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Discipline Is A Key To Fulfill Destiny

Discipline according to Oxford dictionary “Is the act of practice or training people to obey rules and orders; the control behaviour or situation that results from training.’’

when there is no control in any behaviour towards achieving a goal; the effort to achieve that desire may not shine in the right direction.

One needs continuous training in a particular endeavour or field for a considerable time to effect a change to manifest the needed strength for the dream to take sharp for greatness.

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The idea to succeed will always work with the infallible proven wisdom of the subject above as you engage the voyage of countless junctions of pressing forward.

No great achiever works different from this as the sustainability of the said word of improvement where giants are raised in different field of their endeavours by this act.

Anyone might use difference approach to achieve success. But there is one of the recipes that every good achiever uses: ”the law of discipline,which is required to reach or get the best out of you in achieving the goal that is set before you.

So discipline as propeller allows anything you embark upon to be polished and becomes irrespective of the field, whether in sport or technology or business.

It pushes you to become who you are whether you black or white. As a sure way of illustration, Gold is found as a result of continuous mining for a considerable period of time in searching, query and extracting from the place of origin. It takes resilience in bringing out what is inside the ground to be extracted.

For you to have freedom of life, there is need to phantom the strategy of work towards perfection, which little by little brings you in closer day by day.

As you have known it, Gold is an epitome of success principle by application of the process in the level of achievement.

If you properly learn the intricacies of it, you are in the sure way of achieving your planned goal.

Therefore, the process of refining gold could be used as a study to the road of success in all ramifications in the pursuit and the voyage of becoming successful when you have understood all this strategic attached to it.

When you don’t put more discipline in your work or job, your target is bound to suffer defeat by the act if not applied; it’s the prerequisite to obtain the goal when you see it from the raw stage to the finished product.

Success comes when you don’t accept defeat, if not, there is no way you can reach where God has destined for you when you don’t employ the true in the fact.

God is a disciplined Spirit, He created the earth in seven days.

If God was not in the subject of disciplined, He wouldn’t have created it within that time frame to create the heaven and earth.

If you have observed some of the professional footballers who play better than others, you would find out that the difference is the discipline that some of them had inculcate in their wills for long period of time in bringing it to action that cause their achievement.

No good success comes without self discipline which is the secret of every successful person in the world today.

This means that, the act discipline is the opposite of laziness which may come as a result of hard work against procrastination you may have known to succeed.

This word discipline is where geniuses are born into the world, where talents are kept, where problems are solved. The Bible says, ”Study to shew thy self approved unto God, a workman that needed not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15).

 He knows that everyone who wants to understand Him must dwell in the knowledge of Him, to work as Him who created the world in seven days.

That is why discipline must be put in place for great accomplishment in life, outside that, your freedom of life is barricaded with mirage.

Don’t let your life to be used by emptiness, rather, take charge of it, and see if God will not give it to you as you have planned, so prepare for what you believe, inside it there is freedom.

As you read this book, I know God will open your eye and understanding to know the things of the truth and the wisdom to understand the mystery behind success in taking you to where you desire.

It takes you as workman to go far in life not your background as speculated by some writers who said: bad background is a barrier for success.

Although when you give heed to it without putting this subject into the vision, it becomes the barrier.

There are many people who came from a poor background and made it to the top with the help of their vision through God who strengthen them as they act.

You should always know that discipline as an act couple with your dream, you can drive to the top of your life as you push to handle the business God has put in your hand.

The Bible says, Sees thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men” (Proverbs 22:29).

It means laziness is the inability to discipline yourself or lost the coordination that will put you in the level of command and power to rule the destiny God has put in your hands.

The world is waiting for men who are discipline, so make yourself available and you will not regret for what will germinate and transfer to you.

The world will respect you according to your status, if you are an ordinary man; you would be looked as ordinary, if you are a reputable man, the same applies.

Your respect in the world would be based on who you are and what you are made of anytime and anywhere, this is the truth.

The world is an open space that allows anyone to choose whatsoever he dreams of or wants to achieve, so build your faith in the most judicious way by discipline to bring the gift out in you, there you would know the world better than you expected.

So there are no limits in the drive of life, but there are restrictions you may give yourself automatically when you don’t follow the recipes to become of it.

There are possibilities in every realm of innovation and creativity; you must know that it is what is ruling the world today.

So think and reason on what you would produce to your nation or to the world, so as to be that person of influence that changes the paradigm from the wrong to the right pathway.

Anything you need would depend solely on what you have put to work, but you might not achieve it if you are not a discipline person.

Many years ago, I was disciplining myself in reading books even with the less time I had then; I know then that I was too choked up by my work, but I had to focus even though it would take stress to do it as a lance corporal in the Nigerian

Air force collecting nine thousand naira as salary, six thousand naira was used in buying books,  despite the meagre salary I was still disciplined to set myself approved; so where you start from doesn’t matter, what will count is your dedication to what you believe.

The Bible says, Though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase” (Job 8:7). No great work that does not start with small, as you press to the glory of God, everywhere will respect you and bow for you, then you are sure of a better end by doing the right thing in bringing the benefit which will come as you wait and put more effort to it.

Several years ago, the world was operating on hard copy books, now you can hold up to three hundred books on your computer device.

But it took some years for the researchers and innovators to create this, but don’t forget that, it started as if it would not have been possible, but with the constant push it appeared suddenly as real to the planners, so there is possibility in your room according to your skill and ability today.

Now you don’t know where the world is taking you to, you might be the changer of the world through discipline in what you believe and focus.

Even though you are given a divine mandate to rescue the world of sickness, disease, curse and plaque, you need to be read in the discipline you choose to penetrate you into the secrets of life in order to do the work that He has sent you.

My brethren, discipline are one of the prerequisites for breaking the gene of disease, poverty and illiteracy in life and to overwhelm the forces of darkness in your future.

No successful man ever accomplishes either divine or secular goals without applying discipline.

You must know the intricacies; is the ability to sacrifice and to keep yourself diligent in the calling that makes you the giant you are.

Any calling for leadership is a calling to dedicate yourself so as to help and contribute to the world better than you met it.

Dream and vision don’t come to pass without the function of discipline if you must change your level, it could be in any field.

Discipline is when you don’t feel like doing something but you are doing it with pain without an option; that is discipline.

Know that it is mandatory for you to do it even when you don’t feel like doing it because that is the only way success comes to you.

The irony of it is that you must do it to achieve the desired result if you must achieve success in the dream you have.

Even though I never had plenty money but I still suffered my stomach to buy books, some times, I went to bed without eating because I have used the last money I had to buy book for the day to increase my knowledge fountain.

Each time I read one book and I don’t have money to buy another book, I feel frustrated because I valued it and I know that it is the only hope for me to get out of poverty and illiteracy.

Which is the highest insult of life whether we pretend about in church or in secular world, but that is the reality.

There are many ways one can be illiterate in life: when you don’t know what to achieve or do. You have turned your spirit and soul to be an illiterate person because you have not known what to engage on to bring your heart desire to win in the world of distraction.

I know that if I didn’t get myself to be read, even God will never have approved my calling to where I am today as a reality of my pursuit.

I also know that it is still the grace of God in my life, but you need to give yourself to study which could facilitate and enhance your freedom of life.

If you don’t have something to do, then you are not helping the place you desire to extend your future in the cause of life because God built this world for us to increase it not to reduce.

Whether small or big, you can start anywhere and reach to the peak of life by engaging the dream with passion, I am sure you will be transported to the place of your choice.

Just believe and accept God who is the maker of all possibility, He will show you the way and open the closed road that the enemies must have attacked you based on your ignorant.

Your destiny would not be reached until your part is played to the fullest, then you are sure of the return of the proposition of your works.

I know life is a journey and it starts with a step, but if you don’t take the step, it will be hard to think you can reach, but with your hand fully on it, the end shall be glorified to your amazement, that is no doubt about it when you start.

When you start and believe it is finished, the remaining ones would be passion which you will enjoy later in life without stress.

Everything will just be flowing as if you didn’t faced that kind of horror as you go ahead to fulfil your destiny that looks impossible from the sight of the eye, I write freely without stress now, even with stress, I still write because I have passed through the days of ignorant.

All success stories begin with small, and grows until it reaches the top; it is discipline to rise up at the odd hours to work on yourself and strategise what need to be done till in the morning; pretend in the your working place if all you are to feel you have not done nothing at midst preparing for the future.

Many professional footballers trained extra time at night when all their colleagues would have gone to sleep or rest, behind the scene is what makes the difference in life because of the extra practice you have put, when nobody is there to see you.

They always put themselves to dedication and courageous in attaining their victory; secret is the hardest formula to know and is not cheap, but when you know the secret, you don’t give place for mediocre again.

Each time you put to discipline, persistence, consistency and perseverance you move to another height to show you are improving in the right direction to attain your desire in life,  knowing that you are already on the track of freedom of life when you believe to do.

God enjoys people who are discipline so that He can entrust unto them with: wealth, riches, wisdom and power. As heaven is higher than the earth, that is how God ways are in some cases.

For you to achieve perfection in any field, know that there is no magic in time of it and comes through hard work, meanwhile some don’t put it this way but they work every day to put things together.

If you permit me to say this: watch out what you do with your time, which is the diamond you have to work with, time has no reversal no matter what happen in the world, when you don’t make use of it you lose it.

People who know how to discipline theirselves use their time are better and are people who will reach to the zenith of their career that is what is called: “the power of smart in the hand of the men’s.”

Discipline calls the glory of God to come down and help to uphold the vision and dream God has given you to work.

The world is waiting for people who are disciplined to be celebrated, so be one of them by bringing and putting your mind to work.

People will always clap their hands for every real achiever because it motivates them to have faith and believe in themselves by learning and observing from the people they cherish to be their idol, because it will open the room for all kinds of possibility; without this key word ”discipline,” it wouldn’t be possible to anchor a great destiny in life.

Don’t mind the oppressor that is standing against you, when the time comes, he or them will flee from you and give way for the throne of grace to start working in bringing the great faith to believe and work on.

The Bible says, ”When men are cast down, then thou shalt say, there is lifting up; and he shall save the humble person’’ (Job 22:29). Anyone who stands against you thinking you would not succeed, he is a liar.

Your destiny depends solely on God and not on man, they may pronounce failure to you with their devilish tongues, but God will pronounce blessing; lift you up because when Balak hired Balaam to curse the people of Israelites it didn’t happen as planned because God was involved; that is what will happen in your case.

You don’t need to know what they have planted or said; all you need is to look on to the King of glory, the finisher of our faith, He will deliver you from the curse of the wicked.

He is awesome to everything you believe to do; the experience is for you to phantom why He created you to carry the right plan so that at the end you will know that God is the earth thereof that is what you need.

This act has kept me wide to know that without this act I wouldn’t have got the needed experience to believe that I can do what I am doing because how deceit the world can be if you don’t know God.

By knowledge most time you cannot learn what you need to learn when you have not got some light experience in taking you to the point of observing, understanding and reasoning to give you the answers to life.

Discipline is the platform when you are ready it will take you to that place of your choice you had imagined to bring out in other to change the way you are; to better way regardless of your environment.

Anyone who wants to make it must have this spirit in him, otherwise the road will be more rougher than you expected to see (ignorance) but when you bring in discipline you are sure that every obstacle will be treated according with regard to the capacity of your thinking.

The idea of discipline works in every field of endeavour, so the more you are to what you think is possible, the easier you begin to see thing cheap in the voyage of life, when you don’t see thing to do, you as well not discipline to suffer for it.

Success comes after discipline, that means if you want to succeed, there is no way that you can avoid the strategy of this subject which brings out the best of your energy to produce in any capacity you intend to build to advance you.

It takes you to be sincere to yourself for the good things that you want to do in discovering who you are in the body of Christ.

If you are a believer, and you don’t see the skill to believe then, you have not done what Paul called, “I have finished my cause,” to reach where someone will take from you, as Paul did.

When you begin to know that it is only when you are subjected to that you cannot bring out nothing, you will know the parameter to know to take you there.

So many people think it just natural to do it without having to practice, but for those who know, decide to keep on moving until the road block is rode away.

Every good success has some barriers on it, your working in it takes the barrier little by little out to reach to that place of glory, where everything will be working as if you have not faced any challenge on it before, that is how it works to all extent of skill.

And one thing you should know is that, even discipline is never an automatic in either looking or observation, but it is the form of following all what it takes to do that you want.

The major thing to clitch is the sincerity you give that tells whether you will succeed or fail in the course of your duty when you accept the hidden term and condition to the point where you believe, you will get there.

Nothing is more costly in term of success than discipline, which is one of the difference recipes that would add and to speak for you anytime as you have given yourself to practise, it brings closer to your desire end.

When you understand the mystery behind the truth, your level of achieving will be farther from what you will see, so the issue now is, what is the skill you want to log in to or business?

Or have you realised that if you know you can? Then practise what you know to get there, the rest will be story to write or discuss about? There is certain thing you don’t have to worry for when you have known the secret of life by the act of discipline.

When discipline fails everything changes to the path of failure, whether you are gifted or not because is the cardinal point of every success.

When Solomon failed to discipline himself with women, he failed and said vanity upon vanity all is vanity, that is not the correct word that he would have said, but because he lost everything the word of failure began to find way in his heart.

If acquiring wealth is a sin, God would have been reducing how He gives wealth and riches to the people of the world, so you can see why you should be a blessing.

Every successful person in the world knows that when discipline is not taken, the good and perfected gift is molested because the sustainability is lost, so the path of failure is opened; the choice is your.