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process on how to become a leader in business


“To build the web’s most convenience, secure, cost-effective payment solution.”

– PayPal


This is a place where everyone can make convenient receiving, secured, effective payment with minimal complain online, a place where you can be in your house and create an account to collect money anywhere in the world, this technology is one of the best in the world today, where people can send and receive money by ordinary email you send to your partner that you have sent their money, too important to forget what these geniuses have done to the world.

An idea from the mind has brought this marvel side for people to make transactions from one country to another with a minimal barrier of any kind.

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Normally, there was no time, if you were to discuss this with an ordinary sense of understanding; is it possible to do this? I’m sure almost everybody will see the same statement by not agreeing that it was possible, you can see that what you see from the physical eye is deceptive to all levels of understanding.

Now, these geniuses have made it possible for people to do transnational business with ease of mind, what an amazing substance of innovation is this? It is here to challenge anyone that can reason again, if you are in that kind of gift, reason and do more for the generation to come

This one is for our generation to enjoy the wisdom of some men, with different staff all over the world fixing and expanding the shore. You must think well to produce what you think could better the world, as a leader you are, be sure that you are the genius yourself, not by the school, but by the capacity of reasoning that changes the world as Pay Pal has brought this product that is channelling business’ people together, even the people with a small start can receive and make a payment.

I just opened a pay pal account and I saw how good this account is, so when you have what to do with the transaction, you would know what to do even your money is in far Asia, you can withdraw it with this platform that some men created by what they thought.

The world is going more sophisticated like never before, but that doesn’t mean everyone will be knowledgeable to know what is happening, it only takes those who are ready to make known their presence, it is in that, you would know what to do.

Pay Pal is a paid engine, if you do not have time to search your destiny out, you would not be good even in this jet age. When you are not trained to the principle of life, you will not get to where you need; because it only takes a dedicated man to know what he wants in the world today.

During the olden days, people were making history, so, if you are not in search and have a plan to change your world, you wouldn’t know this entire engine is working; it is just a fact about it. You need to know that, life is not how you see in your way, but how the world is operating that matters to know what you need.

The principle of life is the source of knowing exactly what to do and to go about doing what will benefit you. The world today has a pearl of wisdom, when you don’t familiarise yourself with what is happening, there is a possibility that you may miss it.

The continuous doing what you need to add in your idea speaks large in your mission and your expansion in wherever you want it becomes possible. So, there is a need to see the activities planned, so is good to know the recipes on how things are working to advance and add value.

The world is operating in an invincible capacity, all still take time to put an order, by the time you begin to work on your mind to think about what to achieve, I tell you in the nearest future, you would have come up with tangible things.

If everyone is not blessed by God that means not all find their gift to prosper. So, what is the challenge? Okay, let put it in this way, some are afraid of thinking, it can’t work, some are thinking, you know, you need a good environment to shine, but you have to start where you are and what is in your mind first before exploring the future.

God owns the future, He knows how to go about advancing your product when you are serious about it, and He takes you to the place of honour and blesses your life.

The end point is determined by the force of the universe that has the power to push and pull you to the cause, in this case, you cannot say, there is no time, see, PAYPAL was created with that kind of minds, doing it little by little.

I thought to add all these platforms to expand our horizon for better understanding since they are worldwide internet connections for the people in the world to use. I’m beneficial of this entire platform; it has exercised my faith for what I have been reading to get to this position in the phase of the apprehensive environment.

You cannot just come up without knowing what is down, you know, the action was been placed on these people, and you could see that it became possible at the end of the idea. Until you set a continuous nonstop programme, it might elude you from the business of life.

I was reading one of the bestsellers Novelist, and she was asked how long she was able to write the novel, I was shocked when she said, about seventeen years when she conceived the idea. Today she has closed a billionaire dollar, you can see that it takes many years to get it right, so until you begin to work this way, you cannot be a champion.

Great work no matter how is it, it would take a great time to have that project done, if not, you wouldn’t know yourself well on how to reproduce if there if need be. By yourself, you would know it, so what tense are you on now? Your tense will show how you are working, whether you are driving fast or slowly, the perimeter will see you up or down.

This product now has helped especially Africans to make use of this platform to facilitate our getting large business in term of books writing to the world without being stretched. Now, when you don’t trust your mind, it would be hard for you to manifest your gift in this world because they are always made forces that surely would contend with you to stop what you have conceived to do.

Many are there to stop you from the big break, but if you allow them, it would be a place where you fail yourself. Whether is a curse or not, you just have to push the system so you could have something to do for yourself, less you stay in self-pity in the imperfect world of its own without knowing you are perfect to control your gift.

You must contend with some certain factors if you want to grow, there is no argument about this, people must contend with your gift in life, so you have to know what to do when that time comes in other to win the battle.

Sometime ago, I tried to understand this factor, but uncertain to me, I was not able to know how it works rather I was just working for my growth, later in life, I got to know the strategy to move beyond the power of the enemy and that put me in control today.

That is the only way I know this factor can be defeated all the way, if you want to reason it, well you are right, but you have to keep doing what you love to do. That is the only way to break and punch your contenders to win.

Now, how would you fight for your glory, by prayer and work? If you are not in these kinds of action and provoking place, you would be a force to round it up without your inner man consenting with you. Remember that, anybody can be anything at any time; this has brought good understanding to whatever I do to improve myself.

Your uniqueness in this world is to have something to add value to. I know there is a place where people can be defrauded, but I’m not talking about that kind of quick and fraudulent talent but of the one that would bring the rest of mind to you, so you can be honoured in life.

The world is not a place of pity, it is a place of honour and glory, it takes caring people to give, or would I say, to take their social responsibilities to do what they ought to do. Meanwhile, nobody is just looking at your poverty and say come and collect one million dollar. The world is not operating in that quick understanding.

If I have to find something to do in helping myself to help others too, you know most talented and gifted people are worked hard to see that, they don’t only have it all but have something to give even if it is little.

A man who makes money, first he must satisfy himself well before dispensing little ones to others. Human being’s wants are insatiable to any length of thought, belief, fact, and reason you might think and get answers. Solomon gathered wealth for himself that almost all the richest people couldn’t withstand him whether old or new today.

The money aspect is a critical issue to be looked into, or else you would just take this world as common to understanding the wisdom behind wealth. Everybody who has a chance wants to en masse wealth and riches for himself alone, that is a fact about life, don’t think some people because they are this or this don’t need wealth, you are a failure if you arrange your mind that way.

People are pursuing wealth all the way, seeing that they satisfy themselves before advancing to other people. There are still modest people anyway, they are good at giving, it does not matter their title, we in this part of the world, we value people more than others, but is not supposed to be like that, but because poverty has ravaged our thinking, some are afraid what the rich will do to them, the reason is: people are wicked.

People are valued in this world based on their wealth and riches, so you think you are valued without having money, I will assure you that you have failed to know what it takes to know the world. A poor man is not valued in the world; the fact remains the way you think even as a Christian, it happens even in the church.

If you don’t have money, you would be looked at ordinarily in the faces of the people, when they are contributing, and you don’t have, you would be looked ordinary without even a common appointment in the service.

I tell you, you have to help yourself to understand where you need to grow, so you can share your experiences with the new generation to come. Certainly, the big break is only coming, when you work your way through the conquering of the spirit in you for dominion through the power of understanding what is your mission, then the answers keep coming for your contribution.

The platform has taught us the magic of sending and receiving money online which is unimaginable to humans’ understanding.

The rule to make this world counts for you is to make a way to acquired insight to light your world, that is only where you can make or affect yourself before the people around. So is very important to know your mission, so you will not divert from your understanding of another mission and forget yours.

Many times, some people think that their visions are by quoting what people have said, I don’t think so, until you have your vision and mission statement available in your mind, you cannot be able to work from that uncomfortable zone of yours. Why some people continuous being a follower is that they lack the concept of leadership.

So, they think they could be a leader by following people who have made it without having the action plan and mission on what they believe.

A leader is to see, so what you see with your mind is important than anything ever, that keeps you awake to labour well to achieve your aim. In this day’s teaching, they are teaching the people how to eat the fish but not how to fish, you know, when you don’t have the wisdom to grow beyond this teaches, you would be stocked to believe everything will work for your good without your contribution.

Everyone wants to gather wealth and riches, so there is no how you could understand without the wisdom of God in you to know the truth in the mission God wants you to operate.

Growing in any field takes wisdom to dominate and bring out every negative imagination to submission in other to reach where God has arranged for you. Do you know that we have a righteous fight? If you don’t know in the course of reading this book, you would learn from it.

When you remember Saul and David’s fight, you would know that they were righteous people first before Paul fell astray; but the Bible says, “The House of David was growing stronger and stronger while the house of Saul was growing weaker and weaker.” There are righteous people who God has said to you, you must have dominion over their works to cross the land to the Promised Land.

This is coming for you to know that personal revelation is the beginning of your success whatever you might know or learn, the fact is the word of God without revelation makes one frustrated. When you have not to know this, it would be a big term down knowing, because we wouldn’t know where to go when crisis comes.

You might be saying, why this person is saying this! Sincerely, for the mystery of God is in the revelation. No matter how you think about this, you must conquer some people in your pathway to catch and get what you have been redeemed to become. It is not in your favour, but how God wants it to be, so if you are in that place of understanding, don’t be afraid to challenge anything that would want to stop the change in your destiny.

Once you are given the task to do, make sure everything patterning what God has given you to do, is working as God plans in your life. God has given these geniuses to create this site to make history for the world; you cannot be good until you are trained for it by training your mind.

If you think you don’t need to be trained, and then you have failed yourself, this has taken many people to poverty, so when you think you have God and work not toward your prosperity; you would come to a front line of poverty. Sure, from the start, God will be looking at you as to how you are moving on it, so He can know exactly what you need to; He will push you there.

Producing is the grace to make life easier without anyone telling you God will do it, you know that God is working, but when we don’t put time into it, He will not affect the change He wants you to do.

Life is cheap and hard, you choose the one you want to leave, it would be dependent on the angle of action you want to play with, whether the rich way which is tough or the poor which is the easier.

Think about all this and begin to understand the cost that would make you be there, for example, if you want to get there and you do your cost evaluation, you are not getting there because you have done your analysis but action-minded progress that will bring the result.

The practical aspect will be there to speak for you in reaching where you intended to go, in this understanding, you would know how to get your production in that analysis by using labouring factor to know who you are.

The mission you have taken will activate the main reason why. You must make it, then you will understand this from the perspective of working to achieve your goal.

Developing in what you know is the imaginable platform to be a leader in showing your product to the world. Some just think as a Christian God will do everything because His grace abounds, but don’t think alone grace; work for the grace so that you would not fail.

The faith you have is not to confess alone but to work towards your mission in the world as a leader, that image in the action-minded will take you there no matter the time. Any imagination that is not worked for is not faith that will produce, in another word; your action planned is the road to work over.

I was listening to a friend summons, sooner he began to talk about faith, in his way, he thought that faith was something you hope alone without working, that teaching just overruns my imagination to know, not all know what the subject of faith is.

Until you work your way out for faith to produce, you are liable to meet with your action, whether you are working or not, time will tell in that level of understanding. Once faith is not plugged in, you are at the mercy of God to have something to produce for you.

We think that when we serve God, we are already rich without paying the price of what we want, we are wrong when we think that way. We can see from afar what our situations are, you have God and don’t work; you would leave in a state of poverty to imagine.

This I have known, and I cannot be deceived in this level of thought until you magnify your strength to produce, you would be the laughter of yourself. Those who know what it takes to succeed, while those who don’t know leave their lives with collective prophecies about the things of life.

My life is not in a collective prophecy but of what I’m doing that I need to perfect in it for God to show me the next step of knowing. The basic of personal appraisal is very important to a man with understanding, because that tells him, whether he is matured or not to move forward, so you can see that, ordinarily, you need to assess yourself through the power of personal revelation.

The blessing of the Lord is with what you anchor your life and with that will bring that enable environment for you to gain God’s trust in you. The better you move with action minded plan, the organised you are to confront the task ahead and achieve your dream.

The mission of life is not determined by anyone but by the power sent from heaven to make you succeed by fully dedicate your time to what He has given you to do. I have learned to work so that I could be a better person in the future in organising people to be better in their sphere of life.

No matter how we preach about grace it is the work that perfects everything that you need to know or do, so you can be a useful and resourceful person in society. You cannot always think about heaven and live the success that is in this world, even God knows He created you to make an impact in the world before ascending to heaven.

You have to know what you need; a leader who has made it knows the rule and principle that is taken him there. If he is not telling you the truth, he is not doing you well but suffering you to stay in the place of limitation.

So, there are things that are needed to know so you can be good and opened to the profiting level of receiving understanding to change our lives for the better. It is in that; we can grow so that we can be useful in the present society that we are.

If you don’t look at yourself as important as possible, the spirit of inferiority complex will catch on you; thus, destroying your confidence to grow. The patronising of our idea is more important than the idea itself, so once the mission is proved to be successful by adding more value daily, we are certain to be successful in everything we are engaged to do.

The mission of PAYPAL is to make payment very easy in the world no matter where you are in the world, you would send and receive money that you required to receive by following the proper guiding rules, you can see that these men stand and reason the possibility of this platform to be used in the way we are using it now, and the transaction is easier today than ever.

Without putting your mind into the action-minded project, the feeling to dominate by understanding will not be there. So, there is a need to think well to succeed; if you don’t, the idea to succeed will not be released to you until you brainstorm your part for it.

I have realised that nothing goes for nothing. Accept you have not understood to put you in the right format to think in the way that brings things to be made; you would lose the grip to move forward. The principle of work cannot be overemphasized based on its foundation of every creative and innovative recipe and the root of all modest works.

Nobody just imagines something and just produces it without knowing how to work on it thus, would be impossible again to strengthen in the process. So, you have to have an insight of what you know that is the principle of it, from there, everything will begin to manifest; the right idea will work with the right working environment.




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