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faith is the determinant force to be successful in business innovation


“A small body of determined spirit fired by an unquenchable faith in the mission can alter the course of human history.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

When you have faith like a small Mustard Seed fired by your discerning mind, that mission will break the course of your narrative thought by the conviction that God is the source of life; you will succeed.

Many who have made histories are the product of little faith. Without you believing in yourself, there is no strong faith that can take you to the next level of change that you desired to become.

This conviction with this unquenchable feeling resulted in many breakthroughs through believing yourself. Believing myself despite the shamble environment I operated in makes the difference. Without the grace of God, I would have bent my head downwards in regret of not reaching this height of a writer.

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The strength of a leader is the conviction of the permission to believe from the inner self as a result of improving your passion for what you believe in; working on it daily without recourse, you will succeed. Improving your faith little by little is the key to excel in whatever you do.

Ultimately, the gift of life is the passion you give yourself to stay without doubt and distraction, you will reach and conquer the spirit of ignorance. Sometimes, you need to know that your knowledge is the half-beating down of ignorance.

It starts from understanding the spirit of ignorance and the ability to develop the power of defeating the strength of the enemies on your way to receiving what God has in stock for you. Now, when you fire that unbeatable spirit out of faith, it gushes the power to show forth the power of conqueror in you.

There is time to think that, your success in life extremely depended on the way you talk out through the possibility of insight in bringing the victorious power to work well. Be wise to know that knowledge is available at all times especially in case of the day of crisis.

Now, this mission will not be accomplished without the little contribution you set for yourself daily to make the big break. Once you have found the act of adding value to your work, you would not only overwhelm the power of your ignorance but you get insight to move on.

I have seen that is not by power or might of a man, but by the spirit of the Lord in you that provokes the belief and faith to make you a better person in life. I have seen that, when you add value to what you have faith in, you would surely make success and advancement in the mission you set for yourself.

I have seen that, when you cooperate with the King of kings, you would win your battle against every adversity that set a trap against you to put you down. Since all these are for the period, you need to add the knowledge of the Lord, He will give you victory to all extent of your unconnected ignorance.

The trust in yourself beats every other verbal utterance that may want to propel your system because every system of speech is a way to motivate you to produce despite criticism of any kind. Ideally, the basic need of every skill to bring forth seed is the capacity first to know that, you are responsible from the beginning to the end.

No matter how skilful you are in your field, the strategy of practising is what makes you excel as a better talisman, so if that is the aim, then you have to work in that way till you achieve success.

When you make your way to the point of believing that, everything you need to succeed is perseverance; to improve your talisman tempo there will not be an impediment. Some believe that humility alone is what God needs to bring success to their lives. It is not true; success is different from humility and working smart plays a significant role in it.

I have come to know that, there is a difference between a humble spirit and a hard-working spirit. There are ways of addressing being humble for success and being hard working for success. When you begin to know all these, you would not be cheated by crooked sermons that people are humble doesn’t mean success will come their way.

There is the power of success in every man who is hard working whether the person is wicked or not. When you are humble you have an integral aspect of growth for success, which will turn you to be a successful person.

Now, that you know life is from a different perspective, the more you are wise in this world, the better you become in the journey of life. To be humble helps you in your career, but when you do not put match action with a word in your career, you will fail thinking that you have humility without God’s blessing.

It doesn’t work like that; you have to put something on the ground before God does something for you.

A man who does not have something to think about will not have something to overcome that would bring him the place of reaping – When that is done, there are reasons to know that, the spirit of creative power is the door to break into; it gives you the home you want to live, the children you want to have and the kind of wife you want to marry.

Leadership spirit is the urgent need to make a change, if you don’t put that path of urgency in your life, your contributions will not press the place of hallelujah. No matter how prayerful you are, when you don’t back it with creative knowledge it comes without result.

I have learned a lot in the process of writing this book that, there is no how He will not bless the work of my hands, because He has confirmed to me that, God will bless me through book writing.

So, I have a selling point that He has ushered me to know if I will do what He wants, the blessings will never cease to come. Now, God has spoken, if I didn’t follow that pathway, would God bless me? That answer should be for someone out there to answer.

I have known this, now; the idea has captivated my thinking that, as I put more effort, my creative power flows naturally to me.
The meaning of knowing all this will take you to the power of victory in all sides of your life, and will break all hindrances to take you to the Promised Land.

Knowing what to contribute take a step further to see and change your level to become proven of the Lord. I’m a motivational speaker as well, so now you can believe my position. The early you start something the better you become mature. The good thing is that your brain must work to see that you meet with the time the leadership skill is needed.

When you don’t take a step, you miss every good thing that will take you to purchase every of your plan to make good His glory come to pass. It is very important to know that, doing this will make good in your life and bring better things to you. If you are a Christian, and others are non-Christian, what would that society be like, it would be a society of different kinds of vices.

So, there is a need to know that in a society, there are different religions, tribes, and ethnic groups to work with, so the best way to live your life is to believe that God is the ultimate by working through your dream.

Don’t be deceived, everyone who makes money first will benefit his family, before anyone else. So, there is a need to think about your struggle so that God will do something to transform your generation. You need your society to be transformed so that understanding, wisdom, skill, and knowledge to make a good environment will be provided.

I would tell you why I need to be transformed; to make my life easy as possible to give my generation an understanding of the essence of life.
Until you have a selling point, riches will be hard to get inside your house, this is because you have to have something that would make you marketable in the world to get resources; alone money doesn’t fall from Heaven.

No prayer brings money from heaven, it has to be a point where God has linked you with something to produce or services rendered. Your desire is what makes you who you are, the method of this is that the place you keep your passion is wrapped with wealth and riches when you come to understand the world better. We are in the dispensation where money is got through different means of working on the internet.

A leader knows what to do and how to go about life to get money out of life; it can be either in a wicked act or in a righteous act. As I said, there is no righteousness in terms of getting money. Money comes through many devilish or ungodly acts, so it comes from anywhere, but the source of ours is Jesus Christ.

Every righteous money takes hard work, wisdom, and smartness to understand the act of getting it, when you don’t know, you would think God hates you. He doesn’t hate you, but you have to find something to do, and you would see the power of His blessedness in your life as you put a time to grow.

An idea does not just come; you need to pay for the idea to be creative to make money, not just money for riches but the provision of your secret in the presence of God. I have come to understand in this aspect of God, you must do something for something to come. I became a force to reckon within myself because I know this, I will not be ignorant to face what it takes.

Wisdom is profitable; she will not tell you that what to start, but she will direct your discretion to make a good plan for yourself. Without unbeatable reasoning, the wisdom of God in your life can be submerged quickly when you don’t understand how to go about life.

As a Christian, I began to know that, nothing goes for nothing. I need the idea to get money, if I don’t have it, I would be an ordinary man no matter the God I’m serving. It is a fact of life, don’t almost deceive yourself that you just need one miracle, I tell you the truth, your idea is the biggest miracle you can ever think about.

Venture into an idea, God will give you victory to overwhelm your adversary to position your mission to make the great change you desire. As you move close to God with prayer, supplication, worshipping, and praising for the ready mission, He will open the door for your closed door.

When they say God is fulfilled to fail, it means, when you have come with your good idea, and you are better at it, He will be too fulfilling to leave you alone.

But for a lazy man, how would you say so, when you have not gotten an idea to make a mission that would set your mind ablaze, how would you say so? The idea comes from a fire mind that always reasons in an inventive way for progress, in that, the blessing of God would not sleep down the drain which will be the biggest miracle you ever know.


A lot of things to know in the development of the mind, a man with a knowledgeable spirit is a strong man by nature, he would not be afraid in the days of crisis as such building in the raining day. I feel good about what knowledge has done for me, I do not think initially it would be good as of now, I thought it would not carry me to understand how life is worked upon.

A man who wants to get rich or wealthy will not be in a career job, he will make what will make him rich, it may be by business, creativity, manufacturing, and others, except in the five percent of people who work on their career work and get rich.

As non-commissioned military personnel as I write this book, one five percent of the personnel get rich at the end of their career while the rest remain poor even when they strive within the job.

Get busy by working in diligent research about who you want to become and abreast yourself with what it takes to know your mission on Earth, then you would find the answer to your life.

Life is beautiful when you begin to know the aim of what brought you into this world, it doesn’t matter your age, what matters is to recognise that you have to do something in this world to promote your God-given talent. Anything you are doing now is for you and God because He has given you the power of dominion, to multiple and achieve your purpose in life.

By that, you get to understand the need to expand your way of life and advance the beauty of the world. It is more than necessary when you begin to understand your plan and mission in this world, you would be motivated with an unquenchable spirit when you know what to do to achieve what you want.

You cannot lie in this matter, when you do, it becomes worse in your side, not the side of God, but your mission on Earth fails and this will bring the spirit of fear to dominate every angle of your life.

While I took advantage quickly of what I had seen, I thought that, if I followed this dream of writing, I would be a better person in my society. I went quickly to abreast myself to give reason to add value in life. Like I said in my first book, nobody wants to parley with a poor person no matter the religion you practice.

It is a fact, don’t take it for granted. I know how poor people feel when they are closed with the rich people, they feel subdued and not having a steady balance because of the feeling of poverty that they have.

Every religion in this world today has poor people, either you like it or not, I just want to bring you to know what I’m feeling about. With this sense of reasoning, you can see that the idea you push will also determine your riches in the world today.

Even though I would not cover all, you would know that money does not fall from heaven; it takes effort, energy to call things forth to establish into your world.

Sometime ago, I thought that I wanted to be rich, but I don’t have that feeling of anything I can do, after I read Tony Robinson’s book, this idea of books writing jumped into my understanding; I strove in my mind, then I began to get some idea about how to write books.

I pushed and now, what I was thinking to begin to happen, the idea is sufficient for me now to know what life is all about. The mission of aim came to pass by the singular act that I have told myself that I must improve my life to make a difference and a changed man altogether.

The mission now is alive to my body and soul, I’m not confused about what to do, since the world is the place where idea strives, I would strive to make money in the world.

You must drive your mind to the fullest to give you the desired idea to make a good living, once that is achieved, the whole body will be full of light to concentrate more on a better society. It is in ideas that you can be good, without this: your requirement to grow will be limited based on who you are made up to grow.

The moment you know what to do, you are good at that first instance, but you are closed to your point of the mission, and that is done with the aid of investing the time you need to grow.

Life is not a place to be taken ordinary if you don’t know, the more time you put in your gift, the better to fix your mind in a stable circumstance to meet with the demand without being threatened out from your mission.

The mission of life is determined by the force you apply that will give you the entrance to get what you want. The pattern of life is different from one person to the other. If you must get where you want, you must single-handedly position yourself first before a team is formed.