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Effective Ways To Become Successful In Life


The sweeter thing in the world is to become successful in life despite the negative circumstances.

Your being successful in life is to know the pathway you should follow to succeed.

This is one of the greatest ways anyone can find and become the image you want.

To become successful is to know your passion and the effective ways to go about it.

Effective ways to become successful in life is to know what you are born to do; following the recipes it take to get there.

The wisest way to become successful is to know how and follow it up with all your might.

Effective ways is the collaboration of the master plan that involves all the plans and actions.

As you push to deliver your plan to the universe, your method will not fail. You are the engine if you must succeed in life.

Some of the recipes that you will read and understand are below and that take you automatically there.

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#1 Come to your conclusion in the pathway

To know and come to conclusion is the quickest way to the place to become successful.

Effective ways to become successful in life is to know what you are created to do!

Once you can discover the rudiment of making it works, you are in the game to become successful.

The chance to be successful is to passionately knowing your game.

Nobody becomes successful without working ardently to know what the goal is.

As you move to make the change, you are meant to effectively acknowledge your passion.

This takes you to know your method in reaching there and making the due change where necessary.

Everyone has its own way, but the fact is this, you are effective to make it to the top when you put the desire effort.

To be successfully is to make yourself become better in what you do.


#2 Start without delay

Effective ways to become successful in life is to work with the better sense of reasoning.

In this you will see yourself labouring hours increase without getting tired.

Most time, this is the way people sell their products through passionately working on it.

So, your destiny comes to being with the help of your mind working.

Every product in life is effectively working on. It is truth about this if you must succeed.

People succeed when they have known the secret of life.

You cannot succeed when you don’t know the secret of where you are going to.

Steering yourself to succeed is the pathway to see yourself succeeding in the way you choose.


#3 Research your way out

When you have not researched your life properly, you cannot come up in-depth with the talent in you.

The function of your effectiveness is the ability to move smart in everything you do.

Effective ways to become successful in life is the curiosity you insert to your system that gives you what you need.

Know that you are not born to be successful but when you fail to take responsibility to help the change you want.

You fall and become ineffective to claim your right. To be effective is to know better ways to move smart.

When you think about what you are researching, your way is always answer to your labour.

The meaning of what you need is the capacity to discover your giant stride to take you there.


#4 Look for people who have done it

Effective ways to become successful in life is to know how it is done and follow people’s steps that have done it.

This will make you to know the actual way to paddle your strength into and achieve your goal.

The effective you are the better you will see yourself becoming. Your life’s success depends on the force of action you allow.

This takes you to the top of your life to make change. Your life’s achievement is embedded in the way to know what you need to know.

When you don’t know what to do, your effectiveness to slump below your limit of push.

Don’t give heed to the limitation of your environment rather strive to see you are there.

Once you can achieve this, it is possible you are in the midst of your success.

The very important moment in your life is to understand the effective ways on how to carry on the job you wish to promote.

#5 Project yourself

Always project what you intent to do, once you get this done, your effectiveness in achieving your goal becomes real to you.

Effective ways to become successful in life is to align your life in the labour of success in doing the work.

When you succeed in projecting yourself, the strength always add more time to increase in labouring to make good of you.

Nobody buys product that is not good. For you to be successful, you actual know what you are supposed to do.

It is simple and hard, it all depends on the method you come across, this will show you the ability and give you the strength to paddle well.

When you want to succeed but it depend on the paddle you use.

When you follow people who have made it, and you show the interest on the passion they are putting and you do this.

Your life will never remain the same again. You are going to make change in the battle of life.

Life is the function of the passion you give that shoots you to the top of your game.





























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Effective Ways On How To Rule Your Life


The way you present your life to yourself would be how you would live it.

It is either you push to progress or you push to fail portion. This pathway would be determined by you and from you.

In this level, you become an opponent to yourself and an attacker.

The moment you realise that the life is activated in the power you give in.

The rule of life is depended on the rate of understanding you know and availability of using it.

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#1 picture your life in what you want to become

Effective ways on how to rule your life is the prerequisite in developing yourself to become you.

When you position your life, you would know on how to move and achieve the great plan you have.

Ways on how to rule your life is determined by the understanding you have that will help in taking you there.

Do not think or reason that somebody else would build what you suppose to do yourself.

Every person has a responsibility on how to move the affair of their life. When you don’t take responsibility, you would fail in what you are born to do.

Since you are the engine room of your life in term of ruling, everything will depend on you to succeed.

What you achieve will depend on the process of life you put in that will cruise you there.

Once you know this, your life begins to find the power point of always find solution to problem.

As long you are searching and optimising your dream in the area of improving the engine. You are sure of what to be in the closest future.

The assignment you have will depend on the strength you put in. Once you discover your main mission, you are there already.

You succeed by the action you play in ruling your world, less you fall down to believe you cannot.


#2 move always in the direction

Effective ways on how to rule your life is the method of moving in the right direction in life.

You move to only the place where you have made to be the place of your success. From there, you get everything ready in optimising your dream.

Moving in the right direction plug in you to the base of your living by such allow you to work effectively.

The method of what you need to push is the direction you plot that takes you there.

From the moment you flow your life to the right direction and stay in charge, you will get result.

The most doubting time in moving to your direction is when you don’t have bearing.

Moving in the right sense of understanding makes you strong in your dealing with your challenges.

This will help you project your work and fulfil it as when due.

This trend of action is what you need in taking care of your need to reach your goal.

When you are effective in taking positive decision, your life will change to give you answer.

This way makes you look adequate because you do not fail to do the right thing in moving forward.

To be effective is to take the action that will make the different to where you are going. Only with this can your life become effective.

When you are not challenged about the good of life, you would be messed up.

If you need to be effective and you are not working as though your life ends now.

The will to push you on daily basis to work on something good will be incredible.


#3 see yourself as the master planner

You become master of your own as you work effectively to catch with what will take and move there.

Effective ways on how to rule your life cannot be overemphasised.

You need a constance working in yourself to live a effective way of life. A life of success is a place of peace, riches, wealth and health.

When you have all these, the world is yours. So determine to move to this realm, to effectively manage all your dealings.

Effective means, doing things that are good, Right, splendid and superfluous in everything about the product you give.

As you prepare to see the result, you are as well putting action to work in achieving it. So, you would not be slumbered in the work of the day.

Effective ways on how to rule your life is paramount to anyone who wants to live a life of distinction.

Your life changes as you push to know how effective your life can be when you are action minded.

It is to free your mind in any stress of poverty and stay in the platter of stress free life.

This is what you need to know about effective ways of life.

You challenge yourself in everything you know could count in your life style.

You need to know the mechanism so you can be better you. Once you anchor this, you would be able to present your life better in every forum of endeavour.


#4 make a distinction between success and failure

For you to be effective in your dealing, you must able to distinguish between success and failure.

Work and laziness, this you can know how to live a successful life.

Effective ways on how to rule your life is an index that you should know before moving to the upper hill.

This will allow you to move and work in the manner that your life becomes an epitome to anyone who wants to strive.

In this, you can capture the methods that everything you need comes to you to upgrade your life.

Once you know how to live an effective life to change your situation. You are no longer in the place of laziness and poverty.

Life is like a surfer who wants to grow and become perhaps an Olympia; he needs to surf daily especially in different kinds of wave to become better.

So, as you prepare to live an effective life style, you must be up and down in everything you do.

This is where you would be judged and proclaimed you are the man of it.

As you surf perhaps in your dealing, always know this, your exceptional life depends on you.

It changes from excellent to excellent by the fact that you push to challenge every hindrance.

This work is personal rather not collective that someone you help you for it. This is critical but it is the best way to come about your life.


#5 your success depends on you

Everyone’s success will depend on him. If you want to live an effective life style, you must work to show yourself you can.

Learn to work effectively less you remain where you are. Effective ways on how to rule your life is the unquenchable spirit of working that takes you there.

When you are not in this recipe, your project in life becomes fomented.

The good life is as well the effective life style. This brings in you the act of working to succeed.

To become successful is the life of effectiveness in the other way. As you push to see reason to become what you want.

Working in the principle will put you in command to upload everything you desire to become.

Nobody succeeds without doing it himself.

When you digest this function, you can able to trace the road to where you want even though you are lost.

This means, the more it consumes you, the better you would see yourself becoming of it.

This level of working takes you to the brim of your life also elevate you to the mountain top.

Once you anchor this, you are able to demystify and in this process everything you need.


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Effective Ways On How to Work To Finish


Working to finish is the capability to move and work without stoppage despite challenges.

As much you can push to the point of finish. You are to challenge yourself in the moment of any attack of failure.

This is a mission that put you into the cement of working till you are made.

Effective ways on how to work to finish is technical. As you work to use this, you need to know that, the finishing point to win.

Once you discover the technicality of working to finish, arriving there would not be difficult.

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#1 have a starting point

In everything you propose to do. When you are inclined with it, you would finish well. Ways on how to work to finish is as important as the job.

There is success that works with different principle aside this skill.

Many work along the midst, they find it too difficult to continue. As you always know, they give up.

As you know, no success comes to being without the application of pushing. Once you give yourself to this, you are sure of taking your way to the top.

The very moment, you discover that you can, you have saved the skill. It is working in progress that leads to the finishing.

When the habit does not function in this level of work, it would be hard to finish. No inconsistent person becomes the choice of his life.

As you plan to finish good, the statement in your mind remains you of it. Thus, provokes every spirit of fear to weight down.

It takes time to finish every good project that is finished. Thus, one thing is certain, once you keep moving, you keep winning.

When you know winning is as a result of consistency, you wouldn’t want to be put to laziness.

So, working every time is coming to finish. As you push and press toward the business of the day. You are sure you will succeed in everywhere.

#2 you become who you want by working to finish

Without working to finish, you cannot become who you desire. Effective ways on how to work to finish is responsibility for your progress.

Every great worker knows this truth. If you can’t understand this, you cannot win. You win every time you give to the mission of your desire.

Becoming yourself properly is to be consistent and preserver to the end.

The good news is this; breaking forward is as a result in the activities you engage. If you want to grow in a substantial way, you must work to finish.

Many people would not tell you all, but you need to work till you are perfect on what you want to become.

Up till the time you will get it, you would know that it is not easy as thought.

In this kind of level, understanding is the best key in which you can be so.

You cannot win in every trial you enter until you know the secret of what you believe.

So, becoming the inevitable champion, you must decide to work to finish. The area of life that you cherish more is the pattern of life to follow.

Don’t follow what you are not consistent at. Every progress is as a result of persisting on the principle on ground.


#3 determination is the key

One of the greatest recipes to succeed is the determination you put in.

Once you implore this into your life, you become of everything you do.

Without determination it becomes difficult in life. So, don’t look life without doing nothing, you cannot achieve nothing.

Working is the method by which you tell the universe you are ready.

As you know, there is away you can inform the universe. And everything will become good for you.

Once you screw yourself to know what you want. It wouldn’t be hard again to take charge.

The very moment, you realise that life is the ability to work. Your life will not be mediocre again.

You wouldn’t be tired in doing what you are supposed to do. As well as you are moving quickly to perform your function.

Taking charge is as well as working hard. You will clearly get there.

Because if you don’t give yourself the capacity to operate. It would be hard to work till you finish.

Ways on how to work to finish is the epitome of working till you are there.

There is why, you would not take yourself for granted. Success in finishing is different from starting.

Beware of all this, so you cannot be ignorance about working to finish. Life is sweet even when is hard to know what to do.

People function best when they know how to go about their lives. The method is this: you observe everything and do it.

Clearly, you would succeed and make a different. Once you know, it would not make the mind to be relenting in anyway.


#4 you are the engine room to your success

You are the engine room if you must succeed in life.  Don’t allow external circle to control your intention.

Success comes when you observe to do all that is required. Ways on how to work to finish is prerequisite to change yourself.

As you push to know how to go about life, success is sure. Don’t be too busy not to know what you are supposed to do.

It becomes your inability to prosper. Once you put your interest, the pattern to succeed is sure.

Ways on how to work to finish is inevitable without working for it. As you push, your strength goes to perform for you.

Working to finish is the atmosphere of seeing that you can do it. Don’t neglect the appraisal of not knowing what you should do.

Finishing point is a process through which you bear every hindrance and obstacle in reaching your dream.

So, once you give yourself the ability to pursue, you would see yourself becoming it.

Do not see yourself as you cannot, rather you are the super engine for it.

Once you see the prosperity of it, you are sure that nothing takes you out from it.

As far you can see, it is possible to achieve anything you are working for. Be sure you don’t waste your time for nonsense.


#5 work to finish

Without working to finish, you cannot achieve your goals in life. This is the reason why people who are making it are doing.

Once you know what to do, it would be impossible to fail in what you suppose to achieve.

Ways on how to work to finish is important to follow if you must achieve your goal.

People are working to finish. If you are not convenience, then you don’t need to be surprised for what you are seeing in the world.

As you know, once you engage this platform of work to finish. Something good comes to speak to you.

There you will know and understanding why you must work to finish. Doing what you are supposed to do is the reason why you should work!

Many a time, you look to see that, people have achieved great by this act.

When you continue on this, you will see reason why you should do what you should do.

Working to finish calls for the capacity to push in what you believe.

Because nothing works for nothing, you must plan something on the ground before you expect something. In this way, you must plan idea to grow.

Growing wide in life is to know why the people are working in achieve what they are achieving.

Then, the idea to work to finish will not be new to you, so you can achieve everything you desire.

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7 Effective Ways To Love Your Husband


There are effective ways on how to love your husband. When you understand what love is all about, you will love him most.

These stratagems below will increase and put you into the place of perfect stance that will take away grudge, fear, strife in the relationship.

As you put everything you read to work, you see your life begins to move toward your goal. Where love remains unshakeable and unbreakable to you till the end of time.

Some have lived this world with this love, and you are not different or exception. You can make it as you think is possible.

Many would reason this as something far to get. No, you can get it wherever you desire it with utmost level of acceptance.

Love will always be there for you to give you what you desire for your husband. These effective ways are written in the ways that you will find solutions on how to increase your love.



#1 Make Him The Lord

When you make him the lord of the family in the place of love and he gets to know that his wife esteems him greatly. Obviously everything without being told will work out for good.

Husbands are the ways makers and without husband in the home, it becomes monotonous to see thing getting drained.

Once you as a wife sees everything especially the vision he has, you have to give him the space to work on himself. Without this, his level of acceptability will be reduced to riff raft colony.

Love is a deliberate act; when you have the intention of loving him unconditionally, you become loved. This gives the feeling the stirring power to succeed in everything.

Life without love is sampling a place of destruction; anything can bring grudge, fear etc., so, once you catch up with this, you turn every negative intention to the normal. With the unquenchable fire for love you give to her, she will prevail in every circumstance.

Once you keep your husband in your heart, the pieces of hatred that might come would be destroyed on arrival.

Thinking of you keeps me awake. Dreaming of you keeps me asleep. Being with you keeps me alive.” -unknown


#2 Honour him

Without honouring your man, he looks toward outside where the kinds of love he needs are, because most time, men still want to be loved too.

When you stop giving him what he deserves, he hides secret from you what normally you should have known. Perhaps, he has seen reason why he should withhold what you should have been told, he will keep it back.

But whenever there is honour, it boosts the refreshing of the mind in the relationship to come alive anytime. So giving him the desire love is pleased to him and to the relationship. If you know you want to make an impact in his life, love is imperative.

Being on fire for him, whether good or bad is the training to be learned and known. Since love is the process of finding or solving the challenges of life, you need love always to guide your relationship.

Once you move to the foremost moment of training yourself for the love, you make the change if there is strife anywhere.

Understanding your his time of work, mood and ways of task helps you to govern the love and maintain it well. That will frustrate every effort every effort of the opposition.

Love is an affair between husband and wife. So you should love him more than you do. In so, you produce the feeling to do more for the sake of love.

“To love is to burn, to be on fire.”

– Jane Austen


#3 Respect Him And His Parents

As you know, women intend to disrespect their mother in-law. Some say they are wicked or bad, no matter what, you should know that, you will become mother in-law one day.

So when you disrespect her or not, when you reach the stage the same will happen to you irrespective of your status in life. There is something called ‘reciprocate’ you cannot run away from. As you give shall you receive the proportion of it.

Respect your in-laws so you would relax and bring in the joy of your home. Your husband will secretly be glad about it and increase the level of trust in you.

More often than not, respect is a way of showing love, loyalty and honour. When you put yourself in this truth, you will succeed in everything you do in the home thus activate the goodness of life in everything you do.

The love of your husband is the fire you put to give you all what you deserve from him. This shows you how strategically love is changing for better.

Now, you can change your mentality from slide hate to love in everything you do. The answers to all your imagination, thinking and understanding will open up to you once love is incorporated in your system.

The love you give is an expansion of the great thing that expands the gift of love to shine. This refreshes the mind to see the goodness of life.

You cannot fight your husband and succeed; he has all the secrets of everything you thought of, thereby causing positive change.

Love him is the most powerful weapon any woman can win the heart of her husband.

Love is so short, forgetting is so long.”

-Pablo Neruda


#4 Don’t Hate His Parents

As you love him likewise show the same to his parents. When you think that doesn’t work well, you will look for another strategy to engage and get what you need.

Thus, you can be triumphant in day to day of the business of love and improve in every side. The reason you must love is you multiply the level of ascertaining everything you need and wants from your husband. Without be told, there will harmony and peace of mind in the home.

Love is the collaboration and the essence of being together despite every challenge is to succeed. Do you know, you can win your husband’s heart by loving his parents?

The fact is: life must play itself and articulates to you. The method you use will still come to you in the same kind of proportion.

Always look at the positive side unto the place of progress so as to advance the essentiality of challenge in love. This helps you to know and work in free mind to love more.

Loving your husband’s parents is an essential commodity if you want the heart of your husband in everything you need to be accepted. You need to work on yourself to get all what your husband needs. Then, you will see yourself becoming the best of you in the family.

“We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves.”

-Henry Ward Beecher


#5 Your Husband is The Head of The Family

Your husband is the lord in the family that deserves respect from every member of the family. Be it wife or children, he needs the special support from the family.

He takes care of the needs and wants in the family whether the wife is working to support the family or not, there is need to give the respect due to him for moving the family to the next level.

When you do this, there is this natural love that swine in; teaches you to do the right thing to attain your highest glory. As you pursue your career, obedience to your husband is nonnegotiable.

Many a times, some women fail to know that without the husband standing, the family is affected negatively. Thus, it brings indiscipline to the family where the children take law into their hands. The reason is this: the man of the home is not there to guide and correct them.

You must know that, your husband is the king of the home and the director of plotting the success of the family.

Even love is a decision you take to track down any pestilence that comes to stop the good heart in you to be weakened.

It is essential to know the recipes it takes to operate in this action plan to fulfil destiny in love. Knowing how to take away grudge is important than loving people, why?

Because there are some situations you just see yourself angry without knowing how. When you know how to overwhelm it, you will win always.

“I have decided to stick to love; hate is too great a burden to bear.”

-Martin Luther King Jr.


#6 Allow His Time For Creativity

When you know that your husband is the creative type that takes time to produce what he wants for example a writer. Anytime he wants to write, there shouldn’t be disturb from any side. So to give him the way to create better for the purpose of making money and taking care of the house hold’s needs.

What is bringing money in the home shouldn’t be tempered in anyway. The reason is this: when there is no money, love subtle disappears.

The best place of love is in the bed room. Because the room is used for different purposes thus give room for the best time romance.

From the day your husband knows that, you understand the timing, he brings to you the matured gift of love that you need. In this everything moves well to cause positive change.

There is one reason for everyone to be loved and be in love, is this, when you love you are loved too. The essence of love takes you to the next level of wisdom. This shows you how you can work towards the purpose which you are called for.

Most time, some wives don’t know how and when to perform love with their husbands especially, he is working for the promotion of the house. They just take everything for granted and distract the value of the happiness in him.

Allow his time for work, so that when he is through, he can come to you. Some of the reasons are these, the good cloth; the shoes and jewellery you ware is coming from the success of time management he put in.

Love you yesterday, love you still, always have, always will.”

-Elaine Davis


#7 Love His Goal

The goal of every relationship is the love the two produce. Essentially, the woman makes the different in term of romance in the relationship but men are in charge. As you know, where two or more come together in this way by showing interest is called love.

Now, two coming together is to create the essence of the vision where love is the centre purpose. It then flows to achieve the goals of loving the more.

This allows the love to flow to the children at home to love their Dad in all sense of responsibility. Because the Mum has shown her love openly to the man.

Once the children notice that you do this, you expand their confidence in moving to stay at the track of love. It is the ways love works in the place of relationship.

Love is a place where relationship is created and nurtured especially the way you observe in taking the family to the next level. There will be forever joy in the relationship.

Every time you think about life with the purpose of loving, you tell the universe that you are grateful. This navigate you to the highest feeling of love to him

Living in love is an act, so when you don’t produce this act, you remain dummy. Therefore, you think that people hate you because you fail to love yourself to love other.

“As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.”

– John Green




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Effective Ways To Become Confident In Business


“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the life you have imagined.”

-Henry David Thora


A dream is anything you believe to do that will take every of your time to create or innovate for the future. with confidence that this thing you engage will get to the finishing point whether there is a hitch or not.

There is no how a man can produce or create without imagining that which he has not set to do because we have listened over and over again especially those of us that started from a slump, hearing things that would never make us advance.

When you begin to imagine what you want to create with direction, it would come to you at the appropriate time so you can take the right master on the pathway to follow.

Heaven is watching every man that intends to produce, as far that thing will be helpful to the world, the universe will help you irrespective of the country you come from.

Once your direction is mixed with your passion, there is no misinterpretation of the plan that you intend to bring out that can disarrange you.

A very smart people have a set mission statement plans to take them to where they ought to be if there is no mission statement on what to do, the time management system will collapse; by this fact, you would observe that life is the mission you set for yourself that comes to you.


#1 you need to push

People who succeed in their endeavours push to reaching where the mind and their imagination have carried them to, most time it is not surprising to them that they have achieved this far.

Already the mind has directed the spirit to work towards the place where the mind has set to reach to occupy the material possession that it has been envisioned.

Even when Henry David Thora has said goes confidently and achieves your dream; it means that confidence is the power you need to overcome the much or little obstacle that will want to put you down.

Some words are power to awaking to activate the mission statement to come alive. Very little at a time, you see little things want to pull you down, in that, some words like I have the power to utilise the obscurity myself from the dark to reach my destiny are important to ourselves in moving forward.

A man without a dream is paralysed in nature by all scientific and spiritual proven fact to ascertain the good, pleasant, and splendid things of life let alone a person who has dream without action will still not achieve anything.

It is not a fallacy that everyone who has achieved does have confidence that one day, he would shine as the star of Heaven.

Smart people are seen as a genius in their fields of work; confidently, I can say, every one of them has paid his price to stay where he is today or yesterday.


#2 knowledge is the key

When I was not acquitting myself with knowledge, I always see people as genius without putting effort into their works, if I didn’t push time to know, I would have slept in the home of ignorant telling the narrative of the untrue story all the years of my life.

Living in the belief that all who have achieved are geniuses with the absence of practice, that would not happen to you as you stick your heart to reach where God wants for you.

When you fail to realise this important message, the spirit of the dead to believe will just be taken solace inside you; hovering to tell you that it is not possible.

Now, the lack of knowledge is one of those nuggets that will exercise more trouble and worry in your life for not knowing you can get there.

Any leader who wants to grow above the present state must see above what others have not seen or done to go beyond to establish a process so he can perform excellently well with the power of imagination.

You must be frank about all these leader skills in other to come out with what you need to do, from the beginning of when you confidently decide, good growth comes slowly no matter what you have heard.


#3 when you believe you become of it

People will say a different thing to tell you that once you are like this, it is automatic, but it is not true.

I learned this when I enter into the glory of God, I initially thought that everything would just happen instantly.

Earnestly, it happens not as some have said it, so I began to get furious about everything because I was seriously following the way of error.

The good thing about it is that I have understood it by the spirit of revelation by the time of manifestation takes some time.

Now it began to take many years for a good understanding of what God wants to change in me not what a set of people were telling me.

My progress in life is the participation between me and God that determines the manifestation of my dream. The actual sense of it is that God proposes while men oppose because of the gift He has embedded in you.

Destiny revolution belongs to God alone not the concept and power of any man, but the way of God in your life is the power to lift you above the power of the opposition.

You know you become a child of destiny by working hard to see that everything works for your good. There is no time for laziness if you must make destiny fulfilment.


#4 working hard

You have to know and intake what God has told you to do so that you will always succeed in the gift of life. If God has structured you, you don’t have to think anything else, He will strengthen you to take off what He (God) doesn’t want from your way.

When He gave Joshua the land to subdue, one of the strongest words that came out from God was to be strong and be courageous.

You can see that there are some structures that God wanted Joshua to uproot so he can have success. Don’t diverse when God has given you a task, they will not overcome you no matter their plans and gathering.

You are more than a conqueror; they fight people who God has given the power to build the desolate places of the world, as a leader, you just have to know this.

History is good to know, but the knowledge of the Bible is essential to acquit yourself of the power of God when you are given the power to rebuild in the place of strength.

Every dream comes with the power of the dark to stop you from the manifestation of what God has said. It takes you to be stronger in the way of courage to win the fight against people who oppose your destiny.


#5 business is a process

Success is a process to take hold of the recipes that are needed to shine. The best place for you to become great is the imagination process that tells you whether you will continue what you believe or not.

It is the power of faith inside a human that accumulates into reality to sustain in a short or long time as the case may be, it takes a decisive approach to hit the enemy of yourself down.

The moment you take that decision to increase, the fundamental is required in bringing down barriers. As you know, life is spiritual; in that case, even the heathen knows the spiritual message too.

In essence, it is not monitoring, it is because you have gone to the spiritual to lift that plan you intend to do; where they are, they saw you that is why they know.

The light and dark have some insight to dissect: it is the place where everyone comes to show his kingdom.

In the realm, everyone that is dedicated comes to show what he intends to do, from there the other kingdom notices and begins to disagree. It is the place where the powerful takes everything that belongs to him or her.

Dedication is one of the words that takes a man from an empty background to a place of conquest.


#6 focus is the recipe

Until a leader is a focus, he cannot make good headway in claiming what belongs to him in the name of Jesus Christ.

When you deem fit to work for what you believe, as a human you have the right to believe, but in this kingdom of righteousness, we accept Jesus first, to fight our battle for us so that we can reach our places of blessing with the instrumentality of working hard.

You know, at the early time I accepted Christ, many changes transformed me.

It made me to constricting myself from every other negative thing that could take me away from the promises of the Lord.

That is the power in Christ, when you believe in Him, you shall not perish in the hands of your adversaries, He will paralyse every concoction, and countless junctions of the enemy.

You have got to shield yourself from the evil people around not to mess with your time; is very essential. The moment life begins to open up to that place of grace, is the time you need more time to boost what you have come to believe.


#7 know what you want

You must believe yourself first before anyone if you must make a good leader of yourself.

I began to know how to move; applying the necessary signpost to show me the appropriate tips to show on the place where educating myself is as important as myself.

Your dream is not collective thinking, but a perspective of an individual decision to confront what others will not first understand until you have proven that you can bring your idea out to reality.

God in His infinite mercy has given each of us a dream that only the given person can fathom how to operate, so you can begin to find out without duly referencing to men.

We can fellowship, worship, and pray together, but each of us has a dream that the other person might not know. That is the more reason why Henry David Thora says, “You should go confidently to make your dream work.”

There is a difference between praying and working, when you miss one you miss the cause of your dream; the effect will not be there to bring forth the good things of life.

Nevertheless, the most important need to put into work for your imagination to come to fruition is the strategies and steadfast in the vision you apply always that put you in command.


#8 face the challenge

The two are the integral parts of hitting the mountain and hill down to bring out what you have thought to develop.

Most time, the more confidence you put into your work, the less you see the improvement, that sign shows the working part of continually polishing yourself to become you.

But the truth remains that dream is like a seed that a farmer plants and awaits the day it will germinate for the time to harvest.

This is why, you see, there no scientific fact that can prove or know-how crop grow based on the meter of increase, now realise that once you have planted a seed in the ground for harvest, you cannot know how it grows.

For some reason, a leader should know that working on a project daily or weekly makes you perfect in that class of work.


#9  business is not automatic

Your life as a leader gets better and better when you put yourself to continue working on your dream that you have imagined, that is the fact about the wholesome of leader.

In this dispensation of technology, even if you are not ready to advance, the faster pace of acquiring the skill of knowledge would still not be there.

Today, people are praising the internet age, but the truth is, it is still for those who are ready can still harness the harvest.

Even though we are in the jet age, that doesn’t mean everything will be automatic, for an instant, you want to write, you just need software, it doesn’t work like that, you have to go for it and produce what you want.

If you cannot do it before, you cannot still do it now that is as easiest as anything now.

It is a choice to make it or not, because some just think it happens as you just say it, it will be an unfortunate thing to some people to just think that way.

Even when you pray for something to happen in other to make a success, you just don’t pray and you think you will just see it.


#10 you are not to wait doing nothing

There is a level of breakthrough in life and each has its way to know and to understand. Imagining, you have not planted anything and you foolishly await something to grow so you can harvest, how could you wait for what you have not planted?

Don’t wait for something to grow that you have not planted, even the Bible keeps us to believe that faith without work is dead, likewise, a dream without substantive pursue of it will not yearn result.

People preach the word and do a different thing about the true gospel, especially in Africa, where a group of people takes advantage of people to build their dynasty.

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How To Get Inspired In Business And Become A Billionaire




“To organise the world’s information and make it universally

accessible and useful.”

– Google

#1 You can achieve your dream

This is a platform where almost everything is asked and answered by searching the word on any of these:  mobile set, computer or Tablet to learn to know how to run for an instant a business or other social facility or even educative materials.

It is the place where everything demanded is given out in second depending on the country you are operating. Google has played a pivotal role in the world that we are using to settle our mind for answers in a way that could reduce of time to check perhaps the soft copy material we need. It is amazing that almost what you need to know is on the

Google search engine, but until you utilise it effectively, you would not know the power of this search engine. It has helped me to grow beyond minor, and I have utilised this search engine to give me almost all the knowledge I needed in writing because I had no opportunity to get the books I needed at that time.

Can a leader do without Google search? I don’t think so, because that is the engine for continuous learning to become the self-educated person as some people call themselves today. Anyway, that is no matter, the main matter is to be enlightened about the gift God has given you to do.


#2 Focus is the key

You have to push for creative force to stay with knowledge especially in this age of speed in accessing everything we need because of the power of these dedicated leaders that have created it.

Don’t forget we have negative creative forces that would want to pull us down but when we give an edge for it, it brings us to failure. It takes continuous understanding to meet up with the demand that would carry us to that Promised Land.

You know the more you know the better you become in this trend of knowing something that just happens in the far country to know it on your mobile phone. Now, Google has become a phenomenon about everything you think of, we can now quote Google in a document, project, or thesis, and others in the school referencing the platform.

It has helped in developing self-help education in the world today when a man says, he is self-help, that doesn’t mean God is not with him, He is there at anytime and anywhere you think about.

So don’t be discouraged about a person saying he is self-help, that doesn’t matter on the side of God, what matters is the position of your thinking and reasoning in the creative formulation that speaks.

People who call themselves names, God has not dealt with them, so God is not threatened, because He knows that He is the invisible God that cannot be compared, so why should He worry?


#3 Whatever you believe to do shall be so

Whether you are not serving Him, He is still the God of Heaven and Earth, you as an Atheist are not His problem, so why are people disturbing themselves? They should not disturb themselves; He is using anyone available.

Nobody is indispensable in this life, we all come and when our time finishes, we all will go back to the father, so when God needs us to make sure we multiply in this world He has given to us.

When we don’t do so, He will not be happy about each of us working, you need to know who you are called to produce, you are not called to be empty, when you reason so, you would know what to bring.

I believe in this message more than anything you might think of, better still you have to be conscious about yourself in everything you are doing, He would always think about the power to give you when you are available.

The world of structural information is being kept inside this platform, where you can make use of it anytime you intend to use it; the search is working 24/7 for anyone who wants to use it.

Some people brought their imagination come to pass with the action-minded strategy of life, which work for those who thought it was possible for them.


#4 The world is wait for you

The world is going better than better and worse, the advantages are more than the disadvantages, so you need to think about what to bring to this world as a gift.

You can be educated in this platform ordinary if you choose to upgrade your mind, you can find any kind of message: video, podcast, writing, project, etc of any kind to upgrade your mind for the essential things God has put in your heart to do.

Google is essentially everything you need now to make yourself a better and creative person anytime and anywhere. You have no complaint now, especially we that are in Africa, we are glory for what the wisdom of God is working with the developed world.

The wisdom of God is divided, no matter how we reason it, the white world has been blessed more than the black, but God is carrying us to that place of accolade too, but until we decide to move forward, the certainty will be slim.

The wisdom of God is more on some more than others, which is why, I earlier said, we are created equal, but we are not gifted equally.


#5 Ground your mind in it

No matter how we preach, some are gifted more than others, but that doesn’t mean one will not work it out, the only way you can know that you are gifted is in the working of your mind.

We need to upgrade our minds by working assiduously to make a gift to open up; it is in that we can call ourselves geniuses. A leader is a man who tries to fix himself right from anywhere he finds himself before bringing his makeup out.

So, if you have found yourself in this part of the world, you can do great by upgrading what would make you a better person today.

You cannot take that from the reality, people who make headway, are people who give themselves wholly to study of knowledge for the better of the human race.

If you do not think about how to better the human race, the strategy of the energy will not flow thus make not you the genius you are in your field.

The mystery of the world is in the challenge we are facing to bring the good of the world out, you would see a group of people trying to destabilise your good work, but sure, you have to press your way forward without pitying yourself.


#6 You are a leader

The world has been operating that way, so don’t look at it as if God is suffering you. No! But if you want to be a leader and you don’t want to fight, you will miss the place of your ground. It cannot be possible to win the grace that is inside you.

To create is to discard some curse out of your way, to innovate is to remove the manipulated spirit out of your way, to invest is to plug out the unwanted hindrance that stays by the corner side, so what do you need? I think you know your strength best.

Be informed that, everyone’s good work is attacked at the early time more than the latter, so work out your better to discourage the obstacle out of your way so you can meet the need of the people in your gifted place.

More than not, if you strive to know, you will surely know, it is in that the genius grows to become a global phenomenon, so what is the challenge that could be more than you? There is no one as far as this world is concern who wants to excel that doesn’t work for it!

People have done great work, so it all takes the same process to go forth and make your mark in the world.


#7 Do not look back

Some years back, we did not have a search place that we can educate ourselves especially those that are from this part of the world, with the help of this platform, we were able to carry ourselves to where God wants us to be.

Africa needs to believe in themselves more than their countries so that there would be meaningful change to our perspective to develop our world.

The more you learn your way, the better you become in improving who you are, Google almost has all the answers, if you want to learn how to cook, Google is there for you, subsequently, it is almost there for everything you need to be.

When information is accessible and carefully used, it is no longer on the disadvantage side but in the merit to make anyone productive and have something to change a life. The more you begin to know how this platform is useful to make your life better, you would marry it with the proper mindset to utilise the advantage.

You can only be better with the accessible information you have in the world; your mind cannot be sound without making use of the product that makes generation to be sophisticated, you just have to make use of the information that is all available for human advancement to move forward.


#8 Until you realise you cannot

The message in this book today is not forced to take, but it would do better when you make use of the part that you take positively to you. Now, you cannot blame anybody for your not being enlightened because even in the small village you can access information system to help your desire and needs.

Once you feel that you want to upgrade, I know it takes data to operate, but that is not the matter. If you care somehow, you will get the available information you want.

No place in the world today is absolutely in darkness, it can be half but not all, accept there is an issue that is beyond the understanding of the people staying there, that is when things could just go wrong.

Engaging this masterpiece of a place of information makes you better in thinking and reasoning, and shows you the way to lighten your darkness in bringing you into the marvel light of experience life of excellent.

Thinking about this entire thing gives you momentum to think more about what you have never believed before doing the gift of life is in working, not just thinking but acting.

Frankly speaking, you have to pay for it before you can be useful in the world of knowledge and experience to make you a creative person. Many have thought that their lives were better with knowledge and they went ahead to succeed in their sphere of life.


#9 Think and become you

Dipping out to bring what will add to your life is paramount in building your soul and spirit. You cannot succeed without feeding your soul, the place of reasoning, thinking, and recogitating is the wise step to fulfil your dream.

Life is a mission, and when you don’t undertake what you have thoughts yourself to make, life is free to you but nothing good will come your way. I kept telling myself that if I increased the capacity of my working, life will be better and there will be a place for me to give and receive.

Since that is how many people succeeded by following that principle that is not obvious, I said to myself I would be better in the challenge if I continually improve the star in me. Nobody wins in the place of laziness, so if you want to succeed, that place must be in the highest sense of regard.

Now, the reasoning is the fact that life is a place for learning, when you are following that pace of life, success will naturally be attracted to you.

Whether secular or spiritual, there is always a principle that you must engage, when you find the place; thanking God will be on your lip day and night.

You have to know the way things work, imagine not all doing nothing and you are expected to grow, how you would you feel when you know and don’t do it? Of course, your spirit will tell you that you have failed yourself.


#10 You are unique

Only type the message you want, some people don’t know how, but they know how to get to Facebook as quick as possible, if you want to succeed, you would have to be planted in the way of learning, which is the only way, and you can make use of what you know to succeed.

Since searching is the foundation or one of the media to engage the network properly, then you need all your effort to take you to that place of pain and joy.

Finding yourself on the Google web is important as the web, until you feel passionate that you must engage your soul over this mission statement, other things will make your way out for another unlikely business, and you will see yourself running to the wrong side of life.

Finding yourself is the process to discover the knowledge that would enable you to perform in the right foundation to grab the place of your passion to succeed in life.

When you activate the passion to see what you want, there is every little challenge that would overwhelm you to bring you down; resist the weakness. From that space of discovering the mass acceptance of yourself being informed in your soul takes you to the place of benefit.


#11 Develop your skill

If peradventure, you know the danger of not educating yourself, and you turn quickly in doing the positive way, you are sure to make history for yourself.

There is a personal and collective history, but what matters is to know who you are so you can function better and quicker to make the eligibility of the sense of overcoming all the substance of defeat in your life. To overwhelm your adversary your action-minded mission is not to be shaken in any circumstances you may be.

You know many years ago, some of our preachers said that all these places of television and video were not good for our consumption, now, today, the same television is helping them to preach the word, supposed everybody has accepted that concept, today the educating of the people through this media will be destroyed, so as a leader, you cannot just accept every doctrine because a righteous man is saying it.

After all, it might be useful in the future. Nothing is just bad especially in the internet world; depending on your usage that will bring your outcome.

We learn by all these media now faster than you would ever think, so you need to know how these things are true with the power of your imagination. You cannot do that until you have educated the mind properly to collect what you need, that is when you can make good use of your thinking function well.



#12  Do not accept defeat

People can be themselves, so you should know how to operate in accepting the proper use of any information that will carry you to the further place of reasoning.

Now, social media is a place where you know the wrong, right and ugly in other to better your thinking, so is not everything that you see or read that is real, but this platform has done good and bad to the people, depending on your usage.

Google is taking the people closer to information especially in the continent of Africa where the level of poverty is high, where people are less educated to know what they can do, where people are cheated from what they should ordinarily have.

In this, things are not supposed to work that way, we are supposed to make available all these social amenities to be available; it is important. Today the politicians especially in Africa have personalised the wealth of the countries to their personal use, where electricity is scarce in the land where oil is in abundance.

Time has come, where people will be moving with the spirit of God uprooting and destroying every desolate place and make whole again.


#13 Knowledge creates the way

You cannot change what is good for learning even though there is a small negative effect against the knowledge of it. There is no place where there is no darkness in terms of making better life progress, except you don’t want to learn what will take you to push or take you to stand well against the power of adversity.

Some will tell you, you don’t have to enter some website, as a mature Christian; there is what you need to know for the benefit of teaching, if you don’t learn it, how you would teach? Though, you have to be mature to get there.

My advice for you is to be matured before you can migrate to the benefit of knowing and teaching, so you would know the knowledge of the dark world. Very importantly, the way of progress is the beginning of knowledge till the wisdom of understanding comes to you.

There is no how that you want to know and you keep aside the vital knowledge to know how the adversity operates, without knowing the power of the darkness.

How can you know how to operate? Now, Google can teach you almost everything you need to know when you search to know. It is always an optional choice; you think is possible, you see the possibility as you work towards it.


#14 Create your way

A leader is a person who reasons towards what one has said, is it bad or whether he fits into his need or not, in that you could able to judge whether this thing you have learned would work for you or not.

Too important to know the implications and the effect so don’t be afraid to ponder on what you don’t believe so that it wouldn’t hinder your progress. Some substance of bad feeling that affects the progress of your thinking, in this regard, the more time you ask about the inability to believe you will miss the recipe to grow.

The beginning of knowledge is the life of disagreement and agreement, so you need all this to help in making the moral change in your life. Some will take you to what has worked for them that is conventional, is not certain that all scripture will work for one person perhaps because of the kind of grace you are working on.

The grace of God is beyond any man’s comprehension, so in that, you can work out your salvation to know the reality of God in your life. A leader must be ready to do what he has sent to do without giving heed to what others will say, why? Because it important and that is the power of the Lord in you working, destroying every unwanted voice; against your mission.


#15 Choose your friend

Looking up to what you are supposed to do will give you the level of understanding you need part-time. We were discussing with a friend, and he was saying according to someone, that experience in life is a countless achievement because he has not passed through that situation. I’m sure that is not a talk to anyone who wants to make a big break.

It takes experience in life to win the battle of life, is not all places, but even the Holy Ghost works with the revelation He gives to work, so how come experience is not helpful? If at all what is this experience? Is it not what you have gone through to make up life? You cannot deny the fact that it plays in developing one identity.

So, this put life understanding into the portion of the consideration to give you the proper reasoning to make life comfortable to make a better leaving. Until sophisticated intention is built, you cannot build that pathway to make history.

Too much to know that life is the master of your thinking and how you activate the gift you have. The power of Google is to take you to pass through all where you want to know, better still introducing you to what you need to know before getting established for research.





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Effective Ways On How To Create Niche In Your Business




“If you want to be successful, you need to think of yourself as a personal brand.”

– William Aired


Every successful person sees himself first as a success before positioning his mind to work towards achieving the set goal.

You must begin to see the business of life as a place where you need to put almost all your time into setting up what will prosper you.

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Your brand begins in the place of working towards the mission you have planned to execute.

The place of work is the agreement of the brand, when you are not working towards the positioning of the brand, you become not in control to prove your ownership as a brand.


#1 success is a conscious thing

Without thinking personally of your brand, you cannot be branded for recognition and for the glory and favour God wants you to talk about to the world.

Gearing up is what makes you the branded person you are thinking of. There is time for the slow moment that you push to come to the last moment.

There is a space for you to start and succeed you are ready to take the horn by the bull, success, which is the first step to reach where God wants you to reach.

The more you see yourself, and agree to what you believe; you are not far fetching from your thinking. Don’t forget that everything on this earth starts from thinking, so there is room for you to be branded by the power of your mind.

Many who have succeeded would agree with me that, they have made a tremendous effort to put their thinking in the right position where they believe to have been gifted.


#2  producing comes from working

There is a space for your product to shine, the world will look at your product to decide whether they would like it or not, depending on the ingenious you put on it.

I’m talking about skill now, when you put yourself in a field, for example, wants to be a musician, you get to work better to come out with a selling point that the people will like.

Many people are good, but when you come out best, you will know you have reason to progress.

Your progress in life is not dependent on anybody, not even your mentor, but it solely depends on you through the process of working on yourself; God will bring the way out to shine.

It is spiritual to know that, even some persons are assigned for your progress, it doesn’t depend on them, so it important to know all this so you would translate your effort well.

#3 do not compare yourself with others

It is not that, you would depend, but it all depends on you, not that person you know. This is the power of God to translate you through people that ordinarily, they would not agree if it were their power.

For example, when you want to make yourself a brand, you need to work on your skill to become that person you thought about, it curious to know that, your pattern of life is the systematic understanding of where you are going to and working on to show forth the goodness of your brand.

When you understand better where you are, the people around you, and the place you are, the need to fine turn how to move will be known, so the effort will be at the power of your will not the environment to sell yourself.

Most people don’t feel it when they were growing up to become a star, but some felt it, so understand the difference, when you understand your brand better, it gives you the strength to push even though you have not made tangible progress.

But more importantly, it is the concentration one gives to himself that would count even when the grace abounds.


#4 learn to know all

As a leader, if you have not got this entire plan for yourself, you will still live the best of your ignorant. A leader must know beyond, that is the difference between a leader and a follower, there is no leader success without this mentioned nugget.

For example, as a family man, you got to know more than your wife in insight, wisdom, and understanding of how things work, because you are the leader of the house, if you don’t put yourself front, even your wife will tell you how lazy you are.

That shouldn’t be abuse but a way of strengthening you to perform more than her in the role of the house. A leader is a thinker of all fields of understanding to know how and where things should be planned and worked upon.

You have to know all this, so you can defeat the enemy of ignorant of your life to win the battle of life.


#5 your vision is in you

Until you begin to see yourself differently, you cannot be different to meet the challenge of a leader as you think, it is a platform to stand firm on what you believe and knowledge about the brand you are producing, which is the perimeter to know whether you are a leader or not that will work for you.

Nobody grows without understanding himself! When you are growing and you don’t understand who you are, it is difficult to improve in the skill you believe in. Any leader who wants to multiple must improve his knowledge base to succeed in the brand.

When a leader begins to know how effective he has improved, his joy to do more will be put together to amplify his brand.

The time to acquire the skill and knowledge you need is the time you have understood what you want to do so that you can stretch to perfect your brand for good selling.


#6 create your brand

A genius in his brand knows that it takes sufficient time to hit the polishing of the skill.

It is important to know the histories of the people’s lives that have done all that you need to do to learn from their quotes.

Some Leaders are masters in the game of showing you the wrong way while they are working assiduously towards their goal.

Wisdom is profitable to direct, but knowledge must be sufficient again to understand more of life.

Don’t just accept thing because is from the person you love, your mentor, he has been doing this for long, so he is always right, life doesn’t work that way if you must engage in the power of your brand.

I am not doubting your trust, but you have to be actioned tested in your wisdom of understanding to know whether he is in line with reality or not.

Once that is done, you are at the point of knowing which one of the pearls of wisdom and knowledge is that will sharpen your faith.


#7 action take you there

A successful and mission action man unlocks the door that wouldn’t have been opened so when you know this, is important to change strategy to know more so you can educate your mind to change what usually is not normal.

Because he is successful everything, he says is true, I don’t think so, that is why you need to find your skill and hone it better to give you the edge to know what it takes to know the reality of life.

Taking personal decisions on your own, with a good understanding of what you want, the perfection of your craft will be made to be proven in a substantial way to be a champion of yourself.

It takes good judgemental skills to begin understanding people around you who want to contribute to your progress, it is kind and important to know how your business will be successful or attack too.

In any place of business or craft, there are some set of people who won’t want the business to grow naturally, but that doesn’t mean, you would send them out, no, you need to know the pattern of skill to overcome them, life is a place of continuous learning till the end of time, though, sometimes you need to send them away.


#8 vision is there always

Your approach is what is important because when you decide to send them out, you wouldn’t know who you will employ that is good and for that, you need constant monitoring of your strategy to be effective in your journey as a leader.

A leader must work to see his business successful more than anybody inside the business, without that, nobody can earnestly work towards your business as yourself.

Your brother cannot know how comes about the growth of your business, for instance, if you were to give a person to be in charge for one year, you will know that, without your presence, ideas might go wrong.

A man who has started to work on a mission at the age of thirteen towards the working of the idea. would not be compared with a man with a high class of ordinary knowledge.


# 9 make the rules

The first will be better to coordinate than the man with knowledge of degree.

Anyone who wants to produce must learn how to go about it; a leader is that person that sets himself apart to know the nitty-gritty of what he wants to embark upon.

Far from the prospect of being talking, you need a mindset of undergoing various levels of measurement to know what you want to improve on.

As making yourself a personal brand that shows: you have to master all the qualities needed to take yourself to the upper place of life. Is not a film trick to say, every good labour is a practising fellow of that trade.

It might not be in the writing aspect but in the practical work of experience where you need to know the reality of it.

Like under developing country like Nigeria, someone has encouraged himself to begin to build cars, trucks, motor and others, now, he has made himself a personal brand in Nigeria.


#10 pattern everything you do

Telling himself that everything patterning to these mentioned structures can be manufactured and produced by Nigerians.

It is a proud thing especially for us that we are underdeveloped. INNOSON MOTORS has broken the jinn and came up with his brand, which is unbelievable to all extent of reasoning.

He has made that choice, the choice is here now in Nigeria to stay, it is not that, he was full of degrees, but with the practical know-how that he has been able to install to himself to break the barrier of everything that must be done there.

A personal brand has been brought out for people to know it is possible here, the question is: how did he do it? It is by the fact that he believed since people are doing it, or he can as well do it without obvious understanding as in if you are not white is not possible?

People who do great work in the world are not people with a fat degree but are people with substance in their minds.


#11 knowledge teaches to know

If you think that you are a degree holder you have arrived, I would tell you that you have not started to know what you want especially in this part of the world.

This degree of a thing has deceived so many people across Nigeria that they didn’t know what they are doing again, it is in the place of just having the certificate, and the rest is a story.

That type of reasoning would not allow us to grow. We must learn how to grow in other to manufacture, produce and innovate, that is the only place we can call our home.

A group of people who want to develop must start with themselves first, I tell you that is the only time that substantial development can be systematically done.

Our country needs to be built by us, the mystery is that generations to come will know what to do, after we would have gone, being that we have created the platform to start with, the next generation who are seriously-minded will carry on.

The moment we put this to work, we would continue to have good leaders to take the new generation to where they belong.


#12 time management transform you

You must know that it takes considerable time to perfect a given skill in life, without that, there is no way, we as a people can begin to produce or innovate on our own.

This is the challenge of leadership now, you must train people to train people, what that means is that, when you don’t train people to take over you when you are no more which is the permanent thing in life, nobody can reciprocate what you have left to do and produce theirs.

Everyone cannot be deceived in the same frequency of time, so there must be a time for an individual to reason and suggest different things.

That is important, so there is a need for the next generation to realise that they need to teach the generation after to know what it takes by leaving the legacies of reality.

That is the mystery that the developed worlds have known and they are continuously working for millennia. We should not be too spiritual that we don’t know what to do to better the world, especially in Africa.

We have to know that as Africa; need to develop our job, work, and place by acquiring the needed skills for expansion.


#13 you need exposure

The western world has one thing in common, they groom and encourage themselves by compulsory acquiring knowledge technically to become who they want to become in life.

I’m not saying you need constant encouragement because a great leader just needs a little encouragement to take him far, but that is the little way we can help especially people who want to grow. It would become good to encourage those who want to move forward.

You can only know people that need to be good through the little contribution they have made in their little understanding of leadership.

More of the period of life does the ultimate belief that you need to engage to open a new door for your understanding more in life?

Once that tangible reasoning has found a turn in your life, you will definitely succeed in your choice of work. My mind hooks up when I have decided that I would become a writer, since that first day, I was continuously hammering on doing it practically to open door to the reality.


#14 all that you need is inside you

It is the power of conceiving it that all matters if you want to grow and become the leader you have envisaged. There is 100 percent luck when you work towards your mission then not doing anything and expect something big to come to your front deck.

I know myself to be the Prophet of my word, it only comes to pass when you involve what it takes to get there, else you are moving back to where you don’t plan for it.

When you allow the situation around to pressure you, you would not find where you ought to be because the situation has told you what to do instead of telling the situation despite the adversity what to do.

I must have to grow by passion; I think that is the only best way to know that success is by the corner. Right from the conception to the finishing point of any mission if you must succeed, there wouldn’t be any slowness in the chain of your work.

It has been said, that who wants to produce and he is not working towards the target deceiving his soul, because the soul of a man is where the power to conceive is, so if it is not rejuvenated, it would replicate the emptiness out.


# 15 develop your plan

Thus, there is a need to continually work smartly to meet the need of growing part-time to meet that which is in your soul to bring out.

Even though you might be thinking is it the favour of God, why did you come with your own and wait for the favour to speak in your life.

Reading successful people’s stories would always teach you what you don’t know; to become what you need to do in improving the great treasure that is inside you.

Stories of successful people are too important to be neglected if you must make headway into the untapped resources of the world. Why can you decide to bring and try God if you would know that you don’t have a favour?

The world is rich, but it takes the working and the favour of God to bring it out, and now you can see that it takes the two nuggets to take you to the treasure of God in your life.


#16 make the difference

I tell you the truth; some people who are ingenious in their fields know that the minds put to work for a long time unveiling the skill to the world.

Many have done one or two great works before they were able to come to the light of the world.

I have known that is why I didn’t border on what to do after I have written three books down. I read a story of a musician who wrote his first song exploded after seven good years before fame.

Now if I have not read that kind of story, I would have been beaten down by the insight of my life, not God.

The opposition would take the glory that they have kept me down to perform what I would have been better at, being born to do it.

Sincerely, ignorance is the big trap in the journey of life if you are not insightful to understanding the game; bordering would be the problem that would kill your dream.

A leader should know this entire trap to cross over the other side of life to make the creative house to be prospered as he has proposed to do in bringing the brand.


#17 do not take your for granted

Don’t take things for granted, any stop of training yourself is the trap you must avoid if you must reach or acquire the treasure you have set for yourself.

Some people are trapped down in this because they just feel it is not in them to be blessed in as far, they have not seen something for a short time, it is not in them to succeed.

Get in touch to refresh yourself with knowledge, so you cannot be empty not to forget that you are continuously developing who you are.

There is no Holy Ghost there; you just have to do it to know that you have the God in you not having deceived yourself to think you don’t need the secret. Until you know the secret, you would mess yourself up; giving to the world of less.

Imagine natively, people are still digging well for water, you can imagine, if there were no record that every well dug by Isaac supernatural built was covered by the enemy, some people wouldn’t understand to continually digging.


#18 find your platform

You must dig your well so you can get your water so that you don’t need to meet or beg to provide for yourself, it very important if you want to be a brand in your life first before the world.

The better you keep digging your well, the good and perfect you become, because there is something you need to know that no one would teach if you don’t do it yourself. The secret of that wouldn’t be taught in any school in the world but doing it yourself teach you how it works.

If you don’t fight beyond, you would not work more than you know to create, so the secret to that is to get the insight in others to boost your courage.

In the mystery of that, it good to further broadening the wisdom that will always show you the gift in you to brighter than you ever anticipated.

I’m glad you have known this secret, without secret, no leader gets it better to develop to that place of grace. History teaches us how the early people who have engaged theirs did, so that is the legal side to improve if you want to produce what you have thought possible in life.