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How To Build To Succeed Despite Negative Circumstances


As you know, there is no human being on earth that ever succeed without going from one challenge to the other.

So, if you have been going towards this part way, you are not wrong but understand the journey is important.

There are people who have passed through more than you and they all succeeded.

The very moment you have realised this, you will be exonerated from every charge that the challenge will bring.

Despite your circumstances, you can handle all and become the master of your fortunate.

The more verse you discover yourself the better you will handle the circumstances and over come it.

How to build to succeed despite negative circumstances increase your level of action.

This really happens when you strongly believe no matter the joint plan of the ignorant.

You will always success from one level to another. As you move to engage your challenge, you become strong to know what to do next.

Growing in the pathway to succeed despite negative circumstances is to keep working even though you are not getting it.

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#1 You can still succeed

Despite the prevailing situation, you have to stand on your ground by telling the failure that you will overcome.

This can only happen when you lift your insight above the challenges of your place.

How to build to succeed despite negative circumstances is between you and the other place.

The place of succeeding is where you don’t give up while the place of failure is when you give up.

This is why you must always challenge yourself not to give up the feeling of failure to wrap you down.

Your strength to win and succeed is the muzzle you gather that will strengthen you to pass.

As soon as you push and press, the universe will be there to answer you and get you paid for it.

Don’t give up, your time has come despite any negative feeling that comes, say to yourself you are the king.


#2 Don’t look back when you are going

When you begin to look back about where you are going to, you will be disappointed every time.

So,going forward will be impossible to move because the energy that works this is not there.

How to build to succeed despite negative circumstances is the boldness you give that takes you there.

Looking back is doing yourself harm. It is impossible to succeed when you always look back.

And when you push to see the reason you should succeed, you will know all what you need to know.

Succeeding is about your choice whether you will give up or not. This will depend on the reasoning strength you apply that changes everything you desire.


#3 Ensure you are moving

Make sure you are moving from your failure to another failure without looking back. This is where you can change and move to the next level of your life.

You can make the change despite the negative circumstances if you stand on your ground.

It takes the moment of believing in the right direction to get it done in the right pathway of life.

How to build to succeed despite negative circumstances is to overwhelm the place of failure.

failure is a negative power to discourage you to stay back.

While success is the power to look front despite the negative circumstances.

You need to know that your life is the negative circumstances you have passed through that builds you up.

It is the mystery of growing especially when you know what you are doing.

This place of understanding will show you the itinerary of boldness to climb the mountain when you stand strong in your dream.


#4 Circumstances hinder you

Circumstances don’t hinder men with little strength but it brings down strong mind without endurance.

As you push to see far, you must know that your life depends on the push instead on the failure you see.

For instant, if you have never gone to the sea before and you go, your life will not remain the same because of the experience you have seen.

You see the wave of the sea pouring from one wave to the other, you will be thinking what kind of life is this.

With the level of your kind, you will know that without experience most time, you cannot know life better.

So, your negative circumstances is not your problem if you know how to go about your life.


#5 Take yourself uphill

Taking yourself uphill is to know the kind of mission you have to accomplish.

When you know it enables you to push into the reality of your journey.

Circumstances might surely come but when you stand on it, you will clearly succeed and pull it down.

How to build to success despite negative circumstances is to see beyond the ordinary.

this is when you change the failure to experience and then to success.

The depleting moment of your life is biggest failure of your life when you don’t know how to use your life well.

Many have seen this kind of circumstances and they are succeeded.

This is to show you how better you can do to pull down every negative circumstances in climbing uphill.

There are times, you might look too confuse whether what you are doing is wrong or right.

Obviously, you are in the right direction when you don’t stop in what you believe is your goal.

This itinerary is a place where you absolutely decide never to go back despite the pain of failure you will see.

Obviously, you are in the plane of getting into the place of your accolade when you continue.






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How To Be Calm Despite The Negative Circumstances In Business


“The purpose of my life is to humbly serve our Lord by being a loving, playful, powerful, and passionate example of the absolute joy that is available to us…”

– Tony Robinson


The aim and purpose of life are to make life goes down by doing whatever you are good with passion and humility to attain the great dream you have given to yourself to pursue. No purpose is known that is not accompanied with joy, love, and gladness that takes you to the place of success.

At a time in life, you will not be grateful about how things in life are going; as a human, you have the resources to make sure everything works accordingly.

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I came to realise when I read the book of the proverb in the Bible, it took me some time to realise that this life is not always that we will find joy, peace in the cause of travelling to the promised land, but giving ourselves the peace, joy, and gladness despite the trouble of the prevailing circumstances make us the person we believe to be.

Not quite long, things began to unveil in a new style of life which normally I wouldn’t have known if I was not engaging the word of truth.

Ordinarily, the true peace of life is to accept Jesus that deals with every substance of fear, grudge, and trouble around, ultimately, the wisdom of God is in the understanding not ordinarily knowing the word but applying of it that gives you result.

No great work without passion, which is only then doing it takes you to know what is needed to achieve that pathway of success by diligently towards the mission.

Initially, I took everything for granted, but as I handed over the work to God, everything began to assemble to what I need to arrange.

The knowledge of God takes you out from the deceit of the world, I mean in everywhere. Because some of us have suffered deception even in some house of God.

The way to overcome the lies and fallacy of life is to know the wisdom of discerning, which will help you in knowing the truth from fact, which is when you will get to know the way to succeed.

It takes you out and gives you a sense of understanding of the operation of the world, how you can make your world through the understanding of the wisdom of discerning.

I’m grateful to God for knowing what I should know for me not to be tossing and carrying away to where I would not achieve my dream.

Once you have reached this wisdom, that where you have been planted by the rivers of water, where all forms of deception are cleared in your lane. Nobody deceives you again; I mean you will recognise every fallacy of the deceiver to be made aborted every time it comes.

Nobody grows and becomes powerful without the power of revelation; it is in that you know more than what you would have been taught through mentors; knowing the form on how to activate the revelation of God to achieve your goal.

The journey of spiritual awakening is where a mentor plays little or no supervision, you just need the revelation of God to keep your balance, Paul didn’t need mentors before he was doing all those works.

There is nothing that you pass through that God doesn’t want you to know, He brought all that for you to know in the future on how to operate to be successful in knowing all this, so you can be mature in the Lord.

You’re growing up to become a leader in the process of knowing the truth from the fact that will lead you not to follow the trend of men but to improve in the truth.

As a leader your heart must be strong to decide on positioning your dream in the strength of the Lord, to face the consequences of what you have said or done, that makes you a leader. It is the ability to come up and say this is wrong; in that junction, change the error and go your way. Social media is half solution for a quicker understanding of the truth and lies.

It is the place where every reasoning and thinking come to a place and compete for a solution. I’m glad to say, it has helped even me today to understand some fallacy that has been going on even in the processes of change.

It doesn’t mean because we are Christians, we cannot challenge what is wrong in Christendom; we can so we can have the freedom of life.

When the word of knowledge is cleaned and cleared people will not be reasoning and be thinking about the error, it is when the words are spoken are full of error, that is when people speak against it.

Every Christian has the right to challenge what is not good, prefers what he stands for is right, and then production is certain in all sense of imagination. We want to make this world a better place; we should be passionate enough about the true gospel of Christ.

We have reached the time where the thing will be revealed and discussion will be opened to people to discuss, and know that people are given to know the power of God through the gospel.

Now, we have come to realise that vengeance belongs to God, not man. We have come to the point that God makes people successful not human beings, we have come to the point where the eyes of people have opened.

The revelation of God has kept me knowing what shouldn’t have been the truth and what people say is true. It has shown me the truth to know and follow so that I will not have myself to blame.

The greatest wisdom one can get is the revelation of God in your spirit in discerning what you shouldn’t have known with an ordinary eye. It tells you everything that you need to know and do to overcome the power to turn things around.

With that, people cannot take advantage of you to remain consistent blind on how to succeed. Part of the trend says giving is bringing riches, well I don’t want to say that for now, but to me, it is the media to show that God is the giver of everything, not that as you give you will be rich.

Riches are not part of giving, people who are rich and wealthy today, some are not givers, so riches alone is in the likeness of God to his people.

Some say they have paid tithe that is why they are rich, it is not the truth, and you are rich because God wants you to be rich. Giving is human, no religion in the world today that is not preached about giving because God knows some people are poor, so their giving will help to increase the standard of some.

I have the right to say this because I have been given the mandate to say this. I encourage those that are rich and wealthy to help those that are not because is not everyone God makes rich.

As a leader, understands that not everybody will be rich in so doing, when you are blessed by the power of God, please extend your giving to people who don’t have it so they too can have something to appreciate God for life.

Tony Robinson says, he wants to be passionate about life, so the place of giving is to change a life through his foundation. God wants us not to pretend about life but to leave an exemplary life like Jesus Christ.

If an Atheist is giving more than a Christian to change a life, you could see the deception on what we hear, preach and do, in another word, a Christian supposed to perform more than any religion based on the true gospel of Christ.

Jesus Christ was more than passionate about the care of the people, He fed more than five thousand people aside from children and women, has anyone done it? That is the question we need to ask.

A true leader should know that when God blesses him with riches and wealth, some should be spent on the people not for the pride of the wealth as a Christian.

No, that people with wealth and riches from God are not the righteous ones but because there is a job God wants them to do, God releases it for them.

If you are not liked, why are you with the Holy Ghost? Every true Christian has the Holy Ghost, but not all are successful, so there is a need to expand our riches to those who don’t have.

It is not a sin to be poor, but when you have and do not dispense, it is not good. Because less than 30 percent own the wealth of the world for more than 10 millennia, so this is the time were talking about rich and giving to the poor should not be overemphasis, so that we all can leave in a better world of our own.

The essence of life is to give and that giving will not result in riches. The bible says, givers never lack, but the term of giving to become rich is not sincere teaching.

I talk about this issue because it has been bothering my feeling, without reasoning, no knowledge will be better to produce results.

You have to give yourself a path of place to reason, so you will not stay back in the world. It is better to make this world a better place and add value to the coming generation than to stay without.

Let have a purpose to serve, when you know you have a purpose you will contribute more to society and more glorious things will be done through you.

Our skills are the most important thing that we need to work on, so the great premises of giving will abound to us freely in dispensing the power of Christ through us.

The more we give time to what God has asked us to do, we automatically find joy, peace, and goodness to better society. Heaven is the place after this Earth, so when you fail to produce in this world that God wants you, what would you produce in Heaven that God has already prepared for? This is the place (Earth) where all effort will be put on deck to produce, multiply, creative, and innovates to make this first Heaven a relaxing place!

God wants us to multiply on this Earth, so we can enjoy the things He made before we ascend. God created you here to produce, to be functional, so you can be happier about the things that He created for us to enjoy.

Your passion should be in creating something for yourself, so you can have something to give. It is not new that when you give you will increase, giving is all practice system in the world today.

The people who practice this more are the rich people in the world because they know that if they give to, they follow rich, it will be replicated back to them in one way or the other that is the practical truth about this word giving.

Nobody gives alone and becomes rich in the world, it is just to do with the practice of the world, not religious followers alone.

As a leader, you must practically know the truth in that, to know what to do in a situation that looks unbearable to the present term of comparison.

A moment in life, there is a particular time to agree to disagree, is not bad even as a Christian to disagree with what you do not understand.

The knowledge you know today might be useful tomorrow even though you didn’t understand it at that particular time. Once you have that passion for the truth, you will always find materials that would boost your knowledge base to understand in difficult times.

The truth is an everlasting joy to you when you have found it because the moment you find what not to be; you stick with it, you will not be unstable to move in the things of reality.

The remainder will be coming unless you are not conscious of the true gospel of life, it might sound okay, but that is the true gospel.

When you start to break down what is true in the side of God, it doesn’t matter where you are serving, you can be serving as Bishop in the church, and still stick your mind for the wrong.

One bad thing about the power of leadership is the contextual mixture of knowledge to amend people’s minds, you know that is not true but you stick by it because you want to gain entrance to your world.

God is merciful and joyful, if men were God, everything about the world will scatter, because we will quick to judge whether we know the root or not, so far, we have listened to the content of the word whether deceitfully or truly we will push to get our desire.

Humility is not equal to prudent; you can be humble and be deceitful to the core; is a technique of life that I have seen. God looks into the inward of man, but man looks outward to judge regarding what we hear and see.

God is not even looking for the perfect man in life, but the prudent in spirit to work with him, and that doesn’t mean man will not change.

Men change according to the circumstances in other to choose life, a man that is humble today might be a terror to follow human tomorrow.

What is the cause? Power and money. These two instruments are the powerful dominant nuggets in the world today. You have money, you dominate the situation whether your idea is true or not.

As a leader is good to renew your mind to entertain the reality of life especially to have compassion for the less privileged, in receiving and giving.

History keeps revolving, the man you know today without money, tomorrow is a billion, God is no respecter of anyone, what you put in your heart to do, that is what comes your way.

When your mind begins to reason beyond your environment that is the end of your struggle in the place of success. Why? It is the starting point of that great idea that is beneath you waiting for exploit begins to function.

Everyone’s destiny is sure according to his imagination and when compassion follows, it becomes the origin of your invention in your world.

Sticking to it is the platform of the manifestation of that idea, it is the place of making and discovering to bring what is inside the box of wealth and rich in you.

There is hope for anyone who comes from an impoverished background to rise by believing in his heart, that everything is possible. You must stick to what you believe is in that, the mind works to bring what you have continued to imagine. If you don’t work with your imagination first, you cannot develop anything in life, because it is the god in you that brings out the great idea forth.

Nobody celebrates a nonentity, it is the pattern and truth about the thing of life, whether secular or spiritual, there is no place to be deceived or confused.

You will be recognised according to your productivity in life that is the reality that you need to work for your dream to come forth. Until you work out your brain, nobody will ever celebrate you, or praise you for what you have not done. Look at the world today, people are celebrated according to who they are and their contributions to society.

There are cooperate dream brethren but limited, I tell you the truth. Work out your salvation, this is the time to know and engage yourself to bring out that which the Lord has shown you to do.

I have heard a word that baffles me, I began to ask myself, is there any place in the Bible calls cooperative tithing to make up individual wealth? I’m a born-again Christian. When you are not careful to know this entire thing, you will think is genuine for your lifting rather not.

That is the power of imagination, without it being ascertained in knowledge, you will run unfertile developmental concepts you are working on in your future.

I began to hear a word that is not in cooperation with God. Now, people will be celebrating that because they don’t know what it means, but when you know what it means, you begin to struggle to change the change.

But until you are given the power to change, you cannot do it, reason: Jesus Christ was saying, not all that call my name will enter into His kingdom. Some talk about prudent, but they work in the opposite to meet their self-demand.

Talking about Heaven doesn’t qualify that person for Heaven; people are meant to be extreme and good in saying a nice word. Judgment is not in any man’s hand; the power of judgment is the power and might of God.

Today a man is born again; tomorrow he is backside because of the thing of the world. When you are listening with the heart of discerning, it will help you to safeguard the glorious things that you carry to better the world.

You have come to know when you listen to the right people around, people that have known and have not diverted from the truth, when you begin to hear from them, your listening heart begins to fill the space that was emptied.

When the world of your heart is empty to all levels of understanding, there will be a missing link to bring your creative mind to function.

When God created the world, it was void, until God spoke to the plane; it never became something, which is how you need to hear well in engaging the reality to discern. Everything being created was one time nothing, until those people link the reality, nothing was done.

Before anything can be created, it has to come from the mind which is the place of linking everything to the essentiality of God’s word. With a free, compassionate, and joyful heart, you can build your world in the product you want, which means your life is the product of who you are.

Essentially, there are places of rutter that need to be ascertained which take many levels of understanding to get there, irrespective of the place you want to move to, the position to foster your way is very important to follow.

Many have come to realise that, what you don’t have, you cannot give out. The knowledge you know, it’s the helping hand to forward you to the next sense to understand how to achieve your desire.

Life is peace with knowledge, so the thing you need to do with truth is to understand the building capacity to work on, which will bring the required change in your life.

Leadership is a class where you almost learn to know all a little before you can be a specialist in your field, there are many ways to produce as a leader, when you fail to move to that place of reality, you lose everything to the enemy of yourself.

Ignorant is the big enemy one needs to fight against because the substance for advancement is the journey of understanding in which, it builds the quality of your idea to produce.