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8 effective stratagems to become a best-selling author



#1 write wrong

You begin by writing wrongs in your writing pad to become an author. Every best-selling author you see begins in this realm, you would learn well as you read this material and see that, where you are is not bad rather need to improve on to become who you want to become in the pathway to become an author.


Too imperative to notice this; keeps you in the place of your improvement or polish as you push to become, the momentum shifts you daily as you write from the wrong side into the perfect place of becoming it. There are times in every author life, where it was not easy, but what kept him moving is the power of focus which is the strength to defeat every ignorance in your domain thus taking you to come into perfection.


The more you write, the better you become. No genius in the world who writes better that had not experienced failure in one time or the other to make brand of himself. Many a times, we have seen and heard how authors give their testimony on how they began and how it were impossible as they went through different kinds of failure to reach where they are today.
“If you don’t have time to read, you will not have the time( or the tools) to write.”
-Stephen King


#2 read like mad

No writer who becomes a best-selling author that has not read different kinds of genre of books to find the best on how he thinks. The moment you find this place as a gift, you have conquered the first part of becoming an author.


You must have to read to get  idea on how to go about writing in all facet of life. It is a craft when you do the reading more and it is writing that first put you on stage, this gives you edge in the ability to write and become an author. For example, every good dancer does rehearsal daily before venturing into the place of spectators in showing to the world in the dance.


This place is the same in the area of writing as well doing the reading more. Many people who don’t know thought that, authors don’t read much, I tell you they are daily readers and writers as  place of rehearsals to produce good works. Reading is first one of the pathways to become a successful author while writing brings you into your imagination as you push on it, you see yourself becoming it. You don’t get it cheap but inside the place of reading and reading get you into the dwelling place of imagination to get answered.
“Read, read, read. Read everything trash, classics, good and bad, and see how they do it. Just like a carpenter who works as an apprentice and studies the master to know how perfection comes reach. Read! You ‘ll find out. If it’s not, throw it out of the window.”
-Williams Faulkner


#3 be a thinker

As you prepare to become an author, you have to think on what you need to write, either novel, motivational books, or article. There are many instances you have to think on what to do and how to process that you have thought to become, but the reality is this: when you are not writing, you cannot be an author. By thinking always, you are building your inside muscle which is one of the recipes to see far and become the image you want to become.


Once you grow in this, there are some patterns of life that shape the skill or craft in moving you to the place of imagination, which is always push even though you are not getting there yet. The character you create will help you to move or stop you, it all depends on the strategy you put that will give you answer. You don’t succeed by acknowledging other works, but you move on by what you write to the world.


That is where you can be recognised by what you offer to the world. It is too important to lose this portion when you have known the secrets of life. The gravity shifts to give answers to all your needs and answers to your personal questions as you widen your horizon.
“I write to discover what I know.”
– Flannery O’Connor


#4 understand which genre you want to learn

You reach a certain stage of writing and you become confuse whether you are getting it or not, it is possible you are or not. By understanding, when you write always you are improving the craft to perfect you in the future.


You cannot be deceived or confused about this stage when you can demystify this, obviously you would know where you are doing right. Thus, you need to know the genre you want to align yourself, so you can begin to train your mind on it to possess to where you desire to know and reach. People who don’t write, writing is easier to them, as such they fail to write what is expected of them.


When you meet authors, you would know how difficult it takes to write what they have written. Being in the side of inaction brings you into the base of procrastination thus make you to fool yourself at the end of everything.
“A writer is a person for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.” -Thomas Mann


#5 learn from your error

Writer or author learns from people’s mistakes, this is where the essentiality of writing begins, so you can learn from your side and learn from other too. The more you learn to make mistake, the better you upgrade your sense of responsibility to fire the unquenchable taste that put you into the place of become an author.


It takes many times in practising to give you all what you want. The idea of learning from people’s mistakes is to quicken and familiarise yourself with all what it takes to put in perfection in a long process as you move with the skill process.


Making mistake is one of the places you learn the next level of understanding thereby causing you to maintain your standard until you are grounded by the singular act. Writing is a craft like other skill, it takes effective time management to become a good painter, as well as the same action takes you to become a good writer.


The times consuming in the act of knowing the next direction pushes you to become of it and quickly improve on where is needed. When you say to yourself you can, energy to practice comes to enable you to work till you become better. When you stretch to become of it and abide by the standard of improvement, you will always get there.

The reason why people become what they become is they practice in the reality of their craft. If you want to be a best-selling author, you will have to put substantial time on your craft to get answer.
“Learn from the mistakes of other. You can’t live long enough to make it all yourself.” -Eleanor Roosevelt


#6 believe in yourself

The first thing first to become in this place of authorship is to believe that, no matter the circumstances, you will overcome and become the person who you have desired. There is no creativity, innovation or invention in the world that never time being time consuming.


If writing is not consuming your time, you are not eligible to become an author. It becomes simple only when you are matured on the game of time consuming. The essence of believing in yourself is the function of lifting you up to obtain the place of correction and polishing.


The reason why people who are making wave in their crafts is the understanding they have that put them in the action to bring their desire fame to the world. Until your mind is focused, the seriousness will fail to produce the desire result. Words are your tools as you go through the platform, you would always see reason why you will want to improve on the skill that you intend to become a millionaire in the closer future.

“Words are a lens to focus one’s mind.”
– Ayn Rand


#7 improve your capacity by practising

It is a place of fame and wealth, if you know how to go about it, you will become a millionaire and invest in another place where you will have profit on your own. The business of writing is a big venture all over the world, so when you look unto this function, you would find the ability and capacity to push up till the time you become perfect.


Money is received from people who buy your books and they even pay you for your service that you might want to render through invitation.


When you improve on this, you inevitable develop others to become like you because you have kept the material for the younger ones to tap from it. Sometime you do not just read a book just for reading sake, but read the application in order to apply it. Especially where you come from is porous, it gives you courage to wonder beyond the normal way in making sure you achieve your desire. Remember this, people who were the same circumstances as you are and they stretched their minds, they reach where they desire when they follow what it takes.


Skills are important especially in this dispensation, where certificate is loosing value as skill is taking the whole world on ransom. At the tail end of former president Donald Trump, his administration signed a law that gives authority to skill first before certificate. When you observe well, you will see that, certificate plays a secondary roles in making it in the world of business and wealth today.
“Almost anyone can be an author; the business is to collect money and fame from this state of being.”
– A.A. Milne


#8 read authors’ autobiographies

One of the quickest ways to know, is to read more of autobiographies of people who have made it in the world in term of your desire. Especially being an author; you find yourself being distinguished in your pathway. Too important to neglect this unfathomable stratagem to improve the quality of your being helped you through experiences that people have gone through to achieve success in their pathways, less you will miss the good pathways that reading autobiographies bring.


Autobiography gives some good experiences without knowing, it brings raw knowledge to know on how to go your way that you will not fail in the place you ought to learn. This kind of knowledge is as important as the apprentice grows to become the reality of his belief. People learn from different ways, as such it gives them direction especially the autobiography that patterns with their own strategy of writing.


The mission is, it is the fact of awareness that put you in command. As you always know how people who have done it do it, you quickly ascertain the principles in aligning yourself. The cost of become an author is verse to be compared with to give you your daily result which is money and fame as you push to sacrifice the time it comes on the craft.
“Autobiography begins With a sense of being alone. It is an orphan form.”
-John Berger”