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How to dominate world meaning


People who have dominion are people who have dominated the world with their products, without that, you are never in dominion.


1.Take charge

By faith you are in half dominion, by action you have dominion over everywhere you think of. Now, you can know whether you are in dominion or not, think about this thing, if there is any virtue reason about it.

If there is any truth, see it yourself. So you are not in dominion by mere words in your mouth, you are in dominion when you have something to offer, then you can know whether you have dominion or not.

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Amazon has dominated the world not on mere word but with the work plan –  you are in the middle of it as you practice to go with the action planned, but when you have nothing, think about this whether you have or not.



2. You are everything

Look into the reality of life, and you will know whether you are in faith or not, from there, you will find your place, whether you will change or not, that one will be your concern. Man must dominate, but until you conceived that virtue, you cannot have that faith to think that, life is not equal.

If you are happy to hear that we all are equal, don’t forget that we are not equal in gift differences in the purchase of the resources, wealth and riches in the world.



3. Push to see

In the presence of God we are all the same by the image of Himself in us, but different in all gifts of life; we as people are different.

So find where you are good and develop your world to be a better and honour person in the world of statue of life.

Up to the time you begin to reason how different you are, you will be waiting for people to tell you what you are not.

The reason you must find what you are good at nobody will actually bring the gift in except you. It takes the living power of God in your gift to expand in the world today.

So you need to know that dominion is the word of the spirit that you bring brought to fruition by working on it.

Many have power but they don’t have what to produce, so they stay back in their lives to believe that they are in charge, now in charge of what?



4. Decide the choice

Without tangible things, you would be extremely mocked to think you are something, so there is need to work out for productivity.

You will be abused for the wrong you have not done, but when you have the product to offer, you would be honour in your place of gift.

Power alone cannot bring money and riches if you don’t have something to sell to the world. Amazingly, I began to know that being doing nothing; I cannot become the person I thought about.

You must be challenged to hit the world of your idea, when you fail to know what you can offer, it would be that, you have not known yourself properly, and I think there is need to find tune your reasoning level to bring out idea.

A selling point is the answer to self fulfilment, if you don’t know what to do; you cannot be fulfilled unless you are not mindful of your being in this world.

There is no answer without any question, until you query your mind, you cannot find answer to what you believe and that comes when you have answered your questions yourself.