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Ways On How To Be Determined Entrepreneur


“Be mission-oriented.”



No matter how educated you are, without money in your education, you will be termed to be an educated ignorance by the silent signal or message that people will tell you. It is important to begin to know how this world is operating to meet the need if you are to have a voice.

But having money is not the same as peace of mind; they are two different things altogether. Don’t think that when you have money; peace will be there, it is not the truth. It all depends on the knowledge that you have, especially when the source of your money is fraudulent, you will experience unending fear coming to your path.

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The idea behind any mission in life is the active involvement of concentration on the exact things that you need to put together to come out with what you want that makes you who you are in the place of success.

When you have no mission-oriented mission in the world, nobody will recognise you. Like you know how riches and wealth play a pivotal role in shaping the world today. When you don’t have little, you stay in the place of lack; losing your knowledge to the place of regret.

Today, we have seen even in the church of God, when you don’t have is as if you are nobody. When you are not a mission-oriented person, clearly in your mind would know that you don’t have a voice to speak.

Because it takes money, knowledge and imaginative prowess to make you useful, that is exactly what it takes to make a wave in life. When your contribution is not in the affair of life, you lose the capacity to confront the challenges of life.

Do you know that people without money are seen as fewer important people in society? Hear the voice of the Lord, you would prosper as you allow the flow of the spirit to teach you whatever you may think is possible and hope, you would see the result.

Your mission in life is not to achieve all the material things, but to achieve peace of mind to enjoy what God has created you for. It is better to be in health than to be in a sickbed having all the wealth in life, I will not choose that way of pain.

Your mission shouldn’t exclude having peace in life, when that is touched, I tell you, and you would never enjoy the blessing of God. It was a boisterous wind when Jesus was sleeping, despite that wave, He was still sleeping quietly without feeling disturbed.

That kind of peace of mind is when you are in the right place in Christ, where every boisterous storm cannot disturb your peace. This is very important because many have gone to find this money, in the end, it was a big problem to their lives and family. After all the hustling, they couldn’t find peace then their missions in this world are fulfilled, then you are not better than the formal in the place of peace.

Mission-oriented without peace of mind, is a trouble to the person engaging in it, it might sound good, but inside is hot and fire to the person engaged in it. When you have a mission without having the willpower to sustain it for peace, it will fail you because you have disregarded the word of the Lord to make an action tag in you.

The moment you begin to have a way to transform your mind for your mission, it immediately triggers the depth of your thinking to make open the treasure of God in your pathway per your plan, thus, you become a stress-free candidate for success in society by the word of God.

Know what you want, it will enable you to know how to engage the working strategy to fit into the place of action when you received it by faith. The action-oriented one is the one that knows what it takes to measure up with the push and pull modes triggering the glue to make and build the needs to change.

Everyone wants to follow what many have done, but you should know too well that life without reassessing is redundant. It might be working for the other person, and wouldn’t work for you as your gift is different in applying exact the opposite.

When you begin to follow your mission; imagining it with considerable working time on it, you will see what your mind will produce, without doubt, the drive in the goal will increase. When you study what you cannot see, you will know how growth is working in a man, for instance, a pregnant woman, it takes nine months to give birth to a child, but the mysterious thing about it is that you don’t know how the child develops until it is delivered.

That is how growth is in every form of skill, job, and business does to anyone who wants to move in the path of success. Up to the time that you are working, you would not know how you are improving because growth in any form is in a gradual process. So, it is important to think you are improving yourself by actively working, which is how you know you are growing.

I could remember when I couldn’t write a sentence, but now, I’m writing books for people to read, so until you know the mystery of growth, you will continue to downgrade that which God has given to you with doubt.

The beauty about improving yourself is that, when you become of it, you will enjoy yourself by that believing skill. Enjoying the game of life is the process of knowing what to do in collecting what the universe has for you.

Writing a sentence to writing books for people is amazing to comprehend, if I didn’t believe myself in that mission, I would have joined some of those people who have said we don’t know how to go about it.

All has been said, all have been read, but when you fail to take the direct step to improve yourself, I tell you the truth, failure is in your way. People achieve what they achieved not through the religion they are in, but first their faith in what they see to, religion is good but when you fail to improve yourself, it will sound as if Christianity is not useful.

The world is a free place to create; it is what you believe will work for you. I believe in Christianity to help me in my skill, and now, the result is what you are seeing. The power of religion is seen in the church where Jesus is the Master of masters to give you what you have attracted; He will give it to you.

Don’t think when you have given your life to Christ without doing the necessary things to take you to your Promised Land that miracle will happen. Faith that works is that one that demands praying, working, and taking action to meet your needs physically.

God will take you as you take yourself, so when you don’t see big to work towards the unseen vision you will miss the platform to grow. It is encouraged to know that; the word of God is the power to lift us to reach where He wants each of us to go. When you begin to believe in yourself, that is when you have believed God to provide the necessary wisdom to overcome the power of the negative thought in your mind.

There is power in every imagination, but it is when you are fixed to it that it will be opened and produce the idea that you would not believe it is real. Imagine people who have laboured in the Lord telling you, you will make it without you doing anything about your vision, you are on the verge of collapse.

There must be a selling point that God will use to bless you, and when you study those who are labouring in the Lord, you will find out that they labour morning and light to get to where they are, so anyone telling you that you will make it without doing anything, it is not okay to listen, but if you are sure you would want to make it, then your quota is needed.

There is wisdom in every creative work either in innovation, manufacturing or service, when you don’t know all these; it puts your work in jeopardy in front of your life, telling you that you can make it without making any move.

A leader always knows that there is labour in every good work in the way that would produce for him. The very time I began to know that I needed to put time, I never miss my precious time doing anything, even though I’m in labouring in the Military, I know the strategy to use.

It is the mission that propels you not the place of work that needs to be good or conducive before your mission-oriented will be all right.

I drift from some teachers especially who have made it telling you is very simple, in the early start of every great achievement, it never being easy before it could be possible to make a frontline in the field, so when you hear people who have made it telling you is cheap, it doesn’t first teach that person on how to move the way.

It changes the imagination of that person not to use the percent of labour he needs to push forward to become what he wants to be. Until the mission is engrafted in your heart to push you to act, you would belong to the people of the same conventional way of knowing.

The mission is the way you act not the knowledge you have that will take you there; don’t forget that imagination is greater than knowledge. The power to raise you from where you used to be to a place of reasoning and success takes considerable pondering of the mind to fetch out which take discipline in doing it.

The process is the same when you know what to do, by the time you don’t know, you would be given away to accept all the doctrines of men in activating yours, meanwhile, by accepting all, then come to your failure.

Any leader who doesn’t question some idea would not be effective in his dealing, to disagree with an idea doesn’t mean you like to agree but to bring reasonable sense for understanding. While that is going on, you need to ponder on the reality and viability, so that at the end of it, you will not regret what you have engaged yourself to do.

You better test your viability before you engage in the big break of your life, it happens everywhere, so if you think because you like him or her, you accept all, there will be a time for regret.

The mission of life is a personal sacrifice that always works with what you want to do. But you must acknowledge your failure to stand for yourself as the wisdom to be on the edge. Successful people know the importance of personal experience; it takes you to know what it takes to operate at a higher level than expected.

Most of the geniuses in the world learn by their failure, so if you are avoiding that, you would still have to learn again and again some quarter of your life

The more you call your knowledge, the better you become in advancing in life so you can be reasonable in solving the crisis of humans, which normally can’t avoid. The ministry of wisdom in your life has to do continuously improving what needs be to changed.

The reason is that, as you grow in the mission of your life, you get better to stand well irrespective of the prevailing circumstances in the mission.

When you begin to see the importance of inspiration, I know it is not all thing that you need to talk about, but whereby you have a good sense of humour to arrange what you think should be better, you can decide to make an impact, it doesn’t matter who have said this or that, what is important is the impact that you have made to solve the problem.

Many will always fault you in life whether you are doing the right thing or not, but you don’t need to show them, but better still what is the mission if you are not impacting? Go ahead to teach the world what you are good at no matter, go ahead to make an impact to succeed.

You must take a step to change what you don’t want, doesn’t mean that must just happen within a twinkle of an eye, that could be wrong teaching when you think that how it should be, no, it has to agree with the power of your mind to either reject or accept it.

The choice is yours, so think about that for a moment, you become a better personality both on the side of God and men as you advance in the mission. You can do it, and that is why you are here in the world to foster the development of impact to those who need you. You don’t know that you have some people who are in your hands to change their lives? I think you have to know this entire thing so you can be a better person in society.

No matter what we pretend to say, I like money to take care of my needs and wants, I think each of us wants a considerable amount of money we need to take care of ourselves to improve what God has put in our hearts to do.

Sometimes I miss something that I need to do, because of the limit of my resources in the mission and vision, I forget it. With the little I have; I need to work on myself to make a perfect man for the work of God in my life.

You cannot operate or doing the work of God without money! But not at the expense of others which will consciously put me into committing covetousness because God has pronounced blessing in my life.

We do know that strategy you use if is not following God, then you know by yourself you are committing what I know is covetousness. Money makes the world, so some needs needed to be changed, so when you follow that principle, the small little one that you have would automatically help you in arranging what you need to do part-time.

For now, I’m part-time writing, writing four books but still in the military, with that understanding, I need to cut something to enable me to work smart to see myself shine in the later time in life. I tell you the truth, once you begin to get that target, nobody will tell you what you need to do to become better.

The ingenuity of a man is the early understanding he has that defines his curricular of working, and when you master it, you have done with half of the business of improving your energy to expanding your coast.

Though you are working very smart to meet up with the need of the mission you have at hand, that doesn’t mean you must succeed if you don’t steadfast about the business at hand. You can know that the early time of your mission is the place of almost accepting everybody’s doctrine without considering individual differences in it because perhaps they are your mentors, you will not go against the unwanted idea.

I need to say this; you need it first before you could start to demands what is good for you and leave the rest to whoever has said it.

The wisdom of this world comes in different forms of understanding. When you are not careful to know, you will fall into the component of error of what has been said by whom you trust. You can do better than you thought, you can become the genius of this generation if you think so, you can change the world if you work towards it, so it all depends on the platform of working smart that you choose to correct and the fast-track to achieve your purpose.

Your love for your work is the love God will release for you to become who you want to become. Life is a stage of continuously changing plans to meet the needs around you. See people changing plan, why? Because of the diversity of knowledge, tribe, colour, understanding, innovation, and creativity, in that wisdom that each of us has to know what works for an individual as a unique place of understanding.

To climate what you think is important to your career, it gives you the boundary to demarcate fully the level of knowledge that would produce and the one that wouldn’t, that answer now is to embark on the good work.

The changing plan is the process of seeing something that would hinder the future when it is not changed. Understanding your field brings the best of an idea to revolutionise the creativity in your life which is a normal situation is the pathway of success as you continue with it.

A leader who wants to produce will give him time to think over the necessity of what he needs to do and to know before carrying on with the plan. If you think you are a leader then you need to take responsibility for what will impact your world before others.

A leader without responsibility is draining in producing the right time to engage the use of material that will boost his capacity to become that person he is to be. Responsibility is the way to know what it takes to lift you to what is needed to be done.

For instance, every man who engages in a productive plan in impacting his generation is a leader to be; when perfectly engaging the necessary work, he would excel. And for you to do all these there are forgone things that you need to set aside. It might be skilful or perhaps not good, but you just need to make that way right to cross.

Parents of rich people take responsibility and people whom their parents are not rich are not the same, as a poor man. It was hard for me to buy some books which were important to my growth, so I know what it takes for me to see this place I called my place of blessing.

Can you imagine? So, if you are in that place, I just mentioned, especially coming from the background of a slump, your struggling would be different from people whose parents are well to do. The rich parent’s children, it only takes dedication and discipline to fulfil their destiny, but the poor parents’ children have to go through a lot to meet with their need to take them to their Promised Lands.

Therefore, don’t compare yourself. It is wrong to see yourself in the same category, where money is the fountain of raising genius out of nothing, anyway, you have to pay the price of time utilisation which is one of the most important things you are to engage. Surely, there is time for everything under this sun.

Every human being has his time God has given him to spend in this world, no matter what you would be taught, that is how the world is. Time to shine reaches to anyone who works in different stages and understanding the skill he is doing by the set time from God. The exact time when God wants me to shine, if that time didn’t come, I might never come to the limelight.

Your time to shine will be different from one person to another, and this is the reason: the time God wants is different from what human beings have placed for you. That is where the glory of God is where nobody could wonder whether you have seen that before.

It is important to know the will of God so you could be informing properly so that human’s power will be limited towards the way God wants it. Human beings help in their best way, but the issue of the mission is being worked out by the power of God, so nobody can resist the time which He (God) has set for it to happen.

Somebody was telling me that, I would have been somebody before now, ironically, telling me their powers have aborted my glory. Now, if I were not having the great revelation from God, I would have believed what he has said.

This is that part of the world that you know all this so that people will not distract you from where God says you are, because it didn’t come as expected doesn’t mean you are not on the right side of God. People get a revelation about you, thinking God has no power to do His work.

I tell you God allowed everything to work for your good by the feeling, they have about you. I know now, the opposition thought that they were the people that stopped me spiritually not to move to where God wanted me, but I know it is not my time to go, God is the master game player.

They thought different way, God is doing His own differently. Who can understand this? I think it is only you who God is working on that can know all this, so understand your path well for the skill to be perfect, that is what God is waiting for from you.




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