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How To Know You Are Moving Forward


The very moment you begin to work toward your goal, you already succeeding in your sphere of life.

Moving forward is doing something that takes you forward. It is a simple fact about the happening and succeeding of life moment.

You can know when you are not moving, you don’t need anyone to tell you. You know it by not doing anything about your moment.

How to know you are moving forward are the working principles that you keep doing that tells you who you will become.

Life is the functionality of the feed you give that your growth becomes vibrant.

Once you know this, you are able to synchronise your level of action toward your moving forward.

Knowing your moment is doing the things the moving forward needs that takes you uphill.

Some of the factors are down below; this will help you to work better into the place change you demand for.

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#1 Never accept defeat

How to know you are moving forward is the mechanism you put together that shows you are moving forward.

The position of your moving forward is the ability to push yourself into the place of innovation and creativity.

This is where you can know you are moving forward without doubting about the place you are going.

Never accept defeat is the aphorism to deal with the lack of moving forward.

One thing is certain, once you have ready; there are too many things that you must fix to get it right.

Your life changes when you are in the moment of moving forward. Accepting defeat is a choice that you decide for yourself.


#2 Working for your progress

Working to progress is something you must work to do continually until success comes.

There is no doubt that when you don’t know you will not succeed and become unsuccessful because of your ignorant.

Your working in progress is the moving of yourself that you allow working to achieve success.

Once you are in this movement of working to progress, it doesn’t matter the kind of job you are doing.

It must show that you have been doing something before now to succeed.

Progress is achieved in this view of working. When you see a man who is progress in any field, know this, it is labour that cements every succeeding progress.

It doesn’t matter your religion, you will progress and work in success when you diligently work on what you believe.


#3 Action on what you do is the currency to move

The action you put is what will bring the kind of success in what you lay down to work and do.

Life is a choice and when you know this as in choices to succeed or fail.

You will always know what you need that you need to do. Without action in any job of life, you cannot be strengthened to know if you are to finish the job you want to or not.

The more you realise that the function of your success is as a result of labouring, you will know what to do.

Nobody progresses without painting the power of labour in his thinking in the moment of action.

How to know you are moving forward are the recipes that are put in place that show you whether you are going or not.

The major factor that propels a man to do well is the better way of method that facilitates progress.


#4 Disagree to agree

How to know you are moving forward is the capacity of labour for success that you put on ground that takes you uphill.

The very moment you know this, you advance your mind to work toward the mission that will take you there.

Your life is designed to succeed when you know what you are labouring on.

This will teach you the better way of doing what you should know and do.

In this you disagree to agree into the best function able pattern of life that makes you beyond.

It is not all the time you will agree; sometime you disagree to agree to make change in your life.

Your agreement most time is not a crime but to understand the reality of the existence of your moving forward.


























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How to know your destiny


Knowing your destiny is the same as working towards your goal in life. As you ready to know your destiny, you as well ready to take the pain of life. This is how you can know whether you are on cause or not.

Be wise to know that destiny is a work in progress which you need to take time on it. You would obviously succeed in the endeavour. This is the only time you will know your destiny.

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 #1 working and never give up

Some people say, you don’t need to work that the favour of the universe will come to you. And while some say you need to work hard for it. 99 per who say you don’t need to work hard become poor at the end of it while 90 percent of those who say you need to work hard become rich.

So, how to know your destiny is through the mechanism of working hard, this brings about the stringent energy to consolidate in breaking boundaries.

Until you make yourself available for the riches in the world you might not be partaken of what belongs to you.

The world has been moving in this direction for long now. But when you fail to realise the strategy, you will be left behind.

Perhaps thinking you are not born to be rich. This brings many to think life is all about the people who know you.

Life is more than that; you have to know who you are for you to recover. Every step of pain you take is an additional strength you create in the inside you.

So, in everything that you know you know it and want to make a living. You need all your might in it to make up your gift.

The way you face the world will come in the proportion of the income you will get. But you need to know whose kind of work. Not all kind of work will bring you this gift of life call money.

When the challenges of life come to you, the way you attack it will show you the kind of person you become of you later.

The more you realise that this Gift is your, the stratagem of pursuing will not be boring. So, don’t give up on the goal you set for yourself.


#2 looking with the eye of the mind

As you see with the eye of the mind is as important as making millionaire of dollar. Essentially, that makes us become who we are without doubt. When Barack Obama was becoming to be the president of US, so many black people discourage him. That it is not possible to win this presidency as a black man.

Today he had become the president because he didn’t listen to the little voices around.  What he saw with the eye of the mind is to be there.

Don’t be distracted for anything you want to do. No matter the pain that you will meet along the way, don’t stop.

People who are successful don’t stop in half of the full. They press until there lives are satisfied with the universe.

More time than never, don’t look to your pass even though you need it. Except for epitome purpose but then less that, you don’t need it.

Push and press to see that, everything you need to know is learned. This will be the point of success that takes you higher.

Life is the push that shows you who you will become. There is no chance for laziness if you must succeed.

You are here seeing people around the world progressing. What are your takes? Don’t allow the negative part of your mind to drive you far. It will destroy you at the end.

Everybody in the world has this negative part that sometime tells you is not possible.

It is possible, and you can see that it is possible that is why you are doing what you are doing.

Do not cheat yourself for the cheap life that people are giving you. When you are born poor, you will know what this life is talking about!


#3 don’t look behind

This word behind is the limitation that many put in front of them. This traps you not to discover yourself and work on yourself.

It is not possible, we as human will not reason about our pass. But let keep in mind that, the pass is gone.

And this is the time to make progress by pushing into the deep of life.

When we fail to do this, the stone of failure will ride into our pathways thus, making every difficult.

Once you know what you are doing especially at an early age, you will be good at an old age.

This is why you see people trying to make thing happen in the young age.

So, at adult, you will master everything that pattern to your skill.

The glory of this world is seen in different kinds of understanding.

So, you need to prove yourself in your skill, so the world will pay for it.

This comes when you don’t look back which is one way to put you down.

Of course you might know the skill but the power of the pass still keep you down.

Many have come short of this because they reason they have missed everything.

So, no time again. You can continue, you cannot tell what will happen in this short time you will involve in.

Get involved and change your life. Don’t be pity. You know some people like to be pity, I don’t understand.

Would you like to be pity? Sure no. This is not human if you must outstand in life. People who like to be pity fail.

The more you make this ways for people to pity you, the more you are being a laughing stock to them.  Wise people don’t create this channel.


#4 create your lane

This word creating your lane it means, you must work hard in where you know is your talent.

Because aside this, it is very hard to see 50 percent of people getting rich in career job.

But when you create a lane in business or creative place, you will know what you need.

Don’t think people are here to help you first. You must see all the time that, you are the construction company of yourself.

This brings you into the realm of doing very well in your endeavour.

While this is going on, you can add some to it to see that, you create your path correctly.

Creating your lane is to find your pathway which nobody could help you in doing this. As at the time you quick to know, construction begins to open up the important of your existence.

Once you commit yourself to what you believe, it will be hard for the challenge of life to defeat you.

More important than this, have to put more time in your gift.

The quick solution in knowing your destiny is the reason you apply with your mind in thing you are seeing.

As you know what you see is important in driving you far in life. Watch this fact, especially what you intend to work on.

People who are heroes in the world today. No matter who you fathom it, they work harder for it.

Don’t be deceived to reason that, the working is never needed to make them who they are.

It is one lie that lazy people help themselves with. This has deceived even some brilliant and intelligent people to wail down. So, if you must push, don’t give up.

Creativity is one of the places of Riches, wealth and power.


#5 move alone side people you want to become

As you come to the platform of your work. You know that life is a place where you learn anything you learn. It is your conscience that takes you to where you choose to be.

While you stick to the goal, you need to know the challenge that you would come.

As human, we all are good in liking the good thing in life. The question is: are we ready to pay the price?

Then you can see the important of working hard to gain ground for ourselves.

So, moving without people who know is important in our every day lives’ style if you must be Successful.

It will appear so casual but that is the truth of life.

Some people do not have the chance to meet with the people one on one.

Despite this, some have material that you can learn from. Like: book, video, you tube etc., so you can learn from all these mentioned nuggets.

So you still have chance to meet with them on all these mentioned platforms.

Life is a journey; you either activate it with knowledge or through meeting.

There is no how; you can know how it is done without sufficient meeting. So, if you want to increase your capacity, you need constant working on yourself.

Meeting people is another good way to be motivated. But that doesn’t mean you will not activate your time in working on the main issue.

A man is known on what he produces not what he talks always about.

Because talk can be cheap. The reason why you must work is to make sure you didn’t become empty.

Life process is the fact you understand the ability to know the weight of what you intend to do. Also, it put constance in check in case you need to fix things.


#6 create time to involve yourself with your game

Without you creating time for your game, you will work without pay. Sometime, you can see that life is not so, but it is so.

Every of your time is spent in the game of your default.

As succeeding in life is because of your default choice you make that put you right in the society.

Most of the successes that are recorded are because of the choices they make.

The more you spent time with your game; it makes you the champion of your life.

Without first making choice, you end up having negative choice.

All starts small; don’t play with your small beginning. It makes the different in whatever you do.

Once you agree that, you will not change your default choice. So, the game is settled to take off.

Every success is as a result of spending time on it that changes and makes the success.

The better you attack your success as a football, the better you become.

Staying in the life of your game is always challenging. This way helps you to know the reality of focusing your time.

So, the game will know and react to you on what to do next.

The reality of staying in your game is to create a momentum on which you build your life.

Because from what you understanding comes the creativity of your life.

When you don’t involve yourself in the system, you shot to the goal post and score yourself.

Don’t allow yourself to be scored by you. This means that, everything you do you are responsible for it.

This places you into the central and all round part of it. So, you can make the area that you need to touch.


#7 don’t follow mediocre people

When you know the way and the pathway of your skill in life. The more important thing is to take away mediocre in your lane.

These people intend to measure up with you take you down.

Creating an atmosphere of working in progress mission keeps you from them.

They are the people who don’t work and they want to make it by all mean.

If you have this people around you, you can still manoeuvre your way out.

Because when you don’t do this, they will always come with their problems to weigh you down. Not only this, they would want you to believe like them.

As you know the life is tricky when you don’t observe properly. The reality of your mission is the focus you apply on it that will help you.

People know their ways, so you have to know your way more than anyone.

The reason is this: the rich ones want to get richer and the poor ones like to be poor.

This statistics will show you on how to move on your own. So, the mediocre class will not trap you down.

Even though some could be your friends that doesn’t mean. Your plan should be tempered by them.

Since life is a mystery to some, you cannot be mystery to you that knows the way to move.

If you are not progress in any way, then this life become a mystery to you.

It is not that, you know all what will happen but you should know your pathway to follow.

Since the way of destiny is to know best what you know is therefore must work hard in it.

Make a plan that carries everything you are going to do even to the whole year.

You will find that, you have no time for any mediocre.


#8 you have what it takes

Many a times, some people think that, they don’t have all what it takes.

You have it all, what you need is to start putting time on what you believe.

This is how you will know you can discover and make a different. When you anchor this, your life changes for the better.

When some people cheap themselves is in this place of understanding.

They don’t understanding that, every that is big starts from small. They just want to jump to the highest place.

So, they cheap themselves and remain less in life. Many great inventors in the world.

At first, they don’t see themselves being inventing, but as they put more time on it. They realise that life has changed.

Make use of your head. There is something the universe has fixed in you.

Until you plug your head into it, you might not know you can do it.

So, check yourself, there is something you know how to do best, when you realise it, you become matured in it.

It might be in football or business. All what you need is the ability to realise and spend all your time in it.

So, if you want to become this set of people, you should know the ability to work on so that you can get there.

So, don’t stay back and wait for the time to come. You work until the time comes, that makes you a champion.

If you want to become a champion that is the secret that you throw to it that changes your level in life.

Most of the high tech men in the world don’t play with this principle.

It makes you remain relevant in the journey of life. It gives you the opportunity to know your worth and standout.


#9 be determined to create balance

Once you are determined to face the challenge of life. You will be better in life than when you are not.

Do not feel relax in where you are. The better time to be determined is now.

Whether you are making progress you still need to be determined to make change.

It is time to change what you don’t want to see. It is time to see yourself moving in life.

Once you discover this secret, you will know that with time on it, you will get there.

The life is working to this principle of life more than any. Many who discover themselves early is as a result of working always.

Be sure to see that life is not weakening in your place of reasoning.

It paramount to know this as it makes you to rediscover yourself better.

This word rediscover is a work in progress method that needs to fight the place of mediocre.

Once you fight this place, you are sure of winning the challenges of life.

Life gives to you what you want. So, if you desire thing in life you have to know that, it takes working. Why? Nothing good comes easily.

People are good today because they didn’t play with their yesterday.

Beware of people who don’t know but claim to know because if you know, you will produce.

While things are the way you see them is because you allow it to fall the way you look at them.

More than not, advancement in life takes 99 percent of our time. So, don’t allow anyhow person to steal your time.

Nobody succeeds without using good of your time. This is the focal point of life.

It will be encouraging to know that, using of your time is the wealth.


#10 learn how to be patient

In everything you do learn to be patient with life. This has a way of teaching you to be better in all what you do.

It takes you to move and complete project in a better way. Great accomplishment takes time to make up.

Don’t be deceived, any kind of endeavours in the world takes time to manifest.

Once you know this, you will win the call of life. Too many voices will not succeed in your lane.

You will take change of every talk that is irrelevant in your way out.

The spirit of patient works with wisdom and understanding. This changes you to know the reality of life more than you used to.

Nothing prospers well without this recipe. The more you are patient in life, the better you will become.

And achievement in life is all about this word.

Utilising your patient while you work in your life path. The more you look into this word, the more your insight increases for greater height.

Learning about patient took Mandela Nelson to the top despite the works of the White. Patient took Barack Obama to the top took.

So, if you must know it serve you the good meal at the end of everything you work for. Choose this part; you will never forget life in a hurry.

By the time you know what patient will bring, you will be happier. Because it helps in taking you to the place when you are matured in it.

This is why; you don’t need to joke about the level of patient you are operating. It teaches you to see the need to work and become perfect in your field.

Many people would not see it this way, but this is the essence of life by which comes the light of gladness.