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how to thrive in the fundamental of business


“The mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive.”

–  Maya Angelo


A man with a mission is a man of faith, in this case, whether you are a Christian or pagan, if you want to produce or manufacture or innovate, the currency you need is faith, it is not either in possession of any religion or ethnicity, but is in any man who believes that he can do what he has thought, whatever the situation, he thinks and works, he would see it coming, that is first the law of nature.

It is the same faith we Christian believes as an Atheist believes to make his world. Now, the difference comes from how we apply to work for us uniquely. So, when you don’t come out with your faith in the platform of a Christian innovator, you will not reach your capacity to create.

I was imagining the word faith; I got to know that every person that produces has faith in believing he can produce whatever before doing it. Christian should all know that the place of the invention is the place where all religions play their parts there without recourse to anyone.

Know that every producer, manufacturer, creator or innovator uses faith to go about his thought, when you know all this you will begin to know that, everyone no matter what he believes can do something.

As a Christian, Christ is there to strengthen you to make great innovation available if you believe in what you want to do. Creativity is not in religious activity but personal activity in what you as a person thinks no matter your religion.

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I am a Christian, believe to be strengthened in the faith to produce as far as I am in Christ Jesus; who gives wisdom, knowledge, might and counsel to whosoever work in that pathway. I began to know now the different types of faith from a different perspective on both a religious and secular basis.

It is important to begin to know what it takes first before you can produce. When you don’t have this mindset, even as a Christian, you would miss the golden opportunity to create your course and have success. Nobody does anything without the instrument of faith, since you don’t have any way to create, even as a Christian, it would only be impossible for you.

Thus, Christianity helps those who want to change their lives for the better so they can be better people in society, especially in the area of creativity. This system of reasoning has taken me to know some of the secrets of some people that are not Christian excel.

There is a need to know all this, so you can make a difference in your field of idea. I’m a writer in this regard, so I would like to draw a good understanding of what my religion says to me patterning to a creative mindset.

The way we reason show that we are in the sphere of life or future – where we have started, or where we are going through, as a Christian you have the ability if you think you have and it would work for you. Every person of success knows the rules that make people successful whether he is coming from a slump, that doesn’t matter.

Without putting time into what you believe, it would be difficult to know how to be productive and have access to the beautiful things God has given you. So is very essential to think out of your comfort zone to prove yourself to be successful by insight first.

I began to find out that every religion has successful people and unsuccessful people alike, so it, therefore, needs to make a personal change if you think Christianity, is the only way.

You have to be mission-oriented to succeed on what you believe your mission and believe in God makes you better to face the challenges of life by grace. Mission-oriented people are successful-minded men who do work with their faith to produce for them, whether an Atheist or not.

If you think as a Christian and you don’t have something to die for, your strength will be limited. The blessing of the Lord is with people who believe that they can make a success, no matter what it takes to get there, that is how it works.

Sometimes, I would imagine myself, how I came about writing, God knows how He started with me, so if I didn’t make that advancement of personal sacrifice, I tell you nothing on Earth will make it work. It is the belief plus God that would produce for you according to how you have worked.

Since the world has Seed and harvest time, there must be a success for people who have labour, no matter the delay. Delay in the process of repair, so there is no need to bother yourself if you have known why sometimes is not working as supposed.

Confession alone is not in the good mission if your action is not implanted in the way forward, in fact, you will be in the valley of waste. Some leaders teach people only to confess, no matter the confession you have made without action backing it up, you will end up blaming the religion.

That is why you see non-Christian profit in the world, that doesn’t mean as a Christian you would not profit, until you begin to do what it takes to profit, you will ever fail in the confession plan of life.

It is not cheap, something must go for something to produce, you cannot put action in your work and not see the reaction in the same place of work, so you need to know the facilitating idea and moment.  Anybody who wants to make change must know what it takes to bring that change not only the change but what will sustain the change.

This is the secret of every genius in the world, is because he knows what to do, or what others did and he follows. Some don’t know all this, they thought without putting time into what they believe, they will achieve.

It would be unfortunate to prompt your thought that way because the result will be a mirage. That is important to create the synergy between the work and the experiences to come together for success.

The way of a good success is in the start; it is the strategy of going forward. Since the action is what prompts success, then the mission to succeed is to alert all that it takes to balance the need to produce for you.

When you are thinking of how to survive instead of thriving, you will not go far in the journey. Thriving is the pattern to push despite the shortage of resources, strength, understanding and wisdom you are still moving.

Since I know that life is that place of understanding, I gave my mind the full concept of engaging the knowledge of the power of God. The idea comes to the scene in your imagination to bring it to fruition. We all know that our inner eyes are too important to be left out, but the mystery to get what you want is the insight that you see.

I told myself that I would see the end, is better for me to do it and in the end, I didn’t get anything than for me to do nothing, hoping for the future to be bright. Now, if you are thinking in that direction, the power of thriving beyond your ordinary eye would not be connected. Life is a changing plan, so when you don’t activate that plan, many things will go into disarray; making you look less motivated.

The challenge of making you look strong is the inner jinn you have to train yourself that would boost the picture in you to work beyond an ordinary limit. There was a time in life I didn’t know how to break the limit to reach where I have envisaged reaching.

I had to fast to know deeply what God was saying until I got what I wanted. When you know first what to do, you become successful in that instant, and that would give you a good pathway to move faster. When you think only about how to survive, it turns down the power of great creativity to come from you.

I have seen the possibility of all this light that God has shown me, I took the steps to awake the lying spirit in me. The place to strive is the place of training, when you fill your mind with idea that you know, things will work.

I try to fight the place of complacency in my life to give me the room to act; taking me to the Promised Land. Once that is done, the issue is changed; the laxity will always find its way out from you. Be determined to fight the place of ignorant and laxity, you will see your improvement to all standard of living in the power of God.

While embarking on my writing career, I didn’t know that, until I write, nothing would come out; you just not come and write a book. It is in practice and cogitating; you cannot capture the way of the power of the world to possess everything you desired.

Most of us were one time ignorant or dull people, but the fact remains that, we thought that we could do it when we keep doing what we should. I think it is in that; some of us began to write as bad to good.

If we miss that place of not practising, nothing will work out good for you. In the name of Jesus Christ, I believe that this book will see the light of the day, and I believed, you would make use of it.

There is space for every good work, some say when you get an idea from God, you feel relaxed, and the thing will just flow to the time you got it up to the time to manifestation without human effort. It all depends on the need of your idea that would furnish you the place of laxity and the place of working smart to meet with the timing of God.

Some people have turned this religion into a place of gambling, it is not like that, Seedtime is not only giving ten percent of your money, it is the time to sow an idea in your mind in working on it to bring the harvest out.

Let develop our idea base, there is nothing wrong to say the truth if you think that God is the giver. Now, ask yourself, if you say God is the giver and you are deceiving people to collect to make up your wealth, is God the giver? There is nothing wrong to sow a seed in the church, but when you begin to attach it with the manner of promises that God didn’t say, it would be a challenging latter when the people have come to understanding.

Our striving in life is the understanding of what we know that we can do, a man who reads purchasing and conquer how to use the English language properly. Find a place that you think you can conquer not a place somebody has told you that you can.

I could remember many years ago, I spoke English that I was not supposed to speak based on I had never read that word before. I told myself, am like I’m good at this. Carefully speaking, I gradually understand even as a boy of the slump I still thought I should thrive to know better for the future, today the narrative is different.

Change your system plan in life, God will make you a celebrity when you distinguish yourself to do what you need to do, it does not far fetch that life is what you contribute by the idea that you would receive. The contribution of your idea is the dispensation of your receiving of your worth. Striving is the moment of taking yourself to where people would not believe, is by there, your worth will be established.

The idea that will produce doesn’t mean you must pray and drain down your blood, is that place where your time is spent prudently. Now, how can you blame anybody for your predicament if you didn’t try anything at all? You can do that, but you know that at the same time, you are the one who is to be blamed for the failure in your way.

Think about that, thus you would know that everything that exists begins with words from your mouth and pursue with an action.

When you begin to strive, you will know how difficult and easy things are to you; the ministry of striving will always put your mind in the idea you want to invent, by doing the right thing.

There is a different reaction about the position of peace, whether in the time of stress or peacetime which is the moment of your righteous establishment, you need to know how to go about it.

Assuredly, there is peace in a man who strives in the place of righteousness to obtain the goodness of God. Once you know that peace is the place of Christ, the crisis will not have the power to overwhelm you. God is fulfilled in all His dealing when you know how to go about life.

With patience, it is the sole aim of achieving your heart desire, which everyone would not have believed that you are the one who does what they are surprised at.

Exceptionally, there is a mission statement that needs to stay with you as you sleep and wake up, it has to be in your mind to profit and strengthen the inner man. Literally, the more you strive, the easier it becomes to feed you on what to do.

It’s important to know that, when you begin to look for immediate gratification, the power to propel you in achieving that insight will be reduced. There is a mission to conquer, if you are to fine-tune your creative prowess for producing for you, then you must challenge yourself.

If you don’t have that joy to strive or working with joy, little matter will distract you to achieve your goals.

With the mission order, it is good to know that life is a place when you know what to do, whether hard, you will still strive to achieve that stride.

The promises of God to anyone are to reach your peak, but then, what if you don’t stride?  Would you get to that place where everything will be available through the process of hard-working? You cannot build your world when you don’t do what is expected of you. God cannot give you wisdom and expect somebody to bring out the idea.

The more you go for wisdom, the better your light will shine, you would not be limited by people’s ideas thus shortfall like a baby. Hearing from those who have advanced more than you are is the reason you must strive for your desire to make a change.

When your capacity is pushed, you would stand in the transformation process to increase your creative idea to advance.

There are personal strategies in every man’s business; everyone wants his vision to go far, so when you begin to know that your vision is personal, that is when improvement automatically comes to your life.

As a leader, you have to bring your idea to succeed; you cannot succeed in another person’s idea and be a leader.

A leader is a man who succeeds in his idea; turning it into a global brand, employing people to occupy positions. How did you know that you are a changed leader? By driving your Will to produce what you believe in.