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How You Can Win In Business With The 7 Ps Of Marketing


As a business man or woman today, when you are not familiar with the 7 Ps, you will not make good profit in your business today.

It takes you to succeed in your business when you are acquitted with the 7 ps. This gives you insight to make more profit and more sales.

As you push to know the strategy on how the ps work, you will always know the fundamental to success better in your business.

After dealing with the 7 ps, your business will see new plan of making another place of succeeding and change the organisation in what you used to do.

The following are the Ps that takes you farer than you anticipate in winning and change your business’ profit into the place of all round success.

How you can win in business with the 7ps of marketing is all about the strategy.

And these strategies are some things you need to follow to the latter in order to get good result.

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#1 Pricing

The strategy in putting the price in every product you produce is an essential fact that you got to deal with. Pricing is what the customers pay to buy your product.

How you can win in business with the 7ps of marketing puts you into the successful plan of making profits.

As a marketer, when you have not come to conclusion by carefully calculating all your cost, you might make the great mistake in your business.

Pricing should do with; the cost of what it takes to finish the product in transporting the goods to the customers.

This is what it takes to cost you in producing a unit of it in order to know how much you will put the cost of each.

When you know this, your business to make more profit will not allure you to reach to your success in your business.


#2 Place

Marketing is a skill that you learn so you will not fail in making profit in what you produce. When you are producing anything you choose to venture, you should know where to sell it.

When you have not made your research or your market survey in what the people desire, you might be making the wrong market decision.

How you can win in business with the 7ps of marketing pushes you to know how you can win and make profits.

The place you carry your produce or products go to will determine what profit you will make when they accept it.

People own their right of taste, quality, quantity and choice, all you need to do is to work on the choices of the customers not what you desire.


#3 Product

This is the produce that everyone sees before they can make any purchase on it.

Without seeing the product or produce, it will hard to make the desire sales because customers must see before they can buy.

The kind of product you carry will determine how you will sell and make change in your business.

As you know, you are not the only one that carries the kind of product to the make neither you are the only one there.

Competition comes and is everything you produce for sell. When you take your product to the market, you enter the place of competition where different kind of your products are there to sell.

How you can win in business with the 7ps of marketing takes you to the place of making your sales and make profit.

This is why; you need good packaging and quality in your product to make the difference. When you have this fact, you will know what to do.


#4 Promotion

It is the process of advertising in different places to show and tell the people what are your products and how it can be good to their consumption when they buy it.

These include: the media, new paper, social media, house to house advertisements, and others. When you know all this, you will know what and how to make more sell in your business.

Promotion is one of the recipes that when you are not involved, your business will not be known.

Throughout century, promotion has been the best way to see your product selling life fire, if you must make more sell and profit.

How you can win in business with the 7ps of marketing controls how you can become profitable.


#5 Process

This is successful strategy especially the marketing mix where every mixture in getting what you want is calculated in order to make the change you want especially the quality of the product in advertising, sales, profit and cost.

Once you grab this movement better, you will not regret because the process when you mistake in it, you lose your money and fall down to ground.

Your level of process should be carefully made so you can know your game in your profit making.

How you can win in business with the 7ps of marketing and glow your business to the world is how you follow the ps.


#6 People

All what you need after producing what you want is the people you intend to sell to.

When you don’t have the people which is the market, producing your good will make no difference rather put you in lost.

How you can win in business with the 7ps of marketing is the understanding you operate on that better the business.

One thing is skill another thing is how you distribute your produce to the location of people that want it that matter most.

Thus, when you get the people you have got the market in which you can make sales and at the time profits.

You will know how to produce and distribute it to the consumers who desire it.

This is the reason; marketers go for population rather than the people who have plenty of money.

For example, look at coke, it sales in the whole world, they have great market strategy in term of distributions.


#7 Physical evidence

Finally, you need to the physical evidence of what you are producing. You cannot talk on phone to tell people you have a product that you have not produced yet!

Thus, the physical evidence is the service or product you can offer that shows the customers the reality of the business you have.

Once the customers can taste, feel and see the quality of your produce, they don’t have choice than to buy your good.

How you can win in business with the 7ps of marketing teaches the strategies to move and achieve your goal.

Once you know how to use the 7ps, you will become successful in everything you do in your business.