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How to get motivation back

How to Stay Motivated to Achieve Your Goals

Time is the raw material of our lives. How we dispense it matters what we achieve and when we achieve them.

So, having the motivation to utilize our time on hitting goals is essential to achieving the life we want.

What is Motivation?

The Oxford dictionary defines motivation as the desire or willingness to do something – our drive to take action.

Scientifically, motivation has its roots in the dopamine pathways of our brains. When we do something that feels good, that’s dopamine kicking in.

Our actions are driven by the desire for that reward (the good feeling).

How to Get Motivated

The author of Atomic Habits, James Clear, says that most people misunderstand motivation. They think that motivation is what gets us to take action.

In reality, motivation is often the result of the action, not the cause of it. Once we start a task, it’s easier to continue making progress. Like Isaac Newton’s first law: objects in motion stay in motion.

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4 Ways to Make Starting Easier


1. Schedule it

Most people can’t get things done because they haven’t planned for it. If you don’t schedule your tasks, you will easily leave most tasks unattended.

When you schedule your daily activities and abide by them, you will be motivated to achieve a result.


2. Measure something

Being able to know how far you’re progressing on a particular task keeps you inspired to carry-on the task.

Where you can’t measure your progress of what you’re working on, it is very permissible to lose concentration. That’s why it’s necessary to measure your success on a given task.


3. Extrinsic motivation

This is a motivation inspired by external factors. It can come as positive motivation where you’re being offered incentives like money, leave, etc. to do something.

while motivation can also come in the negative aspect like being fired, having to fight for what you stand for, or your right.

This type of motivation can inspire you to do greater things from the little progress you could make with it.


4. Make it public

When you expose your aspirations to your friends and colleagues, you will be highly motivated to achieve them because of the fear of being cajoled.

This kind of motivation lets you be accountable for your goals.
“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar


5 techniques that will help you stay motivated long-term:

1. Stay in your goldilocks zone

The Goldilocks zone is when an undertaking is in the perfect level of difficulty—not too hard and not too easy. In this zone, we are highly motivated and focused.

The Goldilocks zone keeps one engaged and motivated because you’re facing something that you have convinced yourself of achieving, and naturally, you can achieve that but requires some effort and concentration to achieve it.


2. Pursue intrinsically motivated goals

Being intrinsically motivated is when we are determined of achieving a goal due to its core value.

Here, you’re convinced of what you can gain from achieving such a task, therefore, you don’t need someone to motivate you, rather your motivation comes from within.


3. Use “chunking”

When big goals are broken down into smaller pieces for easier concentration and attainment, we call such an act “Chunking”. By this, you will achieve bigger goals while pursuing smaller goals.


4. Be flexible

Being flexible doesn’t mean you’re weak. But being pliable to events can help one stay motivated. That’s why it’s necessary to have leeway and flexibility when pursuing a goal.

That’s why I suggest that when you make all your positive plans, also make your side plans should any fail. We’re all victims of circumstance.


5. Don’t compare yourself with others

The last item on my list here says don’t compare yourself with others. Comparing your life with others will only reduce the rate at which you do things and will also diminish your self-confidence.

It can also lead you to think you haven’t achieved anything worthwhile thereby putting yourself under more unnecessary pressure.

Take this: Mastering how motivation work is a superpower. With its knowledge, you can accomplish your goals and actualize the exact life you want to live.