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14 Ways On How To Become Obsession in Business


“The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do.”

– Steven Jobs- (co-founder of Apple Inc).

#1 You are in charge of your world

As you begin your day with the help of inspiration. You would know that your subconscious mind is the most powerful tool to unleash. And build anything you think possible in the right direction.

Many think that to become an inventor, you must come from a certain environment. Yes it might occur that pathway, but when you review this.

You become empowered to move you to the very imaginative power to take you to that hidden place you called a gift.

You call forth the wealth of inspiration to create yourself not anyone else. Especially in the place of business, film making, sport, invention, creativity.

And good decision making to revolutionise your world, which is there in you.

Until you decide to change what you don’t want to see. You would be trapped by those things you don’t want to see by absorbing everything coming to you.

The world is a trap, without inspiration from your box of knowledge. You either trap people about your idea, or you are trapped by the world’s idea.

The moment you make up your mind to change what you desire to become anew. You stay there consciously because you have made up your mind to grow.

Steven Job had done what could be easier to communicate one on one with features that would be enjoyable. With this; he came out with a good reason that joined thought together and brought iPhone.

#2 Seek idea from other

Today iPhone is a global phenomenon. Changing the minds and giving people what He wants them to think and follow by the way they have thought.

The phone puts you in the place to select and choose what you want not what you want to do. But the sense of the feature to follow.

Believing in the Mustard Seed in you makes you bring out that mountain that you never thought. You could have if you should have followed your aspiration.

The way you start with the small insight would take you to that place of working on it. And making the real gift in you to boost out.

Anything any man has produced started as a Seed that you cannot imagine to fuse in that which you want. This can be possible to all understanding. But it works to those who believe enough to change the world in their imagination.

The most important thing is that nobody could know properly. And tell how gifted you are more than yourself because you are the one to do the work that brings the product out.

Your conceptual ability is the outstanding of the clear pathway to think you can do with the understanding. That you are the boss and the servant of your dream.

#3  Action make the king

Anyone can contribute, but you are the maker of your imagination to all lines of action.

The mission statement you have branded for yourself would be the right concept to move the goals out of your way. To bring out your plan in achieving your concerted effort to succeed in your field.

People who see themselves as gifted are people who closely working on ideas. That only know the beginning to the end of everything patterning to their thought.

Fortunately, those people never give up what they have seen as a possibility. Even though, they have not seen half of the result that they are working part-time. They still believe in their strength to achieve the goal.

They believe not in the knowledge they have got but the willpower that is working continually to collect wherever it is. That made them who they are imagined to be.

Also that is the way anyone can imagine to bring a difference in the world. Inspiration first is the most powerful substance that faith works with to get you.

No, the great thing was ever done without this power of inspiration. Thus, it takes you to the place of not only people will recognise or surprise. But the glory of God will strengthen and make you shine.

#4 Recognise your gift

Especially when your faith is mixed with the power of God. You will work with delight and passion to emerge a winner. The meaning of life is the capacity of your imagination to sense what you think is possible. Then God will prove to you as you agree to push and stay on it.

Many years ago, I was stranded to capture this glory of life that He gives to anyone that wants it. I came quickly to realise that no matter the time if I push, press, imagine, thought. And get knowledge to bring it out, I would surely get there.

And amazingly, is working for me now without reasoning far; the evidence is this book you are reading.

The power of imagination beats any power in this world in the place of producing, innovating, inventing, etc.

When you start to work with faith. Something you don’t know, and you put a considerable time into it your courage. Will change the oblivion to get what you want.

Once that is conceived, you would continue to improve daily to pondering the new idea coming.

The principle remains, everybody who has done any great work would have passed through the pathway of every day knowing new things.


#5 Your need imagination

No matter how you have reasoned. The force you put or bring out into your imagination speaks more than you ever thought to make a genius out of you.

Since you have known this. The more you engage to what you think you know even when you don’t know. You become better to change from ignorance to the man of transformation of light in the dark.

As you project your feeling to produce or innovate for you. The power of the mind takes an automatic step to revigorate the place where that change you desired to prosper comes. The way to prosper is in your hand. God alone without your contribution, cannot prosper you the way you should have made your direction to bless you.

People, who want prosperity, are people who are determined by the grace of God’s power to push beyond the limit. Without this, you are stagnant till you realise that it is only when you engage that changes can come.

When you are not crazy enough with the gift God has given you with consciousness. The force to take continuous action will not be stopped this: attending to recipes to advance to achieve your purpose.

#6 What is your purpose

Do you know that the power of negative reason is powerful? Now, when, you give your time to what you believe first. Knowingly you have brought God inside you to do the job for you will succeed.

Nobody knows how it will end. It is only God who knows the beginning and the end of every matter that concerns the people in the world.

Your knowledge and inspiration are greater than any other book and invention you may ever think. As you consider yourself that you can do what you set to do.

I will never have thought I could have written books for people to read. but today the narrative is different because I believe that God is everything.

You are the only one that can empower yourself to reach anywhere you desire. without recourse to anyone aside from God in your life.

You might not be intelligent now, you might not be a genius now. you might not have a voice now, and you might not know how to read now. but let me tell you something, a little strength you give with the attitude of adding value to yourself. the ending point of it is reserved unto God to decide.

#7 You are gift to the world

The principle to activate is not in the hand of God. but you to position yourself to where He has allowed already seeing you through based on who you desired to be.

From the day, I began to add value, little by little. Every day changes without knowing how, because I kept doing what I think is meant for me to do.

There, challenges began but very fortunate to us. Where you would pass through different kinds of spiritual attacks to cross to that place God has made for us to sit.

Everyone who knows what he is doing will not leave this world without improving on it. Because God has created this world for our good and filled it with tangible things for our use.

The more you keep time to set yourself aside for yourself. The better you will always advance your trade.

People look up to people for inspiration. Yes but those people cannot help you in terms of actively engaging the source of all victory which is the power of Christ. To move you beyond the plan of your ignorant.

I understand that once you have failed to teach yourself the right attitude to achieve success. There is nobody who is born to help you out in knowing the step.

#8 You need the right attitude

The way to know you are improving is the capacity to properly follow the right principles. That are in the right pathway to lead you there.

Immediately as you think you can do what you were thinking. It enables you to strengthen every gap you think that would hinder your breakthrough.

To spark within your soul, whatever you desire. You are sure that it will be done. Consciously, nobody achieves any tangible thing without the work of faith. Is in him whether being a Christian or not.

It is the work of faith that produces anything you can ever think about. In terms of individual progress.

The fact is this; your brilliance and intelligence have nothing to do with how you will succeed. Rather it is your mission and goal that speaks to your health, business and prosperity.

More often than not. The ability to create is in your heart to think that the treaty you have given to your natural senses of knowledge. To synergise with the spiritual knowledge for progress is one of the recipes for your advancement.

The more you work, the better you would see your sense of ability, reasoning, advancement, and progress become more natural.

#9 Organise your time

From today, begin to call yourself an achiever, the way maker. The organiser, the mover through the power of God in you.

Excellently, as you believe. The inspiration of the Holy Spirit will begin to flow from the crown of your head to the soul of your feet. To give you the best result you will ever have.

Everything has been made available for you to succeed. It is just for you to shout hallelujah and continue to be zealous. About the necessity that you need to work on to carry you there.

The more you work to know. The better you become to engage the future to be better and smarter to bring your product to the world to see.

Now, see how faith took many to their destinies with the mind of working. To see that it was possible to any extent of work.

The God you have is the master of knowledge and wisdom. So you just need to engage that side to get what you desire with the evidence of things not seen in His wisdom.

#10 There is always possibility

Only when you are ready that I think God will show you His kind to move your dream and goal forward in other to prosper. Outside that, you will struggle to believe that there can be a possibility to advance.

As you see the world, it will depend on the purpose you have acknowledged to do. That is what God releases to you for your success.

This is the pathway of successful people around the world actively adhere so that those principles of faith allow you. To take delivering of evidence of thing you have not seen.

At the beginning of the world, it was void. In your beginning after you have been born it was still void. God didn’t leave it like that, so you don’t have to leave the way you get it if you must advance in life.

The earlier, you know that your contribution is essential for yourself and humanity in general. Little move will propel you for a sufficient answer.

Every day of life, inspiration needs sufficient improvement to show forth, the thing to work. So the needed knowledge to advance will not drift.

Life is in two phases; it is either you fail to approach your gift with the strength of God. Or you make success by the pathway you follow, either of the two is correct.

#11 Until you decide

The ending point of everything belongs to God to decide. So decide whether to succeed or not.

It is not in the strive to know whether you would succeed or not. Yours is to keep doing what you think is your calling, therein. You see success everywhere you touch.

Success is not on anyone’s hand, we all depend on God to show us mercy. But when you don’t do what is expected of you, how do you come close to God’s mercy?

Every moment you find what to increase in the course of advancing the gift in you. There is a surge that goes up to open another phase of new understanding in taking you to that place of honour.

Don’t take your business with a kid glove if you want an increase in your life. It all depends on the stand you keep, that what works for you.

The ability to increase is the concept of application of coming up with two recipes. God and yourself; together to another level of shift in life.

Many would have thought that once you have received Christ Jesus. It automatically starts working.

Yes! But if you want to be effective and active in staying to produce. You must have to put an extraordinary effort to cross to the bar of success.

#13 Become the extraordinary

The Lord says, “Be careful for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your request be made known unto God.”

When you have diligently done your path. You will always see the result of your labour coming to you by faith.

God expects us to move where He has promised to give us individually. Everyone’s aspiration is closely different in the same prayer we may be praying in church. So there is a need to know that you need God to open the door for you.

I was in the service in January 2020 as pastor Christ Oyakhilome was ministering on special service in the church propelled by the Lord.

The inspiration of a new book came to me as a trance, not anyone could have noticed what God has packaged for me. But because that is my intention always, He gave me as l want.

So, everyone’s aspiration in the same service in church is never the same. Because we have different dreams to work on, therefore, as you work to see His power. You shall rein amid your enemy.

#14 You are in the right position

The Lord honours you as you follow what He has blessed you with, then the inspiration never ceases to come. Because that is the work that He has pledged to give you in furtherance to His promises in your life.

Life is a teacher, you either decide to achieve or not to. You choose for yourself, which is one thing nobody has right over except you.

But when you choose to follow what God is telling you in a path of goodness. You would always cross the way of success.

Learn to know that you can only be moved by the spirit of the Lord that propels your gift into action. If you decide to be successful by receiving Christ, you would see it coming.









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