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Ways On How Africa Can Generate Money



#1 Borrowing is a barrier

The contingent of Africa is breaking down every day by day because of the length of borrowing we are involving for decades now.

No country gets richer while borrowing is the focus of that country. When a country who wants to proper involves herself in borrowing and especially the money is not thrown into the place of creativity, innovation, manufacturing etc., they lose the better side of the money, thus bringing the country to the state of failure and more debt into the country again.

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The more Africa knows that they can become great if they consciously involving themselves in creativity and others, they would not take long, everything will start to be manifesting good and the desire change will showcase, while ongoing production and manufacturing will be stirring.

#2 Africa is suffering

Many countries in Africa suffer this plague of borrowing to the extent that, China wanted to cease a country police force to be controlled of it because they took loan and found it difficult to pay back.

Supposed this was carried out, the country would have become a place of shame to the world because they fail to do what they ought to do.

Since Africa has not realised that, they can do what others developed world are doing, they remain patterns in reducing themselves to a piece of bread in the world to be used anytime.

Every country that is doing well today, is a deliberate effort not just mere paper work but they earnestly took action of every of their agenda to became where they are to today.

From the day Africa realises that, everything is possible, they will promote every of their geniuses in every field of endeavours to bring result and change the phase of developmental problem and advancement desires across the Continent.

#3 When Africa realise

When they know the wealth of the nation is in the population, education, skill acquisition, technology, manufacturing, reading and writing etc.,

they would begin to realise that, they don’t need any foreign country before they could develop their countries in all the diverse places to develop.

Much more than this, they put all their hope in the developed nations while frustrating those who can change the narrative of the country; putting them back to believe they cannot do it.

Africa should put emphasis in this place of hardworking to those who can, there we will witness change in high level and advancement, this is the only place where meaningful development comes into play to work. It is always possible when we come together to find lasting solution.

Time and time again, we have noticed this and there is no miracle in it, the only miracle African needs is to work more harder to be committed in everything they are involved especially in developing theirselves in nations building, this is where success can come and have a place.

#4 Money devalue

We have seen this and as century goes by, more and more of development is still coming, so we can’t take always this from the reality of life. Africa economies always plummet in inflation.

African should know that, the more they waste their times on borrowing without using it, the worst their countries become. Certainly, making money demands productivity, creativity and innovation.

The Africa continent cannot move forward without doing all these mentioned recipes of change less we continue to beg and beg until we realise that, the change that we need is within us, this is when development can strive and the change we need will come.

Therefore, the geniuses in Africa should be given priority to practice what should have been done and allow to strive into their potential thereby causing the needed change.

#5 Leader should productive

Africa leaders should know that, some of the ways to make a viable country is to make productive of their citizens and put them to that places of believing in themselves that everything is possible, this is where change can come.

Once that is done, the continent has nothing to worry about since the practical truth has been defined, there shouldn’t be any need to worry of the future development.

Once we can bring these people to limelight, everything that patterns to what we need to get there, would be done here in the country.

For country to develop, it all take time in managing the time that is needed to upgrade for that lives to be better and leave to the fullness to achieve purpose and potential.

The meaning of bringing wealth into the continent is to be productive, innovative, creative and manufacturing, that all it takes a country to belong in the category of a developed country.

#6 We have practical theory

Many theories have been said and defined, but once the theories are not practically matched, every knowledge is said will go under the carpet.

The reality of the mission is the product and if that is not met, there is no need to be called any name.

Leaders in Africa should raise up and take the challenges of taking the right step to see reason why, everything here in Africa is not consummated according to plan.

More often than all, when we give the people the mandate to go about creating or innovating, it gives chance for exploit as the environment is conducive; lives change automatically.

#7 We must believe ourselves

Africa cannot become who they are destined to be when they function in the system of not believing in themselves, in this, things would not be kept right in moving to the desired place of destination of progress.

Some people in Africa take themselves for granted, thinking all what is happening  cannot be possible in the Land.

It is not so, every dedicated, disciplined and firmness we put in any work, Job or task, without anyone telling us, everything will be successful and all process will be recognised for the ability to move us further again.

The success of a country begins in the ability to know how things work, we push to know the pathways that success works with before we  become of it, then  we are set to improve in reaching the productivity stage.

#8 Everything works for good

One of the recipes to produce is that we cannot belittle ourselves for the progress of our country and make progress!

Once we know this, we can change life on the basis of how we think and go ahead and make the difference because that is the reason everyone of us is here to succeed.

Things do not just happen when we have not distinguished ourselves on the basis of hard work for the future progress ahead.

Once you have known what it takes to be distinguished, everything works together for our good, because life gives us everything so we can learn from.

Many people in Africa don’t believe in their countries, because the leaders have turned their citizens to slave in denying them of the little social amenities like:

electricity, water and light, if all these are not operating in a country, the people are automatically becoming slave to their leaders.

#10 Technology is the key

Technology is one of the means  where wealth flows into the country without effort from anywhere, we just work on it, before we will know, the produce is working for good.

When Africa leaders know what they want without the mind of corruption, the narrative will surely change for good.

The moment we move into technology, we embrace the wealth that comes with the intention of moving the country forward.

When Africa leaders begin to work on themselves, things in their countries begin to change for good.

Especially Nigeria that believes in crude oil only, aside this, the country doesn’t have any potential to grow so they can train their people instead they continue in borrowing to hinder the wealth of the country progress.

Sincerely, the country is running into long term debt which in the generation to come, things will slow down because of the debt the leaders have entered.

#11 Debt is a problem

Every budget, the amount to pay for debt is almost above in the current and capital expenditure, this is funny and it would ridicule the economy no matter how we strive for change.

Sometime,we would hear how some states couldn’t pay their workers’ salaries. Why? The amount use to pay debt is almost more than what they are spending, and this brings down the capital project to slim proportion.

Africa leaders should take some amount of money and spend it in creativity, thus cause the people to venture on what the citizens will embrace to give them the sense of reasoning to become the geniuses they are meant to become.

#12 Knowledge is the recipe

Wealth creation is the ability of the government to open the space for the citizens to venture into different technological, innovative and creative processes in bringing wealth into the country.

One thing is sure, God creates everyone with a distinct gift and thought, so if Africa wants to make a different, they have the ability to do so.

Nobody can make us to become what we are not prepared for, our ability is to stir up the gift inside of us, until you use it, we might not know who we are.

#14 Population is growing fast

One of the purposes Africa leaders must embrace is technology in creating pathway of development because the population is growing at geometric rate. Imagining  100 millions people are using twitter in a country, do you know how much the country will be making?

It would be a large amount influx into the coffee of the federation.

So this wealth creation is a mind set, once we are not ready for it, the reality would be difficult to work toward it thus creating amount of money to change the country status.

Even the twitter, the Nigeria government banned for some time, they can make more money from there, it is because the leaders are not creative rather they are manipulators, that is why they couldn’t know what to Do!

If they had known that, twitter would bring some amount of money, they would have done this before now.

#15 Good leader

The leaders are not even using their knowledge of other countries to proffer methods of making money, rather corruption is the other side of it.

Africa can become what we desire, when we stand up for the purpose we are created, then we would see the reason to work hard even though the leaders are trying to oppress the good things inside of us.

Following the ban of twitter in Nigeria, the citizens fell into the hand of bad policy which didn’t care about the poverty rate in the country.

They continue to weigh down the people into abject poverty, hence increases the level of poverty on the internet world.

This is one of the reasons why leaders in Africa must look into and proffer solutions and change the way we are doing thing and go for the way of progress.

Since the ban of twitter in Nigeria, some people who were making money from there, became beggars in the street now.

#16 Nigeria is falling

Think for the change they promised before they came in, it is time to do what they ought to do for the wealth of the world to come into Nigeria.

One of the ways to bring money in Africa is to be enlightened and cleared many ways of ignorance, as in telling the citizens is possible to achieve it and can be possible to become what we thought.

The major break through that is needed is for our leaders to stop to deceive the citizens by bringing contractors from outside to do what we can do.

Corruption is one of the challenges but ignorance in our paths is more than the corruption, if this is taking care of, Africans will come on their own to provide what we need to do and know.

More often than all, we all have the capacity, ability and sense of reasoning to attack every challenge and get results always.

Leaders in Africa must know that, development is in their hands, if they fail, it would be recorded against their names, so is important to work and see all labour to make Africa a better place to see and live.

#17  Solution needs deliberate

Africans must see themselves as the solution solver or rather then outsiders proffer solution to every problem in Africa, we can change the narrative and make success.

When Africans look not themselves from the hands of the wise, they will continue to make insufficient management of skill to reach where they should have reached.

Once leaders in Africa have recognised this, their citizens are the people to train to make the wealth, perhaps, they would change and become good ambassador to their countries.

Some people are geniuses in their field, but life sometime needs support, when the support fails to come down, it would be like nothing is working for good.

#18 Budget is below

Developing Africa needs a deliberate act in other to see that, every money budgeted is spent judiciously, in this manner nobody questions rather solution for every challenge is solved.

A close moment of time, there is need to work hard and ask how is the right ways to perfect this thing.

Deliberate attempt must be put in place and check, when you follow how it is used, most time life doesn’t give us what we desire at some particular time.

Since development entails working hard, knowledge, skill and intention are the end point for any progresses in the world.

Until Africa raises up, the pattern of development and fashion of advancement will be slow to execute every plan that is needed to be done for advancement; it will be shut down.