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Special relationship

Sep 11, 2021 , ,


Relationship is the function of understanding, love, gift, respect and agreement. When you push to follow all this, your spouse will look you special.

Remember to know this, beautify doesn’t make you special in the eye of your spouse rather you become special as you respect each other.

Many people especially women, they reason and imagine to see that as they are beauty, which is how they will be looked special.

It doesn’t work this way, all what you need is the connection you put across that makes you special.


#1 Respect your spouse

Once you know that love is one of the key to love, you will know how marriage works.

Many people think about love and forget one of the most important recipes which is understanding.

Many people who have divorced were once loved. What happen? Most time it is misunderstanding that makes thing to happen the way it happens.

Once you begin to take responsibility of respect especially to your husband who is the way maker, you will not regret and your marriage will not die.

What keeps spouse together to last long is not love but understanding.

How to become special in the eye of your spouse is the sincerity of your respect that makes it clues.

Love fade away but understanding is the recipe that takes over love to make the relationship work.

#2 Build the fountain of communication

Once communication is not happening, you will always feel that you are cheated.

Thus, husbands most times need to put call to their spouse especially when distance job carries them away.

Many women know that when men are not communicating again, it means they have another woman aside. Sometime it might not be truth.

All you need is to understanding how your husband operates so you can be rest assured that you are safe.

How to become special in the eye of your spouse means to be humble and understanding the things that need to be understood.

#3 Push to know situation around

People take judgement immediately as soon as it comes, when you know the reality, your relationship will hardly fall in the hands of gossiper who want to see you down.

When there is love and you cannot understand the situation around, you will look confuse about little issue.

People who don’t want your relationship to work come in this place to plug you down.

So, be alert to know how life works, so they will not plug you down.

The environment you stay is good to understand it, when you don’t understand; they will break your love down.

This is why people who love themselves today, tomorrow they no long stay together.

#4 You must fight for your relationship

Fighting for your relationship means that you don’t allow every talk outside to find way inside your home.

Most of the talks are contaminated thus; you need to filter it to know the ones you will accept.

When relationship is tangle is because they have not known themselves. There are different kinds of enemy of progress; therefore, you need to fight for your relationship.

There are many women out there who are jealous and want to take your relationship.

And those people are closed to you, so if you don’t fight for it, you will be surprised somebody else will come and take over your home.

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