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10 Stratagem Steps On How To Avoid Divorce

how to avoid divorce


Every relationship has its up and down whether you court and learn better before getting married or not. The idea of coming together is the agreement that no matter the boisterous wind of negative circumstances that come, you are more than a master to overwhelm the place of divorce.

For a relationship to work together especially as spouse, there is need to make allow your spouse to know the knowledge of two become one.

There is no perfect relationship; rather it becomes perfect as you give space of endurance, tolerance and forsaking to each other offences, which are how relationship becomes perfect as time goes by.

For instance, if a learned woman gets married to unlearned man, the only thing that can help the relationship is tolerating one another of ignorance when it becomes necessary.

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#1 forgive yourself first

Forgiving yourself comes with element of seeing the big picture ahead that brings you into the place of love. Divorce is an instrument of destruction through the medium of separation.

The moment you fall into this, your stability in life whine down no matter how you pretend about it. Forgiving one another even in the area of infidelity generates humour of good working together.

Life is good especially when you remember the old days of playing; romance and reminiscing about how things used to be especially in term of communication by renew the feeling of the richness of the relationship.

“It’s always better when we are together.”
– Jack Johnson


#2 take time to understanding the need not to separate

As you understand your spouse, the need to love works more than when you don’t understand, so it takes tolerance to operate in this magnitude of love devoid of offence to absolve the challenge relationship comes with.

The more you love your spouse, the more the environment becomes feasible to deal with the error that comes with it.

When the system of understanding involves in making relationship better, it renews every bad feeling that comes to play in the relationship.

“To fall in love is to create a religion that has a fallible god.”

-Jorge Borges


#3 there is no better spouse outside

When you begin to think the alternative of your spouse you fall short of the reality of your love, thereby bringing in irrelevant atmosphere of not trusting your spouse giving way for disagreement.

Your personalities are generous and important than when you people are alone. When the two contacts come together, it causes the chemical of love to saturate to every part of your system to cause love in improving where need be. This kind of contacts involves the two in agreement to make transformation process possible.

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”
– Carl Gustan Jung


#4 withstand the challenge

Every relationship has its own challenges, hardship or queries, but this comes when agreement in the relationship is tied with love in the form of hatred.

To identify whether you are strong to be together or not that will depend on you as move to stop every negative form.

When these trials are coming, you know literally is coming for test or weakness, when you give heed to weakness rather than test, you fall into mirage instead of reality.

So, when you make one lower, you limit the other person down. Love in relationship is as important as each of you, so see the relationship as the place where everyone has right ways of life; you will enjoy everything about your being together.

“Never above you never below you. Always beside you.”

– Walter Winchill


#5 understands the error of divorce

Divorcing is an error, perhaps the mistake of one of you. It is not a nice thing for one to decide to leave his or her partner in the sake of infidelity, especially in the women foes.

So, as you prepare to enjoy the relationship, there is need to know that, we as humans, then if we are, the element of forgiveness should be the end point, so we can live a good harmony with our love ones.

Understanding in any relationship will not be over emphasised, so the need to understand your spouse well gives reason to work against every negative thoughts that come your way.

“Mutual understanding is the main backbone of every happy relationship.”

– Edmond Mbiaka


#6 make no mistake about infidelity to destroy you

Guttama Buddha gives a definite understanding on how to attack the place of divorce.

If a man makes a mistake, that shouldn’t warrant the place of divorce perhaps he has slept with somebody else, you just take advantage on that and place yourself in error without appropriate check.

Look unto the love and the things that you people have went through especially the sweet path, it will change the narrative for good.

Infidelity is common, but we should know about the magnitude of destruction before taking step that will impede the relationship or destroy.

The early time you begin to adjust yourselves, the better your lives become civilise to dominate the environment of error in your relationship.

“True love is born from understanding.”
-Guttama Buddha


#7 you will never see your kind of love again

Your love for your spouse shouldn’t be alternative because of one mistake or the other rather looks on how happiness of one will make the difference.

When you spend time to know the important of relationship, the rudder, it mitigates the power of divorce.

Your happiness, your home and your relationship come with happiness as you give the essential issues of life into your relationship.

The more love plays its roles in the home, the relationship grows in the essentiality of the change that love comes with.

Once you engage your love with the institute of forgiveness and sacrifice, every impediment goes away immediately as a challenge thus bringing indefinite love in the centre of relationship to please all.

“Love is that conditions in which the happiness of another is essential to your own.”

-Robert A. Heinlein


#8 your passion is to forgive

When you have passion for yourself, the love automatically whines in to bring result which is the energy to give in what each of you believe.

Socrates had gone deep down in the pattern of love, so he knew the answers to be in harmony in any of the relationship he found himself.

The mission of relationship is to love, and when you engage this, it becomes the rudder of looking up to the essentiality to improve the relationship.

There is different between being passionate and to forgive, when these two meet, the result is wonderful. While others are complaining, you would be in the place of rest talking love stories to each others.

The knowing of your spouse mind is the wisdom to win any battle that comes knowingly or unknowingly. Knowing in relationship is different in knowing in mere knowledge.

This has to work with the intimacy which brings in the in-depth studying of the minds, prompting and bringing out the real character which helps in ascertaining the ways to communicate and export feeling of love to each other.

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.”


#9 divorce will not help the matter

Divorce is a situation when you fall in everything about you goes bad to become bad, sometime, if you could help to hold the stress, love is not force.

But if two agreed to come together, the love savour occupies the reality of it, then brings in the pattern of engagement where love is modernised in order to sustain the beauty of life.

We are all emotional beings, there is no how, you could be yourself better again if you are a divorcee! It sound ridiculous but it is the reality of the ways of life.

The more you give reason to see that, divorce is not the answer, you become better day by day for good.

“It’s always better when we are together.”
-Jack Johnson


#10 you become strong when you are two

Two become stronger together as they grow in love, it becomes imperative, glorious and sweet as you grow in the peace of two. Anything that ever happened to any spouse in relationship that leads to divorce does not worth it.

So cultivate yourself and stop reading books that will lead you to where you don’t want thereby causing you to think there are options when you divorce.

There is no option when it comes to divorce despite the circumstances that will prompt it.

As you push to stand in the time of trials, you succeed in the time of peace, is as simple as anything you think about. Always bear in mind that, two are better than one.

Working to see that two are better than one, charge you to hope in one another.

“Two are better than one.”