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27 Strategies On How To Develop Business Potentials




#1 How to change your perspective

A successful man is he who is interested in developing the potential of his people to equip them in facing the new development of challenges in the world.

We are all working for success, no doubt about that. When you are not interested in developing yourself, you cannot develop other people for progress.

Some people are good at escorting people to their destinies without knowing. They forget that they too can improve theirselves and become who they are by facing the rhapsody of potentiality they have.


#2 How to strive in business

A successful man is a person who strives to make the best of life; ensuring that everything needed to make headway is put in the rightful position.

This can be achieved by continually maintaining the tempo at engaging the necessary nugget to bring the plan to fruition.

When your mission is not in the best interest to develop yourself, you will be ignorant to develop and improve others.

If your dream to better your mission is not in the plan of others, you will collapse quickly in the mission.

The potential of any man depends on the capacity to develop others; that will advance him quicker than any other principle.


#3 Endurance is the key

That shows how your endurance in life would be perpetually activated to see the reason for a change.

As you continue with this, you will begin to see changes that you never anticipated and such speed can be brought to motion for achievement.

If you dare not to strive, you would become less and when you become less, there is a possibility that people wouldn’t think that you are good enough to make up the goodness of life.

In other words, you become the clown you don’t think you are.

Until you create, you are still ordinary before society, so the more you put time into what you do, the better you become in the best interest of society.

Every great and good leader makes better of himself to better people around him and that inspires your smartness and courage.

#4 Do not assume you know

Many would think that life abundance is enough without working for it. Without working there is no abundance.

You can only know who is a successful leader in those categories of assumption, but a real leader knows that it takes a good time zone at hard work to become better in life.

It is in that atmosphere you would phantom how leader establishes smart work.

Improvement is what takes an ordinary person to a leadership promotion quickly in life; it is the difference between leaders and followers in the light of understanding.

A leader strives to learn and follower always awaits instructions.


#5 Always search

A leader acquires sufficient knowledge to feed himself before distributing it to people. A leader works more time than a follower; in this, you can know whether you are a leader or not.

And once that is done, as a potential leader, you shouldn’t deceive yourself to think that you don’t need to work; you will always need to reach your potential.

Be reminded that, there are different categories of leadership steps to get to the top.

There are real steps to follow to get to that place you desire in life. Comprehensively, you have to relate with natural laws so that you would work better.

Success, by all facts, has a gateway to follow. When you miss out on working on those principles, you miss the gate to achieve the success of yourself.


#6 Be comprehensive

A leader must be comprehensive in his dealings to know where he is going. He would ascertain correctly, without doubt, to work on his skills and make a decisive choice of reality.

A man who wants to be successful must agree to meet his needs; those factors are responsible for growth, which is what a man who wants to achieve success needs.

The time to know what you need is the time to search for everything to prosper and by that, you are sure everything will work for your glory.

Though God has blessed you, you need to work towards that perfection that He has laid down.

You would not get there by ordinary prayer; you can only get there by working and praying assiduously to reach there.


#7 Work hard will open door

You are misleading yourself when you think prayers alone will work without you lifting a pin. Anyone who does not want to follow the path of truth will not reach the maximum capacity to reach the throne of grace.

There are times you listen to people and understand the intrigues of where they are coming from and going to give insight to your pathways.

The rules of life for success are the same when you don’t have a selling point, how would you get to be successful? You need a contact.


#8 You need smartness

Some of the message style today talks about the riches but not the smart work plus; the smartness and dedication that follow is the secret to success.

Until you overwhelm those deceiving mixtures, you are not going anywhere; your success depends on the sensitivity to question and understand every enriched word that makes you who you are.

That is why few people are successful in the world today.

No matter how well you reason it, it depends on the law of success which must be followed rightly to produce for you both spiritual and secular progress.


#9 Mission oriented

You would surely get to that place of success if you first believe and have faith in God to give you insight into what you have to be your gift.

Everything is possible to those that believe when you work through your dream – the strength and wisdom will come when you are steadfast about your future.

The history of success is hundred percent sure when you work to get there, rather than believing in mere words that do not hold water.

Believe in your labour and prayer so you can be a better person in society.

The functionality of your labour is the service, and the tangibility of your reasoning would consider the fruit of your productively.

The level of your understanding of the mission you set to perform is the prospect of your insight that will produce the harvest for you.


#9 Everything is possible

A leader without insight is as good as nothing. Everything patterning to your production will not move forward even though the God of possibility is everything to you.

Once you have kept this level of insight it propels the smart work the future holds for you. Success is bound to speak on your behalf.

There is a way to go about life, when you know it, you become superior to the enemy of ignorance in your pathway.

You will not just believe in spoken words without working towards that success, anything less than that is a ignorant.


#10 Ignorance is an  excuse

Every leader has a skill on his own, so if you do not utilise that skill, you will always fall victim to people especially those who have made it but trying to devour people.

The more the skill you know and have, the better your insight will work for you to meet your mission.

Be careful of people who want you to contribute to their vision without getting any reward from them; instead, give more time to your tangible progress.


#11 Be wise to observe

They would want you to stay in their vision forever, so you will not be useful to your vision and mission. Be wise to know your mission on earth so you can harness it.

These strategies have been working overtime.

Until you have insight into this reality, you would give the most time to another man’s vision and it would be too difficult to see the better path of your gift.

That is why a leader is a person who cogitates to know whether these things that they said, are true or not.

When you fail to ponder deeply, every doctrine of man will be the truth in your eye, because you are not equipped.


#12 Plan every of your task

The smarter you are, the better for you be careful of what people tell you that until you are like this otherwise, success will be far.

As a faithful, the more you believe in God for success and work towards the action plan, nothing on this Earth will come easily.

Substantially, you need to give, but your success in life did not depend on whether you are a giver but the pattern by which you receive the reality from God matters.

When this vision of writing books came to me, some people said, I need to come to their ways so they could release the blessing for me.

I do not think somebody else can release blessing for me without the concept of God.


#13  Build yourself by what you have

I have grown to know that nobody can stop or release my blessing without the set time which God has apportioned for me and without me tapping into it.

Now, I have understood the level of presumptuousness of man. I know when a man is overzealous to think that he can do it by himself rather than the time God approved.

The best of a man is seen in his capacity to think God is everything, and nothing surpasses it.

Everyone is a sub-system to the society, if you reason well, you would know that nobody is indispensable to the world, no matter his gift, He still needs another man to work for his progress.

When God told Elijah that Jezebel was after him, Elijah made God see a reason that he was the only Prophet in the land but to his amazement.

God told him, He has seven thousand Prophets in the land.


#14 You can make it

Everyone has his time to function in this world. When that time comes, it would happen, so when you think that without you nothing will work, you have not justified God.

The universe gives strength and power to whom He likes and does not think He hates people that He has not endowed at any point. Gift and talent are not equal.

The gift of a man makes the sun shines in his way, so when you do not have the gift, it means, the sun might not shine in your lane, that doesn’t mean God hates you or that you would not be blessed in another phase of life.

The blessing of the Lord accompanies your gift and talent. The striving for your gift makes you who you are without acknowledging your background.


# 15 Think about it

Some people think that gift is equal to creation. It is not the same. God created us the same but the gift of a man distinguishes him in accordance with the promises of God in that person for His purpose.

When you find your gift and follow it up with ardent tenacity, the sky will be the starting point, everywhere will begin to shine.

Life is a gift, but when you find your God-given talent, you are in the midst of abundance.

The decision you make would determine the substance you would be made of, without regard to your position in your family background. You can soar!


#16 work till you get result

Distinguish yourself to find the benefit of your labour by actively participating in the calling that He has given to you, and then you would begin to get what you need.

Many would say, they don’t have a special gift well, it is not seen with the ordinary eye but with the eye of the mind, so when you didn’t feed the mind, how would something good come.

People who are geniuses recognise the place of labour, and how could you understand without learning to know?

The possibility is slim to compare with; the way forward is transformed from how you look at life; you have your mission to grow fast as predicted.

The reason you must see it that way is for your success path first and not for the benefit first. It takes labouring before thinking about the benefit.


# 17 You cannot prosper without working

The benefit comes when you have laboured properly and you are convinced that you are good in your field to be listened to.

The mission statement must be organised to making sure, the proper working hours are given to meet with the supply.

This will make you a better person in society and the nation at large by doing what you know is good for the consumption of humanity.

It’s wise to know that, successful people, even though you think different from this, it organises you to think that, a labour of knowledge will be different from a labour of career job.


#18 Train yourself on it

The more you give wholly to this platform of knowledge doesn’t matter, the change will come and distinguish you to belong where you have dreamt.

The training will cost more, and until you set to promote that place, you would not attain the endurance channel of progress to meet your need.

Now, come and see how you would know what it takes to do it. It takes time all day to think and reason about the importance of labouring in the ambience of knowledge.

The beautiful thing you can ever think about is the beauty of having knowledge that would produce for you.


#19 Be discipline

It makes you look diligent and simple in organising the need and the basic understanding in fixing an enduring bridge of lasting success.

The rule is this: you must have knowledge that is sufficient to produce for you; you cannot be different and be set aside without having the basic knowledge of understanding on how to produce for yourself.

The other rule is this: you must cultivate the idea of growing little by little to make you who you believe you are in an organised manner.

A man who wants to be successful will know how to succeed. Once you don’t know how to succeed, how would you become successful?


#20 Time is the key

It is a question of time; when you give yourself a considerable time; the gift that is inside you will come out.

If there is no labour, the harvest would be mingled with a thorn in the world of today.

Stand up and think about which way to contribute so that your quota will be the reward of the invincible set price.

Anything that is not timed is not worthy to be called the grace of God in your life. When God gives you this; it means you have the insight to show forth your brightness to the world.

Everybody who knows the truth does not wait for the manner but works to get the blessing of God in his life.

The very day I knew that God had given me the gift; I began to work smart to see that, no day passes that I would not add value to the idea.


#21 Be yourself

When you begin to know what it takes to do what you want, you are that gifted person. That means the secret is known to you to be successful.

With the little time you put in to increase your output in time of creativity, your mission will rise beyond your wildest expectation.

Many people don’t know that. Even God has pronounced it a blessing for you, the need to work smart is your calling to the gift.

The process of going through the way of knowing the step-by-step change to a progressive individual is the discipline required.


#22 You are a reason being

Striving in this way is the means of telling yourself I will utilise all the time to make it work. Without this, there is no power to overcome the challenges to bring the idea out to the frontline of life.

When God is in you, is not a reason to think, you don’t have to do anything.He will take you there.

When a leader begins to talk in that regard it gives the weaker people chance not to work but they expect big rewards but if you look at the life of the leader, you would find a working-class habit in him.


#23 Faith is designed to get you ready

People who learn are people who work to bring faith to work their way and that always makes a difference in life.

Knowing the way and following it little by little makes you a champion to the strength that defines a leader.

You can see why an Atheist who does not believe in God, but activates what is in his mind is productive because he knows.

So, you that have God should know that your labour and God makes you the special one, so you have

to win in the battle of life.

God is good when you are good to yourself because He is the reason you are in this world today not anything else.

You have to be a master of your faith to be productive.

There is the power of revelation that accompanies the faith that produces, and faith alone could not have produced well without the power of revelation.


#24 Move your mind

Any man who believes that in the next ten years of his life, success will locate him; he is talking to the power of revelation.

Now, you can see that even an Atheist believes in his revelation, so everyone that produces believes in his revelation to success, whether an Atheist or a believer.

The power to produce relies on working on the faith of revelation which makes the difference in terms of success.

Why do you think that every religion is making some definite change? It is the personal conviction that speaks not the collective belief.

There is no collective revelation to work on if you want to succeed, you only succeed by the personal revelation of faith that makes you who you are.

Success is personal conception before collective agreement if there is a need to collaborate to make up success.


#25 Position yourself

People who come together to make a difference must have separate impart in the mission-oriented plan they agree upon.

An idea doesn’t come on the platter of laziness. So, when you know this, it would be better for you to know that the programme you keep advancing will cause you to shine in your vision.

The way to make a change is to change the way you view life. When you agree that nothing goes for anything, then you would know what to add to make a change for you.

Ordinarily, the way to make the divine plan work is to work towards your target.

To make it work with the consistent effort put in place-oriented play.

The divine plan is that plan you get from the universe serving as your intuition telling you, what to do, in other to make a progress.

So, disobey the divine revelation, how would you excel? I don’t think there is any way to think that big success will come when you don’t follow what is given to you divinely.


#26 Success is a concerted effort

God is great, but until you know what to add, the divine revelation will not come to you because you have not prepared the path to work on it.

In this case, success is a concerted effort if you must succeed as required by the principle of the Universe.

I have known this, so there is no how, I can be tricked to think my effort is not needed for my progress

Success is at work when people call you to pay for your service or product so you begin to think in that direction and begin to make a change from where you are to where you want?



#27  You have all what it takes

Which one are you? Until you begin to find which side you are, you wouldn’t be able to drive and strive to that position you wish for yourself.

The wisdom of life is with them that know what to do in life with emphasis on following those that have done it successfully before.

Even though a gift is inborn, it cannot be extracted when you don’t extract it.

Don’t lose your gift to the Earth, work out your salvation regarding God who made the world for human beings to have dominion. It is always possible when you pursue the future with ten

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