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Progressive insurance

Everything that is insured is sometime not always good, especially insuring our life, it doesn’t make sense that we insure our life.

How insurance in health is dangerous is as a result of this: we need to know how to use our money. Dead is inevitable for all men.

For this course, it is important that we take the money for insurance involves it in other business that will profit our day to day life.

Some time we don’t know that one day we will die and we are insuring for what will not benefit from. For what reason are we insuring our life?

Take the money and invest it in different places of business, this is where you can make and profit in the money rather than putting it in insurance company for them to under utilize your money.

How insurance in health is dangerous, is the fact that we die before the money can be utilized and used. This takes your money out from you when you are still alive rather than putting it in another place where you can make use of it.

Originally, it is always fair to know the company is making profit with your money.

There are false elements that are below, this will give you the insight to know your money is not in a save hand rather they trade with your money and give you small.

This is how insurance in health is dangerous because they don’t tell you the truth.



#1 Credit life in insurance

The insurance company put it this way: the credit life policy covers the payment of your remaining credit facility if you are unable to continue making payment.

How insurance in health is dangerous is as a result of the promised they have made when you die. Are you going to die before you enjoy your money?

No business in the world will continue to pay you when you are unable to pay your monthly subscription to meet the need of the insured article.

If you have got the money from the onset and make use of it in other business, it will profit you more than the insurance plan of payment arrangement in years to come that they promise to fulfil in agreement.



#2 Annuity in the insurance

As you can see, the insurance company will always say this: annuity is a type of policy issued by an insurance company designed to accept and grow funds, and upon maturity, create a stream of income or payment.

How insurance in health is dangerous is because insuring your life has nothing to do with making money for you, if this is the case, you are into business. This idea is too important to be neglected in view of the existing term and condition you have undertaken in the company.

Insuring your health is a grave mistake some people make to function. Annuity is a system of making money in different streams of income that they pay their self always before the small stipend comes to you as regard as compensation.

It is important to know is dangerous to our health, what this means is this: dead is inevitable, it comes to everybody, so there is no need to insure your life.



#3 Term of insurance

When you don’t look out for you and your family you allow insurance company to do so, you will destroy your family.

How insurance in health is dangerous is the term and condition apply that is dangerous to you and your family in a long run in life, stating the way to go by using your money for their business is the ultimate while is not.

Some people put their money in insurance hoping to die thinking their family will leave a better life after dead.

It is truth that your money is sold out for the company to misappropriate, you need to know this so as to use the money for other business that brings in profit for you.



Demerits of insurance

# Guarantee death at low premium: remember that they are not paying you for what you had not made payment for during your life time. How insurance in health is dangerous is because of all this reason brought forward.


# Specified period: the insured does not have to wait till they are 59 and above to withdraw. How insurance in health is dangerous is because of this reason, they are streamlining you of what you should do before death, this means, it is no longer insurance rather is another way of using your money to help and build their business.