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Life Insurance


No matter what you have heard and known, life insurance is obviously not good to be insured, the reason is this: you are staking for what you will not benefit in the future.

When this thus, then what is the need to stake on what cannot add value to you? Obviously, how life insurance damage your finance to make you poor, it is the way you project your stake in the place of insurance is the reason, you will become poor.

It’s important to remember that, just like any other type of insurance, policies will have a term. That means you won’t be eligible to claim after the term ends, regardless of how long you’ve been paying into it.

How life insurance damage your finance to make you poor is the involvement you stake your time and everything you have that decreases you to nothing.

Considering this factor when entering into any insurance agreement is to that know that your money will bear nothing but death at the end.

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The exception here will give you better understanding of what you would need to know.

This brings the error or sign to make you poor when you are staked in it.

The exception to this is whole of life insurance, for which there is no policy term and you’ll receive a pay-out whenever you die, be that in five years of fifty. Other policy types are:

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Level term insurance – where the pay-out will always be the same, irrespective of when it’s claimed within a set a policy term.

It is a cheating for you to be contributing and you are told the benefit will not exceed a certain amount of money to be collected as return.

Absolutely, you don’t need this because it is not healthy. How life insurance damage your finance to make you poor is getting yourself in this, it brings your financial structure down for the time being.

You will definitely make thing better when you don’t stake in what you can make in other place of business to be invested on.

This will help you to invest in other places of business than this insurance way.


Decreasing term insurance – conversely, a policy in which the pay-out gradually decreases over the policy term. When you are insured, and the time given has elapsed, your money keeps decreasing because of the policy structure you involve in.

This term and condition brings you to know that life insurance is nothing but decreasing your money in the long term.

How life insurance damage your finance to make you poor is opting you from this policy; giving you the appropriate setting to take you out.


Family income benefit for insurer – a policy in which monthly payments – rather than a lump sum – are made to beneficiaries. These are paid from when the claim is made until the end of the policy term and as such are cheaper.

Most time, they tell you they have not made profit to pay insurer that are due. How life insurance damage your finance to make you poor is as a result of investing in the place where they decide for you in everything you do there.

They tell you when they are ready to pay you and when it is not possible they switch you to other side of begging them to give you the capital.


Joint life insurance – policies for couples. They tend to be cheaper, but they only pay out once, which is after the first death.

After that, there is no cover for the surviving person. How life insurance damage your finance to make you poor: you wait until someone is dead before you can be paid, why would you wait to be dead before you can become rich?

Following all this policy will not switch you to enjoy your life well than you anticipate. Thus, this policy will take away from you all the money and time you have to do other thing that will benefit you.

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