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How To Get Inspired In Business And Become A Billionaire




“To organise the world’s information and make it universally

accessible and useful.”

– Google

#1 You can achieve your dream

This is a platform where almost everything is asked and answered by searching the word on any of these:  mobile set, computer or Tablet to learn to know how to run for an instant a business or other social facility or even educative materials.

It is the place where everything demanded is given out in second depending on the country you are operating. Google has played a pivotal role in the world that we are using to settle our mind for answers in a way that could reduce of time to check perhaps the soft copy material we need. It is amazing that almost what you need to know is on the

Google search engine, but until you utilise it effectively, you would not know the power of this search engine. It has helped me to grow beyond minor, and I have utilised this search engine to give me almost all the knowledge I needed in writing because I had no opportunity to get the books I needed at that time.

Can a leader do without Google search? I don’t think so, because that is the engine for continuous learning to become the self-educated person as some people call themselves today. Anyway, that is no matter, the main matter is to be enlightened about the gift God has given you to do.


#2 Focus is the key

You have to push for creative force to stay with knowledge especially in this age of speed in accessing everything we need because of the power of these dedicated leaders that have created it.

Don’t forget we have negative creative forces that would want to pull us down but when we give an edge for it, it brings us to failure. It takes continuous understanding to meet up with the demand that would carry us to that Promised Land.

You know the more you know the better you become in this trend of knowing something that just happens in the far country to know it on your mobile phone. Now, Google has become a phenomenon about everything you think of, we can now quote Google in a document, project, or thesis, and others in the school referencing the platform.

It has helped in developing self-help education in the world today when a man says, he is self-help, that doesn’t mean God is not with him, He is there at anytime and anywhere you think about.

So don’t be discouraged about a person saying he is self-help, that doesn’t matter on the side of God, what matters is the position of your thinking and reasoning in the creative formulation that speaks.

People who call themselves names, God has not dealt with them, so God is not threatened, because He knows that He is the invisible God that cannot be compared, so why should He worry?


#3 Whatever you believe to do shall be so

Whether you are not serving Him, He is still the God of Heaven and Earth, you as an Atheist are not His problem, so why are people disturbing themselves? They should not disturb themselves; He is using anyone available.

Nobody is indispensable in this life, we all come and when our time finishes, we all will go back to the father, so when God needs us to make sure we multiply in this world He has given to us.

When we don’t do so, He will not be happy about each of us working, you need to know who you are called to produce, you are not called to be empty, when you reason so, you would know what to bring.

I believe in this message more than anything you might think of, better still you have to be conscious about yourself in everything you are doing, He would always think about the power to give you when you are available.

The world of structural information is being kept inside this platform, where you can make use of it anytime you intend to use it; the search is working 24/7 for anyone who wants to use it.

Some people brought their imagination come to pass with the action-minded strategy of life, which work for those who thought it was possible for them.


#4 The world is wait for you

The world is going better than better and worse, the advantages are more than the disadvantages, so you need to think about what to bring to this world as a gift.

You can be educated in this platform ordinary if you choose to upgrade your mind, you can find any kind of message: video, podcast, writing, project, etc of any kind to upgrade your mind for the essential things God has put in your heart to do.

Google is essentially everything you need now to make yourself a better and creative person anytime and anywhere. You have no complaint now, especially we that are in Africa, we are glory for what the wisdom of God is working with the developed world.

The wisdom of God is divided, no matter how we reason it, the white world has been blessed more than the black, but God is carrying us to that place of accolade too, but until we decide to move forward, the certainty will be slim.

The wisdom of God is more on some more than others, which is why, I earlier said, we are created equal, but we are not gifted equally.


#5 Ground your mind in it

No matter how we preach, some are gifted more than others, but that doesn’t mean one will not work it out, the only way you can know that you are gifted is in the working of your mind.

We need to upgrade our minds by working assiduously to make a gift to open up; it is in that we can call ourselves geniuses. A leader is a man who tries to fix himself right from anywhere he finds himself before bringing his makeup out.

So, if you have found yourself in this part of the world, you can do great by upgrading what would make you a better person today.

You cannot take that from the reality, people who make headway, are people who give themselves wholly to study of knowledge for the better of the human race.

If you do not think about how to better the human race, the strategy of the energy will not flow thus make not you the genius you are in your field.

The mystery of the world is in the challenge we are facing to bring the good of the world out, you would see a group of people trying to destabilise your good work, but sure, you have to press your way forward without pitying yourself.


#6 You are a leader

The world has been operating that way, so don’t look at it as if God is suffering you. No! But if you want to be a leader and you don’t want to fight, you will miss the place of your ground. It cannot be possible to win the grace that is inside you.

To create is to discard some curse out of your way, to innovate is to remove the manipulated spirit out of your way, to invest is to plug out the unwanted hindrance that stays by the corner side, so what do you need? I think you know your strength best.

Be informed that, everyone’s good work is attacked at the early time more than the latter, so work out your better to discourage the obstacle out of your way so you can meet the need of the people in your gifted place.

More than not, if you strive to know, you will surely know, it is in that the genius grows to become a global phenomenon, so what is the challenge that could be more than you? There is no one as far as this world is concern who wants to excel that doesn’t work for it!

People have done great work, so it all takes the same process to go forth and make your mark in the world.


#7 Do not look back

Some years back, we did not have a search place that we can educate ourselves especially those that are from this part of the world, with the help of this platform, we were able to carry ourselves to where God wants us to be.

Africa needs to believe in themselves more than their countries so that there would be meaningful change to our perspective to develop our world.

The more you learn your way, the better you become in improving who you are, Google almost has all the answers, if you want to learn how to cook, Google is there for you, subsequently, it is almost there for everything you need to be.

When information is accessible and carefully used, it is no longer on the disadvantage side but in the merit to make anyone productive and have something to change a life. The more you begin to know how this platform is useful to make your life better, you would marry it with the proper mindset to utilise the advantage.

You can only be better with the accessible information you have in the world; your mind cannot be sound without making use of the product that makes generation to be sophisticated, you just have to make use of the information that is all available for human advancement to move forward.


#8 Until you realise you cannot

The message in this book today is not forced to take, but it would do better when you make use of the part that you take positively to you. Now, you cannot blame anybody for your not being enlightened because even in the small village you can access information system to help your desire and needs.

Once you feel that you want to upgrade, I know it takes data to operate, but that is not the matter. If you care somehow, you will get the available information you want.

No place in the world today is absolutely in darkness, it can be half but not all, accept there is an issue that is beyond the understanding of the people staying there, that is when things could just go wrong.

Engaging this masterpiece of a place of information makes you better in thinking and reasoning, and shows you the way to lighten your darkness in bringing you into the marvel light of experience life of excellent.

Thinking about this entire thing gives you momentum to think more about what you have never believed before doing the gift of life is in working, not just thinking but acting.

Frankly speaking, you have to pay for it before you can be useful in the world of knowledge and experience to make you a creative person. Many have thought that their lives were better with knowledge and they went ahead to succeed in their sphere of life.


#9 Think and become you

Dipping out to bring what will add to your life is paramount in building your soul and spirit. You cannot succeed without feeding your soul, the place of reasoning, thinking, and recogitating is the wise step to fulfil your dream.

Life is a mission, and when you don’t undertake what you have thoughts yourself to make, life is free to you but nothing good will come your way. I kept telling myself that if I increased the capacity of my working, life will be better and there will be a place for me to give and receive.

Since that is how many people succeeded by following that principle that is not obvious, I said to myself I would be better in the challenge if I continually improve the star in me. Nobody wins in the place of laziness, so if you want to succeed, that place must be in the highest sense of regard.

Now, the reasoning is the fact that life is a place for learning, when you are following that pace of life, success will naturally be attracted to you.

Whether secular or spiritual, there is always a principle that you must engage, when you find the place; thanking God will be on your lip day and night.

You have to know the way things work, imagine not all doing nothing and you are expected to grow, how you would you feel when you know and don’t do it? Of course, your spirit will tell you that you have failed yourself.


#10 You are unique

Only type the message you want, some people don’t know how, but they know how to get to Facebook as quick as possible, if you want to succeed, you would have to be planted in the way of learning, which is the only way, and you can make use of what you know to succeed.

Since searching is the foundation or one of the media to engage the network properly, then you need all your effort to take you to that place of pain and joy.

Finding yourself on the Google web is important as the web, until you feel passionate that you must engage your soul over this mission statement, other things will make your way out for another unlikely business, and you will see yourself running to the wrong side of life.

Finding yourself is the process to discover the knowledge that would enable you to perform in the right foundation to grab the place of your passion to succeed in life.

When you activate the passion to see what you want, there is every little challenge that would overwhelm you to bring you down; resist the weakness. From that space of discovering the mass acceptance of yourself being informed in your soul takes you to the place of benefit.


#11 Develop your skill

If peradventure, you know the danger of not educating yourself, and you turn quickly in doing the positive way, you are sure to make history for yourself.

There is a personal and collective history, but what matters is to know who you are so you can function better and quicker to make the eligibility of the sense of overcoming all the substance of defeat in your life. To overwhelm your adversary your action-minded mission is not to be shaken in any circumstances you may be.

You know many years ago, some of our preachers said that all these places of television and video were not good for our consumption, now, today, the same television is helping them to preach the word, supposed everybody has accepted that concept, today the educating of the people through this media will be destroyed, so as a leader, you cannot just accept every doctrine because a righteous man is saying it.

After all, it might be useful in the future. Nothing is just bad especially in the internet world; depending on your usage that will bring your outcome.

We learn by all these media now faster than you would ever think, so you need to know how these things are true with the power of your imagination. You cannot do that until you have educated the mind properly to collect what you need, that is when you can make good use of your thinking function well.



#12  Do not accept defeat

People can be themselves, so you should know how to operate in accepting the proper use of any information that will carry you to the further place of reasoning.

Now, social media is a place where you know the wrong, right and ugly in other to better your thinking, so is not everything that you see or read that is real, but this platform has done good and bad to the people, depending on your usage.

Google is taking the people closer to information especially in the continent of Africa where the level of poverty is high, where people are less educated to know what they can do, where people are cheated from what they should ordinarily have.

In this, things are not supposed to work that way, we are supposed to make available all these social amenities to be available; it is important. Today the politicians especially in Africa have personalised the wealth of the countries to their personal use, where electricity is scarce in the land where oil is in abundance.

Time has come, where people will be moving with the spirit of God uprooting and destroying every desolate place and make whole again.


#13 Knowledge creates the way

You cannot change what is good for learning even though there is a small negative effect against the knowledge of it. There is no place where there is no darkness in terms of making better life progress, except you don’t want to learn what will take you to push or take you to stand well against the power of adversity.

Some will tell you, you don’t have to enter some website, as a mature Christian; there is what you need to know for the benefit of teaching, if you don’t learn it, how you would teach? Though, you have to be mature to get there.

My advice for you is to be matured before you can migrate to the benefit of knowing and teaching, so you would know the knowledge of the dark world. Very importantly, the way of progress is the beginning of knowledge till the wisdom of understanding comes to you.

There is no how that you want to know and you keep aside the vital knowledge to know how the adversity operates, without knowing the power of the darkness.

How can you know how to operate? Now, Google can teach you almost everything you need to know when you search to know. It is always an optional choice; you think is possible, you see the possibility as you work towards it.


#14 Create your way

A leader is a person who reasons towards what one has said, is it bad or whether he fits into his need or not, in that you could able to judge whether this thing you have learned would work for you or not.

Too important to know the implications and the effect so don’t be afraid to ponder on what you don’t believe so that it wouldn’t hinder your progress. Some substance of bad feeling that affects the progress of your thinking, in this regard, the more time you ask about the inability to believe you will miss the recipe to grow.

The beginning of knowledge is the life of disagreement and agreement, so you need all this to help in making the moral change in your life. Some will take you to what has worked for them that is conventional, is not certain that all scripture will work for one person perhaps because of the kind of grace you are working on.

The grace of God is beyond any man’s comprehension, so in that, you can work out your salvation to know the reality of God in your life. A leader must be ready to do what he has sent to do without giving heed to what others will say, why? Because it important and that is the power of the Lord in you working, destroying every unwanted voice; against your mission.


#15 Choose your friend

Looking up to what you are supposed to do will give you the level of understanding you need part-time. We were discussing with a friend, and he was saying according to someone, that experience in life is a countless achievement because he has not passed through that situation. I’m sure that is not a talk to anyone who wants to make a big break.

It takes experience in life to win the battle of life, is not all places, but even the Holy Ghost works with the revelation He gives to work, so how come experience is not helpful? If at all what is this experience? Is it not what you have gone through to make up life? You cannot deny the fact that it plays in developing one identity.

So, this put life understanding into the portion of the consideration to give you the proper reasoning to make life comfortable to make a better leaving. Until sophisticated intention is built, you cannot build that pathway to make history.

Too much to know that life is the master of your thinking and how you activate the gift you have. The power of Google is to take you to pass through all where you want to know, better still introducing you to what you need to know before getting established for research.