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How To Believe And Win In Business


“I have always believed that mission is greater than the man.”

– Rick Perry


When you believe that your mission is greater than you, you will begin to see life different from what you used to see when you don’t have a mission.

Every great vision is accompanying by the insight you have, not the money you have to execute first that brings the change you desire.

The awesome work about executing the great idea is all about concentrating on what you have faith in, it will allow your mind to grow faster than you expected as you push forward.

In a long run in the mission you have, there is normally a change that will be revolving in your dream to restrategise the mission instead of wasting your time on the smaller thing.

A man with great vision has nothing to disturb himself with the small unit of disturb that comes his way. When the little distraction appears, it will look little, which happens when you are extremely focused on the insight and dream you have been stuck with.

There is more to life than looking at the smaller portion of distraction that would want to break the eye of mission in your path.

There is a need to look into the main issue always not to divert for the set mission so you can have a sharp understanding of how to grab your goal.

When the mission is not greater than you, challenging yourself will not be there to recognise to produce a tangible result for you.

To identify your need to upgrade certain understanding to develop the template that will schedule your work, it will be difficult to achieve your goal.

The reason you must know all this is because time and skill to produce are a friend. When you don’t bring that friendship together, you miss the skill resources to break that which you are supposed to bring forth.

The mission makes the statement to be firm whether you have not got there or not, in a moment of reaching the point of thought, there are rethinking powers that need to be done to survive the place of obstruction.

No mission that is successful in the world today that was not believed in term of, “I can do it through the power of the insight by the inspiration of the inner man.”

We all know that a leader is a problem solver, when you lack this, you suffer a setback on how to peddling the voyage of leadership. Any dream or mission that is not bigger than you, is not propelling by the needed strength for it to grow.

No matter how difficult it is, a leader with an argument must disagree to know well in other to make a lasting understanding. It is well to say that, anything you don’t know is bigger than you, so in that, there is a time for the argument to understand further need.

A leader must know that he cannot know everything so there is a need to exchange some of your thought for the argument to give you more understanding of the tangible organisation you want to improve on.

When the dream and mission are not aligned, clearly you will begin to see a group of breakdowns introducing themselves to you thereby frustrating every of your effort.

Imagine now, you want to build a house without calculating the cost, I tell you at the end of the building, there will be so many confusions that will penetrate your spirit man to destabilise your stance.

Every great work done on earth was calculated to get the estimate before embarking on it. In that, you will find a decorating heart of understanding to incite peace in your heart.

Any missing link is dangerous to the development of the mission that normally according to Rick Perry is greater than you.

That doesn’t mean you cannot surpass the tension because at that time, maybe you don’t have the financial capacity to uphold the project. In a moment you don’t know what to do, there is a need to ascertain with courage how to brainstorm the reality of the journey to make the capital available through faith.

Action in any project is bigger than the faster understanding of any man, a man with the faster IQ without using it is not better than the man with a low IQ.

Time without number, we have read so many stories to educate us on the need for action if a project must be fulfilled.

It is important to know that, dull and brilliant people can be on the same page in life, how? When a man is brilliant and does nothing about improving on his daily activity, he will still be the same as a man who knows nothing.

The research is clear, that is why, many people who have grown to where they are today, are not brilliant in life but they are more coordinated to meet with the target in the journey of life.

They make their mission bigger than they and work slowly to meet the need of that project that they are envisaging; it is clear to understand the gimmick and wisdom of life, when you are not, it invades your mind to give nothing.

You must pull yourself to continue working on yourself to meet the need before the finishing project, everything takes step by step to accord with the first to the last.

A mission must be aligned so you can know the missing link, if need be, for a proper understanding of where your progress is. The mission of your life is hidden in the mind, so until the mind is worked and refined, the possibility will not be slim.

That is the grieve offence that you can do to yourself for not following the pathway of agreeing to follow step by step to put you in the junction direction of the mission action progress.

There are missions every day in the heart of man, the world is full of ideas, when you don’t get involved, don’t you think something good is missing? Of course.

Do you know that life gives you what you have formatted into your store? It is important to know the level of life by accepting responsibility to engage in life! People who make history are people who follow their mission to the last.

There is no luck in this kind of success that is a mission statement, if you want to find luck go to the lottery club and stay by it.

But a mission statement must be worked upon to the latter, which is only when substantial progress will show up. You that have not done it is not cheap; it is only those that have done it can say it is cheap to do because they have gone through different kinds of failure to open their minds to know different approaches to meet with their gifts.

Even though pride is not good, it is for those who have done it can be prided upon, because of the tense moment they have gone through to fix what now is history.

Very importantly, if you want to create, it follows what others have gone through to know before you can do yours. Life is a place where receiving knowledge and experience by engaging the old to build the new; such is always the mission statement that people pass through to production. That is why is awesome to read books in different categories to put more light into your life, if you want to be a good writer in life, you must have different categories of books to keep you in charge.

People are making it in all field of understandings, they are making it in all form; so, you too can be used to one thing you think you are good at.

Something must stir you up if you must change your history, motivational authors are important to read their books too, to stir you up.

The more good books you read, the better your mental receptive activates to bring out the hidden wisdom to come forth.

If I were not reading some of those books that change my mentality, I would have been the very lazy man complaining about the economy of the nation. It is not that as a citizen you cannot complain if things are not moving well, but when you have what to do, it reduces the world of your complaint and improves your time of investment to be productive.

Importantly, I didn’t feel sumptuous to any good book that will upgrade my mentality, because they impart will be more sumptuous than the material used.

A person with a mission cannot keep a decision to think upon to limit him; he will always think of the importance rather than the disadvantage.

The place of improvement is the action you put in the message you have received from the things you have read about, that makes you think is possible. The possibilities are all there if you want to take the risk of continuously following what you know at the end, you will produce great when you put the mind to work.

I have learned that at the first time a man plans to bring his vision out, that period might not be even 20 percent feasible, but as you keep moving, the thing will be metamorphosing; carrying you to the place of good as you awaiting it by working.

People who have exploited never take themselves for granted in any form of understand, why? It will be real to them, as such that setting to plug into the mission with being easy even with the doubt sometimes.

Amazingly, it is okay to see yourself get tired at the time, but in that, you see yourself still advance based on the reality of the vision you have seen with the mind through God’s strength. It is the trusted reality that makes the difference in the journey of life.

Everyone successful today has suffered one confusion or the other, so when you are matching front, if there is any confusion, you can still stay back and relax to monitor the situation before moving ahead, thus, making a new change of thinking.

It is practically okay to see yourself getting confused about what to do, that is why the mind is there to ponder and cogitate on the way to go, whether this or this way will bring the answers that you are looking for, when you do that, things will change.

For an instant, you have told yourself that you want to build a business of two million dollars, but you have not that money, but as perceive with faith to get it, that surge alone will propel you to move you forward.

A mission of a leader is in keeping the working habit, to prevent distraction against the plan or dream that you envisage coming to pass.

That is when you will think that life is the replicate of your thinking, giving you what you always think to work towards to fulfil destiny.

The way you think is much important than your background because history has shown us that many who have come from improvised backgrounds still come to make it in life. When you have that consciousness and read some great books that would touch your mind, you will have no limit on how you will excel. Even when you stay with negative people, you can still make some advancement towards what you believe.

At least when you have got to that point of understanding that you can make it, the stress of life begins to shift back, taking you to your place of labour despite the hurdle. Admittedly, I had not believed in myself before based on my background, but when I began to get some good books to advance my course, everything became easier with the pain I face daily because of where I came from.

The reason is this: as you move to know, it becomes easy until the time you become perfect on the pathway of what you are pursuing. It takes some considerable time to know the dos and don’ts in the dream that you put to work.

A leader is a person who keeps believing in his dream and follows what it takes to get there, which makes him continuously trusting himself till the time for harvest. Even as a genius, it doesn’t just work like that, it has to do with practising till you get perfection on it.

There is power in anybody that believes he can irrespective of where that individual comes from, so far, he has accepted to do it, there is energy that comes to bear.

That intention of accepting that you can do something increases and brings out the giant in you alive to make the difference.

Even though we believe that some are gifted more than others, that doesn’t mean we cannot improve on our God-given self to realise what He (God) has put in us to create.

The first thing as a leader is to think about the possibilities of the continuity of what you believe. In as far as you put a time to develop that skill, you can assure yourself that, you will see the light of the day especially when you put your trust in the Lord to work.

There is a need to defeat the enemy by telling yourself you can make it, concerning your circumstances to make a difference.

I shortly disbelieved my dream before I joined the Nigerian Air Force, that doesn’t stay long because then I knew I had no little resources to fuel my dream, but since I have joined the job even the hectic of it, I still find a great time to increase on myself to boost my morale and other recipes alike.

Life is purely the conception you have that will change your thinking for the good that God has created you to do. When you see reasons to advance, you will always find the opportunity to get help in one way or the other.

Your inner man is the ultimate substance that you must have to hold on to if you must be productive in your field of calling, everyone has its calling, but until you work strong to get there, it would be like a mirage in your eye.

People have been in poverty before you, people have been riches before you, so it is your decision that takes you to the point of honour. Nobody honour a lazy man or person, but if you see well, every established person in the world is honoured, haven’t you noticed that?

Every sector of life is the handiwork of creativity, so there is no place that is cheap to talk about, a footballer knows he must practice properly before he goes to playground for competition, if not, he or they will be defeated.

A winner in any game is a place where two or more people contest and one side or person is declared a winner. There is a place always to improve on what you know that will bring the change of glory that God will bless you.

Every successful leader is a worker, there is always a place for honour as when you continually bringing the best out of you by accepting the reality of the recipe; the universe will give the benefit from your work.

There is time for everything under the sun; a time to sow, a time to plant, a time to reap, and a time for harvest, each has a time frame to accommodate its work.

The more you put to what you have planted; the difference will be cleared in the period of harvest. Take the time to sow more decisive ideas than waiting to reap what you do not sow.

Earnestly, it was a painful experience in the place of obscurity, doing the thing that you wouldn’t know whether you will eat or not. I was obnoxious to discuss it, but now I have the licence to tell you what I had gone through.

I was apprehensive about everything I was doing; I never had a smooth education talk much of good school, all this brought about the whole package of reasoning that nearly see me off because of the opposition.

Now, I have overcome all those traps of the soul, now I’m working with peace of mind writing books for some people to know and learn. It doesn’t matter, when you are a smart and hard-working guy, you know what I mean, is not all working hard people make it in life, but smart in the area of mental prowess, you will make it.

We have types of working hard and all cannot be compared with each other; working to create is different from digging the ground to get water, and each one has its destination about the style of it and achievement.

Even though you have given free money to go about life, if you are not smart enough in converting of it, the money will disappear. I believe you have practically seen that, so there is no time to differentiate all that because a doctor is different from a plumber.

A man who is digging well for water with his hand cannot be compared with a scientist who is working in an air conditioner environment to produce the drug for killer diseases. It is left to you to decide whose kind of work hard or smart you want to engage.

I work hard and smart in reading so I can write books for people to reciprocate my effort with their money, you can see what I’m talking about. When someone talks about this, there is a distinction of knowing what one is talking about.

The moment you know better what you have not to be taught about, you have grown to the level of masterminding the genius in you.

In a mission like this, you don’t open up all your ideas to people why? Because you don’t know who will work against to spoil what you have put on the ground to move forward. Every newcomer in any field faces a period of difficulty that is to say acclimatises with the environment of a school of thought. But when you have acclimatised with the working, it keeps you worry not about the move of your gift, but to see the realisation of the process.

The reason you have mastered the skill is that you kept doing it till the latter to see your product.

Like my writing, it takes prayer and writing every day to master my skill because I know if I don’t pray and write, the opposition will trap me down, because skill has to do with spiritual prowess.

Until I’m strong in prayer I was unable to bring my writing to fruition, especially as spiritual writing.

You must know how to play your knowledge on what to do in other to meet your demand, as far as I’m concerned, there is a secret to every man’s success.

Your own will be different from the other person but the fact remains the same about the reality. Check who you are, you will see what no one will see, that is where your leadership skill lies on.

That is the strategy everyone must know to have, less, you will always think that this guy is a genius, but then, you have not mastered the strategy in taking you there.

I’m a military man as I write this book, but that doesn’t mean when I want to, I would not, because it takes some understanding to know how to move a mountain.

You have to be mindful of what you want, the way you want it, and how to go about the ending point which is very critical in the life transformation process to get success, matter most.



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