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You Need A Mission Statement to Be Grounded in Business


“Without a mission statement, you may get to the top of the ladder and then realise it was leaning against the wrong building.”

  – Dave Ramsey

#1 you need a meaning in life

When the meaning of what you want is not fathomable properly, you divert from the original action of your plan because the thought is distracted from the mission statement that will keep you despite the less experience at the start.

It’s obvious to know that the meaning of making success is in the change you make that pushes on the place of strength, belief, wisdom, and consistency to take you there. You are not just in this world to come and look and go.

No, there is a plan for everyone who wants to grow, but when you fail to take the right step, everything becomes as it were.

When you don’t know where you are going to, even when you get there, you might not even know that you have got there, because you have not drawn a broad plan to direct you in what to do at a particular junction of life.

There is a transition of understanding that one needs to know, to define the moment action that takes you to the right path.

In every way of life, there is a ladder that is set to clamp, if you don’t set a ladder for the next level, you might think that is the end of your journey, so you must constantly set another ladder to reach to next height.

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#2 foundation is built on work

How can you build a house without dipping a foundation? Is it possible? That is how is it when you want to build success without the mission statement of what you want to do.

A leader should know that every success is carefully worked out by following all the planned processes to advance in that chosen invention.

I have planned this writing that by December when I take my Leave from my working place, I would sit down to write this book you are reading, and it worked the way I planned it.

If I didn’t plan this work, it would have been in futility, because there was no mission statement to guide it in other to make the action works as planned.

When you joke with your mission statement, you will stumble in the glitter of mirage. Many would say they don’t know how to plan their work, yes is possible, if you are not stable in the mission statement, you will have a carry-over to take you home.

Your mission will be stress-free despite the move of the opposition; so, the only way to guide it is to be in peace with yourself, so you will not go from pillar to post to make the vision work.

The mission statement of a leader is to guide him in everything he needs to go beyond, without that, it is a secondary mission. A leader is naturally a forecaster in every of his dealing that will make him be stable irrespective of the work schedule.


#3 mission is what you need

I think is right to have a mission to guide even your daily activity toward the end of the year.

Now, you have planned, but the wrong side about planning is that you cannot achieve it when you are not following because procrastination tells you, you will always have time.

Consistency and perseverance will lose focus, then you will begin to compromise in every of your dealing to bring results. Dave Ramsey brought this out so you can get a result at the end of the day.

Like I have said in the previous chapter about putting on action towards the mission, it ends in that, without action, the mission will still run dry despite you have begun.

Almost all that is related to issues that have to be intermingled to meet the result.

The action you put will determine the result you will get; as a result, you will know that everything without action is another way of deception.

The beauty of action is the end result of your confidence, you know when confidence comes in a man, at the little understanding time, it surges you to work well to bring the value of what you are doing out.


#4 you need action on what you believe

When you know all that by action, you subject yourself and bring the rest of things under your feet as far as the mission statement is concerned.

Many disagree with themselves, based on they cannot share their minds from the work they are doing; destroying personal skill which is the gift of life to people to make a change.

Even if you are a hard-working person in your office place, that without you nothing can work, you can still divide yourself to increase your productivity! Sure.

I give much of my time to my work, but I still have more time to add to my productivity, so that at last I would not regret it as many of my superiors are complaining about how they gave all their best without achieving a tangible result.

I have seen many complain about the military job, that it has taken their time not to be productive, but they forgot that they were paid for it.

It is only when you prepare your mind that you can find a time separate to add value to your life, I said earlier, I wanted to write, and I have written more than four books now in the military, the question is: where did I have time for it?

Because it was registered in my mind to do, so I found time to go about what I know and I can candidly do without disturb because I have projected my mind for it.


#5 think about your vision

Anything you take to do aside from your job place, you have to ready for it with the presence of prudent in it, where consistency is the hallmark to give you answer.

The mystery of life is to know how to add value, if you don’t know it, you will not have the zeal to engage in a practical process of adding value.

The success of a man is the time he has added to bring out his gift to the world; it all starts from the mind; when you are not in control, you would wait and wait till everything gushes out from you.

Every good thing being produced is a skill to somebody else, so if that person does not work to bring it out, you would not see it to add to your imagination.

The gain of paying the price is that, at the end of every struggle, it becomes easier and you are paid for it.

Many people are continually producing or innovating even with the billion dollars that they have gained from it, can you imagine?

They have made the mission statement already putting them anywhere they have reached would be old to them, so they find another ladder to clamp.

You must consciously know this if you want to become a leader of any kind.

Most importantly, know your calling so that you will not get tired to do what you ought to do to progress in the way God has programmed concerning you.


#6 activate your vision

Don’t cheat yourself by not following your calling; it is the sweetest thing ever in the life to follow what God has shown you or rather given you to do.

When you are in that lane, you hardly get tired; more energy comes that the promises will not elude you from your calling.

The truth is that the gift that comes from God if you have able to find it, you would be so blessed to practice it.

You work and you don’t get tired quickly because God knows that it comes from Him. The proper guidance will always be there to shield you from the handiwork of the opposition.

My first book was somehow, but I engaged in the Holy Ghost; the result was: I conquered my adversary to the point of completion.

Even though you are gifted, when you don’t make up your mind, you will be the same as every other person, so the difference or the matter concern is in the action you put that will produce for you.

The Earth is the Lord and the fullness therein and those that dwell in the world, so everything belongs to him.

For an instant, God calls you and you refused to come, He has millions of people to give that which He has given you to do.

There is no big deal with it, we are almost eight billion people in the world today, and less than five billion people are not making wave, so it doesn’t take God anything to reverse or give to another person since all good gift comes from Him.


#7 do not be lazy

A lazy man never makes up life, it is only when you are not lazy that you can control wealth or riches.

There is no scientifically proven reasoning to say a lazy can make riches; I have seen with my open eye to know.

If the person who wrote this book was a lazy man, the truth is that you cannot see this book to read, so how do you want to describe a person that has produced without being said smart or hard work?

People who are hard-working in any field don’t get progress; you should know that there is something wrong.

We should understand that place where when you are hard-working, it will pay off.

We all know a writer who is closed to a billion-dollar, so if there is no hard work in the brain, I don’t think such a person can reach that place of accolade.

It is important to know the way to your calling and what you will benefit from so you can know how to plug your way to the place of your gift and the time you will spend to bring it.

Every Olympia star is a hard-working follower, if you can place me wrong, you can do it. The more idea you are, the better you become in the place of your field which takes daily preparation to master.

It doesn’t mean the Holy Ghost is with you and you say, you would not work to be perfect, thus, you will not reach that place you are thinking.


#8 it takes courage to hit the place

You know the worse failing is the one you don’t know; it takes you back to where you would not quickly realise that you are there until your eye is enlightened.

There is competition in the world, even though you have the Holy Ghost, and when you have gone out for a competition with a person who has spent all his life working, who do you think will win the competition?

You can answer the question yourself that will give you a sense of reasoning to know what I’m talking about.

Serving God doesn’t mean everything will just work in your favour without doing the necessary thing to promote the work.

For your mission to shine as gold you must pay for it, it is grace when you put all your time for it, God Himself will be happy seeing you progress as it used to be blessing people who were ordained.

A best-selling book is a book well written, so when you don’t pay the time to write your book well, would your book be a bestseller?

There are many questions to ask yourself to fine turn your mind that you can be a reasoning person at the end of the life.



#9 be creative

That’s why there are no many stars in the world today, when you take statistics of all categories of people in all fields, you will know what I’m talking about.

You can only be a creative man when you have known what you have imagined doing, that is when you will stand on the podium of making your success, less you will stand on another person’s thinking making you feel you are there but in reality, you are not.

God is everywhere, but if you are not close to wisdom which normally even though God gives you, there is still a place to find it yourself by understanding the need of your existence.

You cannot be a man of knowledge and never be a reader! Life without the wisdom of quick understanding will bring you to be subject to whomever.

Obviously, I have known this truth that is why I was able to write the first one that shows me how easier it becomes when you have done the first one.

I wanted to always disagree without effort that genius is made because it takes energy to make you a genius.

You can trace your understanding through the eye of sport, where every time you see them train to meet with the demand, without that, there is no success on their part.


#10 training is the key

This has trained my mind to know that every good product is a result of training and mission statement agreement in meeting the action.

How do I know that without training I cannot make it? Through the process of not doing something patterning to the calling; the skill will automatically run down.

Any house that is built without anyone staying inside, gets dilapidated quickly. There is a need to know that leaders practice their skills daily to keep the trend of knowing better, less, they will slow down.

A singer who is a Grammy award winner knows that it takes daily practising to be stable in the field. There is no way to deceive yourself, except you want to deceive yourself.

It is good to know that to put you informed quickly to see yourself at a young age performing.

Life is a taste; the more you work to know yourself the better you become to hit the grand slam award, there is no time a lazy man has ever won an award for laziness.

My God shall supply all my needs according to his riches in Christ Jesus only when you are involved in first creating then you are assured that everything will be okay.


#11 you need skill

Once you have that mentality, things will begin to flow to the stream of success. I know that when I put more time into what I believe, the provident will not disappoint my labour to make me fruitful; in His perfect riches.

Now, the challenge is near, what next can you do? Keep working and believing that life is good when you put all your time into what you believe to produce, it would be best.

Even though you need help, as they say, nobody is an island, that doesn’t mean, you don’t have what to sell, nobody will buy a product he has not seen.

The principal thing about this life is the wisdom you have that will determine your outcome to succeed or fail.

It is in that; you mobilise the knowledge you need in others to produce what you want to bring into the world for sale.

The world is a selling point for everybody that is creative and innovative in any field, which is the truth when you want to shine.

The more action-oriented you are, the good you become in improving on your gift to make a better stay in the world.

Remember that society recognises who you are than your religion when you are an expert in a field of thought. There, you will have a voice than a person who doesn’t know anything to contribute.