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How To Achieve Success With Your Mind


Success always comes when your mind is working toward your place of development.

Every success man achieves first in the mind. The mind is the house where both success and failure reside.

And depend on the side you want to stay. If you decide to stay with success, it will clearly come to you as well as failure.

Once you believe in your mind and you put required things to work, you will always see your return.

The major auction of the mind is to produce what you have thought and arranged.

It has no else place rather than that which you put to Work.

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1 think what to produce

When you think you will become what you intend to appear as you put it inside of you to see.

How to achieve success with your mind is the use of the power of insight to get and view your intention.

This takes you to any length in life you plan to reach. It is possible to any length of thinking.

As you project your thinking to produce, know that you are not the first either you are the last.

People do not just excel like that; they have to javelins their thinking to where they see with their mind to do.

You can only get result when you put things with required recipes into correct place.

Many have come to this accolade and can’t ever be stopped. So, you are the master planner of your success.

Everyone who succeeds beyond doubt uses this product called thinking from the mind.

When you think, you become rich in everything that concerns you.

Unless you fail to use the recipes in moving you forward. This is when you will be limited by the size of your thinking.

To think from the mind never fails anybody that tries to use it. It is itinerary to see that you can become your boss and makes change.

Do not worry about the time it will take because success is time consuming when you have not achieved it yet.


2 always see the possibility

In any achievement, there is possibility to succeed when you follow and see with the eye of the mind.

How to achieve success with your mind is done in a ways that you must follow everything it takes.

When you always see this as possible, the spirit of possibility will always come to pay you visit.

You must be disciplined and diligent in every task that concerns your dream.

When you see this as an ultimate, the view of success will begin to flow from the least level of possibility to the top.

Success doesn’t work in the place laziness, it depends on hard working to bring it to pass, and this is how success works.

As you put your trust in achieving success, always be vigilant in checking the immediate failure that will hinder you.

Once you achieve this, it will be forward ever in everything you do. What is the function of your life when you are not achieving anything?

It is obviously not good to stay without achieving any level of success in life.

The truth is this: the universe doesn’t recommend you for failure.

The moment you see reason why you must have to succeed, you will work for it.

Unless you are not seeing the reason for this, if not, you will put some weight of hard work to plot your success.

Human being is created to fill the world with every creative show of life.

If you think is not possible, it would go as you propose in your mind.


3 you can when you push

Every possibility in human life is the view of the action minded that makes the change.

The very moment you allow this to see the way forward, your thinking faculty is made correct.

How to achieve success with your mind is ordinarily the use of the mind.

Thus, is the itinerary of push that makes the different in your life.

When you believe in your mind to do anything, it is possible.

The verse majority of people know the product of skill in what they do to achieve success.

It is not the function of laziness rather the work of labour that fetches you what you desire.

You cannot operate in this mental usage of facilities of the mind and fail.

You can be failure even though you are educated, especially when is not utilised.

This day, even the best educated man can become the worse unsuccessful man.

The ways you use the mind will show at the midst of your pursue in life.

Every giant in the world is as a result of the using of the mind.

The power of a man is always in the skill and what makes it different is the realisation of it that put it anew.

Once you look consistently in what you believe, your mind begins to vibrant to obtain the good of the universe.


4 everything you need is inside you

You don’t need to know anyone to be gift or hardworking. Everything you need is inside of you when you are ready to obtain.

How to achieve success with your mind is the practically use of it.

When you do not use the mind, it sleeps to the place of failure.

Any built house if there is no person is staying inside; automatically it becomes dilapidated and desolated.

It is because the house needs cross ventilation to maintain stability.

When you allow your mind not to be used you become the house that is built but nobody is staying inside.

Hence, it becomes good for nothing. Everything you need to do is inside you.

It does not mean you would not search for your life to get answers.

As you see the life without the mission of getting it, you will not get the answer.

You need to know that your decision to grow depends on the kind of experience, books, friends and people you meet.

It is obvious to know this so that you will take advantage of everything that comes your way.

The very moment of the time you dedicate yourself to believe, you will have yourself to be happy.

5 reason about the ways

Once you reason about it, you see the possibility coming your way to open the door for you.

How to achieve success with your mind is the definition of your making.

Striving is one of the ways you can reason to see yourself and make a different.

You have to project the mind to see that possibility only happens when the rightful decision is put in place.

Your ways in the world cannot be productive when you are not involved in the recipes to that take others far.

Your turning point is the product of labouring and the skill of understanding you have.

So, see yourself as the father of your destiny and the companion of your success.

As you go in life, you see things become possible.

When you fail to move, you see the ability of yourself going down because it is not put to use.

You are who you are by the pattern of labouring you push to.

Every gain in life is the hand work of labouring.

You are the fountain of your success when you plant the seed of labour in the right direction.

The cost of success is the press that you are able that will result in what you would become. You are bound to fail when you are not in the right fountain!


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how to move with people and achieve your dream in business


“Surround yourself with those who are on the same mission as you.”

–  Anonymous


There is a time where one man plans what he intends to do in life without the support of anyone, but it is important to know this rule when you have come to where the business is growing and needs more people around that will do the work it is when you can make a change.

Every good mission starts with one person before putting the plan of employing more people to accompany the work to the next level of improvement.

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The first mission that has ever got to the world started with one man doing it, so there is a need first to develop yourself to that place, so you can make a change in what you believe that will structure you to accomplish it.

Right from the beginning, I choose to believe in my worth, even though I fall, it doesn’t matter, since I know that is part and parcel of a leader way of understanding new things, you don’t need to bother again.

Knowledge of any kind is the source of knowing what it takes to clamp the mountain of your idea.

To accomplish this kind of mission, it takes a group of people, but know that one man is the planner, so he or she comes out to take the drawing board out for the expansion.

You better stay alone first to reason to move to the place of your destiny then you can bring around the people you need to grow the business.

Once you begin to know that part, then, you go for people who have the same mission and idea as you. There is nothing bad to stay alone instead of bringing the destroyer of your long-time dream.

When I found this quote, immediate I got the message to talk about this chapter properly to bring the word of wisdom since this happens almost everywhere.

A mission without support is somehow not good but you got to surround yourself with people of the same calibre to move forward.

The more you start to give a thought about what you want to achieve, it makes you better because you have known what it takes to clamp there despite the inferences that come to altar the better way, you will not bother because you know the essence of drag or perimeter of hard work you need to put.

The main fact about getting people who are on the same mission with you is to bring close understanding faster than when one person is doing it because everyone brings his quota who knows will fast track the mission quicker.

A very good plan about life is the extreme concentration on that idea that will make the mission planned very effective and proficient to augment and work it on.

There is the level you need to work alone to bring out the way forward so you can make a deliberate move to conquer your fear.

Before a mission collaborates with people, there is a need to be guided in all forms of talismans before bringing people to work with you.

I tell you, there are people you don’t need no matter the sense of humility you think you have, because birds of feather flocks together, there is a need to know whether they are for you or against your skill, there you know what to do.

Coming together to make a team matters a lot, but until those people who want to be in the team are the people of serious-minded people, then you can be assured you are good to go.

Life is a skill entirely, when you allow yourself to be tossed without knowing what you want, the strength you think you have will be crippled.

To perform the systematic connection that would take you there, you have got to stay on your lane for long, so your ideas would not fall by the wayside.

There are many deceivers everywhere especially a place of success, which is their work on earth; they have a role to play in your life to know that you need to guide yourself and your business with all diligence to get results with the wisdom God has given you.

I began to find out that, the opposition is very important for my day-to-day business life, without this set of people, you will look at this life with the mindset of cheap, but as the opposition get fighting you, your strategies increase to the next change of position in other to make a better living.

You have got to guide yourself to concentrate more than you ever thought to do. When I was growing up in the Lord, the opposition in my life was overwhelming to all extent of understanding, but as I grew in the wisdom of God, I began to know that there is a need for me to have opposition to make me move more than usual.

This sense of gratitude has given me every sense of reasoning to know what I want in order to do what I need to proceed in the power of the Holy Ghost.

That closed the section and opened another door of new understanding to put my life on watch; to pray and work rather than depending on my physical understanding to find the place of victory.

Life is a spiritual place; I know that for now, I would not give heed to what the opposition is doing but to be in prayer all the time. If your mission must be passed to the next level, prayer is necessary for helping you to do the needful to operate in the full auction of the Holy Ghost.

Before surrounding yourself with the people of the same mission, it must sound real to know that they know what you are made up to in terms of creativity and innovation, then you would enjoy your work to succeed more.

And if you must do all this, you have to as a leader make use of your time to make a definite landmark to create where you desire in life.  Like I have repeatedly said, people don’t want to negotiate with a person that has nothing to offer. It is in that like; people want to work to produce.

I tell you, even in the church, people are recognised based on their contribution I must say this because it is necessary to understand the truth for better working principle in the making of the world.

The more you give, the better you become, so if you don’t have anything to give, how can you be recognised? Surely, you cannot.

Even in the Bible, there was a man whose wisdom is known everywhere, but he was not having money, his voice was never heard, simply because the money to bring out his wisdom failed, the people didn’t recognise him.

This is a light to know, when you fail to know all this kind, it makes you think you are never a person in life, no… You are based on the wisdom you have to contribute.

We are all developed by how we function and understand, that is how we can be known so far. When you don’t bring these things, you are looked at as a commoner in the place you believe to be a place of worship.

We are created equally, but we are not equally gifted in all forms of ramifications that you ever thought about, I’m not ashamed to bring this wisdom out.

Even we are created equally, are we gifted equally? I strongly know we are not.

A resource is the basic to advance us in the understanding of the world, when you have resources anyway, and you do not use it, you are as good as nothing to talk about.

Now, the world is changing fast, even with the internet world today, let me bring this to us, only the people who push will still have success.

It doesn’t mean because we are in the jet age; wisdom will just stick to you automatically without working for your mind to make a difference in society.

This is the fact about the jet age; people thought that they would be better because of the fast internet-driven world. But it is not the truth, it still takes the acquisition of knowledge to stay on top no matter the revolution that we are today.

The more you acquire knowledge the better you will improve your ground to know where to put your eyes to achieve the considerable and tangible worth of experience to make you succeed in life.

Many people know this: that always improves people that have spent their time to make a progress in life.

Thus, many who engage this to improve on their leadership style which brings the light to shade darkness out of your way to put the power of change into their works? Working with a group of people who know how to balance what you have planned still needs to be trained in your kind of insight as a leader to meet with the coordinated plan in life.

Not having people that follow your mission, but are grounded in the pursuit of the mission statement that matters most in the setting is still essential for the part of development.

Some would always see you as a genius when you have accomplished a large place of business, but the fact remains; everyone who is dedicated can make or bring a change to the world when only he believes in himself.

That is the currency of fact that will elevate your consciousness in fabricating ideas to bring different ways to reach the goal post of life.

For instance, the goal post is wide, there are many ways you can score. If you want to be putting up, will depend on you, the idea is to score the goal.

Know your area of concentration to match with a different place so you can make the mark in what you believe, honestly it takes considerable time of experience to be grounded in a skill of teaching.

Whether you join together to make a business work, I tell you this, the founder is still the person taking all the glory, so you have a sense of responsibility to show and tell yourself you want to improve on your own after you would have helped to progress.

It’s important to know this; if you must become a leader to yourself in the world. A leader thinks faster than the people around. Until you are like that, you are not in the goal of making yourself a leader in the future.

A man who wants to be a leader must know the difference between a leader and follower, with this sense of understanding, changes your way of knowing what to do to advance your leadership skill.

Face life with the sense of creating your own, it is in that, the creativity will start to show you sign that you are due to change your mentality for leadership. I’m not saying in all methods of life. But you are supposed to know what you need.

From the day I knew this, I began to change different methods to keep a balance so that in the end I would find the good experience to work with the coordinated spirit of leadership.

You must think about yourself as a pillar of sharing to the next generation to show forth as the leader you climb to be in the field of your calling, such would give you the place of honour and glory and widen understanding for the success of life.

Many times, I would have thought that I was not a leader because I was not grown as those people whose parents were rich before pushing for leadership skills.

It dawned on me that, it takes continuous working on my spirit to give me the genuine idea that will carry me to the place of success.

You may now understand that the truth is all about what you need to do, I found many mantras to equip my thinking in order not to make a goof report of myself which begins with how I appraise myself based on the daily improvement I have been putting myself in.

I shall be acting on it since it will bring that maturity to me; I would continually improve the mind.

Any plan without an action backup plan will fade away, so there is a need to back your mission of a calendar to meet with the required time to reach the mission plan schedule. For instance, I took leave from my working place to make sure that my 21 working days must be utilised. Now in every day, I write a chapter to meet with my mission order, so that at the end of the day, I would know that I have utilised the exact days given for my rest.

When you don’t have a mission, you would lose many precious times that could have produced for you.

One good thing about a mission action plan is to settle down with that right stability in your heart so you would not divert to do another thing that would have fetched nothing at the end of the day.

I took my time towards this project, as every day breaks, I write a chapter, now this has made me utilised my time properly before I resume normal work. Stability is one of the media to authenticate your mission correctly so you can be a better leader.

Organisation which is the basic format in utilising a project, should not be allowed to be tempered within all regard of consideration.

When your life is organised, I tell you, the opposition has nothing to fight you against, because as a leader that is the only place you can be assured of your assessment whether you are moving forward or not.

It is important to grip that place of work very industriously in all regard of purpose. When you are being confused in that place, your leadership skill has tampered, thus, you need a reorganised plan again to take you to the next level of preparedness to meet with the structure you have designed to meet to attain the success of life.

A leader is a person that takes care of his thought which is important to move ahead towards the mission statement that he has continuously redesign to meet with the current way of life.

Many would think that everything just works without taking cognizance about the boosting of the plan of taking you there, I know this makes a leader know better in his business.

Considering the fact about the ways you possess what you believe, is the complete function of your behaviour action towards your insight which is to understand what you need to do.

Many would just think that you need them personally, what if you don’t have the financial capacity yet for that upgrade, would you change your mind? But the ideal way is to surround yourself with their knowledge especially the ones you want to learn from.

At my early stage in going through to understand some secrets, I read a lot of books I found myself seeing, from their view but as time went on, I began to choose who I want to read his book because it is a choice of life.

You have known this understanding from different thoughts of reasoning to know where you need to move on the platform to achieve your calling.

I began to know that some people are good collectors, they have the skill to collect from you based on they are successful maybe you need to follow their pattern so that you would succeed.

It doesn’t matter whether they are or not, the good thing about knowing all this is very important, so you would not follow some people who want to collect from people by all mean to affect their styles.

Your mission is supposed to be undaunted if you know you are right in your way in doing what you are doing that you feel is good. Wealth and riches are not in any man’s hand, it is the power of God to bring money to your house, not your tithe or your giving.

This you come across in my other books to give you more light because there is still a need to reiterate it for proper understanding to myself, not others.

The blessing of the Lord is a gift and encompasses all that it takes for a man to be successful. It is proper in all religions to give, but when you say, somebody’s riches are attached to it, then it is wrong teaching because grace is sufficient without this word that is running in the world today.

Surrounding yourself with mission-oriented people doesn’t mean still you will not encounter some drift from the people, but the idea to contain the atmosphere is what will ring in you.

Thinking if you are working with people even the right people you will not have a challenge? Life itself is a challenge, you need to know how to quickly solve the problem or it builds you more to the crisis ahead.

No free troubled place in the world. Anywhere there is a human being, automatically, there is going to be a clash between people. Why? Did the Bible teach us as Christian to be humble, because the Holy Bible didn’t say you will not see, but you shall be in peace?

People have been moving, we have come to the time where great change will be unveiling, and perhaps because God wants to change certain things because of the grace He has given to the world.

The way you choose to believe doesn’t mean you will not see trouble, whether you are in your home, people would still come with their lifestyle in trying to inconvenience you. So, that life is an experience.

The mission is seen as the best way of doing the right things. When you are moving, think and reason about every word some try to put into you that is not proper to follow, that would depend on the fast revelation to blurt it out.

One good thing about God is that He knows how to change a thing in a way that you would think is wrong, His ways are never wrong, whether is wrong in your eye, but never be wrong in the best interest of your advancement.

When God showed me mercy with my wife, I began to know the way of man to how God works because if I were to follow man at that time, I would have failed.

After all, I’m never qualified for what I’m writing now, He has shown me the way, so nothing shall take me out of the revelation of the right word for my lifting.

People will say some negative things, but follow the revelation of God concerning the matter or what He has told you so that it will cut you from every talk that wants to confuse you.

Now I stand in the side of God through His revelation that He has forgiven me from all my wrongdoing for He has called me to His glory.

You believe in His mercy and grace than what anyone perceives or reason about the grace which is the confidence you have to see yourself connecting to the promises of what He has said concerning you.

Everyone has his revelation on how God is using him but should be in the place of the word of God, so there wouldn’t be any contradiction.