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How To Raise In The Time Of Challenge


You need to know that no success without challenges in it. As you read down, you will discover how to overwhelm your challenges and come out victorious. Here are ten recipes to journey you to overcome your fear, storm, timid and worry.

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#1 You cannot increase when you are in fear

When your mind comes to the land of fear. It makes you to change your believe and alter the negative concept to your dream.

Samuel John who has fallen under this challenge before gives recipes on how he was diagnosed with cancer.

After some years of living in fear, he found out that if he continues this, he will contact sickness which he did along the line.

He moves to see that everything about the sickness was moving at a faster rate, which he pain to him.

Quickly at a time nobody told anything. He began to see reason why he needs not to worry about the things of life.

Gradually, without meeting the doctors, he was getting better and better.

After some months on it, he goes to the doctor and check whether the cancer is still inside.

Without being told, before he went to the doctor, he was not feeling pain.

Doctor told him, you don’t have disease in your body. He was too happy to hear this.

He narrates his story how he was healed without visiting the hospital.

Why did you think he gets healed? It was because his emotions control everything that comes his way.

So, he changes from that moment. He realises that, he can change from sickness to sound health.

Without doubt, you can see that, worry, fear and pain can be taken away when you tell yourself is possible.

Every human being has the nature of fear, doubt, and worry in your system.

But what is making the different is the way and formula you attack it that counts.

When you know you are in charge in term of what happens to you.

Life will change the way you view it. Many have come to the knowledge of this, and are working for them.


 #2 Worry cannot change your destiny

Worry can kill and spoil every good thing that you would get.

As you work to break this down, see yourself as the healer of your sickness.

Top thinking negative, it increases the state of your worry.

When you go to the hospital, you will find different kinds of diseases.

The more common one is worry. What brings this into our mind is what we view and imagine.

We think that will happen to us. Meanwhile, nothing in this nature might likely happen to us.

So, worry has killed many people in the world today.

The problem of worry is this, when you don’t execute what you should do.

Because you are afraid about the untold happening. Once you find yourself in this place, calm down. You will see that, you will overwhelm everything bordering you.

Remember this brings you to fall, so if you don’t want to fall, you have to take away this negative imagination out.

You will see yourself recovering from the pass mistake you have made.

Nobody without flaw in life. But some realise; they have to take away this from their lives.

Once you know this, what you are worry for is nothing but gone assignment. You will overcome the worry by pushing it out.

When you read some people lives, you will find out that, they are more flaws in their lives than you.

And they still overcome it and become Successful.

Don’t destroy your destiny with worry. This disease has sent many to their graves. So, don’t allow yourself to be tormented even when it comes with power.

All you need is to be strong to any extent it comes.  And this can happen when you are in control.


#3 You need to relax your mind despite the challenge

Anyone who wants to grow will work side by side with this. Because no matter the level we are in life, this subtitled still come to us.

What do we do when we see this?

You have to know that, it didn’t come to kill you rather strengthen you.

So, take this as a way to see far rather than complaining. Many great men in the world faced it and they succeeded.

So, don’t see it as a trap rather as a way to learn and teach you something.

The only time you can fail is when you look challenge as a problem.

As you see in the world, there is no place that challenge is not operating!

So, when you face this, you are not to slide back but to face the fact of it.

You know, when challenge comes, many don’t face the fact in it rather they find a way out without knowing.

Every gain in life is as a result of facing challenge in the right way.

This has a way to show you what you have not known as a place to learn.

What is the challenge you are in? A champion once said, I face every challenge as though I liked it.

So, look the life with the power of reasoning, you will see the reason why you are born to overcome.

When you reason the fact this way, you will always conquer.

Challenge never finish, as this world is concerned, we must grid ourselves to stand it in order to make gain. A man once said, no pain no gain.

The gain is what you derive from the challenge you have stood. So, that is to say, it didn’t kill you rather it increases your level of wealth.


#4 think positive always

There is nothing man can achieve in life without thinking positively.

Everything attains by anyone is through this word positive thinking. And it can as well heal you when you sick.

It is one fountain of life that when you engage its process, it becomes real to you.

As you always know, the problem of life is solved by thinking. As you know, most people who have innovated in the world come through this.

Be factual about your life, you will see how thinking will do you good. Even the Bible recognises it as it does well as medicine.

The best you can do to succeed in any field of endeavour is recognising the place of thinking.

When you see a poor man rises up is because he uses his thinking fountain very well.

You see some people dwelling in pain you think they are suffering?

They are not but rather they are learning to strengthen their lives. The more you fight challenge, the better you become.

Absolutely, strength is needed to overcome every of the challenge of life.

From this moment, you can sense that the power to overcome the challenges of life is in you.

When you carry this consciousness, you will better in doing. Nobody can tackle your challenge and get it right when you are not involved.

The moment you know and demystify the secret, you don’t need anyone to tell you what to do.

Thinking about the challenge is first step to tackle it.

This is because; you know firsthand how you can when you ponder well.

The reason you can rise above the challenge is this, you are strengthened when you demystify it yourself.

Many people fail because they put nonchalant attitude in what they do. Leaving everything in the hand of nature to tackle it.


#5 Believe you are an over comer

As you believe in the little side you will improve to get to the bigger side in life.

This is the way people who overcome operate are doing. It is a learning process.

You just not get it because you are matured nor are you older than Bill Gate?

You get it right because you have spent countless time on it. Every challenge has a solution no matter what that thing is!

You have all what it takes to see that, you achieve this. Many a times, you will hear people telling their stories about the challenges they have passed.

And you will be amazed on what you will be hearing. The final thing you will hear is that, they overcome.

So, as human, you are born to overwhelm every of your challenge.

There are many in this world who has not given up, so you can be part of them.

As we always know, not everybody can out stand it, but you have to strengthen yourself for it.

So, when you see far from your insight, you will know you are the only one that can do it.

The believing yourself in everything is first you are proving yourself to be a success.

When Mark Zuckerberg tries to build Face book, you think he didn’t have some challenges? Oh, he had and crossed everything before the platform is established.

You can become anything you want, but the fact is in doing the action keeps you into the reality.

Bezo Jeff once asked, how did he create Amazon? He put it this way: you have to work hard for it and believe you can.

The word there believes is seen as the first impression that you need to expand.


#6 No challenge has power to kill but rather strengthen you

You have every strength to weigh down every challenge that confronts you. As you view this world, you will see different things happening. Have you asked yourself? On what ground do people it?

Ask yourself; perhaps you are not putting more labour to your work that is why you are not getting result.

One of the ways to build strength is reading autobiographies of people who have done it.

You will find out yours is small compare to what you are facing.

Many have continuously saying this: you progress according to your strength in what you believe.

Viewing life with the strength you are building will take you there.

What you see most time is not the reality of it. The reality of the journey of life is when you are alone building yourself.

The out part of life teaches not the reality. Men with strength are known in the inside. What you carry is in the inside, so there no need for the outside.

People who want to grow study men from the inner chambers to be convenience about the reality of life.

The journey of one thousand kilometres begins with a step. Now, how do you continue with the step when challenge comes?

That will determine what you will become. The kind of pains you go through speaks about who you will become.

Ask yourself, whose kind of pains are going through? It is pain of doing nothing or pain of wanting to create.

You begin to grow the moment you take this into consideration.

People understand this life more are the ones overcoming the challenges of the world. Because you only achieve as far as you can see.

Some people see this life with the eyes of not achieving while some see it with the eye of achieving everything possible.


#7 Your life cannot be better without challenge

You will wonder why word comes like this! It is a reality of life, the more you face your challenge that comes your way.

The better you become in the affairs of life. Different people have wondered to know that challenge is a killer.

While another kind of people look at it as a way to be strengthened the more.

Men face challenge and overcome it while the others face challenge and become weak.

So, which one are you? Are facing challenge and become weak or strong?

All these we are talking about are ways of life. It all depends the one you fall in.

Is either you are progressing with challenge or you are regression in the challenge.

Don’t allow yourself to work in the way of the level of tiredness. People who succeed many times fall.

But once you allow yourself to be bastardised by the challenge you will find it too difficult to cope.

The area you must not allow yourself to be fooled is in the place of falling and never rising up.

The moment you realise that life is depended on the product on how you fail and rise. You will rise up anytime that you fail.

Challenge itself is a by product when you make use of it properly.

The level of your understanding will shift a little bit when you know how and even though you have not activated yet.

You cannot win the power of challenge when you don’t know the mystery of it.

People make progress in life because they know what it takes to do it.

As you fasten your belt for progress, challenge in life is inevitable. This teaches you that you are not the first to face it either you are the last.


#8 seek knowledge

Seeking for knowledge is one recipe that changes life and overcoming challenge fast.

Once you abreast this, it turns your mind to know how to move should in case of any misfortune.

You can be in poverty having challenge as well as riches. It has no boundary but just depend on the level of knowledge you have that will speak for you.

And when you are seeking this knowledge, if you are not activating it, you will not realise it quick.

You need to put it to work, this is only when you will know whether you are growing or not.

Life can come in tricky ways, depend on the knowledge of understanding you have that will take you far.

Don’t mind about the time it will take you. Good thing always take long time to actualise.

As you work on it, it shows you the next step to take in knowing what you want. And to move to the best direction for it.

As you know you become stronger in facing the unforeseen challenge that comes. If you don’t show yourself that you can by persevering, you will fail your mind.

The mind needs you for everything, when you don’t utilise it very well, it will not b e happy with you.

So you have what it takes to utilise the mind for effective use. Remember the riches and strength of this world is resident in the mind.

So, the more you make use of it, the better you will enjoy it. The more you seek for knowledge, the less your challenge in life.

So, there is no doubt about this fact. Your achieve in life will depend on the awareness you have. It might be skill on how to sales your product.


#9 get understanding in what you do

Understanding comes when you have known the reality and does it with your entire mind.

The meaning of the word is important as the word. So if you must make progress and overcome your challenge.

You must know what it takes, that assures you of the safety. Life is changed by the understanding you have.

As you know, there are many people who are brilliant but they don’t have understanding in life’s fact.

So, they see themselves not advancing as it should be. While the reality of it is in the working.

Once you miss this place, you fall victim to challenge. There, you will begin to compare yourself with people around.

Thinking you are supposed to make it more than this person. So, things which you are to work on it become heavy for you to do.

Your operation begins to fail because you fail to correct what should have been corrected.

Thus, success comes depending on how you operate. The very moment you think you are good in this, you see yourself advancing to the place of your choice.

While organising the reality of where you are going to. You need to strategically know the important of it, so you can make a change there.

When you know you are not changed and you feel less concern, you remain as you work for it.

There are different ways that failure will deal with you when you don’t take care of the need.

Challenge itself has a way to confront it. The message you understand by dealing with your failure is the reverse answer to your success.

This means, you must always learn in your failure no matter how you worry about this.

So, make sure you are good in the journey of challenge, there you will see success.


# 10 do not compare yourself with others

As you know, comparing yourself with someone else is cheating yourself.

Because you don’t know what the person would have gone to.

You see when you know what comparison is! You will know is the biggest failure when you do.

Great people don’t compete with people, they work on their passion. You cannot get result when you are in this category of people.

People of affluence know this meaning, so they face their challenges as it come.

If you want to overcome your challenges, you need to see the bigger picture and work with it.

This is the only way you can change and make a different. Do you know that overcoming your challenge is staying above it?

Now, when you allow the challenge to see you below, you have failed yourself.

One of the missions you have on earth is to subdue and have dominion over everything on the earth.

With this understanding, you can change the philosophy of your understanding in life.

Until you become an over comer, the challenges of life will want to rule over you.

Thus, it presses you down not to achieve your desires. Men are created to overwhelm challenges of life no matter the stance of the challenge.

While working in what you believe to be your gift. It would always occur to you that is not possible.

This is where you are to show who you are to break down every barrier.

Standing to see that, you push beyond the limit. You will see yourself on the top.

Being in the scene of challenges does not make you an over comer. You become by absolutely in charge of what you encounter.

As you always hear, he crosses the threshold to become the first person to do it.