not as some have said it, so I began to get furious about everything because I was seriously following the way of error.

The good thing about it is that I have understood it by the spirit of revelation by the time of manifestation takes some time.

Now it began to take many years for a good understanding of what God wants to change in me not what a set of people were telling me.

My progress in life is the participation between me and God that determines the manifestation of my dream. The actual sense of it is that God proposes while men oppose because of the gift He has embedded in you.

Destiny revolution belongs to God alone not the concept and power of any man, but the way of God in your life is the power to lift you above the power of the opposition.

You know you become a child of destiny by working hard to see that everything works for your good. There is no time for laziness if you must make destiny fulfilment.


#4 working hard

You have to know and intake what God has told you to do so that you will always succeed in the gift of life. If God has structured you, you don’t have to think anything else, He will strengthen you to take off what He (God) doesn’t want from your way.

When He gave Joshua the land to subdue, one of the strongest words that came out from God was to be strong and be courageous.

You can see that there are some structures that God wanted Joshua to uproot so he can have success. Don’t diverse when God has given you a task, they will not overcome you no matter their plans and gathering.

You are more than a conqueror; they fight people who God has given the power to build the desolate places of the world, as a leader, you just have to know this.

History is good to know, but the knowledge of the Bible is essential to acquit yourself of the power of God when you are given the power to rebuild in the place of strength.

Every dream comes with the power of the dark to stop you from the manifestation of what God has said. It takes you to be stronger in the way of courage to win the fight against people who oppose your destiny.


#5 business is a process

Success is a process to take hold of the recipes that are needed to shine. The best place for you to become great is the imagination process that tells you whether you will continue what you believe or not.

It is the power of faith inside a human that accumulates into reality to sustain in a short or long time as the case may be, it takes a decisive approach to hit the enemy of yourself down.

The moment you take that decision to increase, the fundamental is required in bringing down barriers. As you know, life is spiritual; in that case, even the heathen knows the spiritual message too.

In essence, it is not monitoring, it is because you have gone to the spiritual to lift that plan you intend to do; where they are, they saw you that is why they know.

The light and dark have some insight to dissect: it is the place where everyone comes to show his kingdom.

In the realm, everyone that is dedicated comes to show what he intends to do, from there the other kingdom notices and begins to disagree. It is the place where the powerful takes everything that belongs to him or her.

Dedication is one of the words that takes a man from an empty background to a place of conquest.


#6 focus is the recipe

Until a leader is a focus, he cannot make good headway in claiming what belongs to him in the name of Jesus Christ.

When you deem fit to work for what you believe, as a human you have the right to believe, but in this kingdom of righteousness, we accept Jesus first, to fight our battle for us so that we can reach our places of blessing with the instrumentality of working hard.

You know, at the early time I accepted Christ, many changes transformed me.

It made me to constricting myself from every other negative thing that could take me away from the promises of the Lord.

That is the power in Christ, when you believe in Him, you shall not perish in the hands of your adversaries, He will paralyse every concoction, and countless junctions of the enemy.

You have got to shield yourself from the evil people around not to mess with your time; is very essential. The moment life begins to open up to that place of grace, is the time you need more time to boost what you have come to believe.


#7 know what you want

You must believe yourself first before anyone if you must make a good leader of yourself.

I began to know how to move; applying the necessary signpost to show me the appropriate tips to show on the place where educating myself is as important as myself.

Your dream is not collective thinking, but a perspective of an individual decision to confront what others will not first understand until you have proven that you can bring your idea out to reality.

God in His infinite mercy has given each of us a dream that only the given person can fathom how to operate, so you can begin to find out without duly referencing to men.

We can fellowship, worship, and pray together, but each of us has a dream that the other person might not know. That is the more reason why Henry David Thora says, “You should go confidently to make your dream work.”

There is a difference between praying and working, when you miss one you miss the cause of your dream; the effect will not be there to bring forth the good things of life.

Nevertheless, the most important need to put into work for your imagination to come to fruition is the strategies and steadfast in the vision you apply always that put you in command.


#8 face the challenge

The two are the integral parts of hitting the mountain and hill down to bring out what you have thought to develop.

Most time, the more confidence you put into your work, the less you see the improvement, that sign shows the working part of continually polishing yourself to become you.

But the truth remains that dream is like a seed that a farmer plants and awaits the day it will germinate for the time to harvest.

This is why, you see, there no scientific fact that can prove or know-how crop grow based on the meter of increase, now realise that once you have planted a seed in the ground for harvest, you cannot know how it grows.

For some reason, a leader should know that working on a project daily or weekly makes you perfect in that class of work.


#9  business is not automatic

Your life as a leader gets better and better when you put yourself to continue working on your dream that you have imagined, that is the fact about the wholesome of leader.

In this dispensation of technology, even if you are not ready to advance, the faster pace of acquiring the skill of knowledge would still not be there.

Today, people are praising the internet age, but the truth is, it is still for those who are ready can still harness the harvest.

Even though we are in the jet age, that doesn’t mean everything will be automatic, for an instant, you want to write, you just need software, it doesn’t work like that, you have to go for it and produce what you want.

If you cannot do it before, you cannot still do it now that is as easiest as anything now.

It is a choice to make it or not, because some just think it happens as you just say it, it will be an unfortunate thing to some people to just think that way.

Even when you pray for something to happen in other to make a success, you just don’t pray and you think you will just see it.


#10 you are not to wait doing nothing

There is a level of breakthrough in life and each has its way to know and to understand. Imagining, you have not planted anything and you foolishly await something to grow so you can harvest, how could you wait for what you have not planted?

Don’t wait for something to grow that you have not planted, even the Bible keeps us to believe that faith without work is dead, likewise, a dream without substantive pursue of it will not yearn result.

People preach the word and do a different thing about the true gospel, especially in Africa, where a group of people takes advantage of people to build their dynasty.

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