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How To Activate Your Mind And Become Prosper



#1 you are the source of your prosperity

If you want to prosper you must do what will make you to become of it. Prosperity is first from the mind.

When the mind is not utilised properly, it is hard to realise the process.

Since the factor to prosper you is to know you are first mover.

As you work to know that you are the first initiator, the energy needs will be activated naturally to you.

Don’t mix up thing you should work on and what you shouldn’t.

This place calls for more understanding to bring fresh insight into the scene.

Many people have advocated of using your mind to think and bring it out to succeed. You are the full meaning of your prosperity when you see it.

There is always prosperity in the front of hard work. Though different understanding of hard work is causing some people to disbelieve.

Nevertheless, you don’t know to be deceived. Remember, people who are deceived are absolutely failure.

There is no doubt about this. It is proven and is always proved. A wise man is always learning in the action not the said word.

Prosperity is a gift but must be worked for. He who doesn’t want to work will find place yourself.

Likewise people who are hardworking will still find themselves place in life.

There is no cheating there. You work for it, you see it coming.

For you to be prospered, you must have to follow the principle of those who have done something through the eye of your understanding.

You have seen that, your prosperity is in the mind. This is where you talk to yourself and nobody hears.

Thus, it is very truth to know the piece and the force that brings prosperity into your life.


#2 every mind is positioned on the food you feed

How successful you will become will depend on the food you feed your mind with.

The soul of a man is encompasses with the mind, emotion, and will.

So, when you move to make these places with constant feeding of good feeds.

There it will show you how rich and pleasant the mind can become.

When you don’t position your mind to work right with its ability properly. The mission you want to accomplish will slow down.

This way you reduce its working and cause the mind to have made to be undone.

Many a times, you will see people who have trained their mind looking too sharp to be joked with.

When you read, think, ponder and cogitate you will grow rich. As good as the mind is, if you don’t make use of it, it becomes dormant.

No building that is built well and fine that you with habiting will last. The building becomes desolate. Every successful recipes work according its laws.

For example, you don’t know how to drive car. The moment you learn how to drive, you tell yourself, you will drive far.

The possibility that you will reach where you are intended to go is slim. Until you have learnt better, when you put far, It will not be well with you.

Nothing is not possible, but you have to know from your mind. Your strength to push to where you want is possible but you need to look from the mind.

So the way you desire to change your life will depend on the food you are feeding on.

Many will say, you don’t need good feed to move fast, but sure you will need a time to eat good feed so you can grow well.


#3 prosperity come from the mind

Your prosperity starts from the day you realise that you can, this is the day you will learn better.

The life of prosperity is a life of learning the how and where to go. If you want to learn on how to build a car, you will know what to do.

As well in different fields of endeavour. The more you find to know, the more you notice that you don’t know.

People who build skill are automatically changing lives from their perspective. Prosperity is a journey that you must plan for where you prepare to succeed.

Once you notice this, you are not Compromised about the process, you are sure of getting result.

The working of prosperity is the skill you activate that takes you there. As you know now, money is coming from the internet world more than ever.

And is a skill that one can learn. In this, there are different kinds of money that come from there.

Prosperity is a life of success; you have to move to make change. As far life and money are concerned, you need money to find money.

Once you build your block in this condition. Every day in your mind, you proffer solution. This brings to the level of ideas that inspiration pop-up.

You have to see yourself first as success. This always keeps you in the level of going for the next level of progress.

Once you see that, there is little moment of reasoning you need to put again.

You need to press to see you get it. Is either you are not there or you are. People succeed in different spheres of life.


#4 action is planned working

Every dream or talent that doesn’t come from action, it is bound to be defeated. Without working nothing good comes to play.

Nothing is cheap to create in this world. You can become cheap to those who have worked on themselves.

Action in everything is what makes everything that is started become big.

Once you know that without action your dream is wailing down. What do you do?

You need to buckle yourself and look for the possible way to increase your temple.

Moment later, you will see the gift of learning in the power of action. If you want to know people better, don’t look through their words but their action.

You will find something there you want to learn. A man with action will beat a brilliant and intelligence man without action.

It is a proven fact about the journey of life. Once you know this, it will be impossible to fail in this time of wealth the world has not seen

The dream you need is the gate way to prosperity when you know what you are doing.

People work in the level you are and at the end, they prosper in their endeavour.

Succeeding in life is a choice, because it comes with a level of action and working to progress.

Since it happens like this, your hustling spirit should work well. With the mission you put in front of you, success is sure.

You have to know what brings prosperity. Not only acting but you must know what it takes to meet with the need.

Not all skill brings prosperity. Every skill in this world has a way to understand how it takes to move mountain. Secret to become prosperity has been in this world for long.


#5 skill is built on a daily basis

When you want to be a producer, you will have to know what it takes to produce for example in the music circle.

You will learn from men and women that are talented. They still spend countless hours on it.

When you know and you are not talented. It is the time to start to give more time to it. This is how people who are good in their fields of endeavour do it.

It is not something perhaps you do Not know the formula. No, answers are everywhere you can research about.

Yours is to make sure you follow all what it takes to know here in the earth.

Most times, it can be challenging, but as you dedicate your time on it, you will see your building the ark.

The prime moment and summary of skill, is how discipline you are in even though you are not talented that works for you.

Most times, people see talent as without practice, it is not true. When you know that, as you push for it, you will know it.

When you know the meaning of what it takes to pursue your glory. You don’t need too many advisor to tell you on how to project your time and work.

Fekete Michael who doesn’t know how to speak good English alone write Good sentence wrote a best-selling book that turns the world.

How did he do it? It was asked and he told them how he comes about writing rubbish till he got his first sentence okay.

From there he thought that writing book could be possible. After some years of practising he got it.


#6 follow people who know

As you always know, if you want to write a book, the first thing you should do is to know how other do their owns.

The moment your interest comes to play, you will notice that life begins to change little by little.

Life is real, so as you take it, it becomes as you view it. There you see what you are working for it.

As you leave your life for progress and working upon it. There is no power below and above that can stop what you have prepared.

So carefully choose what your passion is. At the moment you will see things begin to sky rocket to give answer.

The skill you build is riches that you would become. So when you see people putting all their time to what they believe. You would not be surprised to see that life is not cheap.

Successful people always know that dedication and discipline take a man to the top.

Most times, you will observe that success is as a result of hard work in the area you are good.

When you openly choose to learn from people you want to follow, they are many available.

So, follow and know on how to move so you can move to in life. So, the more you learn and abide to the learning and doing, you become of it.

With all sincerity, every success is a place where pain and gain operate. Because learning is from failure to failure until you master it.

As you begin to follow by knowledge those that have done it, you would become a better man to create your path.


#7 you can become anything

Anyone who has progressed in this life has a driving force that works within you. It is the source of it that shows you whether you will succeed or not.

As you know most time the driving force is the discipline you acknowledge within your path that takes you there.

People who are succeeding have these feelings that some days things will become better.

One major recipe that kill dream is impatient. If you can work on this, your story will be added in Guinness book of record.

As you can see, people who make success in life have dreamt about what they want to do. If you can have dream with action, you are there.

Everybody that is progressing today follows someone yesterday.

It is the formula that takes you to reach your pathways except you allow yourself to fall by the pathways of laziness.

Hence, when you put your mind to work, you will see how beautiful your life will become.

It is a fact about the journey of life. The more you create time for yourself to work, the better you become.

Success always speaks on how people use time to get her. She always explains herself to those who want to get her to know her well.

Then you are sure that in future you will see her coming your ways. Be it who, success doesn’t want to know you whether you are handsome or ugly.

All she wants from you is to work very hard to become who you think you are.

Sometime many years ago, one president of Nigeria who has tried to become president tried it for fourth time before he became of it. This is how sometime success can become.


 #8 everything you imagine is possible

Everything you begin to think now is possible to achieve. Most times, the reason people fail is that they don’t take action.

Every event and activity that is not planned properly, would not achieve its aim.

The reason is this: you must work on what you believe before it can become yours. This principle has been working and would not stop to work.

If you don’t have this skill to understanding life, you would be there thinking it will just come on it accord.

Nothing comes on its accord unless it is helped and fed. Up to the time you know how to go about it, you might not see result.

Because result comes by action on the reality of life. Real men always believe in reality rather than mere words.

You must be sincere to know what you want and push for what it takes to become of it.

The world is borne up by imagination. So, what are your imaginations? It is to become an innovator or an entrepreneur?

It is left to you to take your step and achieve your desire. Remember that, the world is not in luck, do you know why?

Because people are working round the clock thinking of what they will give to the people.

If you are among them when you believe and work as you should. You will get there. The more you imagine by how things work, the better you become.

Nothing good is free; you have to get involved to move to the place of accolade. You must work to achieve success.

Everything being built is done consciously. And you must know that, everything you become has a place of working.

If you dishonour this place of working, you might not achieve what you dream and desire.


#9 understanding is the fire that prosper you

  Once you know yourself, it takes you out of the place of ignorance. There you can have a place of working and honing your skill.

The unquenchable fire is set by you. Nobody anywhere will set what you should set for yourself to make the desire to become the plan you wish.

Understanding yourself is the prime working of moving forward. Some people cannot move forward because they don’t know themselves.

When you have what you are keen about and you follow it up with the fire mentioned above, you will be amazed what you will see.

So, understanding the recipe on what you believe, you will clearly see result.

More than not, people have become rich in what they believe and work for.

Sometimes you will hear people complaining about life on what they have not done properly to get result.

How can you move to the sea with boat without wearing life jacket?

It amazing to hear people complain this way. You must prepare yourself for what you need to know.

Success is a battle place to put yourself together. And once you find this convenience, you will see yourself become better than you expect.

So success is worked for. Don’t allow people to teach you about your background that you know best.

It starts from there, as you know. The kind of knowledge you have; shows the light you will have in the future.


#10 cultivate your knowledge

Where knowledge is needed go for it and make sure you cultivate it. Knowledge is a lamp that you need to see road to your pathway.

As you proffer solutions, services and product in your own ways. You would always see the good of the universe.

Everywhere you go, you will hear of money, success and riches even the poorest country in the world.

So you have to fast pick what you need to develop in order to access the riches of the world.

Utilise the fountain of it and activate its principle to work on it. You would see yourself engaging the right illumination to move faster.

Knowledge is used to solve different kinds of challenge. And as you put interest in solving challenges, you will see yourself becoming successful in your endeavour.

When you know what to do, you will succeed and bear fruit in life. Once you obtain the learning curve of what you are training on.

You will clearly succeed and change lives in your capacity. Looking at the promises and what the universe has projected for your consumption, you will how to go about it.

JK Rowling has used knowledge in writing Novels that has made her to become the status of a billionaire. This is how knowledge when cultivated can be promising.

There are many writers, novelists and authors of motivational books who have become the status of millionaires. Why? They converted their dream to reality.

When you begin to think about the mission you have and follow it up with action. You will see your success around you.

You will always get away to make you know more. The moment you begin to know that knowledge when utilise will create your life’s bearing.

You will know on how to go about it since is another avenue to make change.



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How To Win And Become Successful


To become successful in life is the choice you give to life that returns to you.

Anything you don’t prepare for you don’t achieve it.

From the moment you realise that you can, as well as you push to make change. Nothing in this world will make you fail.

As you win the battle of life in the area to become successful, you are to steer yourself all the time for the moment.

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How to win and become successful is the stratagem you employ that works for you.

The very moment you think is possible, you have won the half part of your journey to success.

You cannot be successful when your mind is not successful. It is the working of the mind that brings the labour for the place you desire.

Your life’s desires work with the focus that you give which changes your mindset that affects your life’s history.

#1 Successful people live their comfort zone

Every successful person knows that his comfort zone is not cherished if he wants become successful in the strive of life.

You must go for what you need less you think you are making progress meanwhile nothing is happening.

Because perhaps you are in your comfort zone. Until you begin to live your comfort zone to find solution.

You are liable not to become successful as you move haphazard to think you are in form.

How to win and become successful is the feeling you give to yourself to wake up and do what you are supposed to do.

The very moment you realise that you are not improving, it shows you are not working.

The indication shows by the lazy act you project as you move forward.

Every successful man knows without working there is no successful history in life.

And once you know this and didn’t live this comfort zone.

You will become unsuccessful thinking somebody there is witch hunting you.

Success means something you can die for it anytime and anywhere whether in day time or night.

It is the passion of love that you deep in that changes the pattern of life you follow.


#2 They strengthen themselves to believe

One fact about becoming successful is to stop deceiving yourself and start strengthening your way forward.

This is only time you can become successful in your field of endeavour.

Success comes in different ways but the same working moment, time spending and action minded strategy.

When a poor man who lives in a poor environment writes a good book, it will be the same with a rich man who writes in rich environment.

Thus, strengthening yourself in every stance you find yourself is one recipe to go uphill.

When you do not learn to do so, you will be burden to make and turn your challenge into positive action.

How to win and become successful is the application of your thinking that makes you who you intend to become.

Right from the growing of your stance, you will definitely learn ways in improving your well being.

Do not see or look in the direction of the impossibility, this hinders what normally you should do.


#3 You are the builder of your success

How to win and become successful is a skill that you need to practice and build if you are to become successful in your business.

When you know how to go about it, you automatically becomes successful in any endeavour you passion about.

Ronaldo Christina was asked, how come about his success in football?

He says, he always practice every time, that he hardly have rest even when he thinks he suppose to have, he still goes out to practice.

When you stretch yourself to work like Ronaldo who train almost every time in his life, you will become like him even not in sport.

But in the field you choose, it is just the stratagem of a successful person for emphasis.

The way you train yourself will be the kind of life’s style you will actually live.

This is a fact about the building of becoming who you will be as this will result to your success.

This formula has taken many people in different endeavours to achieve their purposes and become successful in life.

When you work your way out, you definitely become successful in everything you do.

Life is a fact and at the same time is deception.

As you grow in building yourself, your understanding goes wide to know better and win in the battle of understanding.


#4 Without involving yourself no successful output

You cannot involve yourself in the dream of your success and fail in life.

It will be a surprised and you don’t think it will happen when you do what is right in your endeavour.

As well when you are not involved in your success-drive and become successful.

Obviously you find it too difficult to excel because no pain no gain.

It is not possible, so you need to get involved and become successful in everything you do.

The more you are involved, the better you will see yourself moving uphill to the place of your dream.

The meaning of success is actually getting involved in what you believe to do.

Without you in it, you will not succeed. It is when you involve that you can win at the end time.

Everyone wants to win, but until you do what winners are doing you will not become one of them.

It is the prudent performance that takes you to the point of your accolade and goal.

So when you are not ready to win, sincerely, you will not win.

A winner is always a fighting force to all extend of research perhaps you need to know.

As you move forward to know what to do and get involved.

You will know the recipes and these recipes will be the ones to help you improve your journey.

A builder is a challenger in the positive pathway. Once you find yourself building and something is not moving, then you are not.

You cannot be building three storey buildings and you are not rising up the building. Then, you are not getting involved in it.






























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How To Become Self Sufficient



To become self sufficient is the ability and capacity to decide what to venture in without thinking back.

As you increase the level of believing in yourself, your strength increases to take you to the place of plenty.

Once you put your mind in the power of push, it moves you further than you anticipate.

Every self sufficient person does thing in the recipe of prudent in his work.

You cannot deny the fact that your life is depended on you whether you are serious or not.

Once you recognise this, you will begin to function in the place of self sufficient.

How to become self sufficient is the sincerity and hard working you put in your job of action.

Becoming this, there are these areas you must follow to get what you want: finish your task, work every in what you do and don’t roll backward.

In this you will begin to see the door opens to become self sufficient.

Putting things in order, it takes rightful decision, when you ask in the place of action.

When you work in the shoe of these areas, you could know how your life will become.

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1 work smart to catch your idea

When you don’t work smart to catch up with your idea in making you self sufficient.

You will be jeopardising your strength to become what you don’t want because it takes ideas to meet up.

How to become self sufficient is the skill you train yourself that you become of it.

It is not too hard to know this application when you are serious about the good thing you want to have.

While you push to see your idea falling in pleasant places for you.

You should also know that your idea is like a seed of corn planted in the ground waiting for harvest.

This is a consciousness that will take you to know whether you will succeed or not.

There are some things that nobody teaches you to know, you have to smartly work to know it.

When you base your life in this, clearly your idea becomes your gain.

Self sufficient is the act to know what really you can bring out. Or what can you produce?

You are the farmer to produce your corn! Or are you good in writing contents?

All these are the ways you can become a self sufficient person when you are serious with your activities.


2 you are the strength you need

Once you develop the strength you need, you are ultimately bringing in the best in you to product.

No country in the world becomes rich without the idea of self sufficiency!

How to become self sufficient is a product to develop in selling out.

It is not doing nothing that you become self sufficient. Something must be produced and sold.

This is where you can be self sufficient to withstand the challenges of the world with doubting your capability.

Once you know the area that needs to improve, you have to start from there.

You just not doing nothing and expect to become somebody in prestige.

To become self sufficient, you must plug in your life ethic into the original plan of your life.

As well as you get missed by the area of doing nothing.

As you know you can become self sufficient even though you are working in the place you don’t want.

From the penny you are getting can be used to train your mind.

All you need to do is to train the best part of your mind to function so you can produce while still working.

People grow in difficult time to know life, so it is not too generous to know that it is not bad.

When you strengthen yourself to know what you need to achieve.

Nobody tells you what not truth is again in order to distract you.

You will work in the platform of truth to arrange your destiny.


3 motivation comes from you best

You are the best motivational book that you will ever read to get moving toward the goals to become self sufficient.

How to become self sufficient is a deliberate act that takes your attention more.

As you choke yourself in the position and time, you become of it.

How you can be self sufficient is the audacity and tenacity of purpose you push that brings in the action to bear.

Putting yourself into this area is the work of labour.

You cannot be deceived when you know the place where self sufficient is being obtained.

It is a fact that your self sufficient depends on the time you put.

When you have the people together to work for you, it is in this you coordinate everything yourself.

As you are creating ideas always be taken stand on the reality of life.

Some will tell you this and this, but you are supposed to know the application of it.

Everyone who gets it gets it in the area of working smart in to obtain it.

Do not customise yourself in the area of man philosophy of rolling your life in error.

Come to the conclusion what many have said concerning the place of action.

You must have known that life is a place where deception and honesty prevail.

It is truth but you have to know where to follow so you will not be beaten down.

Life is cheap and simply, but until you know how, it will be difficult to prevail.


4 align your thought to where you assimilate

To be self sufficient is aligning yourself to know what you need in life.

And again to work in the position of knowing the reality of where we are going.

Coming down to know the truth is to fight your way honestly to the truth. It is in this you life changes to activate for excellent.

When your thoughts are not in alignment, many things get you distracted from the original plan of your life.

The place where your self sufficient can be distracted is the place of your thoughts.

Once this place is moved behind, you allow every good, bad and ugly to happen in your life.

But the truth is this; you have all capacity and strength to work everything you don’t want over.

Until you come to the era of understanding, it might find many things too difficult to operate.

Once you push and you didn’t see result, there is nothing wrong to do it again and again.

Because this is where the journey begins.

You cannot become self sufficient without honestly and earnestly working for it.

Why? It is because no history ever happened that somebody didn’t work and everything just falls for his good.

Even if something has happened like that, you have not to believe so you can strengthen yourself well.

Don’t let fumble to overwhelm your drive in life.

Especially when those people who have made come to deceive you in a way to get everything from you.

This is why daily you must align your thought for your good.


5 you make it because you want to

As you know when you don’t work, it is hard to achieve your goal in life.

You make it because you want to. It is as simply as this.

How to become self sufficient is the thoughts you put together that make you who you would become.

The moment you quick to realise that life is the place of your thought, your mind will begin to function well.

Because you have realised that everything you need will always come from the walking and working you always do.

This application of knowing the truth.

As you push to see far especially with the mind, you ought to know that it will not come freely to you.

Some buttons need to be pressed continually sometime for years before you can able to see result.

Don’t be caught up from the realm of favour to deceive yourself.

The ways you anchor yourself will depend in the strength that will help you to survive the game of life.

Your defence is the systematic rhapsody of your thinking that comes to bear.

Once you cannot maintain the mentorship of your mind, you will fail in every outside mentorship.

This is the absolutely truth about becoming self sufficient in life. This fact is sure, are you ready to produce? Then what have you planted?

As you know, your answer will determine what you will become in the concord of life.

You want to become self sufficient and you are not working for it, are you sure you will become of it? Life is both truth and false.

When you allow yourself to get to the place of truth, you will always prevail in your thought especially what you are doing.










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Ways On How You Can Become Rich

Ways on how you can become rich is determined force you deploy to use, either by skill or service.

Many people know right from teen age they would become rich. Why?

Because they train themselves from the time when they are small to the time they know the world needs their skill.

It is the same too in when you poor to become rich. You would know because you spend your time in doing something.

Thus, your success is in your hand, whether you are lucky or not. You have to do something to better your game, especially what you believe on.

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#1 make sure you are not lazy with your passion

When you are not passionate enough to move to where you are to spend time in working.

The stratagem becomes weak for you to apply! As you fail to push to the place of rich in working, you should know that life is a place of receive and give.

When you realise that and you don’t give in your time, you would not receive what comes in as a gain. This is psychological as you press to know.

Riches come from work well done. So, when you are not spending this good time on what you know is your passion.

Failure comes to stay with you to work inside of you without you knowing.

Believing is different with working. The moment you push to where you ought to do and do not perform well. You would not be compensated in nothing.

So, look with the eye of the mind, you would know what you need to do. It is not good to stay in the valley of doing nothing.

It is a wrong to stay in the side of laziness when you want to prosper in your field of endeavour.

Where the working system is not applied. You find it too difficult to get answer to your field.


#2 determination keeps you going

To be determined means you are planted to see far and work towards it without hindrance.

Ways on how you can become rich is a process of time you spend in working creative. When these processes are not emerged, you cannot get what you need to get.

It is a process of time that you give in return of riches, wealth and in material possess in whatever you want.

Would you go for it without working? How would you end? It is clear that you are in your place of stop.

Many think that a riches is not possible when you come from porous background so they keep themselves idle.

Determination keeps you intact for the riches ahead. It might take time, but keep moving, this is the spirit that takes you there.

When you push you would see far than when you are not pushing. Once you bring yourself down, you would be down.

Thus, you have to change your system to fine turn your work for the greater height.

When you see people succeeding invariably you are seeing the spirit of determination working.

You cannot hide this fact. Hence the principles that make it work are: movement, strength and might.

People succeed because they want to. The reason is simply because they apply the principle.

Don’t leave your life empty with the mediocre of men who don’t have vision.

You will clearly fail in your waiting. The vision to succeed to make riches must be definite, clear and unambiguous.


#3 you pay the price

Everything being built in this world is the product of paying the price of it.

It might come so cheap but something must come from the angle of labouring.

As you move to pay the time in which you would attain to the place. You would clearly succeed in whatever you do.

Give regard in whatever you do that is of good intention. The universe will not faze you out of success.

Ways on how you can become rich is a fact when you apply the recipes or rather the principles of it.

You would always have wisdom and understanding to succeed as you give heed to the action minded work.

It comes in this dimension and as you use the time principle, success becomes the thing of the pass in your way.

As much as you push through the rigorous areas of understanding, your success is sure.

Don’t look too negative in idea you are not familiar with. This is the level that confusion comes to play its gimmick about the product you desire.

Leaning and the cache of what you need to know, whether you are to use it or not. Put your mind on it, your dream will come to being.

Without moving to know how things work, it would be hard to get credible answer in all levels of your achievement.

Do not follow what you know is not in the way to become rich. It is disastrous to follow a mediocre life’s style in your moving uphill.


#4 keep the fire burning

Moving with the unquenchable desire of fire to where you desire, strength is needed to match you there.

Thus, keeping the fire burning always should be in the back burner in your heart.

Once you move in this pace, there is nothing that can weigh you down.

As you know, ways on how you can become rich is a way to work out your skill. Money is received by what you sell to people.

When you are not selling anything, you are not receiving any gain. This is what keeps the world moving and going.

People are in different places plotting on how their businesses will succeed.

This kind of people get the kind of money they want since they know the ingredients of it is the function of keep action burning, they will always succeed.

Life is a determinant force in how you work on it. As you push to achieve, you get there quick and enjoy everything about it.

You begin to achieve greatly by the essence of skill you dwell in.

Almost everyone that comes to this realm of understanding knows the meaning of determination for achievement.

The fire must be kept burning until you achieve all your earthly desire. It is a life style of staying in your working. As well as growing to teach others in what you do.

Do not forsake the understanding of the wise when you are pushing to establish yourself in whatever field you choose.


#5  practice make you know how

When you stay in the area of practice, you become a genius in your endeavour.

Many achievements have been proven to the world with practicing. So as you push to succeed you ought not to weigh down.

Give yourself the best attention anyone can do so you can become the master in your field.

Somebody asks, how long does it take to become a writer? This question is critical to some extent.

Because some become good writing it might take good ten years in working while some five years.

So, this depends on the kind of writing skill you are talking about.

For you to write a bestselling book, you should know time is essential in writing good book.

It is not abrupt to see that you become a writer when you have not grown yourself to know.

Sometime you might not know, it takes the working on it to become the understanding you need.

This is why; they say practise makes you good. Without this nothing in this world becomes made.

Everything operates in this system, once you function properly in this, you will gain the best of life.

Ways on how you can become rich is a system of practising and not confession.

You must be acquitted to know this so you do not weigh to the wrong position and become drained.

Everybody sees himself as the perfect person but once you fail to perfect yourself, you would miss the steps to be perfect.






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ways on how your children become brilliant


You loving your children are the pathways to make them all brilliant.

The love you give to them gives them the idea to know who they want to become. When your children know you love them.

From the inside, the people around would know you are taking good care of them.

Thus, this will allow them to work passionately to achieve their aims.

As you know, many don’t know this, they think love is just loving; it is beyond this. Love makes the dullest child to be brilliant when you know what to do.

Bring your children to this realm allow them to begin to choose their rightful endeavours.

What this means is this: it fine turns them to really know what they want to focus on.

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#1 Build their self image

As you know, children are the home where love exists. No matter the circumstances of the parents, love must prevail.

When you tell your children how good they are. See how your children can become brilliant. It is possible to all extent of understanding.

There is nothing bad about what you tell them how brilliant they are.

Building your self image is important as building them. This tells them you are sincere and everything you tell them is truth.

When you keep this as a working mechanism, you would see how your children will become successfully in what they do.

This is the reason why different family gets different results. Once you know and give them your time.

You are closed to make your children brilliant. Trading good words to their lives, you would see how good they would all become.

Once you know this stratagem, everywhere becomes exceptional good to them.

When you see this as the way forward, definitely you will improve them.

Your children become good and brilliant as you push the goodness of life in action to them.

It is the moment of love you show or tell them that industrialises who they would become.

Once you push to see this, you will make different in their lives.

The fountain of understanding is the category of goodness in them. This means, your action speaks more in them.

Most of the things you would do will actually not count for now.

But as times goes by, the ingredients of what you have been saying would to speak as time goes by.

The love of your children is the image you give and turn to make the difference.


#2 train them with action

Train your children with not only word but word to work in action. This means that, everything you do and tell them should be in the word of action.

By actually working in the root of action. By doing everything you want them to do, do it in their faces.

Once you engage this, you have said it in their heart. The training in action you give to your children is the fountain of love that comes to play in them.

The training you give in the action to them, they learn better in this way more than any way.

From the time you show this, you don’t need to bother yourself for further mentoring.

You string yourself by not going far in mentoring. Training is technical in term of action. Some are invisible while some are visible.

You make your children by action not by the best way of words. So, you move your children more by showing them the future through action.

Life changes and becomes better as you push more in training them in the visible way. This is the power to engage the heart for action.

When action is taken earnestly, it will do well to their breeding and growth.

The way to breed your children or child is to make yourself better.

Everything that is made is founded by understanding. So, the more action you give to your children would go a long way into their skills.

The moment you know the joy of action in training, you are making great change in their future.

Everything that is built great is by wisdom but establish by understanding of the truth.

Training in action speaks more to the development of the children than words.

#3 surround them with materials

So many people don’t know that knowledge is an eye opener. When you choose to advance in life; knowledge is the key.

Once you push to make a different in the knowledge of your children, success will come.

And this would be challenged but a place of learning. Children need to know what they don’t know.

See how your children can become brilliant is essential. This takes you to follow your children passion. What they like most!

This is how you begin to build your children to be brilliant and active in their passion.

When you coordinate this, you would begin to know step in growing them. Growing children up is equally put them in action.

When you don’t show them the action, you will slim their passion on what they believe. Beware that, life is built on the basis of action.

As the children begin to learn, you are all right to study each one to get it well. Knowing individual direction is paramount to their growth.

The more you step into the pattern of growing, there are different observations you need.

To know whether each of them is good in skill. To know each of them drive in life. This is where your observation takes good stand about them.

As you direct them to their different kinds of place. You make it work as you move forward.

Don’t come to tell them what they don’t need. Give to them all what they need. You are doing well to them as you open up their treasure of patient.

As you know, the good of the passion will create way to elevate the inner skill as you push.


#4 build their library

Library in the home does well in the bringing up the children. As you create this, you have everything you need to do to be easy.

Library is the process where you teach your children by books without you giving them to read.

As you know, book is one of the great agents of change. See how your children can become brilliant is possible

You give your children to reading; you are building a great generation. So if you want to build this, library is one of the ways to do this.

Every civilise generation or country is as a result of library engagement.

When you push to know the category of this in the place of learning.

You will give more to the children at home. As reading is good so as having library is the best option for growth.

You would not know what books will do to you until you start reading! It is the option where the growth of life is stabilised and comforted.

Children in the teenage stage need to be bred and groomed. When you don’t do this, they move on their own accord.

Whether they get it damage or not. They don’t care to know since ignorance is robbing them.

They would not know which ways to follow. So, stop seeing them as if they don’t know. By the age five, their sensory brain works better to comprehensive.


#5 tell them they can become anything

When you begin to tell them, they are brilliant they can do everything.

You put in energy of strength in their lives to know quickly on what to do. See how your children can become brilliant is essential to every growth of a child.

When you don’t push to see that, they follow their passion. You would neglect the key fountain of growth in their lives.

There are many things today that distract children from attaining their potential.

The internet, money, poverty etc., you all need to take care of all these, so you can better their performance.

Winning the war against all these, monetary them is necessary for their growth.

You have to know why your children are paramount to you. This is where you would know how to go about their destinies.

So, see how your children can become brilliant is too essential to over emphasise.

This brings you to know why you must not stop to see reason why they need not to be told in the early age.

When your chances to make them better is not utilised, you would not growth them better.

Always know that, training in the right way is paramount, less you would not succeed.

Don’t give yourself to mediocre as you bring them up. So many factors are working against them, when you don’t do your work.

But when you choose to make the difference, something good happens.


#6 allow them to select their passion.

As your children go with the trend of life, don’t allow them to go out of their passion.

What makes a child great? It is the passion that he learns from small makes he becomes great.

The moment you give your life to the brand of life, you slam the good of life.

Without knowing what passion is, it would not be possible to train them better. See how your children can become brilliant is a fight.

Your insight toward your children is more important than the school they go.

Inspiration in a child is mightier than knowledge. This is why, passion training is good for every child that wants to blossom.

So, bringing them in the place of passion is greater than education.

So many people are acquiring degree, but it is not the essence. You become successful more inspirational than in calendar education.

So know where your children are going. This will help you to fathom the nomenclature of the reality of their dream.

Should you play with their passion, you would spoil the great success in them.

Once in a while, you move to next level when you do the prosper thing.

Children grow better in the hand of parents who are inspirational than parents who are knowledgeable. It is a fact about the growth and development of life.






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11 Stratagems On How To Think In Business


#1  as  you think so it is it

The early time in your life, you should realise that working hard is the prerequisite to get it done; you will achieve great in life. Think and become successful is as important you do.

It sharpens your mind and conscience for the good works the world has for you as you continuously push for the mark.

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stratagems of thinking to become successful is necessary recipe to succeed.

Thus, set yourself in the right direction; you will achieve your goal.

So your thinking matters in your life especially when you are thinking positively to achieve a certain goal.

It enables you to effectively perform the great task with all integrity.

Life is in two phases, both negative and positive it all depends on how you think it out.

As you are positive in thinking, you employ in strength to cement the building to a lasting monument in life.



#2  control everything to become successful

You have to choose to think positively to sharpen your conscience for better circumnavigate to the direction where you are going.

Absolutely, whether we like it or not, there is a need to replenish our world. it is a stratagems of thinking to make you successful.

It becomes better as you use the gift of thinking, so you can upgrade your mind for better functioning.

It will help to shape how you want to live your life and know the kind of life of choice you want.

Nobody can force you to do what you don’t want but people can flatter you to do what they want.



#3 action is the key to become successful

Be careful as you meet with people of difference calibre. It is important you meet with the right people who will contribute in giving you meaningful teachings. This makes to think and become successful.

Which in turn give you a place of freedom in life to achieve whatever you want. The stratagems in thinking enable to succeed.

With the practice of doing your best, it brings assurance that the universe will not forget your effort.

Nothing is impossible in life when you desire it. If only you believe and work towards it, you are assured to get it.

No man is so perfect or talented that they don’t practice. But with continuous engagement on it put yourself in command.

We all work towards perfection. And every man who has done great work has one way or the other face difficulties before reaching his goal.

As you set to make up your mind, here are some nuggets that can position you:

  • Be steadfast and commit in your daily dealings.
  • Keep praying in all your days until you get there.
  • Keep believing in yourself; that is the first way to freedom

All the afore stated will help you; you will be astonished at what becomes when you diligently hearken to those nuggets.

Don’t think people who have gone far did it with magic. They all pass through all these stages before reaching their goals.

The way to freedom of life is to work your best through the universe. So, use the stratagems of thinking and make yourself successful.



#4. Life is a decision

When you are committed to pursuing the gift in you. Everything becomes flexible to operate. Thus, give you momentum to do more.

You have to acknowledge that it is the way in which success can come. Life is a place where you are faced with continuous barriers and challenges. If only you are ready for it, you would get there.

Those who are ready for it shall the universe gives the mantle of leadership and position them to take what belong to them.

When you are thinking positively in the plan of your life, the ultimate thing you need is to make yourself available.

You see yourself moulding for greatness. So you are the one who is in charge of what you want in life when you believe.

It is important to use the keyword, the stratagems of thinking so you become successful.



#5 don’t pursue crowded dream

Most times in life, we pursue crowded desires and dream that comes out from another person’s thought. We don’t care to access it whether it comes from our inner intellect or not. We just pick it because the other person has succeeded.

Until you find out what you desire, the strength to accomplish it will not come because it is crowded. Along the line you get tired and crashed

Thinking of what to bring out required consistency to make the difference especially using of insight. So, you can device the solution to the problem.

If you think well, you will see that you are different in plan; your uniqueness is the image of your talent.

At a time in my life, you can almost practice everything to know which one you can be better at.

Until you work hard in life, it will not give you what you want, even when abound. If you don’t work on yourself, you are likely taking it to the grave.

The universe is a dispensation of choices. So, don’t look for people to choose for you.

The room of improvement is when you choose the pathway of your inner ability. Which no one can bring out for you except you.

Look at the inner thing in you, the fact is this, you see more than everything you do. Absolutely, the pain and distress will be off you because you have found the joy to succeed.

Automatically, your thinking becomes upgraded and the fact is, the quest for joy is abound to any level.

Without the keyword, the stratagems of thinking, you cannot become successful.



#6 connect with your spirit

The peace you need supersedes all peace that is in the world. When you find peace in your work. Everything there becomes good and better to operate.

Now, you face any challenge with peace of mind. You are the secret of your peace when you know.

When the peace comes, you have no trouble anywhere again.

Therefore, you need knowledge, wisdom, power and health to achieve purpose.

Without this, your life would be without meaning anywhere you go.

As you think your day out with better consciousness towards improving your daily bread. Note that the universe is in charge and will never let you down when you press to the plan of your journey.

The universe is in charge of all knowledge and wisdom. So, don’t forget that as you think, so shall your day improve.

There is nobody that doesn’t dream! So, work towards it and see yourself becoming it.

So, it depends on the motive behind your level of assimilation that changes the cause of the future in you.

Making use of the stratagems of thinking, put you in command.


#7 take responsibility

You will come to know that change can only come when you are involved. This brings you into the corridor of riches and wealth of understanding.

Then, taking responsibility and work towards your goal is the strength to meet your goal.

You will begin to fly like an Eagle and your path will be unstoppable and undefeated.

Though, it takes some times to work on it to get better. And it would come through the push you implore into it.

Believe in yourself gives you the space to know you can do it when you are engaged.

You need idea to work on, know this: the Spirit inside you quicken as you stretch to get answers. Idea in any way is the act of conforming to the rule of knowing what you need to do.



#8 have a vision

To understand better, you need to read books to make sure you are in-line with the creator demand.

Life on earth gives you what you ask, when you wholly work according to the vision. Sure, you would get there without any element of stoppage.

Know that the best way to stand is to believe in yourself and hold on to universe for direction.

Think and you will grow. Nobody grows both in spiritual and physical without thinking how to grow on purpose. You must have a channel to work on.

The road to your greatness is never competitive; it is your desire that brings it to fruition.  And multiply you as you push forward to the prize.

Most time, we depend on people instead of depending on yourself. You know that no matter the mentors you have, when you don’t work it out yourself. You will not achieve it.  What guarantees it? It is your mentors plus work and the passion in you.

You will find some people who have mentors, but they don’t make head way!

The reason is this: they feel they have a great mentor who has done great things, but forget that their parts must be required to win.

You cannot become successful without the stratagems of thinking.


#9 freedom is cost

There is no how a referee will blow a win to a match without a goal score. This is how it is to know that your contribution is the most special when you think that you can win.

It is important to believe in your conscience in order to move fast and be enable to maximise the gift of life.

Freedom of life will cost you many things in life. You would have many enemies on your way whether you know it or not.

But the reality is this: when you encounter it, shake it off and find your way out to the next level of encounter.

To be sincere, many forces will come; persecution will come; and also temptation. But all you need to do is to move forward and never look back on the failure days.

People will be ready to criticise you in all ramifications because of the gift in you. do you know that any man the universe has made. Would be hated by many?

Freedom of life is the process of accessing what is in you and bringing it out no matter the criticism.

Know when you are ready to do well, others would not like it. You can successful by using the keyword: the stratagems of thinking.

People who engage in doing well are persecuted. So, your freedom will cause you much suffering but never mind. Face your daily push; by this your level of advancement will be sure.



#10 plan your life

Everyone who wants to change must start by thinking positively to know what he desires. To become the life of your dream means to see through the challenge of life.

Many great achievers have said good thing about work hard whether spiritual or secular. So, you need to expand your horizon by targeting and working towards it.

When you know what you want, it will be simple to implement what you have planned to do.

So, there is no how you will be a seeker and you wouldn’t know what to do.

Seekers in the other sense are thinkers; anyone who wants to be a thinker must first be a seeker. In order to establish the road of understanding in the place you desire.

Do not be discouraged at first instance if you are not getting what you are supposed to get.

It is important to know life is a pattern which demands that you need to know.

Better still, when you don’t know what to do, don’t give up because you have not gotten the pattern.

Some would say that it takes them many years to understanding the pattern to work on.

A thinker who is cogitating on what to do and can see the answer whether he get it or not.

It takes constant practice to turn one into a craft man. Do well to know that great thinkers are people who fail first in the voyage of actualising their potential.

In life, many people need to change to rise why some don’t because they have already changed.

So your going higher clearly depends on your thinking base. This is to say, looking at the past life will not help you to get answered.



#11 your environment is not your hindrance

Research has shown that your environment counts in your mental development. But success in life has nothing to do with your environment.

Rather you learn from it and look forward to the place where you envision.

There are many people whose environments are nothing to write home about but today, they are successful.

They are successful in life because they didn’t allow their environment or background to affect them.

Environment plays a sensitive role but it does not determine who you would be. Rather your thinking determines your future.

Never ascend to your environment as a barrier instead descends to your thinking as your barrier.

Environment is a way of knowing the good, bad and ugly to work with. Whether the environment is good or bad, it would still help you in shaping the better part of you.

Life itself is a choice; how you want it would depend on what you want in it. This is to say, your success in life will depend on your contributions by your skill.

Enjoy the idea that thinking is the recipe that would carry you to the place of your freedom of life.












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How To Become Successful In Life


Different people with different understanding about success. When you crawl through this material you may become familiar with the definition of success. And become the owner of success.

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#1 project your future

No matter what must have passed through your mind about success. It is all possible to all extent of understanding. Once you know what you have projected into your mind. The ending point of it is to work toward which you have seen.

Projecting your mind is as working toward answer and result. The more you cogitate about where you are going, the understanding pop-up to show you the way.

Answer to every question asked is guarantee to get answers when you know how to move in the point.

Once you discover that life is the projection and follow up you engage. You will always have the passion to push you beyond the original.

Since projection is the drawing board that moves what you intend to do. Succeeding in the venture will be inevitable without action to follow it.

People find solution, and ask question about what they don’t know. So, you need to understand the stratagem in becoming it.

When you are among these set of people, and you don’t know. The question and answer sections cannot be filled up.

They must be a place to know and learn throughout your time in this world.

So, you desire to be successful? Then you have to find the special talent or gift that you are born with. Everybody in the planet earth has a gift.

When you decide to follow to learn, you will be successful as those people you who are made

Many see success in different ways; I am not in possession to tell you how success is defined. Success according to me is where you have material possess, health and money to take care of needs.

Different people do not agreed with this. Money is not everything, but money solves everything you may have thought about.

Knowing what you want is the beginning of success. Because if you don’t know what you want, you might not work for it.


#2 work for what is your passion

There is nothing that makes a man successful than passion. You can come from a porous home and become a multi millionaire in future.

The reason is this: passion in a creative field brings harvest of material possess to you. So, working with passion is as a result of putting all your skill to play.

Once you follow this principle, you are sure of becoming the master of yourself. Poverty is not good, so material possession is all about making money.

Until you are freed, the gift of definition of success might be confusing you. Always thinking that you are alright. You can be, but if you are not made your mind. Well, money is the gift and the pride of life when you have it.

Poverty in the other hands is the inability to eat, drive, dress shop what you want. So success in life is the ability to work with passion on what you believe to acquire material possess.

People who work hard know why they are doing what they are doing. It will be unfortunate that you didn’t discover yourself after leaving this world.

This will be the wrong thing that will ever happen to you. Everyone is created in this world to succeed. But the simple truth is that, you must have to do something.

Look everybody who has succeeded you will see the ways they use their time. There, nobody will deceive you again. No successful man that has the nature of mediocre that ever succeeds.

So, cultivating the work with obsess mind to succeed is a daily routine. When you are not ready for this, it will be impossible to success.

Success is a secret journey planned by individual who wants to succeed. And, it is a principle that you apply that takes you there.


#3 train yourself to lead

As you discover what are your purpose is in life is. The mission you set will take you there according to the action put it.

You cannot dedicate your time on any product that you would not see the returns. It will be inappropriate to reason like this. So, success is a journey that you have to train yourself on it.

Many times you see things become somehow perhaps how you start. It will be good to know you need training whether from the informal and formal ways to grab what you need.

There is place section of it that doesn’t matter to the growth in the process of success. Once you have known the fact about this. It moves you faster to know more.

Some time it takes excruciating pain to learn how to move in the journey of success. It must be seen in the format of collecting information from other.

The fact it is this, you need a certain analytical to be able to know where you are going.

Nothing is sweeter than the truth when you know where you are going. It becomes practically to know what to do in order to success.

The very time you understand that success is good, than you will realise what to do.

You will notice that you need constant training to become who you desired. Every goal set and is met has followed the principle of success.

As you push to know, the ability is there to know where you are coming from. While we are moving the way we are is because we have done the needful.

Until you make use of your time properly, you will find nothing at the end. I have written some contents that when you search my website. You will be amazed what you will see.


#4 success is not cheap

Since success comes from a performing job, you need constant attention to meet the need. Once you see this kind of style, then you know why people make progress on a daily basis.

You need to know that, they have done something unique to achieve what they have.

So success itself is not cheap. You need to put down many formats of work to master it. While you are still looking for ways to improve your strength.

You need to pursue your purpose will all diligent.

Successful people don’t look the life so cheap that they lose the value of work. If for instant, you want to become a writer. You must have to read and write always to make you a writer.

This is why successful people are always in the lead because they know the formula. It is always working to keep fit. An Olympia knows that the day you stop to jog, you cease to become fit.

Different Novelists for instant have put this to notice. They writer every especially in the morning sometime till 12 noon.

You can see that they just not become best-selling authors because the world loves them more.

If you don’t know how to go about your success, you cannot achieve this. It is a fact that nobody can debunk it. A good recipe to learn why successful people succeed.

You must know what you want to work on. As a soldier you are for epitome. You cannot go and do a police work and get better at it.

Once you know your work, this is the place you can make a successful living on it.

The meaning of success is bestowed in our personal definition. Your success depends on the understanding you give to it, only then can you advance.


#5 your achievement lies in your hands

Your achievement lies in your hand. The way you advance will depend on the time you add to it.  So many people have achieved what perhaps because what thought as a young man.

Have you asked yourself? What are the indexes that you will succeed in life? There are many indexes you can when you know how. Below are some you can use:

  • mind your business
  • look critically what are the needs
  • be careful about your time
  • skill is the selling point
  • your passion is the success
  • put a meaning in what you do

There above recipes will direct your steps in what you intend to do. The world is always waiting for people who can produce what they want.

Once you can come up with something marketable, you are sure to know that you will succeed. The best method to know you are good is in the time you give to the work.

Walking and working they are different thing, one is to work on something while the other is walk on the road side.

So when you put the two together, you will know what you need in life. You cannot succeed without doing all. You need to work and walk to see and know.

Every successful person know that, you need to travel sometime to understand many things. Majority of people succeed as they keep their hand across until success is inevitable.

You cannot fail when you put your time in a productive and creative business in life.

See you have all what it takes to win the battle of life. You are a winner not what you say but what you do.


#6 start from where you are

Where you start has nothing to do with your success. The day you find out this, you will know how to front your life. Obviously, so many people don’t know this. It is truth that nobody can fight it and win.

It is the most important recipe in our life as a human being. For instant, Michael who wrote the best-selling book: the freedom of life was asked.

How come did he write that in the military?

He says when he realises himself that he can do it. He began to work on himself. From writing a sentence to a paragraph and to book.

It was not that, he was good at the beginning, but he realises that he can do it. So success can be delay and deny at the same time.

A man who works on his success can be delay. While a man who doesn’t work on his success will be deny. Michael finds this fact and works on himself to become a best-selling author.

The moment you deceive yourself about the things of your success. You will be denied by how you visualise and see.

Many people have succeeded and people will always succeed because of the same principle.

So, choose what you want, you will see what to do and you will it do better. The focal part of success is the time you invest on it that speaks.

For instant in negative way, Osama Bin Laden who destroyed the world trade centre did it in preparation. What you don’t prepare for doesn’t come to you!

Since success is a place where you brain storm about what are your intentions. Despite this, when you are not full in it. You might not see result. You cannot take this from the reality of the journey of life.


 #7 research to know who you are

You may be surprised that most time some of us don’t know we can perform. This keeps us in the dark place of life until we realise that we can.

Success itself is like a diamond. When you know is not found anyhow place. You will go to the place where is found to get it.

If you want to be successful, you must first discover yourself. Because it takes strength and perseverance to meet with the demand.

Every success has a demand, principle, priority and chance. So, if you know how to pursue this fact, life will be sweet.

Absolutely, people want to become rich, but they fail to work for it. Even those who have done blood money know the hard time they have passed through.

When you don’t research yourself. You will not demystify the secret of your success. It is a law that when you follow, you will know whether you are up to or not.

The better you start early and eat the fruit of your labour or the other way. The good thing about life is that, you must eschewed laziness in your premises.

A man who is lazy has a challenge of reaching where you should reach.

When you realise that the place you are going is tougher. Never mind, you will see the good thing at the end of the tunnel. Because perseverance is one of the nuggets why people succeed.

This is one recipe that successful people are succeeding. Because they don’t give up until the bridge is crossed. Once you confirm this, you meet the need of it.

There is a time to rest and reason again the way forward. So, always know your capability and strength is important.

The major thing that causes failure is the incapacity to continue in that very temple. This causes unsuccessful people to back out.


#8 success is a process

When you fail to succeed this doesn’t mean you are not good. Because success is process that everyone who wants must follow the rudiment.

As you always read and learn. Success without putting substantial effort, you will disable from the track. The reason is this: when you are not ready, it would not work.

It is not a place of playing your mind rather a place where dedication takes precedence. If you do not have dedication resident in you, you wouldn’t strengthen to overcome the storm of life.

One good thing about success is that, it takes you round itself and asks you whether you can. And when you are ready, she knows.

So, you cannot cheat success. She has everything on her to test you whether you can or not. This fact is observed in the working.

You must know her and how she operates. There you can tell how it would go. Don’t measure yourself with another man success.

That is not how you should operate from. Your mind is the place where you fail or pass.

When you look with the eye of the mind, you will know the measures to take and catch your way. Thinking about success all the time put you in control of what to do.

All the time people are working, and you are there doing nothing. How do you expect to grow?

Nobody succeeds by doing nothing. You only succeed by working and creating the platform of success.

This is only when you can be successful and become the person you dream of.

Since success is a process, you need to know all what it takes to move there.


#9 you can become anything

One good thing about life is that, those who see become what they see.

Former president Obama saw that, he could become somebody influential one day, when he realises, everything changes. And he became the president of the United State of America.

Suppose he didn’t visualise it, he won’t have worked for it. So you become who you always think about when you work on it. There are some natural and spiritual forces that work hand in hand.

And always working is the using of the mind. This is why many people are excelling any day and any time.

When you observe and reason at the same time, you know that, always in life, she produces all the various she needs.

So, you are in the right time to start what you see that is possible. You need to push to see that you walk mile every day as you think.

It is important to realise that you can. And when you view this, you see yourself become perfect in what you just started.

Since doing your work is the source of your strength and your livelihood. More energy and synergy have to come your mind to push.

The source of life is the product of what you know. Therefore, you need extra momentum to get result. The fact about life is that, you must have to know the very channel your strength works for you.

Once you put your mind toward the substance to produce or become anything. You can become of it and change, transform and increase people around you.


#10 discover yourself

How to discover yourself to become who you want to be is in you. Knowledge and observation are two of the ways you can discover who you want to be.

Suppose you know what has been spoken to you then you will know what to go about life. But you don’t, and you want to clear doubt that you can become.

It only takes these two recipes to demystify the secret on how to change your destiny to what you see.  Many people who discover their destinies happen to come from anywhere.

This plays significant way on how to discover destiny. Mike once told a story about how it became a writer.

That so many years ago he began to learn how to write rubbish. Then was what he can do better.

After some time on it, he becomes better and better on it till he became an editor of books. So, stories of life teach us on how to go about our lives if we want to improve on it.

The good thing about life is how you handle how you think and reasons matter.  Smart people learn from action than any other place.

The way ordinary people view process of life will be different from others.

The essential recipe is to know what to do and how to go about it. Every person is this world is a product, but until you refine and redefine, you may lose your product.

The world enjoys good product. If you want to sell better, you should know how to go about your life. Your product must be distinguished and enlightened to be sold more in life.

When you pursue distinction, you would know how much energy you need to put on it.

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How To Become An Effective Leader



Every effective leader is as a result of working hard to see how the mission laid on you is always activated.

When you hold this into your mind, the adrenaline pushes according to the target you have given to your life. An effective leader takes charge in all areas of your endeavour.

You pray, work, study, learn and press toward the place where you are born to work.

As you know not everyone will know how to play football as well as golf. You are born to be one thing in your life, as long as you are in this world. So, what is your game in life?

Except you have made up to be different in the statistics of life. You would not make head way in the statistics of life. At the same time, means you are not doing anything and expect different. This will not be possible.

Every effective leader is a product of everyday working, commitment and making strategy for the push of the future. When a leader is not found in doing this, you miss and become automatically a failure in the game of life.

Be it that, you can become effective when you are ready. Nobody is born into it but you learn into it. So, once you know the reality of what you want as an effective leader, you become progressive in your dealing. And become more effective as you work through.

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#1 A Leader Must Good In Reading

There is no different between an effective leader and reader, these people work effectively anything they want to do. That means to be an effective leader you must become a discipline reader.

Without knowledge of any kind, you bring yourself to limit whether informal or formal. You need it for you to be an effective leader in your place of work. When you read the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell, you would learn more of this and grow wide in it.

To become an effective leader in any endeavour, reading culture must be inculcated inside of you. Life goes with knowledge as well as experience that make you effective in life.

The most effective leaders in the world know the importance and the effectiveness of reading. It gives you strength, understanding, wisdom and might to focus on the challenges of the day. In order to succeed in all spheres of life.

Without reading, the ability of a man becomes slim to operate in the higher realm of calling. When you listen to people or leaders around, you will know the usefulness of reading in building leaders in various sphere of life.


#2 Overwhelming Challenge

When you operate in this frequency, life challenges become inactive in your way. You become commando over all the battle of life.

Most people take this for granted but it is the most effective journey of man’s life in producing by exercise both in physical and other wise. When you don’t exercise you turn into the place of unskilled perhaps, you might not know.

Just like health is wealth and you are not taking care of this. You will make all the money in the world and live in danger and suffering.

If you want to know, desire sickness in your body, or go to the hospital and see how people are feeling. You will know how good it makes a body to feel good.

So, exercise is one of the recipes that take you far in making you effective as you prepare for it. Because once you fail in this place, you have failed in everything that concerns you.

The life accepts both success and failure, so depend on the place you choose. When you say, you will not fail is conditional. In the sense that you are working not slothful about life. If not, you will become ineffective in life.


#3 You Need To Be Spiritual Minded

Then you need to be spiritually understanding of the world. The world operates in this capacity, so if you must work, you must work with prayer to guide your affairs. To become the leader you have destined to become.

Do you think nothing is happening? No, something is always happening. So take note of where you are. Praying makes you effective as exercise does. So, it is too importance not to take this for granted.

To become effective in your carrier, you need to be good at your work. Becoming effective is an avenue to be good in other word; to be an expertise. This put you in the power of life affair where people come to buy your service.

It is paramount to train yourself in this mentioned word more than you do. But as you know all this cannot come without being discipline. It is the origin of what you want to become.

The reality of everything we will be talking about is this word discipline. It takes this word in you to earn respect in the world. It takes this word to get rich. It takes this word to travel all around the world.

Becoming an effective leader is a price tag that you must engage in to succeed. When this word comes to play in your work, you would be strengthened no matter the challenge you face.

Doing work effectively is as a result of discipline you put to work you believe on. Without this, there would not be any effective leader in the world. Mandela Nelson stayed in prison for twenty-seven years only to become president for one term of four years.


#4 Learn From Others

You can see that it can carry a man to any length and breadth in this world. Once this is achieved, you become an expertise to the world.

Another way you can become an effective leader is to learn from people in the world. Where you learn about culture, tribe, ethnic group, racism, language and countries.

This is where you become an effective leader no matter the place you enter. You can still perform and become good in everything you do.

This is why; you would see a great leader knowing almost everything in the world. The measure of leaders is seen in this place of authority. What you command and control makes you effective in all ramification.

You become who you are by the level of acceptability you bring to yourself that determines the level of your performance.


#5 You Must Put Action To Work

Don’t waste your time doing nothing. To become effective is to work well and hard in what you do and believe. To perform better at your work place is the result of your earlier training you put.

To lead well is as a result of the application you utilise that brings about change. In this level of understanding, if you have not changed. You have the opportunity to convert your time to become an effective leader. It is never too late to revolutionise your life!

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how to become an effective innovator in business




“You are given to change the world.”

–  Superman

When you are given the wisdom and power to change the world by God, how do you operate to impact the world? What are the necessary things you need to follow to take you there?

After knowing this entire thing, would you continue with fear? It is too gracious to begin to absorb all this process of reasoning, imagine a man who thinks he wants to rule the world and he is coming from a slump background, what would be the possibility to grow? Of course, we all would say is never possible, but reason onto all those words of impossibility and reason again.

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If people are making it, by whose power? Whether you come from a slump background it is not less to take you there, what is above is giving yourself the considerable time to master what you are envisioned to do, you will see a massive turnaround that will engulf your path!

To conquer the world demands your power of imagination that you have, it is the only sole energy that you can give yourself by yourself that nobody else that can inject in you or put in you.

To change the world with your work is too important to overlook if you are to become that person you thought about. I know you must have thought about it, but once you begin to follow it gradually, you begin to see the possibility of becoming your mission dream. It is not in a career but in what you can produce for the world.

People with great imaginations always dominate the world; it is a fact about the world setting, so until you believe, you cannot have that power to dominate to produce for you. Life changes by what you have conceived not what you have seen to believe.

What you have seen could be one of the ingredients but you must know how to imagine to add value in others to grow by improving people around you. Now, perhaps, you have used someone material to foster your mission by reading them or learning from them.

More importantly, the message of your mission is to sing in your mind daily, it has a positive impact by affecting the inner place that creates for you.

In the world today, people are continuously creating, but you would not know because you have not filled yourself with the knowledge to bring imaginative wisdom to innovation.

You will just think nothing is happening, millions of people are engaging their brains to change the world, if you think you can, there is a possibility for every sense of imagination. Without you engaging, you will stay dormant all the years of your life thinking you are not capable.

I have read many books, but I read one book that changes how I think, “the Bible” so what if I didn’t read that book that changes my mind? I would have just looked indifferent in the way of life.

Understanding all this mystery will open a new door of wisdom that will take you again and again to another place that you can think and make progress.

I started believing in myself little by little I began to write a phrase to sentence to paragraph and a whole set of a book, can you imagine the mystery? Oh. You can, that is where I know that practice will make you worse and worse until you are better and perfect in the game of understanding.

Now, it takes no other teacher than yourself to begin to accelerate to know what it takes to move, this is the place where nobody can teach you except you.

It deceiving to disbelieve, you must not have a teacher to tell you everything you need to know in a time you want to improve your skill. Moving forward is a personal journey that nobody tells you exactly how to go about unless you are on it, the mission will not come up.

Life is opened to all but depends on who wants to move forward because there are forces you must cross to pass where you want.

The more fire you set in your heart will make a power switch, the better your advancement in the mission. Once you have considered making your faith available, you are sure of making the plan work.

A mission-oriented person is a man who checks with interval how he is doing whether he is making changes or not, that will show him whether he is moving forward or not. If your mission is not to change the world for good, you have no purpose to make a change to multiply in the world.

An idea is a seed which if planted and taken care of will turn into a product that you would beat your imagination afterwards that comes from it.

The mission of a man if he wants to change is that way of life that actively putting him in charge to put things right. The more you try to make a change, you would see yourself begin to work towards the position where your zeal is, without being told, you will see the position becoming closer to you.

Changing the world means, you have to bring the idea that will bring the material possession that will make it become a reality.

More often than not, the people you have to follow or make as a mentor should the people or person that teaches you his best part or brings you to the light of reality.

Some leaders in their perspective wouldn’t give you a full idea to boost forward because if they do, you would stop to reference them, so they are afraid. It happens everywhere, you would be enlightened to understand the discerning moment knowing how to make it work.

The concept to change your world is not their hands, so button up and finds the way to teach the way. It is very important to consider the deposit that you have to make the definite plan to bring the reality into play, so you could change the plan; while thinking about all the thought to consider the journey of perfection it.

A man who wants to change must surely know the importance of putting effective ideas to defeat the opposition’s plan over and over in his life.

Be mission-oriented on your vision day. Your way of doing things is a result of the best level of agreement that you have been meeting day by day that would change your destiny.

Meanwhile, you cannot say, you want to improve yourself without doing the necessary things, which would take you to develop the defeating strategy of yourself first.

It is revealing to know that, those who are working smart in the work of life will meet their glory along the way. If you believe this, and then your working plan with action is not in alignment, you are missing it.

Looking at the world you would know that you have your path to play if you believe in the faith you have, it will work for you. It is a word that everyone is using to achieve, both an Atheist and a Christian.

As a Christian, you believe in Christ to take you where you want by guiding you to overcome the evil of the world. If you think that you as a Christian you are the ones exercising faith, I will tell you is an English word to be understood by the belief system you are operating.

A long time ago, as an unbeliever, I had faith to do what I wanted to do, and I believed that I would do this to improve my well-being, earnestly. It was working little by little but not as a born-again Christian.

Over the world, faith is being worth, so if you think you have faith as a Christian, I would still tell you as an Atheist he has faith in believing himself without God. Are you saying things would not work for him? It would work, but one thing I learn from the Bible, says, it would only stand as a memorial on the side of God.

I’m just trying to crisscross some words used not only in Christianity or any religion but all because you are saying that a man who manufactures a machine has no faith, so don’t think of you as a Christian you are the custodian of the word faith.

People are making history, so by faith, you see the substance you hope for, and the evidence of the vision you are not seeing, that is the meaning when you want to engage in a productive event of faith and God has said without the word, He will not hold on you as a Christian.

That is why you would be surprised that, every religion still makes some little impact along the way based on the faith they have, when you embark on this, it would happen.

As a Christian, you think you have God? Then begin to project what you want to invest in your mind, it would work, don’t mind about the time, the place of insight belongs to God, so use it to make a change. I tell you; it happens as you push to distinguish yourself; it will produce whatever you believe to do.

Providing for your mind is the most definite and productive gain you can imagine for yourself. It is important to know all this so you can grow in the imagination of your belief.

Once that is done in the first path, you are sure of the rest, God will make it possible, you are the one to make it solid first, everything you think is possible, as you begin as you are thinking, God is waiting for what you will bring out, He will dance with you when the time comes, He will make you know that nothing goes for nothing if you want to change your world, your hands must find something to do before His fingers will appear in your life.

People, who truly make it, are people of great vision and mission that have never want to give up despite the cost; it is a way of improving what God has put in your mind to do.

It is your insight that produces the sight of what you think is possible, without moving and changing the knowledge base for effective and efficient working, the paradigm shift comes naturally.

Until the insight is wide, you will not change the world, until you task your mind, the insight will not eliminate the deceitful point of understanding where you are going for creative force. It is the power to consult your mind properly that makes you a changed man.

It is the inside those changes, the rest still be in the same shape, remember that the future has nothing to do with your shape or how you look or how you speak but how positive you could be an adventure.

It is what you carry and the insight that changes what you want and makes you who you are in becoming that personality of your thought.

It doesn’t matter what life is, what matters is your insight, a man is made of not his body physique but the calibre of his capacity to develop. It is not by how beautiful you are that you will make the world; it is who you are inside that will work for you.

God never created people because they are beautiful, so they will make it in life, it never works like that. There is no possible fact that a lazy man will succeed in something, the grace of God is the labour that makes people put you in the place of grace.

A man who has written a Bible is a man who will be rich automatically without a doubt. There is no doubt about it, that is to say, has laboured in the words of knowledge, so if you want, you have to do this, for the grace of God to work in your life, as it has worked in people who have laboured to write.

There is no mystery in the place of recognition, when you think you want your faith to work better, then you will have to know that knowledge, when cultivated, arranged, and produced, would work for you.

You have to know that knowledge has no respect for rank, title, position, class, and what have. My reason changed from that moment, the mission began to blink real to me, it allowed my mission in the insight I got to switch to where I thought would be possible.

Find where your mind is, and you will begin to discover yourself little by little as you improve on that capacity, things will go your way. Advancement in any form is the product of dedication, discipline, personal encouragement, and severe perseverance to link you to the place of your joy.

Because when you have crossed the painful part of the struggle to do it, you will come to that place that you can spend time labouring without thinking about the hours you have put.

Show me your work, I will tell you what you have gone through over the years. It is very easy to discern what someone has gone through with the time being spent. It is important to know all that, you can make a change mantra to what you believe.

Importantly, your work is your riches, wealth, and the material possession that you would have at the end of it. Many people have known this, so you can see that, stars cannot finish in all field of labours, they would continue to come because some people have known that it takes a long time to be a producer of any kind.

The Bible says, “Work out your salvation with fear and trembling”, in order words to make what you intend to do; in other to fulfil the plan work God has given to you.

When your plan does not cultivate with an interval check to know part-time where you need to change and know, it would bring a defeat action at the end of the day to you.

It good to know what you are doing, whether you are improving or not, that perimeter is to ginger you to work and move quicker and faster to attain your glory.

When you think that only that plan without action on the mission, you would not strike the major break that will release you from the train; it becomes the dead-end of an unhappy story in your life. You don’t need anyone to console you, for what?

There must be a time you have got the unbeatable understanding for a change! It will be a terrible thing to think people should adore you for your lack of momentum to overcome the pain and change the course of life.

The only fact you should know is that people have done it, so if you cannot do what God has given you to increase, then you should have yourself be blamed for your weakness not the power of the opposition in your life.

A man, who wants to change the world in his little way, must encounter things that only are not going to be good in the first instant, but perseverance will take you there.

Making your life is the basis because you must overcome the perilous patterning of the world in other to make a change that you have given to do.

Every mission whether secular or otherwise, there is this place of dismay sometimes you fall into; looking at the way people would not want you to do what you should have done with ease.

Give yourself a chance of change, which would mean, the action should speak more than ordinarily a plan. When you have come into that place, I tell you, you find yourself in that position of appreciation where your opposition will not have any say again.

It is your persistence that is important not only the plan because almost everybody can plan, but not all can execute or put an action-oriented mission to work. You are the selling point of your life; you cannot carry anything to the marketplace and expect to sell everything.

It would be calamity when you think that, and without a selling point, things wouldn’t work out as planned. The world doesn’t operate in that angle of faith, despite who you are worshipping, it would be unfortunate to you as you think in that angle of position of the mission-oriented action plan.

It takes a genuine mind to engage in a proper mission-oriented plan in terms of organising to achieve the break of your life. If you are sure you want to move and change the world in your little way, something you believe that would be a selling point needs to be activated to give you the best-organised level of bringing it forth.

Any idea that is not to change your life is not what would bring the desired change so you can as well reverse and look for a place of impact. The way you look is different from how the mind is looking, so what you see with your eye is different from how you see with your mind. A changer looks from the mind; where change is a mission statement idea to control and to create.

Once you have conquered the place of an idea which is the mind, you are sure of the goal that will find the great fulfilment in the possession of your access that belongs to you in Christ Jesus.

Like I have said, faith is for everyone, it is neither one religious belief nor tribe, but how you look with the eye of the mind that would work for you. Working to get their means, you must continue to reason on the way out to secure that faith-minded plan that you are settled in your mind to do.

Since you have known that this is your idea, do not forget, that is every great company begins with a little idea, so don’t take your idea for granted, it would be that the world is waiting for you.

People are ready to carry on the idea, so don’t think people are not involved, if you are not involved, God will bring many who are ready for the game to advance their selves in that place you feel is not good.

See; let me tell you, there is raw wealth in every idea that is inside your mind. If you are diligent, you will bring it out by the power of God in your mind. Take a look at yourself; you will see a light that only you know that when you are earnest, you will manifest the hidden secrets that are stocked in your mind for your progress.

Competition is going on everywhere in the world, it is content to show forth which one is better. So, when you are not serious to bring forth your idea, another will bring his in the same name of God you believe in.

It is a fumble to think that God loves only you. He loves everyone that belongs to Him but guides those who are ready to do wonders in His name.

The world is for you when you think you can, that is where the idea starts when you say to yourself that you can, the seed you plant would begin to make change every day of your life when you put a conscious time to it.

Now, I have known this. Can you say this to yourself? You are reading this book? “Everything is possible to me as I follow the spirit of the Lord to usher you to the place of light for creativity.” I see you investing your time to build your life, with that, prosperity is sure.

Now, you have understood this, do you want to remain a person without value? I think this is an important question to know what you want in the place of an idea. Think wisely, you would not be limited to that place of doing great in life. The moment you sell yourself low, it would be like that from that junction you have kept to that effect.

Know that, once you have conceived, it has to take the law of growth which normally is the period where patience is the place of learning. When you plant any seed, whether you go there daily to monitor it, it doesn’t matter, when it reaches the time to sprout up, it would.

Life is a seed, and you get what you have planted, you don’t pray and think something big would just happen, it is not working that way, and there must be a seed you plant to give you a fruit that you need.

And when you have planted, you need to know that, every seed that is planted, needs continuous watering and nurturing to meet the need for growth. Now, you have known these, what are you doing? Action must be put in place for continuous progress in your life and the society at large.