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Strategies to become successful in innovation


“Mission is at the heart of what you do as an individual. Goals and action-minded are merely steps to its achievement.”
– Anonymous

The heart of a man is where everything resided waiting for the action to promote the mission that you need to achieve the process of working out all the functionality to get there.

Now, the time to make a distinction of your thought is here to produce as you awake the mind where you set to make a difference in your pathway.

You know, you have to work your way to that point where you believe yourself as the first person to develop a master road map for your success.

It takes step by step knowing to shift you to the plan and dream that you need to accomplish the mission plan.

For the first time in my life, it was an encouragement that fought discouragement inside me before I could be able to become what I want to become, in the midst of that again.

the family of ignorance departed from my heart as a place of deception.

It takes genuine contribution to make a successful journey, without that, you are making laughter to your soul.

The most challenging things in a mission are the attacking policies that you need to make to achieve your mind’s desire.

When there is no action-minded vision, the individual stop to see beyond what he should have seen to the level to develop.

Make yourself available to make your desire in accepting the reality of what it takes to know the place to move and conquer with the help of God.

Then, you would conquer boundaries to leave a successful life. And the mission is not a stature but a moving statement that changes over time to meet the need of the time.

It has to do with advancing your planned mission with the reality to make the goal.

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You cannot be downgraded and expected things to work for your performance.

God has given us the sense to know how to go about the plan, for instant, you want to build a house, and doing it without a foundation, are you saying the house will reach the taste of time? I don’t think so.

Any good product in the world is carefully planned and worked out properly to reach the taste of the demand of the moment.

When your product is not in the good taste, you have automatically brought down your product not the devil within the sphere of life, but you.

When you give the devil the chance, you would fail to meet up with the reality of your journey. Be true to yourself, then the spirit of boldness will arise to bring the unbeatable desire to scold you until you have met with reality.

My life is the epitome of the reality of a man who grew up from a slump background with the grace of God; writing books for people to read.

Many times, you give yourself the fact to work to reach where your mind has fought for you, as there is cleared, the battle to produce the goal will be there for you to see.

God will be waiting for everyone that needs a value to his impetus.

I don’t know about the truth of not working and you want to fulfil a purpose. When people say man proposes and God disposes of might be true in the way God brings His mighty strength down.

When you propose that doesn’t mean you are wrong, but it might be that it is not the time for God to lunch you into the land of beauty, so work to see the hand of God in your life.

Believe in your faith in the work of your hand, the Lord will always show the best way and time to harvest; the fact remains, your year of harvest is not collective but individual and depending on how you are being organised.

So, when you propose wait for the time God will acknowledge. He cannot acknowledge your time, but his perfect time.

So, stand on a mission don’t give up the dream, it is time for expansion, it is time for growth, it is time to know more and it is time for understanding.

I tell you the truth, if it were my proposal, my first book wouldn’t be good for reading.

I was hurrying to see that, my book comes out, but God was perfect to know that, I needed to do a lot to make myself a matured man in the craft.

So, when you see what you have proposed, God is not saying He is disposing of it.

But He is making you to you be matured at the appropriate time; He deems fit because He knows more than you do.

I found this important as I grow in the way of God in my life, some people just think when you are with God, and He perfects everything that concerns your work immediately.

You are human when you give your life to God, and you would be a human being to wait for His perfection in your life, that is the mystery of His kingdom.

Being born again doesn’t mean you will not learn what you are supposed to know, you just have to learn it to grow, without that you are deceiving yourself.

It is the Law of growth whether you are born again, doesn’t take away that place of labouring to earn for your need.

People leave that way of practising because they think there is no place for labouring again.

There is a place for it, in short, that is the time to work out your mind to give you the desired result; that is the time where the strength of the Lord is proven to perform the assigned task given to you.

Be wise to know, there is something that nobody will teach you, it is only when you want to be a leader that you will know, less, you will think it is a normal process of life.

Only a leader knows that he has to work on himself to meet to abreast with the global challenge or equip for the challenge ahead.

Your proposal is the wishes of God when you wait and work towards the mission you have put to taste.

God is waiting, He will not reduce your strength neither will He destroy your passion. But He will be the one to help you with your mission when you have properly believed by labouring and aligned yourself to the assigned project, even God knows, you will succeed.

For you to become a leader many things are at stake for you to know and do, when you fail in that path, you will lose out in the area of where you want to sell as the point of contact.

The more you polish yourself, the better you become to be a shining star all over you; the people out there will congratulate you for the result.

But before then, your effort must be kept in active mode all the time to get a good receptive sense of where to put the right energy in what you know best.

The secret to successful people is in their ideas, the more you beautify your ideas, the better you begin to know that.

It takes only you to conquer your mountain, hill, and valley. So, when you begin to know this as a leader you become good to yourself in life.

Once that is done in knowing which idea to use, your house will not be empty again; your prayer in the idea that would work for you would be available all the time.

Success on its own is the ability to understand the method to use in achieving the goal you have set for yourself; comes through your understanding, not wisdom.

How do you know you will be successful? It is through the power of instinctive ideology that you have that you would know that you are going to be successful.

God expects everyone to work on himself in believing that anything he would have to touch, the result will be astonishing.

As far the method of time management is represented in ways to make history, we cannot deny the fact that is the pathway to progress in any field of achievement you may think about.

Inspiring yourself in your mission speaks more than many other people put together to make a good plan to work, as the time to conceive an idea is never collective in a real path, so you need yourself to grow.

Your faith plus work is what produces for you, if you think that you can make it in life, you can because using your faith gives you that conviction that everything will be well.

I never fail when I realised that my faith would work for me if I stand in the ground of labouring.

That doesn’t mean sometimes things might not go the way you plan it, but it is in your discretion to press to stop unwanted foxes that would want to hinder you from achieving your goals.

When you think that your entire plan would go as you want, you have not known who you are, because things do not go as plan many times, but to be in charge in the way makes you better as a leader.

As at the moment, I have known that if I move with my inspiration from God, I would learn faster and better. I follow not to get diverted till I possess the strength to lift me forward.

It is in your control to follow how providence wants it to go, by that, you can make a learning point on what to know and learn for the success ahead.

The plan you have should be followed until you are successful that is how it works, aside from that, you would not know the joy of trying and not giving up the course of pursuing your mission.

Not allowing the pains of giving up in the challenges of life makes you the man of glory God has made you be.

So don’t accept the downs and ups of pulling you down, it’s okay to know it, but is bad to stop you from succeeding to the next phase of life.

Many a time, I stumbled, but I would still try to resist every dark thought that comes in my way to distract the big plan God has for me.

From the beginning of knowing that writing would be in my life career, I thought as much to hit down any dark mission that tries to intermingle my idea.

You have to fight against the bad thoughts that always come to bring you down, see that every negative thought is brought down by your faith.

The way life will give you might not come as a convenience to you, but in the way that you need to battle for unwanted arrows that would want to drop you that is what matters.

Do you know that your negative imagination is a plan of the devil to beat you down? Now, when you know this, be sure to fight all this out so you can have a complete victory over your time.

God is waiting for you, not you waiting for God, He does control your way, so you wouldn’t fail or drop from the plan He has for you when you stand firm with Him.

The moment of consideration you give yourself to think about issues of life; the bordering, the solution, and the idea will just flow out in helping you to go far beyond your immediate imagination.

It only comes by the cogitating of your thought in what you see with your mind to do. A leader is achieved by an action-prone idea.

When you obtain that level of your understanding, you would begin to produce for yourself.

The more your idea is rich, the inspired you are to meet up with the need of getting the idea done by believing that life is the glory that if you believe to do what you want in the right effort, you would get there.

Every successful idea must be worked upon, there is no unjust about this chance of life. Once you have the idea, and you don’t work upon it, you will fail.

There is no cheap and good idea; the mission to get it done must come through sacrificial stamina that will break through negative odd again and again.

No matter how you dispense the gospel of success to me, I know the place of success is the place of work, sacrifice, discipline, and perseverance. If these recipes are not infused in your working life, the mystery of success to me is not sure.

Thinking you are not gifted to make up life, to me is right and wrong depending on what your subconscious mind believes, that is when you can win.

The fact remains that, no matter who we are, the idea of exercising our gifts is very important to our living.

The fact remains that, God is the maker of your ideas if you put time to it, He would give you the ability to perform that thing you have set for yourself especially owing to the scripture when He said.

He gives some working of a miracle, some teacher, some prophets, and some help in government, you better know what God has given you so you would not be tossed around.

I have known my mission, so any divert from it would result in disobedience to the highest calling in Christ Jesus.

I believe that is the role we need to make this world a better place to stay, despite that, when you don’t work out who you are, you are bent to who they want you to be.

The message is that your potential is hidden in your mind where the power to dominate your circumstances is based.

When you activate this, the strength of the Lord will be right with you, dominating your world. The day you accept yourself as a worker in the field God has given you, you generate the inner energy that nobody sees to win your battle.

God is great to every of your situation, but when you didn’t pursue it with mission order, there is a slim chance you can reach there. It is too important to know the way God is asking you to do His thing in your life.

Understanding the revelation is depended on how mature you have become to move you forward.

Continually, I have come to understand that the power of revelation is very important in growing up, so you would not be misled about what you ought to know and what to do.

This grip has done very well to me to know the plan in the step-to-step mission to move it in the fact of the truth.

Which normally brings the boldness to stand in the place of skill for the purpose God has given you to do.

A leader who doesn’t know how to go about his job would hardly succeed in the mission of life. The fact remains that, one needs to grow before expanding his horizon for better accomplishment.

When the mission of a leader is not ascertained, he would not know his capacity to grow to stay where he belongs in life.

Working assiduously is looking at the goal into the mission to succeed through moving to understand the brain behind the rule in other to succeed, which is what it takes to succeed.

Many have said it, but few accomplished what they have said, to my understanding, those who have not achieved have not given heed to what would have taken them there.

Growing in struggling is another journey of life that will benefit a leader in terms of advancing to the goal of life.

Which especially you grow up in that kind of background, you would succeed as you understand.

Some grow in struggling while some don’t but every goal is pursued earnestly if is to be achieved in the best way of global accepting product which normally takes a good considerable time to harness.

Once the mind is set to confront an idea, or issue, it means that it has accepted to cover all the places of the interest area to bring the plan into action.

No goal had ever succeeded without mixing the reality and the action plan. I tell you when two boxers enter into the ring to fight, they are all called champions.

But in the end, a winner would emerge, that doesn’t mean the other person who lost is not good but there must be a winner.

A winner in that description is a man who has got punches during his mission as the case may be, without having this kind of punches on your way to the top, you have not learned the way of leadership.

There are sometimes things would not just work the way you want them, all those times you are faced with challenges are the time when the punches are entering your body so you can be a strong person in the future.

No matter how you fabricated your idea, there are times, where things didn’t go well. Where you cry to see where to go; you grumble to say, what is all this.

The punches you receive from your enemies, are for your strength to build you up and have control over your world.

The level of your understanding grows according to what you have known.

If you don’t know that, you would be thinking God has left you, no it is because of your experiences during learning.

As you plan yourself to get the mission of life arranged, the counter mission that the enemy will bring will be crushed down as you give faith to it.

There is no way you want to know without doing the necessary or following the right step to get into the place of discipline, where everything looks good.

In every dominated place, there must be an understanding of knowing how a thing works to know whose step to follow.

So, when you are going to learn a mission on how to go about it, you just need to know the right way, so you would not get crumble at the end of the mission.

I am not saying you would not see a mistake; most time mistake is a sure process of reconciling to know how to do the good work again properly.

Your mission is of God when you know how to do it; referencing the awesome power gives you the required understanding to move forward.

That process alone takes charge of every of your desire, to turn it into His; knowing the will to conquer.

Without a good-minded mission, the vision will close to death, until you know what the foundation of referencing brings, it would not be good at the pertaining of your destiny.

Every leader is tested in different ways, whether you received a call from God or the devil. You are not far to be trusted in the issue of discipline, courage, strength, faith, and patience.

This is good for you to know all this, to go about the mission in reducing trouble and overwhelm every power of confusion in your mission.

It has to be guided, supported, and action-minded participation so the mission will reach the true calling.

The faithfulness in your path towards the fulfilling of your vision is your passion in carrying the vision to the end.

That is the only platform you can stand in a better way to make a good beginning that will culminate in a great end.

Some people thought that faith is just to believe without the working of an idea, if you are like that.

I tell you, you have broken down already because it is not a place of vacuum but a place where you build something into your mind.

God has done His path to teaching us through the Bible and the power of revelation to show you where to plant and where not.

And waiting for you to grow in that regard; showing you via the mind to get you to the place of hope.

Now, your hope is your faith plugging everything that will take you there; bringing all the wisdom to you to finish the mission.

The power of conviction is not in the hand of anyone, but the place where you personally think that everything thought is possible, then the feasibility is sure.

Your victory does not start from that place of your conviction, not the institution nor would the knowledge you have gotten that make the change you wanted but the inspiration that comes with it.

The mission of life is the power that you have received from God that nobody sees physically. That is the place of thought of believes that takes you there; their success is inevitable to command.

It is amazing to know that, life is a factory place, depending on what you are processing, if you think you want to become a success then work for it.

The mission is the key to everything in a leader’s mind, however, when you think that you cannot, the conviction will always go as you see based on the power of imagination.

This takes labour to bring out every good mission in life, the only thing that is easy to be is laziness, which is the place where nothing happens in reality.

Every good idea is not sellable until you bring it to the doorstep of the people; you are denied of selling it out!

Every good idea is activated by a mission-oriented person who has said to himself, I would never give up till this project is done.

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