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12 Ways On How To Activate The Feeling You Can



 #1 how to prepare your mind

There are times life will be boring that you would not have hoped of the possibility of fulfilling destiny. see ways on how to activate your feeling you can.

But once you activate the feeling that you can, you are there  consciously. That you are the only one that can make yourself become it.

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Happiness comes from you and it would go from you.

This means anytime you are not happy, it’s not from your anyone but you.

Each time trouble comes, it shows that you are shifting from one realm of understanding to the next.

The freedom of life will always work with how you activate everything that comes your way. So, put effort to be positive especially as you think through.

Until you fix your mind, the energy will not come; that is certain.

You must make sure you don’t get bored even if the environment fails to provide for me.

People would fail you but it’s only when you involve yourself that you can.

First, if you don’t activate the right spirit that you can, there is no magic or wishes that can bring it to pass. Therefore, you will run an empty race if you don’t do what you is supposed to do. So, life without wisdom can push you to the realm of reducing yourself productivity.

Quite some times in your  life, you would be asking yourself how do these people who have done it, did it? And if so, what are the strategies? Too many questions would come into your mind.  You would be good when you begin to read some autobiographies, memoirs and biographies.

You will get some insight to put you in control in what you intend to do.


#2 failing is not a failure

This will acknowledge you in what you become. This will give you more understanding about the depth of knowledge and understanding of the things you intend to do.

You think again, what about wisdom? You will start again, reasoning. All these are some of the prerequisite to anchor your game.

Your life begins to change as you involve yourself in this crucial pace of understanding.

With the wisdom in you, things will begin to activate areas that were missing in your life to set.

There is no limit in anyone that has found this wisdom in him. Without that, you cannot reign in life because success demands wisdom.

What are you looking for on earth if you don’t know how to go about it? You are the success as you push and be determined. And as well activating the feeling of achievement will be possible.

The wisdom to keep you balance will be available as you click on the pathways of success.


#3 understanding is the best key

When the understanding is in you, the earth will know because the world is spiritual. This is the revelation from the universe that makes you to shine in the world.

The world is ruled by revelation of powers in both physical and spiritual. There is no deception in this.

The revelation makes you to stand on top without doubt that you will succeed.

When you start to operate in the revelation of understanding. Things begin to submit on its own accord.

The dream of change will begin to make wave of change and you would be in charge.

It’s the belief that will prompt working in the understanding and also allows you to see far.

Your life would not have shape if the whole understanding about where you are going is not known. The feeling to activate will not come.

That is the reason you need books to put you inform and change who you want to be.

Some would say you don’t have talent, what is talent then? Talent according to the Oxford dictionary,Is a special or cleverness; a skill produce by an individual.

 If talent is a skill, then skill is a process of learning something and doing it more often.

#4 practising makes you better

Everybody is endowed with one or two talents to work with. The ability to practice it is what makes you who you are in the world.

Anybody that is a genius is a good worker; He is a person who takes all his time in practising a craft to a place of phenomenon.

Experts said: When you practice something for ten thousand hour, you become a genius on that particular field.”

 So geniuses are people who keep working for perfection. Thus, make up what you believe you can do.

It’s ridiculous to say that skill or talent is not practicable. Remember the common saying “practice makes perfect.”

Learning a skill increases you as you embark on and on.

The universe who knows you activate the feeling when you are in need.

So many geniuses have failed many times before they got to where they are.

Your own cannot be different. If you do the same thing as those who were there, you would get the same result.

If you are looking for easy place, then you don’t require practice. And when you don’t practice, doing it will cause you to weak.


#5 you are a winner when you work

You are a winner absolutely by taking charge of your destiny to move where it seems impossible.

You have to say it to yourself that, no matter what you will become!

Life is a continuous push, until you begin to understand and recognise the power of push in your life. Your access in the things of success would be limited.

You have completely take charge in activating the feeling you can make it.

Men may dispose you, but when you propose in your heart. Nothing can stop you no matter the circumstances.

When you start believing in yourself, there is a spirit in you that will blossom.

You become a proof that life is a gift when you activate what you need to do.

When you don’t want to stay down against the wishes of the people. Then you have to follow the right pattern of working your way out. You just need to activate your feeling that you can

Feeling is the source of right or wrong. It is from there you decide whether you will succeed or fail.

Because only you can feel your thought and work over it to progress.

Activating the feeling that you can makes a difference despite the negative thoughts that comes. You are more than a failure as you press forward.

Telling yourself you would succeed in everything you do.

There are some times in life that everything will want to get you discouraged.

Life is a choice; you have it to decide whether you go up or down. This is why you should see ways on how to activate the feeling you can.

Everyone who knows, know that going to the top takes great positive feeling in moving you forward.

When you don’t give yourself the required thing you need, you will be derailed to get where you don’t want.

#6 consider every step you need to venture in

Activating the feeling means that you must take everything to consideration.

Before you stand on what you want to do otherwise. You might miss everything and regret your action.

How you feel makes a great sense of regards to your feeling, whether bad or good.

This is tells you on whose way you are to push. When you control your feeling you have taken charge in telling the ignorant to move out.

Thereby, proving yourself to be successful in your endeavour.

Anyone who wants to lead must know that you must learn how to direct your feeling. Basically to achieve what you are desire get.

By this, you will contribute better to the society. There are times life will not give you what you need.

This is the time for you to examine yourself whether you can lead or not. So, activate the feeling that you can.


#7 nothing happens unconsciously

Bringing the feeling to stand fast project you to know how to use it in order to utilise what gifted for.

When you want to learn anything, you must pay the prize for it be it anything.

Gift is raw until a corn falls to the ground, it abide not to grow, so it must be planted before harvest.

There are times when things will look as if you are not capable of doing it.

But when you activate the feeling that you can do it. You become of it even though you are not there yet.

More to this, the feeling is the sensor that tells or shows you what you need to put in place.


#8 money brings energy

Have you taken notice of a time you are working and you get tired? And suddenly somebody comes with some gifts and gives you to continue.

You will invigorate your energy because something good is involved. You will be refreshed and be glad to activate yourself back to work above the normal time line you would have done.

That is what happens when you activate the feeling inside you. It is good to feel good when you know what it takes to be happy.

This will push you to rise above the normal hours that you are supposed to reach before getting tired.

There is more to feel good than bad.


#9 the more you work, the better you become

The more you give yourself the feeling that you can do well than bad. You will improve your performance to drive you the faster.

When you give your life to bad feeling, you are prone to be affected by it.

In most cases, you will see that life is a place where you choose what you want.

When you feel good, you are more in strength than someone who feels bad.

In actual sense, your level of knowledge out grows than a person who always feels bad. So, activating the feeling you can is possible.

When you cannot activate the feeling that you can, the momentum you need would limit your movement.  This happens as you give space to the negative side of your feeling to rule you.


#10 you can provide for yourself

When you begin by knowing that you can do it. It will push you a little better than when you don’t know. This is the reason, you must see ways on how to activate your feeling.

So you can see that the different is how you feel that activates you and boost your moral.

Even though the government didn’t provide the enabling environment for your dream.

That doesn’t stop who you think you are without taking responsibility. You have to bring your quota to the world for success to come.

You have to be a wise man to start a good business in life. Because there is no environment that is convenience as you start.

It can be done only when you feel that you can. That is when you can activate the need to get there.

Some environment will not be good to understand what you want, but that is not the cause.

You need to know what you need before you can work to think that your environment doesn’t matter. Your mentality for the great work ahead is the winner strength you need.

Your heart must be fixed to bring the good things out of you. Anything you know is because you want to know it.

As you apply the face of possibility, it takes you to there. You must give yourself to feeling that when you put time you can be better.


#11 learn on how to take responsibility

A man who is serious to feel that he can do it, he is closer to it than a man who thinks he cannot do it.

If you must get there, you must take responsibility on how you believe. So, the negative feeling will find its path away from you.

Any moment you have thought badly about what you could do. You are sending a message into your mind that it cannot be done.

Properly because of little distraction, you form a circle of returning back. You can take what belongs to you through how you feel.

The way to go is by actively activating especially when you know what to do. You will push every distraction out of your way.

Your environment might not give you all what you want. But then, you need to tell yourself that you can.  By engaging the power of activating the skill you put to do.

Life is a teacher, the faster you know this when you think you can do it. This is why you should see ways on how to activate your feeling you can.

The easier you get to another level of understanding. It works for anyone who thinks is possible.

Each time you feel thing doesn’t work the way you want it. You have the right to change the setting to suit your feeling. So, you become successfully when you actually know your feeling.


#12 always be positive in your thinking

There is always a time when you would sometime disagree with your feeling. This comes especially when you want to make a good decision about your life.

This feeling keeps disturbing you until you overcome it with the power of activation.

You will begin to operate in the knowledge of self as you activate the positive feeling. You will definitely succeed in the place of your career.

Knowledge helps you in this process when you have it. Because it is very helpful in taking up the feeling of becoming successful person. So, see ways on how you can activate your feeling.

The way you feel determines how you will work. If a man wants to commit suicide if he brings out the feeling in agreement in what he wants to do. The action will be done.

There is a need to hold on to a positive feeling, this only will take negativity out from you.

No human is immortal to tell you that you cannot feel bad at sometimes.

This is why the word of knowledge plays a vital role in developing your mental state if you reason well.

So activating the feeling that you can works in a way put you in control.

From the day you got to understand this, your happiness starts from you. Success begins to come your lane.

If you must succeed, the area of feeling must be taken care of because it matters in the working of success.