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How to believe in yourself and be business innovated

“To be Earth’s most customer centred company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online, and endeavours to offer its customers the lowest possible prices.”
– Amazon


This product Amazon is the most patronised place in the world today, almost every product in the world has its base in Amazon store where you just press a button and everything appears for you to make a choice.

You cannot think of online shopping and quickly forget about Amazon, it a place where you know what you know quickly by following the step to the product you want. A place when you enter, you are mesmerised about everything they have to offer, a place that makes buying and selling look easier than you ever thought about, a place where customers are placed for excellence in admiring.

If this person did think far, this production wouldn’t have come out, taking the world to shop in the easiest way customers would ever think about. With your credit card, you shop and everything shopped would be brought to your doorstep as shopped. We have entered the world of endless possibility to all manner of thinkers if you must do something good to the world, a place where the impossible is real.

I have reasoned about the product and wonder, how was it easy to create this platform? Is amazing to the highest level of my understanding to give me an answer immediately, but God is faithful to all.

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As a writer now, without pursuing your publisher to help bring the work out for you, it is amazing to know that the world has taken us near from what we ever thought to succeed and know. Now, it is possible to enter and think about what to add, people are there always doing business without the physical people around, and they are succeeding by moving forward.

But until you put your mind to all this, you would not beat all possibilities set for you, thus with the aid of the inspiration of God with your mind login there, you can reach there.

To succeed in life is not only by power but by the spirit of creativity in you that would produce what you desired to bring forth. Doing nothing is nothing itself, so you must understand that the wisdom of life is in the people who desire to change from the point of zero to hero. Do you know that an Atheist dream and see a vision? If you don’t know, I can tell you, that is how they get their product arranged for the world to know.

Vision and dreams help us to know all that we need to do so we can get to that place of our choice. Life is a product itself, when you don’t see, you cannot receive, when you don’t go for it, you cannot have, so all this brought about the working of the mind to bring this entire thing out.

Whether you are anybody, the system of the world in the aspect of innovation, creative and manufacturing are not in any religious hands, but the people who are ready to do what they are supposed to do. There is no time for anything coming into this world that will not affect some people working on it, you must know that, from the beginning, God created Heaven and Earth, and God saw that it was without form; He put it to form.

He was working to put this world in order, so if you want to produce whatever you want to do since God has done the part of it, you must be assiduous about what you want!

The creator of Amazon has the vision to put in a form, so the world will enjoy the good product of life; what you need is to know what to do. If you are not chanced to take it to the world, that is when you will know the awesome power of God; making everything work in your favour. He will connect you to people who will expand your product for you, so don’t be deterred to think that you wouldn’t do as you start to work on yourself.

People who work out ideas are people who are honoured in the world; you cannot be honoured until you have set yourself apart from ordinary people. Don’t be confused, there are levels in this world, and everybody works with his level, working towards the position God has made for each of us to follow so that He would be glorified, we need to work for it.

Our connectivity will depend on the level of understanding and reasoning we have, which is when we can build, create and innovate. Look well you will know who you are and what you can do to bring into the world for you to be acknowledged properly in the world.

There is more to life than just say nothing is working; nothing can work unless you are involved in doing something that is the principle of the world. Until your input in the place of labour sufficiently, you cannot have that confidence and idea to produce your mind desire in truth.

I try to see the difference and know what it takes to be productive and make a good gain out of it. You cannot get anything done with the certificate you have but the knowledge and experience that you have gathered will change you.

From the very first beginning, God was creating until He created everything in the world today, so if you must have to create, your idea must be sufficient to produce for you. God’s idea to create the world was sufficient for him, if not, He wouldn’t have done what He has done, simply because He has the idea to produce.

And the reasoning is what you need to do, it involves the capacity to accept and bring about the choice of idea you want to work on.

It’s important to gush yourself to the extreme, so you will know what to do, so that, you can multiply to the world according to your gift. People do not create without wanting to create, it is a conscious fact that you must work for what you want before any meaningful produce comes out to speak for you.

Your body is the house of everything you would ever think of, your body encloses your mind, soul, and spirit that is important to know this because that is the place to know what you can become. You cannot bring anything without knowing the basics of what you are doing.

There is where you cannot cheat yourself in the area of an idea, when you don’t know it, you cannot forget your way without pressing to know. To create a platform, you must have to know the objective and have core knowledge of what you are doing.

The substance of life is the aim of your idea, which is the source of what you need to make happen, so you can develop the world in your capacity. Amazon is the distributing point of almost all the products in the world; you can see how creative that man can unravel the system of distributing through a software platform!

By the time you think in your own small to think big, you can elevate something that will bring honour to you through a conscious steadfast on what you believe, and then things begin to happen. You can do everything when you believe that is the only possible way by which great things are produced.

If you confess dominion and have nothing to do about it, what are you taking dominion for? It is terrible to just take this word ordinary and think you have arrived. You can only arrive when you have known the level of what you want to produce or innovate, their success lies.

People who have dominion are people who have dominated the world with their products, without that, you are never in dominion. By faith you are in half dominion, by action you have dominion over everywhere you think of.

Now, you can know whether you are in dominion or not, think about this thing, if there is any virtue reason about it. If there is any truth, see it yourself. So, you are not in dominion by mere words in your mouth, you are in dominion when you have something to offer, then you can know whether you have dominion or not.

Amazon has dominated the world not on a mere word but with the work plan – you are in the middle of it as you practice to go with the activities planned, but when you have nothing, think about this whether you have or not.

Look into the reality of life, and you will know whether you are in the faith or not, from there, you will find your place, whether you will change or not, that one will be your concern. Man must dominate, but until you conceived that virtue, you cannot have that faith to think that, life is not equal.

If you are happy to hear that we all are equal, don’t forget that we are not equal in gift differences in the purchase of the resources, wealth, and riches in the world. In the presence of God, we are all the same by the image of Himself in us, but different in all gifts of life; we as people are different. So, find where you are good and develop your world to be a better and honour person in the world of a statue of life.

Up to the time you begin to reason how different you are, you will be waiting for people to tell you what you are not. The reason you must find what you are good at nobody will bring the gift in except you. It takes the living power of God in your gift to expand in the world today, so you need to know that dominion is the word of the spirit that you bring brought to fruition by working on it.

Many have power but they don’t have what to produce, so they stay back in their lives to believe that they are in charge, now in charge of what? Without tangible things, you would be extremely mocked to think you are something, so there is a need to work out for productivity.

You will be abused for the wrong you have not done, but when you have the product to offer, you would be honour in your place of a gift. Power alone cannot bring money and riches if you don’t have something to sell to the world. Amazingly, I began to know that being doing nothing; I cannot become the person I thought about.

You must be challenged to hit the world of your idea, when you fail to know what you can offer, it would be that, you have not known yourself properly, and I think there is a need to fine-tune your reasoning level to bring out the idea.

A selling point is an answer to self-fulfilment, if you don’t know what to do; you cannot be fulfilled unless you are not mindful of your being in this world. There is no answer without any question, until you query your mind, you cannot find an answer to what you believe and that comes when you have answered your questions yourself.

It is strict to know that you have to put down your idea and work what you want to sell in life, it is simple to know that, every dispensation of generation has all those people to move the world forward, so you are one of those who can change thing around if you put a time to what you believe.

To know the truth will give you an edge to know more than you thought based on ordinary. The mission of Amazon has been fulfilled by creating the platform for selling different products in the world of online today.

When you find the means to add value in life, remember to know that, it would not just work immediately, so there is a need to be patient to be grounded in your field, so you can have control of your product. Some people are out there waiting to cheat on you for where they have not planted so if you don’t know your product you will be cheated in the life experience.

Now, I have known that I need to be grounded in my field to give me an edge over everyone in my field of line to achieve sufficient breakthrough. The mission is sure when you hold on to the true principle; the answer to your question will surface to take you to your promise place.

The place of study in the area of advancement in terms of adding value to lives and as an individual; there is nothing to talk about when you have not involved your mind properly to meet the need of what to produce. Once you have placed the necessary ingredients, the working principle will automatically begin to find the area of your life.

Now, you can see that life is not cheap to be deceived; something must go for something to produce the result you want. This is the only place you can add value to yourself as an individual and collectively to work as a team as the case may be. The pattern to know is the area of imagination to spring you to where you will reason to start something that will make or bring the change you desire.

The sooner you start the better for you as you upgrade your level of expansion, the universe will provide the necessary help for you. Quite sure, the major reason you are to add value is yourself first, the better you know this, you would not fall victim to what ought not to be so.

The glory is shining as you start to think what will advance you in whatever you believe to do that will be resourceful to humanity. The charge you need is to imagine what to do, the mission will follow as you work in the pattern of an action-minded person, and the result will show.

Many times, you just think people who have done it are lucky per se, I’m not sure, but I know it is God that gives wisdom to everybody in the world. Once you bring your mind to order, the result will start to come forth, so you can know and advance in your mission.

The better place to do it is to remove all the barriers from your thinking; bring the desired ingredient that would propel your productivity to succeed.

You have to know what you want before you can operate in this system where imagination plays a pivotal role in discharging the propel idea; you must know how to coordinate and organise your mind so you can become who you want.

Every giant in the world knows this; there is a certain time in a man’s life that he needs to work alone to get some answer before ushering into the world for selling. Look to see, and reason to know, you will see a different kind of people; doing different things to different people, you see and reason, so you will know the reason why they are doing what they are doing.

It’s important to know, is it for personal gain, or collective and not? Then you will know why people are doing what they are doing to achieve the material substance with their wholehearted.

Until you know what you are doing, you will fall into confusion that will turn your wisdom into collapse instead of personal work to achieve your dream first. A man who wants to achieve must first start to be personal about his gift and ways of life, so he can know how to go about the mission of life.

Amazon now is credited in one-man hand but controlled by a different set of people; different managers to put a thing in order. The fact remains, no matter how we see it, there is the acquisition of material possession in everyone’s life, whether you are spiritual or carnal, the difference is how you go about it that will speak of you.

When you start to have your thinking, you become a leader automatically, and that will give you a sense of reasoning on how to go about your way to make a profit in that your product.

This is the mission of assiduous people in the world, everyone wants to be the master, everyone wants to be the possessor of all, and so what is your thinking about it? You must know what you want as a leader, if you don’t think of what to produce, then you are not a leader by understanding.

Many people lose grip about this sense to be a leader, you have to own what you control to be a credible leader, we all know that you have a different kind of leaders, but the ownership of your possession is what I’m talking about like owning Amazon, or Facebook and others. I’m not talking about the shares, but the founder of it.

So, you must have thought about this kind of leadership to control your product in your way, which no matter how nobody tells you how to go about it without your consent. Fully controlled by the founder nobody else, no matter what the founder must have said, he will not allow any kind of person to be in charge, whether secular or spiritual.

Everyone wants to work with people who are succeeding, this leadership career is what is working in the world whether in the secular or the spiritual world today. You can become a leader to motivate the people on what to do on how to upgrade their lives, so there are different ways to make successful.

Until you pick this understanding, the career work will continue in your life till you break down with regret on how you spent your precious time. It is not in anybody to tell you how to create your leadership patterning, it is not given to anybody to tell you, but the way you see it yourself will improve on what to do.

Being a leader is a job on its own, when you don’t find that understanding, you will always think wrongly to meet with the need. I have a friend who always talks about his degree, how he wants to work in a better place because he has acquired a degree.

He is seeing himself as a leader without working to create a platform on which he would be known, you cannot be in a career job and call yourself a leader, in this case, a leader, in this case, is a person who has created and people are benefiting from what he has created, that is what is called in this mission statement leadership.

As the title of this book implies: the mission statement of a leader, then ask yourself, are you in that mission statement oriented? If you are not, then you have to do something for it to give you that chance of action in building up.

Learning from this way will always motivate you to bring out what is real and exactly inside you out for people to know and see. Generation upon generation would still wait for people who will teach and motivate the people to go beyond their boundaries and living their comfort zone to chart a new way.

Until you are this kind of a leader, you would not do good to those that are hoping for your spike. That is the reason I like referring people to read different books for diversification of understanding so that you can digest on your own to bring out your best by what you have read.

Now, there is a reason why you should always believe in your knowledge to bring reasoning to what somebody has said or has told you this is the truth. The early time in life when you are growing, it doesn’t matter how you start, what you be important is the digest of real knowledge you are receiving that will make a change.

The mission of your life is never controlled by anyone else if you must have to succeed, you know some people are afraid to fail, but how can you succeed excellently without failing one way or the other? It amazes me to see that, some people don’t want people to know that, they have failed.

Everyone wants to talk about how good he was when he was in the school of life, while life success is part and parcel of failure.

If you are there to ask Amazon how many times he has failed, I’m sure he would tell you that, he has tried this thing for many years before he got it right. I’m sure you understanding what I’m talking about.

It takes those who have failed many times a place to restart their lives, and they are the people today controlling the universal in the majority of shares in the world. To recheck where they have made many mistakes and correct them, to tell them they can build again; give them hope to continue what they have dumped. It is very necessary to bring the reality of life to understanding.