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ways on how to become focus in business


“Stay focused on the mission, a double-minded person is distracted in all his dealings.”

– Anonymous

The mission is there always; how to use the strength to focus gives you the zeal to overwhelm distraction which is one of the nuggets that you need to fix to collect what belongs to you. The rule is that when you put your faith to work in believing in everything you are going to do always come put your thought on the front burner so you can pursue the vision.

A man who is focused pushes out distraction from his lane to fathom the good of knowledge in leading him to the path of success.

One of the keys to success in every push of life, despite when the Holy Ghost is with you, is to key into the place of focus, where all possibility is certain. Anytime you think that you cannot do without the evidence of focusing, you will miss the big break.

So even you have the Holy Ghost that doesn’t mean you would succeed when you don’t take your path to succeed very serious in the place of discipline.

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If you are distracted to know what you need to do, there are double minds in the mission which normally might hinder the potential surge of increase in energy to bring the boost you need. It is important to see the truth by focusing on the main idea not to divert you in the profiting of your mission.

Ideas are meant to be seen systematically always by directing the energy to produce. Once you are distracted, you would miss the golden chance to make yourself available for the big break. When life begins to make what you have put in, some persons might not know what you have offered to push, because it is inherent.

You cannot know how life can be until you begin to push to where you believe, now, the law cannot be broken based on you, what I mean is that, until you put more time to give yourself wholly to labour, your expertise will not sell for you.

This time we are not talking about favour, but the labour to product for you, that is what we are discussing about. You know some people like talking about favour more than labour, if you have conversant with waiting for favour, you would not get what you want.

I so much believe in the labour to bring favour rather than waiting for favour without inputting anything into your life.

I know there is favour of God in everybody’s life, but when you put more time into your life, if you are a person of remuneration, time to come, you would be more hundred in your salary, because you have created a different platform to make a life distinction.

So, you have to know the kind of life you are in, so you imagine and think on the way to arrange yourself to produce for you. Ninety percent of career workers don’t make much money at the end of their career even though you say, there is favour.

This has taught me to reason; so that, I would not be following people to wait for favour, rather I would work for God’s favour by adding value to my life in bringing my product to sell. You know, wisdom is profitable to direct, if you know what to do; you would be amazed to know how much you would bring a change in your life.

I thank God for this mission statement, that God has put in me, so to know what to do, to bring the resources that I need to augment my journey in life.

Life is sweet when you have known the secret and work towards the demand in taking you to the place of joy and labour, then you would know that, you don’t need to wait but to take a chance that God will bless you.

If we want to grow to the place God wants for us, then we must give wholly to our labours to usher us to God’s favour that will generate blessing. Then we would grow up in His glory and understanding of the principle of life which is the key to unlock our potentials in life.

When you begin to know that everything needs money, you will begin to find your potential to unlock the entire necessary channel to produce for you. There is no place where the voice of the poor is being heard, whether anywhere, all you need is to know that, once you are poor, your contribution to humanity is core limited to your place of little.

I stand to tell you all this because that is how the world works, the world has its principle whether secular or spiritual.

Some of the principles are almost common in those two understandings; no mad man has the potential and power to grow more than his wisdom. There is a limitation in the house of poverty, no matter how talented you are, there are too many limitations to keep you back.

You must need to know how to get the wealth of this world before you can be established and be respected in both spiritual and secular worlds. Think and reason wisely you will know the strategy you need to know what to do to unravel your potential instead of thinking about God’s favour because the blessing is embedded in the work.

Every truth is challenged, so you need to stand in the mission of God’s revelation in your life to produce for you, in other words, don’t wait for God’s favour but work towards God’s favour. It is better to be smart working than to be lazy in the vineyard of the Lord.

It is a piece of common knowledge when you know, but when you don’t know it becomes a mystery.  Everyone needs to be enlightened to function in a way of divine favour, where everything working is required to put to work and the Holy Ghost is the understanding behind the work.

You cannot be appreciated more than your skill and talent, I know this now, and everyone who wants to appreciate you would always see your level of enlightenment to further appreciate you.

The distinction here is the level of who you are in the society, everyone’s favour is dependent on who you are especially when that person has done great work of skill that is distinguished. The world is operated in this understanding; it has been the level of appreciation no matter your understanding.

Until you have changed from this level of understanding, you would be working on the normal understanding of looking for God’s favour. Your insight is more important than your knowledge which normally will show you the pattern of life to follow; that enable you to beat down your negative thoughts.

Why I was still observing the operation of the word, I understood that you would not change until you change how your insight is, that is when you can have a turnaround. The wiser you become, the better you improve, the better your performance will establish to drive you far.

And, when distraction is out of the way, you become a nice person to yourself to understand, how the world works, and how to pursue the vision properly. That is where the truth pattern of your life will change to see the reason why, you must put the time into what you know that is your gift in life.

I found this convenience in other to come out of my career way of living to a successful skill man. The beginning of your understanding is the insight that would pull you and take you to the other side to excel which normally is the place of giving yourself to skill.

You understand by sharing your action minded by what you know, that gives you a better chance to make success. Stay focused is the watchword for every potential leader who wants to succeed, and it takes continuous focus on your mission to meet the need of reaching your goal.

You cannot remain the same when you have given your time for the best of your passion, which brings you into the required steady mind to achieve the point of direction until focus is established. The more insight you have toward the mission, you don’t need to travel the whole world to know how to go about what you need.

When you demand it by faith and keep working toward what you believe to desire, it’s by that standard, you would know which direction to master your progress. God will help you to generate that strength and passion to make it better and better until the perfect day as He has promised you to do.

When I was not in Christ some years ago, I had proposed to do many things, but the situation then didn’t give me the required understanding to do what I needed. Christ coming to me made it earnest to what I needed to do, especially to specialise in the skill He has shown me to do. God has said He would bless the work of your hand, so when you begin to reason that on how you go about it, success will take over you.

You understand this world by the level of your insight more than your knowledge base, so if you are not careful, your mission will be thwarted. For example, an excellent football player who plays well must be paid well, that is how life is, and the world will pay you for that good product that you have to give.

If you write a good book, the world will want to pay for it, if you are an excellent athlete to watch, the world will pay for it. Since you have known this, what are your thoughts about how you see life?

Amazingly, that is how I saw it and I began to work on my skill so that I would be paid well if you don’t know, that is how it works, don’t allow some set of people to distract you because they have not achieved in that aspect of life.

I began to understand all that sense of ideas that normally people might not bring it out for me to know because I shouldn’t just know if I am not involved. Wisdom without understanding; you fall in the captive place of doubt and distraction.

Now, not all who are brilliant succeed, some succeed but they are not brilliant but intelligent to understand the wisdom of life, that has brought the mission explicit for me to know how to excel.

Now, this is the place where you can draw your inspiration from if you care, then the wisdom to do something good for your life will come after you have known the solution to solve a problem.

What if you do not have to solve a problem? There are many ways you can make that level of understanding okay for you! People pay for services, so learn how to render service to people, that is the place of wisdom and a junction to build up what you need.

It all depends on the wisdom of God that operates in you that would build the secret place of your house which is the hidden gift that you need to work upon to operate in an imaginable way to hit the track.

Many services are richly paid today, you just have to find what you have best on it; you will see yourself faster growing than you anticipated. Why do you think that people succeed? Because they have known what pays more in the understanding of life and how to improve on it.

All you need to do is to fight against distraction that has the power to make you not fulfil your God-given potential is an explicit fact; anything you keep to do every time becomes your gift or talent. You can know what you like to do, in this; you would have a concerted force to bring the plan to success.

Nobody has a good promise without working earnest to reach there, as you know, every good idea is not a career but a mission that needs time to get into. The moment I saw the way that life was to me, I made a direct choice to change everything about what I needed to know in developing that which would make the change.

Now, showing yourself the best way so that you can avoid distraction for every corner, put you in the corner of learning.

Many see life as cheap, ok people like us didn’t see or think life is cheap, I thought like that in my career in the military, because I was not having a good environment to push me into my best. I set the unquenchable fire burning moment in my career wisely so I could make a good end from there, and make a good transition.

As the other rank, in the end, I would not end well in my remuneration to better my life, so I must change my ways of life. The mission of man is charged in how he sees the world, not how God sees it, it could be funny to think that, when you don’t engage in good thinking, you wouldn’t be able to change what would have brought that tangible progress.

My brethren, I’m not in the state of fallacy again, I have left there to a place of understanding, which is why I’m writing this book for you to know I have left there. You only stay there when you don’t know how to go about life.

If you don’t want there, then you change your thinking and from there, you begin to see a result that will baffle your imagination.

It is not for anyone to make you rich but yourself, nobody wants to make you rich by human standard, but you have to make yourself available by the power of God to upgrade your life. Life is a place of challenge, if you don’t change the way things are, you would remain stagnant till you leave this Earth; it would never change.

From the day I thought that I had the power to change how the thing would be, I suffered pain all through, because of the environment I came from, it was a decision that kept me stretch all through because I needed to fix where looked untapped and closed.

The mission began to change, the knowledge base began to upgrade, the idea began to expand, and the hunger for knowledge began to surface. You can understand all these factors that came up without being educated to deal with the distraction. I agree with whoever said; insight is greater than knowledge because it brings you into your world of reality.

The fact remains that, when you put time into all this, you would have yourself to be happy about all the things you would be doing for life impossibility. When you receive light, the darkness in your light would disappear and immediately gives way for progress.

Some words are not for you when you begin to know who you are by understanding, which will bring you to that infallible stand to create the life of your choice.

It is very more important to begin to attract what you need even though it is not coming soon but you need to begin to call it forth by your effort that you are putting to give what you desire. There is a level in life you would reach having a million-dollar will not be a problem, but it would be a big-time problem for those who have not got it.

So there a time to say, if I want one million dollars, it would come, so you have to know all this kind of talk so that you would be able to function at this level appropriately. The mission order in your life will always depend on you and God, the day you believe what people have said concerning you without putting effort, you will fail to reach the destination part-time.

There are levels of wisdom and understanding in life, no matter how brilliant and intelligent you are, you wouldn’t be able to work step by step to get the required wisdom and understanding to get things done.

In that, your growing up would be with understanding to take you to the place of rest. I took delivering of my understanding when I began to do it myself, that is the only place you can begin to know the reality not what somebody has said concerning your matter, it is what you have understood that you take control in life.

If you cannot fight it out, it becomes a distraction to push you back to come short of your glory; making you grounded in the choice of life. There is a need to give yourself more to work, and experience will come to teach you what you have not known for proper manifestation.

The end of the matter is to understand where you are going and where God is taking you to that is the achievement. You would agree with me that, nobody knows God all in all so there is a need to put your trust not with men but with God, so you can have a good end.

When you have not begun to move from one place or the other for understanding, then I can say, you have not begun to know who you are in Christ Jesus. It is important as anything else. Life is knowing, and until you see that place as a place where you need to learn, you would think life is automatic for you to get everything you want.

Take heed of what you are understanding is much important than anything you have known because is the beginning of putting your effort to work for you to produce.

You can only show forth your potential if you respect the pattern and follow all that it takes to produce, then the chain will break down. One of the secrets of life is, you must have worked well behind the scene for many years to show who you are.

The fact about this mission is that the work pattern you put to work will determine the speed of smart you will end with. Much more than that, you have to be dedicated more than you think to give yourself the result that will take you to that place of pride in life.

You must be sincere to yourself to bring the energy to mix to produce a good result for you. Now; there is something good about skill and talent when you have found it. Automatically, it enables you to shine where you ought not to shine because you have clamped to that place that the world wants.

Now, what is your contribution to what you want to do? Are you sure that you cannot be distracted? It is an understanding of something that brings the result-oriented mission to be established.



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