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9 Ways On How To Rule Your World In Business


#1 your progress depends on you

Leaders are always in front of other people. This is because they have ideas and knowledge to solve problems.

Except you are a reader, you will not get what is required to perform.

Ways on how to rule your world in leadership is given to you.

There are innovations in the world: technology, business and even knowledge driven base for general use.

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Solutions to the problems of the world are found in books.

For you to solve sophisticated problems.

You must be filled with both wisdom and knowledge to confront the challenges of the world.

As a leader, you educate yourself first before you can decide to share to the people you want to lead.

Honestly, you will clearly fail when you are not prepared for the place you are ready to go.

It happens and it will continue to happen. Anyone who thinks it is cheap will fail in the midst of it.

When you don’t research, you cannot know how to face the challenges.

It is well known that knowledge is one of the keys answer to the world problems today.

The Bible says, ”In the first year of his reign’’ I Daniel understood by books…”

Thus, it takes Daniel many books to know and get the revelation he needs to sustain him.

Without books, how can you know the teachings and the words of the wisdom of men?

So if you want to know how to achieve, you must know how to make use of knowledge.

And for you to be in action and strength to engage the battle of the world. There is need to know that knowledge is important.

Knowledge of action is decided in the place of working which changes your life. The moment you know the knowledge of action, you become a winner.



#2 you need light to shine in your life

If you have got the light in the course of the word. As you step into any place where the kingdom of darkness is operating, instantly you are lightened in every ignorance.

You will break and shatter the place of ignorant in order to make change. Immediately because light shines as you make use of it. It either one suppresses one or never.

And this is where you will begin to understand the works of the principality and powers of ignorance.

This is how you can rule your world in the place of leadership.

As you activate the knowledge of strength, you will begin to live a supernatural life. There, the leadership spirit begins to enter you to control what you need to correct.

Always go for it; learn to pursue it with tenacity of love so you can change your world.

Everything in life has to do with the word of knowledge you have.  This goes in two forms; secular and spiritual.

Learning both brings growth and development. Leaders are daily learners and that help them to achieve their aims. As well as know and learn the unknown.

They are people who learn every course of subject little to know the world better by knowledge.

If you want to be a leader, you must be a daily learner in all forms of life.

Try to know little about everything that you come across, whether you did study it in school or not.

The idea of leadership is a way of life that requires continuous learning.



#3 leader motivates in the reality

When you are finding inspiration or motivation from people. Without your effort; you cannot be a better leader.

A leader is a person who is motivated by what he views or sees especially the abnormality in the world.

With little inspiration, a leader can light his way to the place of unbelievable attraction.

Where the world will wonder at the kind of capacity that you use to derive action.

Remember it is how you view the world that changes your understanding altogether.

A leader does not need much from people to stir up. You do thing in the capacity of what you can do to change the fast deteriorating environment if need be.

Before you can be a great leader, you must first depend on your own attitude and belief environment.

It starts from you first; this is why ordinary person can rise to the top in life. Simply because of the tenacity to push.

With self motivation and perspiration. You can reach the level of your choice by what you choose to do. Simply because you follow what normally isn’t conventional.

Readers are always ahead in life because they learn from what they see, view and experience.

No matter the environment, background and circumstance you can still get there.

The race of life doesn’t depend on whether you come from a poor or rich home.

It all depends on your mindset over anything you think to do. Though you have an edge when you come from a rich background. You are a step ahead but when you don’t have, start where you are.

If only you would learn to read and know some of the secrets in life. You will excel in life and most of the secrets of life are written in books.



#4. Read and study to change your life

This is why most great leaders are readers. Because they believe, reading, writing and studying make any good leader a complete person.

In order to make use of position given to you move smarter and function well.

Readers are always the people in charge, integrating people in a better way of living. Changing the mentality of people and making people better.

Now, Black man has ruled America, it is the highest surprise to the world.

You can become anything you think of, when you begin to think towards there, you will succeed.

You would be stunned when you begin to get some understandings about life. As you word through the process of life.

It makes you to be reliable to yourself before other. Especially your greatness in the place of rulership in life.

It’s what is inside the spirit man that makes you who you are. Black man has ruled the most developed country in the face of the world.

You should be if you are a black man. It happens so you may have confident in the world.

Never limit how you think no matter the circumstances that surround me.

Why? You need to know that your destiny is not in any man’s hand but with you.

No matter what the enemies try, they cannot stop you. As you work to your glory, you are sure life will not work against you.

This is why; this eBook brings you on how to rule your world in the skill of leadership.



#5 always working toward your goal.

In spite of the difficulties that you have been facing, your obsession for life never will change. When you push to get answers.

Until you know how to rule your world in the place of leadership.

You need to maintain fully charge where life is migrating you to which one of the nuggets is taking responsibility.

And when you know this, you shall be strong to face any obstacle that would come your way.

As you know, pray that all your dream and vision will find a fulfilling end as you push for excellent.

 You must be expecting if only you want to succeed. Success is for people who are expectant in future.

That one day things will be change for better by working towards what you believe. It is not come real when you fail to believe.

You will end up giving up the goal that you have worked half way to it.

Because of the unbelief that you have sold to yourself. That is why a good reader always find strength, wisdom. And change of level when he find a good book to read.

The moment you start to involve yourself with good materials.

It charges you even when nobody is around to advice you on what to do.

You see it coming in the moment of joy. Ultimately, you need good books to help you graduate to the next level. Where nobody tells you what to do rather get insight on what to do.

It is a process of fine turning your life to meet up the demand of the challenge of the moment.

It is absolutely unfair to put yourself to this place and you do not work to fit the portfolio.

So, you need to think and rule your world in the place of leadership, so to succeed.



#6 books are agent of transformation

Don’t forget that there are categories of leadership in life. It doesn’t matter where you are, whether you are a pastor or a manager or office worker.

You can still perform in your little way. There is leadership in all type of leaderships’ style. If you must lead in the area of leadership, you need to learn it.

As you know, books are of the agents of transformation to all extent of life.

So leader means you have to work to meet up with what it takes to solve the problem of the world.

Any leader who has not gotten knowledge in order to develop or make a change.

The leader will destroy the resources of the nation of or state.

When you begin to find out how to lead, really it takes great knowledge to work things out appropriately.

You know that mistakes are bound to happen, because we work in progress.

Sometime we find mistakes in what we have done before. But to just think that we can just decide and it happens the way we want.

Sometime it might not go the way we work but we are sure that it would happen someday.

The challenge that leader must know is the strategic implication of what you want to do.

Whether it affects in the course of your duty or positively impact the journey. It is important to impact your world.

Once this is done correctly. You begin to get everything right based on knowledge and past experience.

The main purpose of knowing the leadership activity is to succeed in everything you intend to do. Thus, you need to rule your world by how you think.

Life is good when you know what to achieve. This gives strength to push towards the reality of your journey.



#7 vision is one of the keys to succeed

A reader knows that, the help of knowledge is the strength to push towards the difficult path of life.

This brings continuous enlarging the vision you have to succeed.

Once you have inculcated this culture of reading, it brightens the vision and makes it come to pass. Because of the sense of reality the books bring to action.

The most important thing about it is this, once you have started to engage it. You become of it.

It works without anybody telling you what to do. A reader who knows what to do will grow as fast as possible.

Finding answer is always the key to where you are going.

At the initial time when you begin to read and study what you want to become. Things become difficult but you can still grow.

Readers do not assume because reading is one of the keys to obtain the beauty of life.

You have to know that, thinking about how to rule your world in leadership promotes your life.

When you pursue it with all sense of vision. Without being a reader, the strength to see far will be limited.

It is cleared that life is the vision that you pursue that comes to you.

Thinking to rule your world in leadership gives you the chance to change your life.



#8 you have to work on your gift

You are the gift of your life as you see through the eye of the reality of the vision you have.

So, freedom of life becomes the order of the day by the spirit of leadership you have.

The negative feeling around you will not have power to torment you rather you create stamina.

As you are working in the glory of gift. Anywhere you go, the promise will create space in you. You can tell how it would go without you get involved.

Know that your environment might not be your physical entity but your mind.

So it is how you view it that changes how you achieve anything you want to achieve.

Thinking how to rule your world in the place of leadership skill is necessary recipe to grow.

You are the sense in negotiating what you intend to perform or innovate. You are sure to succeed in everywhere.

Understand that the universe gives you all good gifts.  Acknowledge yourself by doing the work you are born to do.



#9 you need direction

Work to approve to see that every vision you have needed to be put properly. As you prepare your way, you would surely grow to the place of your desire.

 The vision you have is the point of blessing; depend solely on the response that you make.

So quest to know what you need to grow, only then you would succeed.

When you stand upon the towel to see that you are moving.  You are to stay there till you succeed in your way.

Know that knowledge speaks to you through understanding in the vision you have. To saturate your mind is to direct your part to succeed.

You need to equip yourself with the power of your mind to make change. So you can know all the ways of the mystery of success.

When you are full with of the word of understanding, your inner man charges to the place of action.

The word of reality in you forces the dark place to be enlightened.

It takes the meditating and studying of the knowledge to make you powerful. This is how you can think and rule your world anywhere.


















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How To Believe And Win In Business


“I have always believed that mission is greater than the man.”

– Rick Perry


When you believe that your mission is greater than you, you will begin to see life different from what you used to see when you don’t have a mission.

Every great vision is accompanying by the insight you have, not the money you have to execute first that brings the change you desire.

The awesome work about executing the great idea is all about concentrating on what you have faith in, it will allow your mind to grow faster than you expected as you push forward.

In a long run in the mission you have, there is normally a change that will be revolving in your dream to restrategise the mission instead of wasting your time on the smaller thing.

A man with great vision has nothing to disturb himself with the small unit of disturb that comes his way. When the little distraction appears, it will look little, which happens when you are extremely focused on the insight and dream you have been stuck with.

There is more to life than looking at the smaller portion of distraction that would want to break the eye of mission in your path.

There is a need to look into the main issue always not to divert for the set mission so you can have a sharp understanding of how to grab your goal.

When the mission is not greater than you, challenging yourself will not be there to recognise to produce a tangible result for you.

To identify your need to upgrade certain understanding to develop the template that will schedule your work, it will be difficult to achieve your goal.

The reason you must know all this is because time and skill to produce are a friend. When you don’t bring that friendship together, you miss the skill resources to break that which you are supposed to bring forth.

The mission makes the statement to be firm whether you have not got there or not, in a moment of reaching the point of thought, there are rethinking powers that need to be done to survive the place of obstruction.

No mission that is successful in the world today that was not believed in term of, “I can do it through the power of the insight by the inspiration of the inner man.”

We all know that a leader is a problem solver, when you lack this, you suffer a setback on how to peddling the voyage of leadership. Any dream or mission that is not bigger than you, is not propelling by the needed strength for it to grow.

No matter how difficult it is, a leader with an argument must disagree to know well in other to make a lasting understanding. It is well to say that, anything you don’t know is bigger than you, so in that, there is a time for the argument to understand further need.

A leader must know that he cannot know everything so there is a need to exchange some of your thought for the argument to give you more understanding of the tangible organisation you want to improve on.

When the dream and mission are not aligned, clearly you will begin to see a group of breakdowns introducing themselves to you thereby frustrating every of your effort.

Imagine now, you want to build a house without calculating the cost, I tell you at the end of the building, there will be so many confusions that will penetrate your spirit man to destabilise your stance.

Every great work done on earth was calculated to get the estimate before embarking on it. In that, you will find a decorating heart of understanding to incite peace in your heart.

Any missing link is dangerous to the development of the mission that normally according to Rick Perry is greater than you.

That doesn’t mean you cannot surpass the tension because at that time, maybe you don’t have the financial capacity to uphold the project. In a moment you don’t know what to do, there is a need to ascertain with courage how to brainstorm the reality of the journey to make the capital available through faith.

Action in any project is bigger than the faster understanding of any man, a man with the faster IQ without using it is not better than the man with a low IQ.

Time without number, we have read so many stories to educate us on the need for action if a project must be fulfilled.

It is important to know that, dull and brilliant people can be on the same page in life, how? When a man is brilliant and does nothing about improving on his daily activity, he will still be the same as a man who knows nothing.

The research is clear, that is why, many people who have grown to where they are today, are not brilliant in life but they are more coordinated to meet with the target in the journey of life.

They make their mission bigger than they and work slowly to meet the need of that project that they are envisaging; it is clear to understand the gimmick and wisdom of life, when you are not, it invades your mind to give nothing.

You must pull yourself to continue working on yourself to meet the need before the finishing project, everything takes step by step to accord with the first to the last.

A mission must be aligned so you can know the missing link, if need be, for a proper understanding of where your progress is. The mission of your life is hidden in the mind, so until the mind is worked and refined, the possibility will not be slim.

That is the grieve offence that you can do to yourself for not following the pathway of agreeing to follow step by step to put you in the junction direction of the mission action progress.

There are missions every day in the heart of man, the world is full of ideas, when you don’t get involved, don’t you think something good is missing? Of course.

Do you know that life gives you what you have formatted into your store? It is important to know the level of life by accepting responsibility to engage in life! People who make history are people who follow their mission to the last.

There is no luck in this kind of success that is a mission statement, if you want to find luck go to the lottery club and stay by it.

But a mission statement must be worked upon to the latter, which is only when substantial progress will show up. You that have not done it is not cheap; it is only those that have done it can say it is cheap to do because they have gone through different kinds of failure to open their minds to know different approaches to meet with their gifts.

Even though pride is not good, it is for those who have done it can be prided upon, because of the tense moment they have gone through to fix what now is history.

Very importantly, if you want to create, it follows what others have gone through to know before you can do yours. Life is a place where receiving knowledge and experience by engaging the old to build the new; such is always the mission statement that people pass through to production. That is why is awesome to read books in different categories to put more light into your life, if you want to be a good writer in life, you must have different categories of books to keep you in charge.

People are making it in all field of understandings, they are making it in all form; so, you too can be used to one thing you think you are good at.

Something must stir you up if you must change your history, motivational authors are important to read their books too, to stir you up.

The more good books you read, the better your mental receptive activates to bring out the hidden wisdom to come forth.

If I were not reading some of those books that change my mentality, I would have been the very lazy man complaining about the economy of the nation. It is not that as a citizen you cannot complain if things are not moving well, but when you have what to do, it reduces the world of your complaint and improves your time of investment to be productive.

Importantly, I didn’t feel sumptuous to any good book that will upgrade my mentality, because they impart will be more sumptuous than the material used.

A person with a mission cannot keep a decision to think upon to limit him; he will always think of the importance rather than the disadvantage.

The place of improvement is the action you put in the message you have received from the things you have read about, that makes you think is possible. The possibilities are all there if you want to take the risk of continuously following what you know at the end, you will produce great when you put the mind to work.

I have learned that at the first time a man plans to bring his vision out, that period might not be even 20 percent feasible, but as you keep moving, the thing will be metamorphosing; carrying you to the place of good as you awaiting it by working.

People who have exploited never take themselves for granted in any form of understand, why? It will be real to them, as such that setting to plug into the mission with being easy even with the doubt sometimes.

Amazingly, it is okay to see yourself get tired at the time, but in that, you see yourself still advance based on the reality of the vision you have seen with the mind through God’s strength. It is the trusted reality that makes the difference in the journey of life.

Everyone successful today has suffered one confusion or the other, so when you are matching front, if there is any confusion, you can still stay back and relax to monitor the situation before moving ahead, thus, making a new change of thinking.

It is practically okay to see yourself getting confused about what to do, that is why the mind is there to ponder and cogitate on the way to go, whether this or this way will bring the answers that you are looking for, when you do that, things will change.

For an instant, you have told yourself that you want to build a business of two million dollars, but you have not that money, but as perceive with faith to get it, that surge alone will propel you to move you forward.

A mission of a leader is in keeping the working habit, to prevent distraction against the plan or dream that you envisage coming to pass.

That is when you will think that life is the replicate of your thinking, giving you what you always think to work towards to fulfil destiny.

The way you think is much important than your background because history has shown us that many who have come from improvised backgrounds still come to make it in life. When you have that consciousness and read some great books that would touch your mind, you will have no limit on how you will excel. Even when you stay with negative people, you can still make some advancement towards what you believe.

At least when you have got to that point of understanding that you can make it, the stress of life begins to shift back, taking you to your place of labour despite the hurdle. Admittedly, I had not believed in myself before based on my background, but when I began to get some good books to advance my course, everything became easier with the pain I face daily because of where I came from.

The reason is this: as you move to know, it becomes easy until the time you become perfect on the pathway of what you are pursuing. It takes some considerable time to know the dos and don’ts in the dream that you put to work.

A leader is a person who keeps believing in his dream and follows what it takes to get there, which makes him continuously trusting himself till the time for harvest. Even as a genius, it doesn’t just work like that, it has to do with practising till you get perfection on it.

There is power in anybody that believes he can irrespective of where that individual comes from, so far, he has accepted to do it, there is energy that comes to bear.

That intention of accepting that you can do something increases and brings out the giant in you alive to make the difference.

Even though we believe that some are gifted more than others, that doesn’t mean we cannot improve on our God-given self to realise what He (God) has put in us to create.

The first thing as a leader is to think about the possibilities of the continuity of what you believe. In as far as you put a time to develop that skill, you can assure yourself that, you will see the light of the day especially when you put your trust in the Lord to work.

There is a need to defeat the enemy by telling yourself you can make it, concerning your circumstances to make a difference.

I shortly disbelieved my dream before I joined the Nigerian Air Force, that doesn’t stay long because then I knew I had no little resources to fuel my dream, but since I have joined the job even the hectic of it, I still find a great time to increase on myself to boost my morale and other recipes alike.

Life is purely the conception you have that will change your thinking for the good that God has created you to do. When you see reasons to advance, you will always find the opportunity to get help in one way or the other.

Your inner man is the ultimate substance that you must have to hold on to if you must be productive in your field of calling, everyone has its calling, but until you work strong to get there, it would be like a mirage in your eye.

People have been in poverty before you, people have been riches before you, so it is your decision that takes you to the point of honour. Nobody honour a lazy man or person, but if you see well, every established person in the world is honoured, haven’t you noticed that?

Every sector of life is the handiwork of creativity, so there is no place that is cheap to talk about, a footballer knows he must practice properly before he goes to playground for competition, if not, he or they will be defeated.

A winner in any game is a place where two or more people contest and one side or person is declared a winner. There is a place always to improve on what you know that will bring the change of glory that God will bless you.

Every successful leader is a worker, there is always a place for honour as when you continually bringing the best out of you by accepting the reality of the recipe; the universe will give the benefit from your work.

There is time for everything under the sun; a time to sow, a time to plant, a time to reap, and a time for harvest, each has a time frame to accommodate its work.

The more you put to what you have planted; the difference will be cleared in the period of harvest. Take the time to sow more decisive ideas than waiting to reap what you do not sow.

Earnestly, it was a painful experience in the place of obscurity, doing the thing that you wouldn’t know whether you will eat or not. I was obnoxious to discuss it, but now I have the licence to tell you what I had gone through.

I was apprehensive about everything I was doing; I never had a smooth education talk much of good school, all this brought about the whole package of reasoning that nearly see me off because of the opposition.

Now, I have overcome all those traps of the soul, now I’m working with peace of mind writing books for some people to know and learn. It doesn’t matter, when you are a smart and hard-working guy, you know what I mean, is not all working hard people make it in life, but smart in the area of mental prowess, you will make it.

We have types of working hard and all cannot be compared with each other; working to create is different from digging the ground to get water, and each one has its destination about the style of it and achievement.

Even though you have given free money to go about life, if you are not smart enough in converting of it, the money will disappear. I believe you have practically seen that, so there is no time to differentiate all that because a doctor is different from a plumber.

A man who is digging well for water with his hand cannot be compared with a scientist who is working in an air conditioner environment to produce the drug for killer diseases. It is left to you to decide whose kind of work hard or smart you want to engage.

I work hard and smart in reading so I can write books for people to reciprocate my effort with their money, you can see what I’m talking about. When someone talks about this, there is a distinction of knowing what one is talking about.

The moment you know better what you have not to be taught about, you have grown to the level of masterminding the genius in you.

In a mission like this, you don’t open up all your ideas to people why? Because you don’t know who will work against to spoil what you have put on the ground to move forward. Every newcomer in any field faces a period of difficulty that is to say acclimatises with the environment of a school of thought. But when you have acclimatised with the working, it keeps you worry not about the move of your gift, but to see the realisation of the process.

The reason you have mastered the skill is that you kept doing it till the latter to see your product.

Like my writing, it takes prayer and writing every day to master my skill because I know if I don’t pray and write, the opposition will trap me down, because skill has to do with spiritual prowess.

Until I’m strong in prayer I was unable to bring my writing to fruition, especially as spiritual writing.

You must know how to play your knowledge on what to do in other to meet your demand, as far as I’m concerned, there is a secret to every man’s success.

Your own will be different from the other person but the fact remains the same about the reality. Check who you are, you will see what no one will see, that is where your leadership skill lies on.

That is the strategy everyone must know to have, less, you will always think that this guy is a genius, but then, you have not mastered the strategy in taking you there.

I’m a military man as I write this book, but that doesn’t mean when I want to, I would not, because it takes some understanding to know how to move a mountain.

You have to be mindful of what you want, the way you want it, and how to go about the ending point which is very critical in the life transformation process to get success, matter most.



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How to take control and become successful in business


“The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action.”

– Herbert Spencer


#1 inspiration is greater than education

Education alone is not the price you pay for success but the action you take to get there that is the essentiality that takes you to grab the set goal.

If no actions are backing the knowledge you have acquired. t goes to depreciate the price tag that would have gotten in the place of your productivity.

Many would think that after education their paths are free for success. Yes but it would be career success. Not the success of beating every hoard to the pathway to receive the goal of your life.

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There is a friend of mine who believes that education is a scam! Why did he say so?  Education itself is the learning means not the pathway to success.

If not everyone would have been successful especially those who got the best education in the world.

The mission of a leader is to discover what education can do for you in the place of change in transforming you to be a better person in society.

There are patterns of life; if you are not acquitted by it. You would lose the great mission to develop your knowledge into action.

Thereby reducing your pathway of the pedestrian of success.

Every man with a mission knows the junction that he is gifted in performing the cause to ration in between the line of effectiveness in creating.


#2 identify the reality

There is a level of understanding you will have to know to put you in charge.

Less you fall into the trend of this was the way that our fathers are doing it without properly identifying the reality of what it takes.

Do not agree to a pattern, but ascertain to the understanding of knowing how by knowing and studying the knowledge of the heroes.

In reaching your own, eventually, you might see some error. When discovering it, do not follow, chart your course and make a change.

The ability of a leader in the sense of knowing above what he has not known; giving the edge to work smart to add value, he becomes that leader to himself first.

Sincerely until you are trained by untaught knowledge, doubt, fear, and procrastination will be perennial in your activities of the day.

I disbelieve many ways of life to enable me to become a steady man despite the ugly trend in my earlier environment.

One needs a continuous digesting and diagnosing to see the future with the eye of reality into the level of success; which takes the heart to travel far.

As you begin to chart the word from your mind, you will bring the in-depth your leadership skill to perform right.

The leadership mission as the title implies it is the house where you ponder on the reality rather than the said word to contribute and better your life.


#3 you have to know yourself

This book is all about dissecting in a difficult time which is reducing your regret of the past by accepting to build your skill.

Without following the trend of people who have added their doctrine to add to what ought not to be so.

The place of leadership is to scream all said words that are not real patterning to the source of wisdom and prosperity.

The moment you have able to disguise all that internal fallacy, you will come into the comfort of peace, because you are known what is real and not to show you the way.

Operating in this kind of real zone takes you to a place of rest despite the delimiting challenge of life irrespective of where you are going.

Leadership is the process where you decide to push to the place God wants for you despite your past to bring you to the point of success without bothering yourself with the past.

Every gift of leadership comes with many challenges that knowledge alone cannot bring to your notice until you have witnessed it.

To be sincere with you, there are some things you just need to witness to keep your understanding firm to teach you the alternative.


#4 you grow from your mind

If you were to go for another road that would still lead to the place you are destined to, the application of the reality must be steady in your mind.

Education intention is to enlighten and bringing the necessary arrangement to pursue what you fit in. If it’s not in that understanding, then you have failed the process of enlightenment for the pursuit of your gift: the goal will not be achieved.

The purpose that God has issued to proclaim his promises in your life is necessary to switch into the direction to follow, there something can happen.

As Herbert Spencer has put it, if it is not put to action then the whole package of it is futile to the place of disappointment because the essence of it is to bring you to the place of excellence.

My friend began to call education a scam because he has failed to add value to what he has been taught.

Now the use of reason of adding value was cut short by the knowledge of knowing that education is the continuous adding value to what you have known and taught that will make the difference.

#5 without understand you will mix up

Education is continuous if success and excellence will be made.

Therefore, adding value till when your light will shine is what will work. If you have not decided to add value to yourself, there is all indication that you may not achieve your goal.

When action is not taken, the rest of the world will be a ground of doom, which normally is not so because of some people who have taken responsibility to advance their knowledge in adding value to society.

For a leader that wants to grow, it takes a lot of time to know, sense, believe and realising that everything being taught needs to be put to use.

The moment you put your knowledge into action. It becomes the place of joy even though you have not made it or rather see yet the benefits.

I came from a very unbelieving environment that nobody would have thought that I could write. But that understanding of unbelieving disappears from me immediately as I saw the light of possibility.


#6 when you are enlighten you gain

Life is a choice; the essence of education is enlightenment, but if the purpose is not met, it becomes the history of mockery to yourself.

Imagine, a man who has gone through a higher institution and called an education scam.

Now, what is the challenge of that young man? When he was in school, he didn’t picture innovation rather he went to see the certificate knowledge as the end means instead of as a continuous working.

In addition, he didn’t know his capacity when he put the right action to work, the result will be creative.

The challenge of education is only left to the people who know that. In everything you produce or manufacture, there is a level of action to put to become the brand.

I have been working in an environment that discouraged me for my good pursuit, that doesn’t make any difference.

Because I have known the place of action and the ordinary place of mere knowledge. So there are so many understandings of levels that you need to pursue so that you can get answers.


#7 challenges train you

These are different kinds of challenges that must come your way if you must clamp and reach that level of growth that is associated with success when the effort is put to work!

Know there are successes all around the world today. As you pedal, you will see the reality of its life unfolding as you pursue your dream.

From the onset of life, success is not cheap. That my friend thought that after higher institution money would just be coming without even applying for it.

That is a wrong notion, something tangible must be done to gain entrance into the place of success.

Some only thought that education is for the brilliant ones alone is not the case.

Education is the ability to think aside from the box of a classroom. Because many who came out with good result in school do not have anything to stand on.


#8  you need continuous learning

Condemning the platform of not having quality education instead of utilising the one they have and add value to change their lives.

No school pays high and their students are qualitative in all forms of success. Success alone has nothing to do with the quality of education but the quality of action you put that brings about the transformation.

Until you understand the rudiment of life to success. You will continue to mess up to the form of even disagreeing with your very important thought that will lift you to the place of joy and fulfilment.

The push you have begun to understanding that some understandings are personal. You will lose to the place of your skill, this: bringing your gift to nothing to believe that you are not talented.

Everyone grace in life is different from another likewise talent. So the ability to cross to that place God has made for you, you need to phantom the principle of understanding where you are heading for.


#9 go for information

Education alone is not in the formal alone. But in the information that will carry you through the place that you only know by engaging your mind through processes of studying. And facing the reality of it.

When the platform to enlighten you is not there. You will suffer the pain by passing through that unbelievable thought that is moving around.

The meaning of education is to enlighten you to choose the pathway that God has shown you to follow. Discover yourself is the hardest and easiest thing you cannot over said because it takes diligence to pursue it.

I taught myself that, enlightenment after education is just the awesome gateway to take poverty out of my way.


#10 you have all what it takes

If education is not educating, then there is a problem towards that career. Which will cause malfunction and demarketing at the end of the mission you have set to pursue.

Every leader who doesn’t know his mission statement. Will not able to acquire the right quality of information needs to skyrocket his chosen desire.

Can you see that you don’t learn everything in school days. To me by observation; I began to see the difference between those who will succeed and fail by the way we end our research before and after.

In the cause of study for the place of Leadership, earnestly.

it is not by the quality of education you have got from one school. But by the quality of time being spent that will result to build your mind creatively and innovatively in life that will speak for you.


#11 discipline makes you

Herbert Spencer who made this quote is not far from the truth that the great aim of education is not knowledge but action.

You cannot be known and be ignorant about the truth that is why many people who don’t know fall victim to some little insight about the gifting.

Imagined, if I were not thinking that one day I would put a book down, I would have been delimiting the first phase of an agreement to write.

Mission in life which is the thinking path of life would have been swallowed down the drain. Some who see me would not have thought I could write.

But today, because I believe in the action of knowledge not the quality of resources my college has given me. But the countless times I have thought through to make different that will produce a result.


#12 until you try you may not know

People will not believe in you until you have shown to society that you can do what you thought was impossible over time.

Anything you have and no insight is still raw material. So many have these raw materials inside them, but the ability to bring it forth is the giant challenge that is bedevilling them.

Supposed, nobody thought about generating electricity to the world. The world would have remained in constant darkness for the rest of time.

Thank God for everything He has done to make this world a better place. Many would have thought there was no God almighty. But God is the final say about everything that happens in the world no matter our reasoning.

Every leader today activates the power of action to produce or manufacture for him, the power is in the action, not the letter.


#13 activate your mind

When you begin to believe in the letter you have not yet been educated, but when you have left the place of letter to the place of action, you would know that you are there.

There are many processes of learning in the world today, you decide on what to do and what not to do, if you must succeed.

Action is the currency to match you to that place where your background would have nothing to delimit your idea.

In a long run, the mystery about a successful life is to be working even though you have not seen the immediate benefit. What you should have at the expense of your long-time action on a project.

When you acknowledge this. You will not miss any good thing about life to challenge you to the place of success.

You need constant changing and fixing things that will better your life; in meeting the complete demand and to receive the supply base to function.


#14 you know it

The history of life is in the life, there is no history beyond what we are seeing, if you want to advance in life, people are living testimonials.

It might be through different sources of understanding, the important is to know the path and plot your way.

From the first time I began to know that little strength every day is the reason someone becomes who he wants to be, everything about me changed.

I decided to make sure that every day; I put something to advance in my chosen endeavour.

When education is not sensed, received, perceived, and understood in the context of adding value, things will not get to that mind that you would develop it.

Now, before different can be made, you must have to advance from what they say to what you have known and learned, is in that you will start to build that strength to prosper.


#15 start where you are

A leader is a mind changer in the place of receiving, knowing the reality and learning to become and improve the society for better form.

A leader should be mindful of how to help the audience to the place of teaching, fact and truth.

I know God will give us the heart of not only collecting but with the heart of giving to proclaim the goodness of Christ Jesus in us.

When Jesus was physically on the ground dispensing the gospel of truth to the world by giving, He was a giver to the congregation not only to heal.

Christ shows the greatness of education to the world. So all should come to the level of truth not the level of the trend.

Education must be coordinated to influence people in the right form in other to develop and achieve the people’s hearts desired.

I was wondering if I’m not educated to this place of dividing the word of truth in other to make a clear path of life. I would still be wondering about life.


# 16 nobody will do it for you

Not utilising the gift is an offence to your generation. Many will think that they can come up with a gift in a certain area in life. But education is abounding to those who want to utilise it.

I want to reshape the mind of people, there is a foot of thought one should understand to make a difference out of life. If only you maintain the extra strategy to learn how to add value.

No matter what you are passing through, there is victory in the front.

Education is like how to refine gold when you don’t know what to do; the heavenly success that is given from above will elude you.

Create the determination to pursue your mission, the zeal to back it up will show forth as you press forward.

The curiosity of a man in a positive way takes you through the level of all kinds of challenges to strengthen you to stay strong in your choice of work.


#17 you change by curiosity

When you begin to know what education is all about. You begin to know that a dull man in continuous learning will beat an intelligent man in the long run-in life. Who doesn’t add value to himself.

It is not all brilliant people that make good progress at the end of the day. Because some don’t know how to handle the rudder, so they miss it out.

Being brilliant is not in the junction for success. Because success means different things to different people. Some say when you have rest of mind you are successful.

No matter what many people would have defined as success. I think money is one of the recipes for living a successful life.

At the beginning of every planning in life, without money to accomplish it remains a hiccup to execute the dream or goal.


# 18 do not deceive yourself

Education without action will lead you to the point where you would be cheating yourself by agreeing with your limiting thought.

The issue of being educated is not worthy to celebrate. But the making use of it that counts in the progress of life goal.

Life is the replicate of our thought. The moment you start to use that educated mind in thinking out the cause and effect of being educated. You will never miss your path.

Whether it will cost you much, you will not mind pursuing it.

Even though they have said education is the key, sometimes I ask myself. What if is not utilised? Is it a big issue if you want to grow and succeed?

Right from the day, I pushed myself to know that when I press and take action. Everything will be okay rather than me not doing anything. And expect to have something tangible, it will be deceit to myself.


#19 take charge

I know that knowledge is one of the criteria for advancement. But when action is not involved, success will be a mirage to all extent of reasoning.

When you are researching to get answers on your own. You take anything that comes your way even though it is not meant for your consumption to get to know it.

It is obvious to understand the gift in you rather than copying from who you are above by gift. Clearly, you find that you are copying to failure.

The more you pass through the eye of education and not being enlightened. You will continuous blaming others for the error they have not committed.

The idea of following the mission in you rather than the trend is to make you different from others.