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How To Become An Effective Leader



Every effective leader is as a result of working hard to see how the mission laid on you is always activated.

When you hold this into your mind, the adrenaline pushes according to the target you have given to your life. An effective leader takes charge in all areas of your endeavour.

You pray, work, study, learn and press toward the place where you are born to work.

As you know not everyone will know how to play football as well as golf. You are born to be one thing in your life, as long as you are in this world. So, what is your game in life?

Except you have made up to be different in the statistics of life. You would not make head way in the statistics of life. At the same time, means you are not doing anything and expect different. This will not be possible.

Every effective leader is a product of everyday working, commitment and making strategy for the push of the future. When a leader is not found in doing this, you miss and become automatically a failure in the game of life.

Be it that, you can become effective when you are ready. Nobody is born into it but you learn into it. So, once you know the reality of what you want as an effective leader, you become progressive in your dealing. And become more effective as you work through.

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#1 A Leader Must Good In Reading

There is no different between an effective leader and reader, these people work effectively anything they want to do. That means to be an effective leader you must become a discipline reader.

Without knowledge of any kind, you bring yourself to limit whether informal or formal. You need it for you to be an effective leader in your place of work. When you read the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell, you would learn more of this and grow wide in it.

To become an effective leader in any endeavour, reading culture must be inculcated inside of you. Life goes with knowledge as well as experience that make you effective in life.

The most effective leaders in the world know the importance and the effectiveness of reading. It gives you strength, understanding, wisdom and might to focus on the challenges of the day. In order to succeed in all spheres of life.

Without reading, the ability of a man becomes slim to operate in the higher realm of calling. When you listen to people or leaders around, you will know the usefulness of reading in building leaders in various sphere of life.


#2 Overwhelming Challenge

When you operate in this frequency, life challenges become inactive in your way. You become commando over all the battle of life.

Most people take this for granted but it is the most effective journey of man’s life in producing by exercise both in physical and other wise. When you don’t exercise you turn into the place of unskilled perhaps, you might not know.

Just like health is wealth and you are not taking care of this. You will make all the money in the world and live in danger and suffering.

If you want to know, desire sickness in your body, or go to the hospital and see how people are feeling. You will know how good it makes a body to feel good.

So, exercise is one of the recipes that take you far in making you effective as you prepare for it. Because once you fail in this place, you have failed in everything that concerns you.

The life accepts both success and failure, so depend on the place you choose. When you say, you will not fail is conditional. In the sense that you are working not slothful about life. If not, you will become ineffective in life.


#3 You Need To Be Spiritual Minded

Then you need to be spiritually understanding of the world. The world operates in this capacity, so if you must work, you must work with prayer to guide your affairs. To become the leader you have destined to become.

Do you think nothing is happening? No, something is always happening. So take note of where you are. Praying makes you effective as exercise does. So, it is too importance not to take this for granted.

To become effective in your carrier, you need to be good at your work. Becoming effective is an avenue to be good in other word; to be an expertise. This put you in the power of life affair where people come to buy your service.

It is paramount to train yourself in this mentioned word more than you do. But as you know all this cannot come without being discipline. It is the origin of what you want to become.

The reality of everything we will be talking about is this word discipline. It takes this word in you to earn respect in the world. It takes this word to get rich. It takes this word to travel all around the world.

Becoming an effective leader is a price tag that you must engage in to succeed. When this word comes to play in your work, you would be strengthened no matter the challenge you face.

Doing work effectively is as a result of discipline you put to work you believe on. Without this, there would not be any effective leader in the world. Mandela Nelson stayed in prison for twenty-seven years only to become president for one term of four years.


#4 Learn From Others

You can see that it can carry a man to any length and breadth in this world. Once this is achieved, you become an expertise to the world.

Another way you can become an effective leader is to learn from people in the world. Where you learn about culture, tribe, ethnic group, racism, language and countries.

This is where you become an effective leader no matter the place you enter. You can still perform and become good in everything you do.

This is why; you would see a great leader knowing almost everything in the world. The measure of leaders is seen in this place of authority. What you command and control makes you effective in all ramification.

You become who you are by the level of acceptability you bring to yourself that determines the level of your performance.


#5 You Must Put Action To Work

Don’t waste your time doing nothing. To become effective is to work well and hard in what you do and believe. To perform better at your work place is the result of your earlier training you put.

To lead well is as a result of the application you utilise that brings about change. In this level of understanding, if you have not changed. You have the opportunity to convert your time to become an effective leader. It is never too late to revolutionise your life!

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